Chasing Embers Ben Garston #1 Kindle Í Chasing Embers

Chasing Embers Ben Garston #1 Kindle Í Chasing Embers

Chasing Embers Ben Garston #1 ❰PDF❯ ✩ Chasing Embers Ben Garston #1 Author James Bennett – There's nothing special about Ben Garston He's just a guy with an attitude in a beat up leather jacket drowning his sorrows in a downtown bar Or so he'd have you believe What Ben Garston can't let you There's nothing special about Ben Garston He's just Ben Garston eBook ✓ a guy with an attitude in a beat up leather jacket drowning his sorrows in a downtown bar Or so he'd have you believe What Ben Garston can't let you know is that he was once known as Red Ben That the world of myth and legend isn't just a fantasy as we've been led Chasing Embers PDF \ to believe And he certainly can't let you know the secret of what's hiding just beneath his skin But not even Ben knows what kind of hell is about to break loose A centuries old rivalry has just resurfaced and the delicate balance between his world and ours is about to be shatteredBehind every myth there's a spark of truth.

  • Paperback
  • 464 pages
  • Chasing Embers Ben Garston #1
  • James Bennett
  • English
  • 06 November 2016
  • 9780316390699

10 thoughts on “Chasing Embers Ben Garston #1

  1. carol. carol. says:

    Aka The review where I lose my Netgalley privilegesThere's something to enjoy here A dragon A fast moving plot A dragon Realized settings from NYC to London to Berlin to Cairo Oh and a dragon It starts as a simple plot an age old enemy is trying to kill Ben the only dragon left walking the earth He represents his species while the rest slumber as part of a Compact aka The Magna Carta awaiting the return of the Fay and the First OnesLost Onesgods What was less enjoyable was the abundance of forced purple prose that did nothing for the story but serve as a distractionThe man called Fulk grinned a self satisfied leer breaking through his shaggy black beard Coupled with the curls falling to his shoulders his head resembled a small savage dog ready to pounce from a thick leather pedestal 'London Paris LA' Fulk named the cities of his search each one a wasp flying from his mouthI tell you I stopped comatose on the rail with that one see what I did there? trying to picture a dog sitting on a bar stool pedestal for some reason a pug kept coming to mind although they don't have curly hair And the 'words as wasps?' Okay 'stinging' must be what he wants but what is so harsh about place names? He's basically just complaining he had to look all over for the dragon Well yeah Last one left and all that Like it's the dragon's fault to not have a physical address that says 'kill me here''It was yesterday to us' Fulk said the claim escaping through gaps in his teeth'What? Why should the claim 'escape?' Are we making fun of poor dentition? Does he mean 'hissed' or something?'The sword Fulk drew from the scabbard on his back was a guillotine on the barman's words The youth scuttled backwards bottles and cocktail sticks crashing to the floor panic greasing his heelsIt's like dragon MadLibs Instead of 'cutting someone off' we get guillotine and 'words' 'Bottles' crash but cocktail sticks don't 'Panic greasing' just sounds weird A sentence or two later Ben watched them leave in peripheral envy Uh what? Out of peripheral vision? Or with a shred of envy? Then he grimaced his teeth clenched with dull yellow effort The sword came up came down scoring a line through shadow and sawdust Yellow effort? I don't even know what that is Did he mean 'grey' with effort? Or wait I figured it out these are malpropisms by a dragon Or an alien The author isn't really human Now it makes senseThe wind off the Hudson stoked the embers of his hair as he scanned the shattered facade Because our hero is red headed I guess This is so weird Why didn't he just say it 'ruffled his hair'? Now I think his head is on fire like a tip dipped in lighter fluidThe debris supported the article's claim that the thieves had fled the exhibition this way but the fact seemed as lonely as an abandoned lighthouse Because the lonely fact used to provide guidance to ships at sea? Because the fact used to warn about rocks? This language is amazing to me and not not a good wayI can't stop myself Another Babe Cathy's lips were a fishbone rattling out an incantation and he stumbled to a halt watching her For the life of me I couldn't picture any way that made sense in this mix of audio and visual Pursing her lips? Why are they rattling? Let alone why the dragon is watching her instead of kicking her buttLast one I swear Her sore feet tingled on stone and she moved forwards as if through water a subtle magnetism drawing her on the sense of little teeth nipping at her budding breasts What The Hell? Why he didn't just stop after 'water' and leave a perfectly good metaphor alone I don't know Not sure where the magnetism got it's teeth either Why'd we have to bring boobies into it? Voyeurism? CreeperOk I lied Before leaving the Gold Street apartment Ben dug around in the bedroom closet and unearthed a pair of trainers lurking in the gloom like stuffed rats What? How do shoes 'lurk?' And those must be some seriously gross shoesI can't stop Somebody take this Kindle away from me His hair was a blizzard atop his skull his pyjamas disarrayed It's the HEAT MISERStill not the worst specimen of writing I've read It took me uite a few chapters to train myself to ignore the style because otherwise I would have been highlighting all damn day I thought Bennett nicely conveyed a sense of agelongevity to Ben unlike some other urban fantasy authors hello Hearne I loved the scene in the Berlin fun dialogue interesting backstory evocative imagery The plot is decent except for the stupid romance aspect by which I mean we get a lot of romance flashback bracketed by a lot of stupid miscommunication and assumptions between the parties It doesn't make sense anyhow that a centuries old dragon would pine over a woman The villains are well done and appropriately hateful but there's also some sophisticated subplots with characters who are mislead into action The inclusion of the village witch woman and her own gods was interesting but honestly felt a little incongruous with the rest of the story However it was one of my favorite parts of the book There's a fairy tale substory in here that is supposed to be Ben's past and his past with the enemy Again kind of incongruous with a vastly different writing style It is also basically a red herring giving a bit of insight into why Ben is ridiculous about women but not any insight into the plan the villains are hatchingIt is also worth noting that my copy had a chapter from the next book and the writing style and narration was considerably concise Now that might be a fun book There's a good chance I'll read the next book based on that chapter but I'll be crossing my fingers hoping for less strained writingTwo and a half embers rounding down because let's be honest those words Many thanks to NetGalley and Orbit Books for an advance reader copyAs always my reviews hang out here with bonus links to the Magna Carta and the Heat Miser

  2. Mogsy (MMOGC) Mogsy (MMOGC) says:

    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Embers is an urban fantasy that seems to have a little bit of everything There are dragons magical spirits and mages the Fae and even a generous helping of ancient Egyptian mythology The strange thing is though even with so much going on in this novel I actually find myself with very little to say about it The story was a fun romp but I enjoyed it on a very “surface” level without forming many deep attachments to its people places or events That said being the first book of a series it has strong potential and room to growThe story stars Ben Garston who’s no ordinary UF hero For one thing he is a dragon which I don’t think is a spoiler since it’s revealed almost right off the bat not to mention it is blatantly hinted at in the synopsis and on the cover Centuries old “Red Ben” now walks the streets in human form bound by a pact that was made long ago between all the magical creatures of the world To prevent widespread chaos and fear Ben and others like him had to agree to hide their existence and live among the mortals as one of them In turn guardian knights will protect them and ensure that the pact remains unbrokenHowever the peace is about to be shattered Recent events make Ben suspect that his protections are no longer in place and already there have been a couple attempts made on his life But Ben has than himself to worry about From years of hiding in plain sight among the humans he has come to learn to look like them live like them and even care for them Even knowing from the start that their relationship is doomed to fail Ben has nonetheless fallen in love with a mortal a young woman named Rose It is in his nature to protect those he treasures even though he can never tell Rose who he is—or what he really is—and all those unspoken truths have strained things between them Now an old enemy has resurfaced to hunt Ben and worse they know all his secretsI enjoyed Chasing Embers; I really did I thought it had a lot to offer UF fans including a uniue twist on the paranormal creatures that usually populate this genre James Bennett deftly combines fantasy with real world elements sometimes blurring the lines between mythological lore and history I particularly enjoyed the story of Ben’s origin which touches upon so many aspects of his character both as a dragon as as a “human” While heartbreaking the details of these past events also make it easier to understand his complicated relationship with Rose and reveal much about the tragedy that sparked an old rivalry In fact I actually thought a lot of the flashbacks and past seuences were done very well going against the norm of how I usually feel about nonlinear storytellingBut while I could list many things that I thought were interesting or cool about this book there was also this nagging sense of distance between myself and the plot and characters that try as I might I could not shake It’s a dissonance that’s hard to explain but we often use the term “bring something to life” to describe how an author can not only create something interesting but also make them exciting and easy for readers to feel passionate about Part of my problem was that I never managed to reach this point with Ben or the world of Chasing Embers I’m not sure why since on the whole I found the book well written and put together A few forced metaphors aside how does one grin widely enough to “fill a car park” exactly? I also thought Bennett’s prose was complex and rich but also easy on the eyes Still something prevented me from feeling fully invested In the end perhaps it simply boils down to having too much to absorb in a very short time There is after all a lot going on in this bookThe good news though is that Chasing Embers has established a strong foundation for future books in this series Now that most of the world building history and background of the lore has been covered hopefully the seuel won’t be as bogged down and will be freer to delve deeper into the characters and expand on plot development If I sound like I’m placing some high expectations on the next book the truth is that most urban fantasy series take a time to build and it’s not uncommon for one to take than one installment to hook me This might be the case here Chasing Embers gave me a good taste of what’s to come piuing my interest even it did not sweep me off my feet but I am definitely curious to see what else Bennett has in store

  3. Heidi The Reader Heidi The Reader says:

    I seem to be on a dragon themed reading kick lately And as far as I'm concerned that's awesomeRed Ben is a dragon masuerading in human form so that he can walk down the street without everybody freaking out Hundreds of years before this he signed a pact called the Lore with a bunch of other magical creatures and knights in which he essentially agreed to hide his existence from humanity at large and the knights in turn would protect him Tonight he was attacked twice What's up with that? Ben doesn't know but he's going to find out He's also had a falling out with his lady fair Hiding your true nature from someone doesn't make for a healthy relationship but Ben's enemies seem to know Rose's the girlfriend name So now he has to save his hide her life and still preserve the LoreMeanwhile in a desert in Africa an ancient power is awakeningI enjoyed Chasing Embers I really dig the basic premise that there's a magical world existing alongside ours but we just can't perceive it Also the idea that the Magna Carta wasn't a political document but a secret magical pact is fun too John by the grace of God King of England Lord of Ireland Duke of Normandy and Auitaine and Count of Anjou doth decree and grant this day by common counsel of our kingdom this Pact devised by the Curia Occultus and witnessed by those guardians of our realm Those Remnants of the Old Lands which yet linger amongst us shall forthwith succumb to the Long Sleep loc 362 ebookThe other magical creatures are straight up creepy like magical creatures should be in my opinion Also Bennett seems to ascribe to the Terry Pratchett view that too much magic use thins the veil between worlds and draws attention of the things outside of this world to the magic user which is also pretty creepy The nether wasn't space nor the ambient cosmos but a place that lay beyond or between as inner as it was outer Perhaps it was the raw empyreal stuff of creation for all Ben knew Things lurked in that astral sea creatures hungry for life and all magic had its price When a person drew on the nether drew on it like a thread in a carpet they risked unravelling the world entire loc 393 ebookThe romance between Ben and Rose is just the perfect amounts of dysfunction and sparks nothing graphic in here though for folks who look for such things I miss you she said uiet and fierce I hate you Defeated Ben rested his head on her shoulder smoothing down the flowers on her dress He let her anger hit him like a wave tasting her muted fury at her love for him Since he'd first crawled out of his egg it had always been this way Some women went for the knight Others wanted the beast Neither stood a chance of a happy ending loc 711 ebookBen's angst at his long lived existence reminded me of Atticus in The Iron Druid Chronicles He loves deeply but at the same time he realizes that those he loves aren't going to be around that long Your love of humans Do you never grow tired of it? You might as well love a sunbeam that flickers through a cloud This world was not meant to hold them Time will take them all so uickly A blink in the life of a god loc 3112 ebookWhat kept Chasing Embers from being a five star read to me is that I thought Bennett explained himself too much Leave some of the plot mysterious and murky like magic itself I don't need to be spoon fed why this happened or that happened Otherwise this was an excellent read There's some language in here and a few disturbing physical descriptions but nothing that a mature teen couldn't handle Highly recommended for urban fantasy and dragon readersSome read alikes Hounded by Kevin Hearne or Lords and Ladies by Terry PratchettA big thank you to NetGalley and Orbit books for a free digital advanced reader's copy of this book for review purposes

  4. Yodamom Yodamom says:

    35 starsI loved the story the developed history and myths I reread some of the amazingly beautiful descriptive scenes they awed and left me breathless The action was nail bitting worthy The book was an epic movie in written on pages This epic ness made it hard to read at timesThere was so much information dumped so many extremely detailed details written with such artistic flourish that the book felt heavy I could only read for short amounts of time my brain needed time to rest after struggling to unwind the woven words into meaning This was not an easy book to read it had to be savored slowly taking time to contemplate the events both past and presentBen the man who is not a man but a red dragon from lore lost with time was trapped in a web He had lived centuries hidden long lonely centuries with humans never knowing his secret He has a woman Rose that he cares for but knows it can not last and he doesn't have the nerve to be honest with her Her safety his secrets and the world will all be trapped in a tornado of ancient myth come to the present His secrets are held in check by a pact It is a pact him and others not human made after years of slaughter and near extinction threatened them when the Fae left this world This world full of suppressed magic and lore is ruled by humans with a hope that the Fae will return and the magic will once again be free Witches Egyptian gods spirits Fae and When the pact is broken everything bleeds and worlds collide I don't think I'll continue with the series It was a story I loved but was so difficult to read it took some of the pleasure out of reading I would go see the movie

  5. Carly Carly says:

    The last of the dragons hidden within society passing as human and trying to live out his life until he becomes embroiled in a mystery? Count me in Plotwise this book should have been right up my alley but unfortunately it just didn't work for me If I were forced into conciseness I think I'd describe Chasing Embers as a take on Neil Gaiman's American Gods written in the style of Wilkie Collins While it may be sacrilege and I may end up tarred and feathered for it I must admit that I'm not a fan of American Gods I do generally enjoy Wilkie Collins but while the Victorian era does much to excuse his fraught verbosity the careless sexism and the thoughtless xenophobic exoticism of foreign cultures it's rather less understandable in a modern novel As with all my negative reviews I'm going to lay out my problems with the book because the things that drove me nuts may be unimportant or even positives to other readersThe most notable feature of the book is probably the overblown style A few examples that might demonstrate why I initially thought it intended to be some sort of spoof Flames sputtered Steer horns flew Smoke fouled the air A girder screamed busted outward The city peered in through the breach her distant lights jealous of the fireworks A hush washed over the bridge a murmuring tide carrying prayers About a ten year old Her sore feet tingled on stone and she moved forwards as if through water a subtle magnetism drawing her on the sense of little teeth nipping at her budding breasts Ants swarming in her guts White fire claimed him closing around him like a cage A brief blinding fulmination and he was in the heart of the Star The star was falling falling The meteor shook off rock at the edge of space a flaming Cinderella fleeing a ball Blood streaked the horizon congealing into an ugly purple the dam of day broken by the encroaching penumbra the night flooding in In minutes the moon had swallowed half of the sun It was a black eye bordered by gold scouring the sands with ominous portent A minute and it had obscured the sun completely the sight a blazing ring in the sky a flaring golden corona Uncurling from his foetus of grief Ben raised himself on his one good arm The sun blinked a ruddy eye one moment near the horizon the next half sunken under it Like a ball released from a catapult the moon escaped the temporal glue then slowed in the heavens continuing her voyage skyward The book also demonstrates a cheerful Victorianesue disregard for the proper use of punctuation and cheerfully substitutes em dashes and semicolons for commas colons for semicolons Yeah not my cup of teaContinuing the Wilkie Collins motif we have a credulous starving native exotic African magics and uite imprecise Egyptian history eg ushaptiu described as bricks as well as a rather Victorian attitude towards women Women are repeatedly described as animalistic and controlled only by their passions Those who aren't all heart fury bred from spurned love vengeance from the pain of treachery want to live out the nineteenth century feminine ideal She told him through pretty tears that she only wanted a normal life Marriage Kids A future In no particular order and with possible overlaps between roles to avoid spoilers this book contains a damsel in distress a powerful and magnetic seductress who is the pawn of the man manipulating her a woman who becomes utterly consumed by revenge against the man who done her wrong a bunch of evil witches who use sexuality as a weapon and to top it all off a refrigeratored femaleview spoilerYes yes Rose doesn't actually die but she is so clearly refrigeratored mutilated and dressed as a princess in a tower hide spoiler

  6. Emma Emma says:

    Urban fantasy with dragons where do I sign?This opener showed lots of potential for two main reasons 1 Bennett has clearly done his research There are lots of references to various world religious and mythical systemsbeliefs but he has not allowed them to box him in Instead he has used them as the basis for an imaginative storyline that speaks to the power of myth and its essential nature change2 The subversion of stereotypes Again this fits with point one in that Bennett has felt free to make this his own Each character is not uite how you imagine them to be especially the main 'damsel' Rose who refuses to treated like anyone's treasure or slave I liked her attitude An there's real diversity This is not one of those imperial white men books that the dragon myths seem to segue into it's not all jousting and knights and the superiority of male power uite the opposite It says in the blurb that Ben is 'ordinary' save the whole dragon thing obviously but he really is He bumbles about in the book making mistakes and a bit of an arse of himself for a good deal of it I wonder whether this will continue or whether he will get on top of things now he has been awoken I think I might prefer him to be a bit on the ball in the future instead of having one response to every situation essentially turning up and smashing s up hulk style In any case this is a series to watch and a new direction in Urban FantasyThanks to James Bennett Little Brown Book Group Ltd and Netgalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review

  7. Sarah Sarah says:

    Urban Fantasy with dragons and written by a British author This book sounds like my perfect match so I was incredibly excited to read it and was fully expecting it to be the start of a new favourite series There's no denying it's well written but unfortunately I just didn't get on with the writing style so I didn't finish reading it I was just over 300 pages in out of 464 total so I think I gave it a fair shot and I realised that I just didn't feel invested in any of the characters and didn't really care what was going to happen to them I made the mistake of putting it down for a couple of days and just couldn't bring myself to go back to itLike I mentioned this is a well written story but it does have a very wordy and in my opinion overly descriptive writing style so I don't think it will suit everyone but it is definitely worth trying the free sample pages and making up your own mind about it I'm including a couple of uotes here to give you an idea what to expect Please note that these uotes are taken from the UK arc so the wording andor page numbers may be different in finished copies of the book I opened the book at 2 random pages and am just sharing the first paragraph that caught my eyePage 49Ben explaining how his body is capable of flight Up here where the eyes of the world couldn’t reach him Ben let the air rush into his lungs the night surging into a visceral cave In out his lungs throbbed pushing against two tubular chambers lower down his tusk like ribs secret respiratory organs lined with hundreds of alveoli little sacs containing a super ordinary gas Among other things this inner buoyancy helped his bulk stay aloft assisting his unfurling wings as they caught the buffeting airstreams Now his wings carried him away from danger Or so he hopedPage 88Ben describing a random suit of armour that he sees in a corridor of an acuaintance's workplace As far as I can remember this suit is of no importance to the story and isn't mentioned again in the 300 pages I read so I don't think we needed to be given uite so much information about it Ben came to a halt arrested by a suit of armour in an alcove on his left It stood there guarding the gloom a steel scarecrow with pointed helmet curved pauldrons dented breastplate and scarred greaves And spikes Lots and lots of spikes Spikes protruded from every available space sticking out of hinged elbows collar and cuisse The helmet was an evil star in the lamplight the sieve like visor bristling with blades Someone had recently polished the suit and as Ben paused to inspect it trying to ignore the ghost of hatred haunting its hollow vulturine beak he saw his horror reflected back at himThoughts before readinguote from the front of the ARC Perfect for fans of Ben Aaronovitch uote from the back of the ARC From the publishers of Jim Butcher comes a fresh and original mix of adventure and mythology with an anti hero to rival the likes of Harry Dresden Those are some pretty big shoes to fill but if it can live up to them then Chasing Embers has the potential to be epic Fingers crossed

  8. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    Urban fantasy yay and dragons yay this book seemed like the perfect fit for me when I’m in the mood for this sort of thing and with yay I was right Thoroughly enjoyed this one kick ass start to kick ass finishI do love a book that has intensely exciting action scenes divisive characters and a kind of enigmatic flow to it which Chasing Embers has in spades I like the history as mythology angle Ben as a character and a dragon no less is so beautifully flawed in a kind of useless hilarious way but somehow muddles through that I got totally tangled up in his world and the descriptive sense of it is wonderful I banged through it in record timeThe world building is carefully clever – the author manages the rather huge amount of backstory well and even though there is an info dump feel to some of the narrative ultimately it all fits together and creates a real sense and feeling for the world that our characters inhabit I love how James Bennett writes in a style entirely his own and with a good eye towards the building up and knocking down of the “people” we meet within the pages There is both adventure and romance action and contemplation – all the reuired elements for really excellent urban fantasy are there in the mix and handled in uniue style Call me a convertChasing Embers is fiery full on imaginative fun I’m ready for book 2 now if we could hurry that along pleaseRecommended

  9. Steven Steven says:

    Dragons? Check Egyptian mythology? Check Urban Fantasy setting? CheckAt first glance this book seems to have been written with me in mind You've got a dude that turns into a dragon rawr witches and gods and fairies oh my and all sorts of fun localesHonestly this book was a wild ride My only gripe is that there were a few infodumps granted they were worked into flashbacks or portrayed as a history lesson at a museum gala but still infodumps Other than that it was a solid story that entertainedLooking forward to seeing the fallout from the events of this book in the seuel Thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review

  10. The Shayne-Train The Shayne-Train says:

    DNF at 67%I tried guys I really rrreally triedMaybe it's me Maybe I just don't really dig on traditional 'Urban Fantasy' like I used to The writing had spots of being good butI just couldn't get into it The characters the world the so UF 'secret history' of fey things operating under the normo human radar it all rang false to meI tried guys Really

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