Kindle Edition ↠ Underworlds Call MOBI Ú

Kindle Edition ↠ Underworlds Call MOBI Ú

4 thoughts on “Underworlds Call (Midnight Warriors Book 2)

  1. Kumiko Lei ~Lost In A Book~ Kumiko Lei ~Lost In A Book~ says:

    Reviewed at Lost In A BookDisclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author for review purposes So I actually read this book back in January And at the time I was stoked to write my review because I absolutely loved this book I even told this patient author that I would have it up in a few days And here we are the end of April and I'm just now doing it I feel awful about being so late with my review but I guess better late than never right? At any rate it had been so long since I read it I figured I would need to re read it to do this right So yes I've read this twice And you know what? It was just as great the second time as it was the first timeI love these types of series the ongoing saga that runs through each book and the individual struggles of each book's characters LOVE IT It's my kind of thing Add to that when it's well written AND full of surprises It's PNR Heaven Underworld's Call drew me in from the beginning The twists and turns the story took kept me on my toes the whole way through This is a series I'll be keeping my eye on I'm hooked I'll admit it If you're a PNR fan you should definitely add this one to your TBR

  2. Mellena Mellena says:

    Underworld's Call is the second book in this series and omw I am not sure where to start Melissa Rose immediately sucked me into this story and the world she has created It can be read as a stand alone and enjoyed as such but I really think a reader would get out of the story to have Dark Flames read first The reader would get a great story plus they would have some insight and character background and information that would make this story really feel real Melissa Rose's world building skills only got better with this book It was rich in detail and description as well as leading a reader along with the characters on the adventure and suspense The heat in this book is pretty high Jensen and Brooklyn made the pages curl and smoke as they learned how to deal with each other Underworld's Call has so many evils and unknowns coming at them from all angles it opens the series up for several books and I SO hope Melissa writes many in this series I have fallen in love with these characters and I need I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an amazing suspenseful and romantic tale

  3. Glenn Keightley Glenn Keightley says:

    Great 2nd book in a series from an up and coming authorIf you like your paranormal HOT you're going to love the Midnight Warriors series Book 2 is hotter than book 1 and I can't wait to read book 3 when it comes out Love the world building and friendships This author makes you a part of the story you get so immersed in the relationships My biggest pet peeve is misspellings and poor editing and this author does not make her readers suffer through that Delightful read

  4. Susan Susan says:

    Absolutely loved this Underworld's Call is the 2nd book in the Midnight Warriors series Jensen is hot Melissa Rose is doing a fantastic job with creating this world Each book is better than the last Again there is lots of action romance and sexy time with Jensen Brooklyn I can't get enough of this series I'm ready for

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Underworlds Call (Midnight Warriors Book 2) ❰Reading❯ ➸ Underworlds Call (Midnight Warriors Book 2) Author Melissa Rose – Nobody likes a wedding crasherWith the war against The Mynystry heating up it was no surprise they showed up to the special occasion What was surprising is what they brought with them Jensen imagined Nobody likes a wedding crasherWith the war against The Mynystry heating up it was no surprise they showed up to the special occasion What was surprising is what they brought with them Jensen imagined finding his mate in variety of uniue scenarios but bursting from the shadows with his enemies on her heels was not one of themBrooklyn Vanguard didn’t expect to find something that made her feel so complete in a being that she was taught to fear When Jensen is taken by his father she travels to the one place her mother warned her to never go There she is confronted by the world told to her in stories that terrified her as a child and a man she no longer recognizes Everything is stacked up against them but if she can help him realize the truth then they might just get out of this alive.