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  1. Kristen Burns Kristen Burns says:

    4 StarsReviewEach book in this series was a little better than the last and this was a satisfying conclusion with some nice character and relationship growthIn a way this series was kinda vampire romance tropey but it also kinda wasn’t It wasn’t exactly uniue but it also didn’t feel cliche At least I’m easily bothered by a lot of romance tropes and I never found myself getting bothered by things in this series So either the tropes weren’t there or they were written in a way that used them wellI liked that we got to learn about vampires in this one both what they can do and also their society It’s interesting how they can kind of push emotions and even physical feelings into a human’s mind in order to calm them give them pleasure while feeding etc I also found the intimacy and emotional connection of feeding from a human to be interesting and different from other vampire books I’ve read SPOILER for the previous books view spoilerOr at least Adin’s experience with it since he felt the connection so profoundly hide spoiler

  2. Daesy Daesy says:

    GrmI'd like to tell to the author that if you don't know something about a country or the people living in it you should research and not use some random words that were also all wrong to make one of your chars seem something he could never be while missing all the right attributes Said that also this book was bad the story stupid and Adin annoyed the hell out of me he acted like a kid and when he didn't he was a submissive fool Donte said few words and lurked and in the end finally said he loved Adin but he wasn't really a crucial part for the plot and if the author had used any other char for the scenes he was in the results would still have been the same I didn't like them as a couple I was invested in Donte and his previous dead lover's story There were many things that annoyed me and the series felt way longer than it probably was and I'm just happy it ended

  3. Annery Annery says:

    35I'm sad to say that this has been a series of diminishing returns In hind sight I'd venture to say that Deep Desire aka Notturno works perfectly well as a standalone Don't get me wrong BK2 3 are interesting and well written but I could've done without them Luckily Caleb Dickinson pulled me through So what's may issue with this 3rd book? Well it wasn't so much a continuation or development of the romance between Adin Donte but rather Adin out in the world going through some logical growing pains in his new state of being That's fine I guess It just got long and a tad tedious with Adin Donte separated for long stretches conversations that needed to be had and things that needed to be done shelved and procrastinated on until problems inevitably ensued We also get swept into the existence of a whole host of other paranormal beings which it makes sense they exist in this world but whose relevance IMO brought nothing to the table as far as the development of relationship between the MC Adin whose evolution and journey this concentrates on I know he's dealing with big unsolicited changes but he could sometimes act like a petulant child placing himself and others in danger As for the type of vampires in this story? I think I prefer the Lestat variety unrepentant predators true to their kind view spoiler RANDOM THOUGHTS The vampires here try to gussy up feeding by doing so from human thralls They don't kill them but rather transact an exchange where the vampire provides the human with a fantasy and sexual pleasure and the human offers life giving blood The vampire marks his thralls when he feeds from them and supposedly has a deep emotional connection with them When no thrall is at hand they practice the same glamour on random strangers The idea being that by giving the human sexual pleasure the transaction is an even exchange I didn't see it that way The vamps got sustenance from strangers by providing them with Os planting thoughts in their mind It uncomfortably made me think of a date rape situation where you hadn't even agreed to go on a date Like the only thing a human can fantasize and yearn for is sexual gratification The thralls in turn are nothing than blood udders that are kept alive for expediency sake and to keep up the illusion that the vamps are oh so civilized I would prefer straight up killers who make no bones about not being human and live by their own code hide spoiler

  4. CrabbyPatty CrabbyPatty says:

    45 stars Deep Deliverance is the third book in ZA Maxfield’s “Deep Series” Deep Desire and Deep Deception and is not a standalone book Deep Deliverance continues the story of Italian vampire Donte Fedelta and his lover Dr Adin Tredeger Several characters from the other books – Boaz Santos Sean Deana Edward Tuan Bran – are along for this adventure as well and we are introduced to Elizabeth Barrett and Sabine Harwiche Ned’s family of cat shiftersAdin still loves Donte deeply but hates him as well because he did not want to be “turned” into a vampire so when an opportunity arises to attend Ned Harwiche’s funeral in Los Angeles Adin is eager to go Donte sends Santos and Sean along to keep Adin safe and to help him become further acclimated into the “Kind” – the vampiric community But Adin being Adin he manages to alienate the Kind council gets labeled a rogue vampire encounters a gang of shifters who don’t take kindly to corpsepuppets and ends up an unwilling volunteer to a big pharma company illegally using rogue vampires for horrific product testingDonte and Adin’s relationship is as smokin’ hot as ever and damn ZA Maxfield writes vampiric eroticism so beautifully But the problem isn’t the sex – it’s how to keep a relationship together when Adin is so conflicted about his very nature He doesn’t want to feed on humans can’t help but mourn his human life and refuses to embrace his new existance As Tuan says “It’s like watching a toddler with you If there’s an outlet you’re going to stick something in it if there’s a choking hazzard – You like the rush of making trouble Adin Admit it When you met Donte it was like playing with superheated plasma – awesome until you got burned” In short Adin is a pain in the arse But Maxfield does a masterful job of balancing that juvenile “acting out” against the larger uestion – is Adin is willing to make a metamorphosis in his emotional life similar to what he underwent physically as he “turned”?The plot moves along uickly and all the various subplots fit neatly into the larger story And the ending? As Shakespeare so concisely wrote in Hamlet “Doubt thou the stars are fire Doubt that the sun doth move Doubt truth to be a liar But never doubt I love” You never uestion that Donte and Adin truly love one another and the ending leaves no doubts The Deep Series is a beautifully written trilogy and I would love to read about Edward and Tuan as well as Bran and look in on Donte and Adin in future books I received an ARC from Samhain Publishing via GayBook Reviews in exchange for an honest reviewReview also posted at GayBook Reviews

  5. Erika Erika says:

    Yessss finallyyyyy I've been waiting forever for this bookPlease be goodplease be goodplease be good

  6. Vfields Don& Vfields Don& says:

    I couldn’t look awayIf I could move characters from one book to another I’d move Adin to the world of Anita Blake and let him argue with her in circles for pages and pages They could fight to be the most I know than anyone else or my way or the highway thing or I’m the only person who knows what’s right I wanted to scream ‘Dante you can do better’Once again the secondary characters saved my sanity

  7. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    As with the first two books I read I really liked this third addition to the series but I didn't love it That feeling changed dramatically when I listened to those first two stories on audio And if the same narrator is used I fully expect to fall in love with Deep Deliverance as I did with the others in the seriesApril 17 2016 The audiobook is uite good but midway a little depressing We'll see

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    I really enjoyed this seriesAdin who was happy with his vampire lover only to have an accident and then be turnedHis journey as a baby vampire and the learning curceThe patience of Donte and the love for him that comes throughThe cast of secondary charachetrs also made this book for meUnlike some of the other readers I didnt mind the inclusion of shifters into this bookI'd like another book set a few years into the future to see where everybody ebds up

  9. Katherine Katherine says:

    It’s an interesting journey Adin goes through in this series He is tortured physically and mentally and reckless and yes as he is accused willfully ignorant and unwilling to understand his new existence In the end I was a little tired of Adin’s issues and Donte swearing up down that he had nothing to do with Adin’s latest disaster I did love the dialogue thoughBought as part of audible escape package

  10. Caz Caz says:

    Review to follow

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Deep Deliverance (Deep, #3) ➾ [Download] ➾ Deep Deliverance (Deep, #3) By Z.A. Maxfield ➳ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Forever is a long time Even for a vampireDeep Book 3When Adin Tredeger discovers his lover Donte’s role in turning him into a vampire he’s outraged The opportunity to attend Ned Harwiche’s funer Forever is a long time Even for a vampireDeep Book When Adin Tredeger discovers his lover Donte’s role in turning him into a vampire he’s outraged The opportunity to attend Ned Harwiche’s funeral is perfect for putting some distance between them but as a newly turned vampire he mustn’t go aloneCristobel Santos—one of Donte’s lifelong enemies—and an attractive Irish vampire named Sean offer to chaperone his trip They are as determined to help him as he is to reject their aidWhile Adin fights his new reality he’s kidnapped by rogue hunters and used as a lab rat in some skin searing experiments Adin’s distress electrifies his connection to Donte but rescue is only the beginningProduct WarningsHot vampires spoiled teens big cat shifters and two men trying to figure out how to sueeze several lifetimes’ worth of love into every moment of their big fat eternity Ouch.