Paperback ´ Split Tongues eBook Ú

Paperback ´ Split Tongues eBook Ú

Split Tongues [Ebook] ➩ Split Tongues By Kristi DeMeester – Two emotionally charged pieces of dark fiction The titular Split Tongues spins a hallucinatory tale of a young woman's fractured family and an eruption of bizarre religion into their lives The shorter Two emotionally charged pieces of dark fiction The titular Split Tongues spins a hallucinatory tale of a young woman's fractured family and an eruption of bizarre religion into their lives The shorter piece The Dream Eater explores another mother daughter relationship in a far off rural environment Includes cover photo and three interior pieces by Natalia Drepina.

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  1. Karl Karl says:

    “Split Tongues” is my first exposure to Kristi DeMeester’s work also my first exposure to the publisher Dim Shores The publisher has created a beautiful chapbook well laid out nice paper fantastic art by photographer Natalia Drepina which creates an excellent and beautiful package The chapbook contains two stories by Ms DeMeester 07 “Split Tongues” 27 – “The Dream Eater” Both stories are have a common theme on concerned with dreams and our interactions with them In fact “Split Tongues” first line is “The dreams start up the week my father spoke in tongues for the first time” – which kind of sets the scene for what’s to come These two very well written stories are both powerful and inventive showing us an author with great potential Ms DeMeester has been titled an author of “The New Weird” and has produced a couple of excellent examples of what she is capable ofAccording to her author information Ms DeMeester obtained a Master's degree in Professional Writing she came back to her love of dark fiction and began writing it in earnest A devoted student of the Weird and all things spooky and lovely she has published short stories in a variety of publications An example of her work can also be foud in “Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume 1”This is copy 138 of 150 numbered copies

  2. Paul Paul says:

    Be aware this is not a novel but a very limited run chapbook of two stories Both stories are wonderfully atmospheric obliue and creepy

  3. Janie C. Janie C. says:

    Two stories from the ether regions of consciousness both diaphonous and prickly

  4. John Smith John Smith says:

    Kristi DeMeester—Split Tongues Dim ShoresThe title tale in this exuisitely presented chapbook of two tales from Dim Shores is a deep foray into the fractured psyche of a teenage girl Brianne trying to hold onto something forever broken her parents’ marriage and the façade of family even as she seems flippant about the situation While living with her mother Brianne sees her father every other weekend; her mother uestions her about why she would ever want to see him again with what he did the catalyst for the divorce What did he do? He was caught having sex with a legal aged classmate of the daughter As a response to trying to hold on to his marriage the father immerses himself in religion and the church an undefined denomination that might be something far nefarious than it seems A lot of what’s going on here is undefined vague and circling around subjects one might rather avoid DeMeester writes the tale in a direct prose sharp as a scalpel yet the perceptions of the teenage girl are ambiguous at best An undercurrent of sexual confusion perhaps triggered by her father’s misconduct is also woven into the dark fabric of Brianne’s mind Another church and class mate Alec is a surrogate sexual interest filling in for the physically absent father? Well that’s one take; see my comment about sexual confusion yet his participation in the story is mostly as fodder for fantasy perhaps a means of escape for Brianne from the splintered family life yet he only becomes a dark smudge on her thoughts another extension of her life as it spirals out of control His participation in the fantasy world also inspires the most elusive elements along with her father who mutates intosomething else within the context of the spiral she’s swiftly sinking into Utterly fascinating beautifully written and open to many perceptions Layers unfold yet in the unraveling there is no clear picture As for the title of this piece Brianne ends up biting off pieces of her tongue as a response to what she cannot say in the “real” world if indeed that’s even really happening She’s suffocating in a mire of burgeoning sexuality that manifests in the disturbing finale Perhaps finally she can “speak” The second tale “The Dream Eater” DeMeester sets stage in a cabin during a slow creeping apocalypse and also deals with a mother and daughter Potent in a hallucinatory vein it swallows all hope with the bleak finale DeMeester is a distinct new voice in the realm of all that is Weird I eagerly await her forthcoming collectionHighly recommended John Claude Smith

  5. Barry Barry says:

    With beautiful disuieting finesse Kristi DeMeester delivers a powerful one two punch with this über limited micro collectionThe title story centering around a teenager struggling with the strange yet heartbreaking events unfolding in her broken family is thick with a distinctly not uite palpable dread And in The Dream Eater a girl and her mother are spending their days struggling to survive all while the narrative terror builds with the same creeping intent as the grass surrounding their houseKristi DeMeester's dark prose is at once lucid and vivid culminating in a disturbing mood so thick that the reader can virtually push it off of themselves like an obsidian blanketIf you're lucky enough to snag a copy of this too too limited book do so immediately – but I recommend enjoying a good night's sleep before delving into these two beautiful nightmares for sleep may not come easily thereafter

  6. Bracken Bracken says:

    This chapbook is beautifully haunting DeMeester's stories are exactly what I love best about weirdbody horror stories they are intimate despairing and beautiful I can't wait to get my hands on her forthcoming collection Everything That's Underneath

  7. Christopher Christopher says:

    Two tautly told tales make up this collection from Dim Shores Each is strong in its own right and the author takes great care to include small details that unite the two pieces I was particularly interested in the juxtaposition of expulsion and consumption that form the backbones of each story DeMeester is adept at imagining strange and unsettling happenings in her stories but what makes them work so well is the emotional development of the characters and their relationships If I had to pick a favorite of the two it would have to be the opening story which I think benefits from spending a little time developing the trajectory of the main character but they are both strong enough to be included for consideration in any of the myriad year end horrorweirdfantasy anthologies that will come around for 2016 publications The artwork as always from this publisher is an excellent complement to the stories

  8. M Griffin M Griffin says:

    Split Tongues is a pair of short stories not connected but for a thematic similarity focusing on dysfunctional and bizarre families or specifically a young woman protagonist and her mother Both pieces are creepy mysterious and painful with top notch prose Kristi DeMeester is one of the most talented and promising writers of the latest generation to emerge on the Weird Fiction scene Split Tongues is another winner from Dim Shores so grab a copy before they're gone forever

  9. Michael Adams Michael Adams says:

    Two well written intelligent and truly weird tales from an up and coming talent I enjoyed both the first Split Tongues being the stronger of the two but the second The Dream Eater had an interestingly uniue assortment of speculative elements

  10. John Muñoz John Muñoz says:

    BeautifulRarely do I feel compelled to immediately reread a book or story as I finish it like I did with these two stories Having only read these two stories by her so far I can tell she knows the mechanics of writing relatively straightforward prose with some nice poetic lines when appropriate; it flows very well and doesn't detract from the story The atmosphere throughout both stories is among some of the best I've read throughout was a sense of melancholy longing and consistently unsettling Dark depressing stuffThe characters of both stories were mostly well fleshed out for how short both stories were ie Alec could have been a little better like Brianne was The only other possible negative I can think of at the moment was the incident in the parking lot of the first story I'm not uite sure yet how I think about itI sometimes like to read synopsis of a story or book I'm going to start With this chapbook however it be best to jump right in without any foreknowledge of what each story is aboutThe chapbook itself is nice as expected with some art that compliments the stories within I'll be keeping an eye out for work by the photographer Natalia DrepinaA combination of both technical talent and great ideas Demeester is most definitely an author I will be keeping an eye on in the future I'm still surprised I never heard of her before these two stories I'm glad I blind bought it Now to hunt down every other story by her I doubt I can wait until her eventual release in 2017 of her collection Everything That's Underneath to read by her

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