An Eclair To Remember MOBI ´ An Eclair eBook

An Eclair To Remember MOBI ´ An Eclair eBook

An Eclair To Remember ❮Read❯ ➹ An Eclair To Remember ➼ Author Rich Amooi – Sydney St James has decided to settle She says yes to Mr Not uite Right and sets sail on a cruise to Alaska for her bachelorette party But when Sydney meets Silicon Valley’s most eligible bachelor a Sydney St James has decided to settle She says yes to Mr Not uite Right and sets sail on a cruise to Alaska for her bachelorette party But when Sydney An Eclair eBook ✓ meets Silicon Valley’s most eligible bachelor aboard the ship her world turns upside down Oscar Martin is handsome charming and to make matters worsehe gets her completely Oscar has his own problems—and his own fiancée He'd planned the cruise as a last ditch attempt to save their relationship but she decided to skip it The tide turns when he meets Sydney as they both reach for the last eclair at the dessert station Now he can’t get the beautiful feisty woman off his mind Oscar is certain serendipity brought them together Sydney is not so sure But the cruise will be a trip of self discovery for both of them and fate will have the final word.

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  1. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    I am a huge fan of romances But this one left me feeling unromantic Let me explain Our heroine has decided she won’t find Mr Right so she has decided to settle for Mr Convenient Mr C travels a lot and works long hours but she doesn’t care cause she works long hours and is never available either Knowing how much our heroine loves to travel her best friendbridesmaid has decided to plan the bachelorette party as a cruise to Alaska One of my personal dreams Meanwhile our hero is also engaged He is a famous inventor and extra handsome Apparently he invented a hover car 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anyway his friend is trying to get some advertising for his new cruise line So our hero sets sail leaving his fiancee at home to plan the wedding of the century since she is leery of ships Shouldn’t have watched Titanic He planned on breaking things off with her but used the excuse that she didn’t stop talking about wedding plans long enough So hero meets heroine and tries to pick her up with the ol’ serendipity line They spend time together They see all the sights and fall in love This author is great at describing scenery Meanwhile back in the lower 48 their unsuspecting spouses to be go on about their time planning weddings When they get back to San Fransisco they plan to meet in a month’s time on the Golden Gate Bridge after dumping the people who they vowed to marry Can you tell yet that I don’t like them? So he arrives but she is struck with a medical emergency on the way She refuses to be a burden to him and won’t let anyone tell him the truth When he finally figures it out he saves her with a kiss Ahh the power of love Did that come across as sarcastic ‘cause that was my goal Yeah for me this book was a bit contrived and cliched

  2. Ash P Reads Ash P Reads says:

    Fans of the movies An Affair to Remember and Love Affair will just LOVE this book Written in Rich Amooi's uniuely humorous style this fantastic romcom novel will have you giggling uncontrollably with its cinematic visual imagery in its 200 pages You will see Alaska through the eyes of Oscar and Sydney who are incidently perfect for each other but are unfortunately tied up elsewhere Let me just warn you Serendipity plays a HUGE role in this book so if you are not a believer be prepared to become one at least fictionally I am a BIG fan of Rich Amooi's writing so I may sound biased but I can assure you that you can pick up any one of his books and be 100% entertained to the core and An Eclair To Remember even the title is hilarious is just as good if not better that all his previous works ARC provided for voluntary review consideration

  3. twelvejan [Alexandria] twelvejan [Alexandria] says:

    Ho hum

  4. Nancy Nancy says:

    Based to the movie An Affair to Remember This was OK but very unrealistic

  5. Agnieszka Agnieszka says:

    Wow what a roller coaster I loved the story so much I can't believe it Usually I'm not a fan of chick lit and read those only if I need them for one of my challenges but this author could really change my mind about this genreI loved very much all characters the realistic development of the plot and the fun style with a sprinkle of drama The only thing I was struggling with was the serendipity issue In the beginning it was somehow fun but got pretty fast annoying though I'm aware it's most likely my very personal issueview spoilerI enjoyed the twist with Sydney going blind on the way to their meeting I expected they won't meet that day they never exchanged any contact data and had no contact for one month so it was somehow predictable but the way the author solved it was realistic heart breaking and still beautiful hide spoiler

  6. Ruth Barrineau-brooks Ruth Barrineau-brooks says:

    An Eclair to Remember was exactly what I'd hoped it would be a light funny romantic escape novel The characters are irresistible and the book is virtually impossible to put down It's that perfect detour from everyday life

  7. Anisha Anisha says:

    This was a totally cutesy uick read

  8. ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ ɑƨħŵɑɡ ♥Team Magnus Damora FOREVER♥ says:

    An Éclair to Remember is about these two people Oscar and Sydney who are engaged to different people However they meet on a cruise their significant others did not want to go on Oscar and Sydney start spending time together and conseuently fall for each otherPersonally I have an issue with cheating and books that revolve around it I think a great burden is placed on the writer to make the case for his character to make them reach the point of where they are now In other words it has to have depth In this one it felt a bit technical; Point A to point B to point C and so on Oscar spent a lot of time trying to woo Sydney and he felt pretty sure she was going to fall for his charm at that point he seemed like an aThen comes the end which had this twist that I swear was a copy of a Bollywood movie called Mann I loved that movie and that's why the whole story especially the twist at the end made me realize it's a copied story of that movie with very little changes Even then I liked the scene where Oscar faces his fear to spend time with SydneyOverall this made me want to go back and watch that movie again sigh

  9. Zoé-lee O& Zoé-lee O& says:

    This book for me was split into 3 separate parts We have a cruise where Sydney and Oscar meet You have the end of the cruise and the promise of the future You then have the future and frustrations with itThis was a cute love at first sight book Sydney on her bachelorette party with her best friend Gina Oscar meant to be on a cruise with his fiancé to repair their relationship However when these two meet it is an eclair to remember One moan I wanted Gina and LeoOscar is open to his feelings to Sydney at the beginning Sydney trying to deny her feeling due to her fiancé at home Sensible vs reckless here However serendipity just will not leave these two alone Always in the same place matching clothes It’s meant to be no?This book had some cute little uirks It’s made me want to get my ass on a cruise to Alaska though as everything sounds so beautiful and I’ve always wanted to go on a helicopter It was a breathtaking and scenic voyage The glaciers and the towns are described in a way that you were in the adventure too and I really wish I was a fifth wheel on this journeyAs much as it was wrong you really couldn’t help but want Sydney and Oscar to hurry up and get together But they were sensible although they shared a chaste kiss they knew they had to go their separate ways but planned to meet one month in the middle of the Golden Gate BridgeOh my days what follows next well I was tearing my hair and I had a lump in my throat How could Amooi be so cruel to me Yes me I take this personally It was hard reading these bits I just couldn’t understand if it was serendipity then why was fate playing such a horrible hand Do they not talk to each other I mean seriouslyLife doesn’t always flow so easily for this gorgeous pair For me this was a different kind of book I am used to from Amooi this time we had nothing in the past to hold back our characters just their present No baggage just fiancés so for me it was a nice change of flow Rather than waring characters we have 2 people who want to be together despite knowing its wrong AaahhhhI really don’t know what words I can use I am sure you are all bored of me gushing by now An Eclair to Remember is definitely worth read It’s not my favourite out his books doesn’t mean I didn’t like it because he has written so many bloody good books and they can’t ALL be my favourite but it’s still such a cute funny romantic read He just proves that romance is NOT dead and also a cameo from a man who sings a lot about is in it 😉 Your clue well we just haven’t met you yet 😆I am never going to look at an eclair the same way now that’s for sure

  10. Sputnik Sputnik says:

    A Cruise to to Alaska The last eclair SerendipityIf you are wondering what I am talking about hold your bibsOscar and Sydney both engaged to different people take a cruise to Alaska without their partners run into each other on board fighting for the last eclair They cross paths again coincidentally and over the course of their excursion fall for each other realizing just how perfect they are together But being engaged complicates things Do you think they will chase after what their heart feels or do you think they will go back to their old lives after the cruise trip is over and forget about it?🚨SPOILER ALERT🚨I adore Sydney’s confident and care free character and how she tries to control herself despite her heart Although the part about her not wanting Oscar to know why she didn’t show up for their ‘date’ bothers me Oscar’s arrogant charming but humble personality allured me as I’m sure it did othersI loved seeing Alaska through Oscar and Sydney’s eyes and how they want the same things in their lives but somehow ended up settling and ready to marry I loved the character building and the dramatic twist to the story which was somewhat predictable; what I did not love was the power of love and serendipity eye roll But I am sure this is a treat for all the incurable romantics out thereThis lovely novel is sure to make you believe in love It made me believeI am not a big fan of those love stories but then this being the Valentines Day week I wanted to indulge myself in a light hearted story Having read Rich Amooi’s Mr Crotchety years ago I picked this and was glad I did Rich Amooi’s effortless and humourous style certainly did change my opinion on this genre Serendipity? Sorry not sorry;

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