The Second Winter Epub ´ The Second ePUB Ò

The Second Winter Epub ´ The Second ePUB Ò

The Second Winter ➹ [Download] ➵ The Second Winter By Craig Larsen ➼ – In occupied Denmark a brutish tormented farmer steals a precious necklace setting off a ripple effect that will pit a son against his father and take decades and the fall of the Berlin Wall to culmina In occupied Denmark a brutish tormented farmer steals a precious necklace setting off a ripple effect that will pit a son against his father and take decades and the fall of the Berlin Wall to culminate  It is .

  • ebook
  • 368 pages
  • The Second Winter
  • Craig Larsen
  • English
  • 21 February 2016
  • 9781590517895

About the Author: Craig Larsen

CRAIG LARSEN was born in He has lived in various places inside and outside the US He currently resides in Northern California.

10 thoughts on “The Second Winter

  1. Carlos Carlos says:

    This book was raw little too graphic but I was still pulled in by the setting Denmark under the Germans during WW II the realities of the Jewish families and their plights this is what this book is about ; Polina the main character a polish Jewish girl who sees her family being dragged out by the nazis and then tries to escape she doesn't get far she is forced to be a prostitute another simultaneously interesting story happens to a different Jewish family that ends up correlating with our timeline and also Polina's There is mystery misery and the strength of the human character This is not a happy story

  2. Miriam Smith Miriam Smith says:

    Considering the brutality of this emotional and often violent book the descriptive writing was beautiful and shows the author Craig Larsen to be a very talented writer The Second Winter is a dark raw and graphic story set during WW2 focusing between a Danish man Fredrik a brute of a drug user who profits from assisting Jews cross the border to Sweden and Polina a young Polish girl forced into prostitution On one particular occasion Fredrik steals a necklace from a fleeing Jew and triggers a chain of events that bring the two storylines together and for me a very sentimental and tearful ending We are shown in this book just how despicable mankind can be during war and conflict and I imagine this will be a tough read for a lot of people as it was for me at times since the author highlights the true horrors often kept hidden There's drug use violence prostitution and murder a complex mix in the atrocities of war However at the heart of it is a fathers love and the want for his children I think the author has captured this perfectly considering the storyline I really enjoyed this dark book yes it was tough but probably very true to life and I imagine the family recollectionsresearch done must have been very hard going It really makes you realise just how good our life is nowadays On an extra note this hardback book is beautifully printed with a gorgeous sleeve setting Polona's scene perfectly and showing just how much effort must have gone into publishing it

  3. Paula Bardell-Hedley Paula Bardell-Hedley says:

    The Second Winter is a harrowing tale of survival in desperate circumstances Set on a bleak farm in Jutland during the Second World War when Denmark was under Nazi occupation the coarse brutish yet enigmatic father of two Fredrik Gregersen must supplement his income in order to feed his children and addictions This he does by smuggling Jewish refugees into neutral SwedenIn Poland a beautiful Jewish girl is abducted and taken to Copenhagen where she is forced into prostitution When Fredrik seizes a bag filled with precious jewels from a terrified family fleeing the Germans he does not know it contains something that will indelibly link their fates This is merely the beginning of a complex bloody decades long series of events Born in 1963 the author Craig Larsen is a single father currently residing in Northern California having earlier lived in Europe and New York His first novel Mania published in 2009 involved a serial killer terrorising the streets of Seattle and was described by the popular British crime writer Lee Child as “everything a great thriller should be” His latest has already won the National Indie Excellence Award 2017 for Literary Fiction and was a Bronze Winner in the Foreword INDIES 2016 War MilitaryHis story begins in East Berlin in 1969 before taking us back in time to Kraków in 1938 and then on to Denmark in 1941 We move seamlessly between times and countries following a thread that will eventually tie the various narratives togetherIn his Acknowledgements Larsen reveals that his story is a “metaphor” for what it means to be a father and it is not a tale based on any particular country or person although he admits that his vicious protagonist was formed to some extent from vaguely recalled anecdotes about his father's uncle who was apparently “a brute and a member of the Danish resistance during World War II” The Second Winter is a stark unpretentious retelling of one of Denmark's darkest periods in history which is at times gruesome and unpleasant It will undoubtedly appeal to readers of gritty noir wartime thrillers Many thanks to Other Press for gifting an advance review copy of this title

  4. Jultri Jultri says:

    DNF 18% Five chapters in and we've had child rape another case of sexualised violence towards the mother of that child elder abuse gratuitous exposure of child's nether region for the gratification of one of the main characters a sadistic drug addicted brute with paedophilic tendencies This is even before we get to the part where the young child victim of incestuous abuse gets forced into prostitution There were enough darkness and inhumanity during WWII to fill many bookshelves that it is not necessary to add the above to the story It may be a very well written book set in this country of my childhood but I just can't

  5. Lollita Lollita says:

    I received this book through giveaways I'm not sure if I'd really consider this a war novel really didn't have much focus on that aspect aside from Polinas plight of being half Jewish and Fredrick involvement in smuggling a couple Jews out of Denmark This was a dark tragic novel the story line was interesting enough to keep me reading but I didn't really feel anything for the characters I felt bad for Polina and Oskar would have liked to have known what happened to Polina and Amalia and Polina childhood friend there was alot of loose ends As for the main character Fredrik I just couldn't stand him I hate him in facted Everything he did was so selfish and usually cruel even if he was part of the resistance he was not a good guy If you like books with no real conclusion and dark unhappy people from bringing to end you'll probably enjoy this than I did which to say is it wasn't a bad plot the story was engaging just not really what I usually enjoy reading

  6. Daisy Mae Daisy Mae says:

    45 grisly war photographs out of 5Won from GoodReads Giveaways War can make criminals of heroes and heroes of criminals This was so intensely raw and at the same time so incredibly well woven that I couldn't stop reading Larsen has created a bubble of a world in the farmlands of Denmark in 1941 where an estranged son of a wealthy family drowns himself day by day in his addictions and his inner self loathing Meanwhile his two children try desperately to keep their hard done by family from starving or freezing to death his son caught between his own responsibilities and playing accomplice to his father's dodgy means of making a living Each event marks the Gregersen family in a profound way and in turn interlaces their lives with others' indefinitelyThis book is by no means a fairy tale It is the unforgiving truth behind poverty abuse and war A deep look at the grey areas of being on the good side or the bad side And although it was painful to read at times it was beautiful in its own way and I loved seeing each thread of Larsen's cobweb of characters come together

  7. Ken Fredette Ken Fredette says:

    This was a pretty compelling story stemming from WWII and how the Nazis treated their victims How they forced Polina into prostitution while she was a minorThe story takes place in Denmark when Fredrik and Oskar Gregersen as resistance fighters take a family of Jews to the coast and Fredrik steals some jewels and money from the fleeing Jews It gets better when Oskar sells the jewels to a Nazi and fall for his mistress Polina Unbeknown to Oskar he was followed The resistance wanted to make sure everyone was punished that stoled the Jews jewelry and moneyA lot happens but Oskar and Polina make a break for America But Polina has second thoughts The book ends with Oskar leaving a gallery in New York which was produced by the daughter of the Nazi that was killed for buying the jewels I like the story because of the reality of it I would think that everything that happened for a purpose

  8. Keith Currie Keith Currie says:

    Loose connectionsGerman Democratic Republic early 1980s a visiting musician from the west visits relatives and comes away with a priceless piece of jewellery and photographs taken by her father during the war including one of a beautiful young woman partially undressed Poland early in the Second World War a teenage girl partly Jewish is taken prisoner by German soldiers Denmark a German ‘protectorate’ a brutal father in a tumbledown cottage earns some money by helping Jews escape to Sweden but robs an escaping family of their jewellery and cash; in Denmark too a German officer a war photographer becomes fascinated with a young Polish prostituteThis is a violent gritty story told in a simple unadorned style but with a complex network of characters who meet interact but never uite make the connections necessary to avoid death suffering tragedy or even to achieve mutual understanding The Danish father Fredrik is a bullying brute and a thieving anti Semite but is also an effective opponent of German occupation a ruined man with a kernel of honourDespite initial doubts I found this an impressive novel unafraid to depict humankind at its worst but also to explore positive facets as well There is a Hardyesue aspect in the narrative’s refusal to exploit coincidence There is also a resemblance to the early novels of Alan Furst with its refusal to condone simple implausible conclusions War enables the worst in mankind but also occasionally something better can break through

  9. Mary Greiner Mary Greiner says:

    This book reveals the dark side of helping Jews escape the Nazis Since historical fiction focused on WW II is an interest of mine I found this gritty novel to be a wonderful addition to the genre I recommend it to those who like their fiction to be realistic

  10. Joseph Carano Joseph Carano says:

    I won this one in a Goodreads giveaway Make no mistake this is a very dark book with some very dark unlikable characters It is also a page turning novel with intricate characters and an original plotSet in Denmark in the middle of the war the authorCraig Larsen explores the sualor of a man trying to feed his family and the horrors of the holocaust which changes many lives Just a great book on so many levels

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