Hard Candy Kindle Ú Ebook

Hard Candy Kindle Ú Ebook

  • ebook
  • 131 pages
  • Hard Candy
  • Amy Jo Cousins
  • English
  • 28 December 2016

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  1. ☆ Todd ☆ Todd says:

    Well that was a bit of a pleasant surpriseWhen I first started reading how Bryan a Nicky Minaj lovin' hip hop dancer from Atlanta was totally okay wearing hot pink booty shorts and a mesh half shirt to class in February in New England I immediately thought Ummm okay this guy's femme is going to be waaaay too over the top for my relatively plain personal tastes However although Bryan never toned it down his words he actually won me over in the end and no one could be shocked than I am on that count He was pretty irreverent which I generally found amusing especially when he was teasing Vinnie and slowly getting him to relax a bit “ Sweet baby Jesus Vincent nobody’s gonna die here You look like you’re headed for the cross honey” Or in other words Earth to Vinnie The story had lots of feels and both Bryan and Austin while not without their flaws were generally mature in their actions than I initially expected from themIt was refreshing to see how Vinnie with stick firmly planted up his arse started to change And grow And actually care which was a big difference from him being a total prick most of the time Rafi's words Yes I found Rafi's statement a bit rich after his own dickheaded behavior in book 4 thank you very much I also really enjoyed seeing Austin and Vinnie begin to get back on solid ground as best friends again after they barely spoke at all during the last bookThis story was a solid 425 stars and I really liked the overall message that you do need to listen to your partner and shouldn't listen to anyone else's negative opinions about yourself or the person you loveIn the immortal words of Kimberly Sweet Brown Wilkins My ARC copy of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for a fair unbiased review

  2. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    425The beginning of this book overlaps with the end of Love Me Like a Rock Vinnie has just realized that his best friend Austin has fallen head over heels for his new boyfriend Sean and that the benefits part of their friendship is well and truly over Austin was half in love with Vinnie but for Vinnie it was about the routine He loves Austin as a friend but Austin never really rang his bell Vinnie is all pressed shirts and khakis and rigorous study sessions He's competitive serious and generally not aware of other people's feelings Even having sex with Austin was about getting drunk and letting off steam Vinnie doesn't do fun Bryan a beautiful effeminate dancer wears pink booty shorts mesh shirts and high heeled white boots He stands out like a peacock in a dessert But Bryan doesn't let people get close He's been hurt and abandoned Men treat him like an exotic animal exciting for a while but trouble than he's worth What worked for me about Vinnie and Bryan's relationship was the genuine pleasure they found in each other's company Austin and Sean love to go at it hard and fast but that doesn't work for Vinnie and Bryan For them it's less raw sex and sensual passion They both love to touch and kiss and explore Doing yoga with Bryan taking breaks from studying wanting to caress and make out that's the new and improved Vinnie Like Austin with Sean Vinnie is different with Bryan BETTER with Bryan Obstacles crop up There are bullies on campus and Vinnie's conservative Korean parents particularly his business tycoon father do not approve of Bryan with his glossed lips and tailored black skirt Vinnie doesn't want to be ashamed of Bryan yet deep down inside he is But Bryan refuses to tone it down He's been stifled enough and refuses to be anyone's discarded party favor What's the point of fighting a battle at all if you're going to let them win every day Despite the lower steam level I really liked this story It's sweet and uietly sexy with a hopeful tentative HEA Vinnie has plans and no one does plans like Vinnie

  3. Elsa Bravante Elsa Bravante says:

    Review and rating removed

  4. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    You guys this book was so good I was hesitant to read this book before Love Like a Rock because the two are tied together and LLaR comes first but since Samhain only approved me for this one so I didn't have a choice LOL Luckily I didn't feel like I missed out on anything and the plot of LLaR wasn't ruined for me This book from my understanding overlaps the end of LLaR Vinnie now knows that his friends with benefits relationship with Austin has ended Then he meets Bryan after a night of partying that left Vinnie doing the walk of shame while nursing a terrible hangover He can't uite piece together the evening's events but knows he's intrigued by Bryan and seeks him out Despite their opposite personalities and past hurts they find themselves spending time together My highlights Interracial couple It makes me so happy to read and diversity in romance It's like a breath of fresh air Keep 'em coming Vinnie and Bryan They complimented each other so well and helped each other grow and heal They loved just spending time together it was so much than sex Amy Jo Cousins did an excellent job with their relationship I appreciated that they tackled relevant problems Their problems didn't stem from silly misunderstandings they derived from issues that are relevant in today's society The story had a great steady place It never slowed down nor lost my interest The feels I'll freely admit that I'm a crier During the sad moments I'll at least get choked up but it's rare for me to cry during the happy moments The tears were flowing here for both It just really resonated with me Even now just thinking about it I find my eyes tearing My only criticism would be that it ended abruptly I wasn't ready for it to end and there's story to tell I'm praying that we'll revisit Vinnie and Bryan in the future I did ask the author and there's hope DAll in all this was a great addition to the Bend or Break Series Amy Jo Cousins does an outstanding job with New Adult stories She gives us reality with hope If you want to read a book that shows character depth that is subtlety sexy and big on the feels give this book and this series a shot 490 Stars ARC kindly provided by Samhain Publishing via NetGalley for an honest review This review is cross posted at Gay Book Reviews

  5. Amy Cousins Amy Cousins says:

    The bickering between roommates and BFFs Austin and Vinnie was one of my favorite parts of writing LEVEL HANDS And the tweets and emails and messages started coming pretty much immediately When do we get a book about those two?Well they're coming but not exactly the way everyone anticipated HARD CANDY tells Vinnie's story LOVE ME LIKE A ROCK tells Austin's story and BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE is the duology containing both novellas and the latter will be available in paperback too for those of you who have a collection going Sneak peeks and giveaways of all three books will be happening in my newsletter over the summer Sign up at if you want in on that goodness

  6. Vallie Vallie says:

    35 starsThis book’s events occur right after Love Me Like a Rock ended Vinnie is sort of reeling from the realisation that there will be no Austin in a romantic way –Vinnie didn’t care much about the sexual parts of their relationship anyway So Vinnie wakes up from the hangover from hell in a stranger’s dorm room The stranger is funny and sarcastic very generous with the endearments and very kind to Vinnie Bryan is also a student at Carlisle a dancer and yoga practitioner extraordinaire And Vinnie is fascinated Not just because Bryan is effeminate and flaunts it with pride but because Vinnie didn’t much care for sexascapades and finds himself all of a sudden craving BryanI have to say some themes from Love Me Like a Rock felt a bit repetitive in this bookThe fact that Bryan and Vinnie’s interactions took place mainly in Bryan’ dorm room; the fixation on da sex; the fact that they start with a ”we’re only hooking up” attitude which then developed into However the sex scenes are a lot sensual and sweet Bryan and Vinnie actually do a lot relationship stuff together than Sean and Austin did at the beginning of Love Me Like a Rock I especially loved Vinnie’s introduction to yoga and the fact that he didn’t do it to win points with Bryan but actually embraced it and sought it out as a relaxation strategy himself I loved how unapologetic Bryan was and that Vinnie did not try to change him one single bit My complaint is that Vinnie really came off as an hole in Love Me Like a Rock whereas here it was significantly toned down It felt as if the story did not stay true to the character If Vinnie was like this in the beginning and mellowed out with Bryan I would have bought it But he didn’t come off like that at all –just slightly socially awkward and neurotic Nevertheless I have to say I enjoyed Bryan and Vinnie’s story a lot than I did Sean and Austin’s There was sweetness about it all and I caught myself smiling while reading several times –always a good sign The little drama towards the end –again a bit formulaic wasn’t noteworthy and held the story back somewhat in my opinion Yes homophobia obviously very much exists but the way it was portrayed and resolved here was a little OTT Recommend ARC of Hard Candy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review See this review at Gay Book Reviews

  7. Catherine Catherine says:

    425 Stars

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    Yep this was good Loved the audio loved their relationship even though there was some back and forth between them and I loved how all of the rowing team came together to help Bryan combat bashers I hate how Bryan was treated but it wasn't unexpected because Bryan is a dancer he is very femme and dresses in skirts sometimes I was waiting for this to happen but I am so happy Vincent didn't make a big deal out of trying to change Bryan I keep think as I am listening why doesn't Bryan tone himself down while at college? Life is hard enough why add immature jockish assholes on to the college pile hell? I don't have the personality that Bryan does so I wanted to get thru high school as left alone as possible not very successful; no way would I have added anything to draw even bully attention But Bryan wasn't alone and that makes all the difference He had people backing him up and liking him just as he was I'm jealous but thought it was coolI do recommend this; it's short but packs a lot in to it 4 stars for story 5 for narration

  9. Kristie Kristie says:

    Oh Amy Jo Do you know what you do to me? My mind wants but my heart may not be able to take some of these feelings The story of Vincent and his journey to finding his happy ending it’s one filled with a lot of awkward a whole lot of issues like trust and acceptance and tons of feelings that burst all over the place and made this reader gobble them up and ask for please Vinnie The guy is so ridged that I was scared after reading Austin’s book that I’d not like him Really I was so nervous and I loved Austin’s book so much how would I like this one? I’ve never really liked him before I didn't dislike him I'd just had a hard time getting a good read on Vinnie in previous books I’d figured some stuff out about him but it was all surface We just never got enough of him and certainly without his POV there would really be no way to figure the guy out I so get Vinnie now He’s very strict with himself and I can see why He’s a great student right? Well he’s only a great student because he has to really work at it He’s got goals Not always the goals he’d like for himself but goals all the same The pressure of pleasing his family making the right decisions choosing the appropriate people to date deciding where he’s going to intern deciding and choosing every facet of his life Meticulously He’s been doing it so long that breaking out of the pattern is challenging And these are just a few things I know about Vincent Lim Vinnie’s attraction to Bryan is steering him in a direction that he’s very unfamiliar with and it makes him very uncomfortable Bryan is everything Vinnie is not He's so different from Vinnie inside and out you'd think they would never work But do they ever Bryan is so good for Vinnie He lifts him up teaches him new habits and loves him for who he is They're such a perfect pairing While Bryan helps Vinnie come out of this world he's lived in full of discipline and structure and pleasing his parents to his own detriment Vinnie is also this unbelievable force for Bryan I felt like Vinnie helped Bryan be even sure of himself It felt like sometimes Bryan had a hard time living up to the person he believes himself to be It's hard to be yourself out there in this huge world There are so many obstacles opinions challenges But Bryan has such conviction and strength I think that as he teaches Vinnie about himself he's also doing uite a bit of learning There are moments when Vinnie makes Bryan feel so good he shines so bright I swear if this were a movie there are moments when everyone in a theater would just be giddy with happiness Vibrating with so much joy in their hearts it could fuel the world As it was reading it on the page made me feel so unbelievably goodI don't know how to explain the perfectness of them I really don't I've been fretting over this review for weeks and weeks I knew I wouldn't have the words then and I don't have them now Just know this This book is a must read I really can't recommend it I loved it with all my heart I don't even know if I'm making sense or just blubbering all over the place But all these weeks later I still look back and smile so huge I think I'm going to read this and Austin's book again today because I could really use the smiles Thank you to NetGalley and Samhain for the ARC in exchange for my honest review

  10. Alisa Alisa says:

    First off I'm really glad the author is releasing Vinnie and Austin's books at the same time because when Love Me Like a Rock ended I was so happy for Austin and so sad for Vinnie The scenes in LMLAR where Vinnie realizes what he's lost were very sad This book overlaps a bit time wise with the other and Vinnie is not in a good place He's stressed and anxious all of the time and he's lonely and a bit adrift without Austin Vinnie's never wanted a relationship but he misses their friendship A drunken one night stand finds him waking up with Bryan who might as well be a mystical creature he's so different from Vinnie Bryan dances and does cheer he wears lip gloss and booty shorts and he's carefree and fiercely independent Despite their differences or maybe because of their differences Vinnie finds himself both fascinated with and attracted to Bryan The two men find themselves slowly building a friendship and then a relationship I loved Bryan's character He's a really uniue MC and while he had the flamboyant side he was also very centered and very calm As the book began I wasn't sure how he was going to work for Vinnie but he turned out to be perfect He was exactly what Vinnie needed It was a pleasure to watch Vinnie figure himself out and to find solace in Bryan It was also a pleasure to watch Vinnie step up and be the man that Bryan needs Vinnie finally learns how to give and not only take As I said in my review of LMLAR I went into these books not very happy that Vinnie and Austin weren't ending up together By the end though I see what the author saw These two had different destinies and the road to both were great reads for the fans of this series ARC provided by publisher through Netgalley

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Hard Candy☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Hard Candy By Amy Jo Cousins ✩ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk How to get over someone Get under someone else—as soon as possible Vincent Lim always assumed his best friend and occasional hookup Austin would be waiting for him—that eventually they’d end up How to get over someone Get under someone else—as soon as possible Vincent Lim always assumed his best friend and occasional hookup Austin would be waiting for him—that eventually they’d end up together But now that Austin’s in love with another man Vinnie is at a lossAfter the world’s most awkward one night stand with a dance major Vinnie knows the drill Minimize the embarrassment by pretending they’ve never met Yet Bryan’s vibrant spirit and calm center lure Vinnie like a shelter from an emotional storm But Vinnie’s thrown off his game by the rest of Bryan’s total package Vinnie’s a rowing jock with a single minded focus on living up to his parents’ academic and social expectations Bryan might as well be outfitted with glittery butterfly wings—with plenty of pride to match Vinnie’s haphazard attention to a lover won’t cut it this timePhysically they can match each other stroke for booty pop But for the lovers to meet on common ground they’ll have to find a way to get moving in the same directionWarning Contains one uptight rower a dancer who can rock a skirt like nobody’s business yoga lessons and the benefits of being very bendy.

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Jo Cousins lives in Chicago where she writes ueer romance tweets than she ought and sometimes runs way too far She loves her boy and the Cubs who taught her that being awesome doesn't necessarily have anything to do with winning.