Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 112 PDF ☆ Clarkesworld

Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 112 PDF ☆ Clarkesworld

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  • 170 pages
  • Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 112
  • Neil Clarke
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  • 10 July 2016

10 thoughts on “Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 112

  1. Claudia Claudia says:

    Old Paint— by MEGAN LINDHOLM —A sweet short sci fi story about an old car and family loveIt can be found here

  2. Alina Alina says:

    Review for Old Paint by Megan LindholmA sentimental sci fi little story about a single mom and her father's old station wagon set in a future where almost all cars are smart I was used with fantasy from Robin Hobb so I got a little harder into the story but I ended up enjoying it a whole lot

  3. Kaitlin Kaitlin says:

    Okay so this was the first time for me reading Clarkesworld and subscribing to a short sff magazine of any kind and I have to say there were some ups and downs but that is to be expected of course I began by reading on of the 'Classic Fiction' reads which are reprints and I started out with The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale by Robert Silverberg which was very classic in tone This is a story which somewhat reminded me of Poe although maybe that was my imagination running away with me and was all about a rather eccentric situation with a man who drank huge uantities of wine each day and complained about life He also happened to be in possession of a vintage wine of some renown so that also added to the story For me this was easily a 35 read as it was fun and I liked revisiting the classic style of fantasy writing It was engaging throughout and I liked the way it was worded and the overall tones of the story It felt very rich kind of like I imagine good wine would be although I don't like wine myselfAfter a decent beginning things went a little downhill when I began to read the 'Original Fiction' with only one of the 4 actually making a good and lasting impression on me The Algorithms of Value by Robert Reed didn't really interest me that much and felt a little unconvincing 2The Abduction of Europa by E Catherine Tobler was again not overly my cup of tea and so I wasn't really into it 2Extraction Reuest by Rich Larson I didn't even try to really finish up becuase it just bored me unfortunately and I wasn't a fan 1But Everybody Loves Charles by Bao Shu was probably one of my favourite short stories as it was sci fi and engaging in all the right ways This is a fairly long story which talks about the various methods of technology evolving over time and how this works It's all about 'livecasting' which I interpreted a the evolvement of 'livestreaming' which we already have today and it was utterly fascinating to me to see the ways in which our society might move forward and be manipulated by new technologies I really enjoyed the premise and characters and it was by far the most interesting of all the 'Original Fiction' 4sFinally I went to the last of the 'Classic Fiction' reads which was Old Paint by Megan Lindholm aka Robin Hobb and I really enjoyed this one too It was a story all about an old car set in a futuristic version of our world The cars have developed sentience of a kind and it's a really uite sweet story to read and imagine Again 35sFinally the non fiction by Ken Liu which spoke about the advancement of AI and how AI is being developed to a point where it can craft stories or help humans to make better stories was really fascinating and something that I hadn't heard of or read before so that one was a 35s tooThere was also an artist interview which was nice to read through and a list of some of the best fiction of 2015 which I will be trying to track down and read some of as many of the names were familiar to me and I know they craft great storiesOn the whole for my first Clarkesworld issue I wasn't disappointed and though not everything worked entirely for me I did feel that the longer stories and non fiction were all good in their own ways 3s overall and I look forward to next months one

  4. Gary Gary says:

    The shorter fictions in this issue did not work for meRobert Reed The Algorithms of Value I have never been a fan of Reed I don't mind cynicism as a philosophical position in fact my favorite novel of all time is legendary for its cynicism But Reed's cynicism is of the excessively smug variety and I've never been able to get behind that Skilled writer that he is I don't enjoy reading himE Catherine Tobler The Abduction of Europa I have not cared much for Tobler's fiction either and nothing about this story changed my mind Her prose is a little too indulgent for me There's a nice SFnal premise here but my eyes kept wandering off the page and when I finally pushed through to the end it didn't feel like the journey was worth itThe longer works were however worth the cover priceRich Larson Extraction Reuest Larson is uickly becoming a go to short fic author for me His bio says he's only 23 and he's too young to be this good This MilSF novelette is like most of his other works a collage of familiar genre conventions but he's the kind of writer who can make the old stuff feel new again This is just a very entertaining story about a seriously FUBARed military unit full of conscripts trying to survive attacks from a hostile alien organism while they wait for extraction which they are low on the priority list to receive Larson's writing can be a little over enthusiastic at times which shows his age but I'm interested to see if his ambition and ingenuity grows as his writing ability matures As it is he's got raw talent and skill than he has any right to possess this early in his careerBao Shu Everybody Loves Charles This novella is the true gem in the issue Bao Shu has come to the English speaking world courtesy of the amazing invaluable utterly tireless super hero that is Ken Liu I've been gobbling up all the translated Chinese works short and long that Liu has been dishing out where does he find the time?? and Bao is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors in any language If you read only this story about a celebrity personality with an insanely intensive around the clock livefeed it would be worth your hard earned dollars to buy this issueClarkesworld 112 also has a nice Robert Silverberg reprint from a Jack Vance tribute collection an enlightening essay on artificial intelligence and an interview with award winning cover artist Julie Dillon all worth reading

  5. G33z3r G33z3r says:

    Robert Reed's The Algorithms of Value takes us to a future utopia where global planning provides for everyone's welfare Except a few wackos who want to do weird things like explore the solar system in person instead of via AI probes One of the dissidents confronts one of the architects of the utopia over breakfast No one eats a madeleine Dry The next two stories were strangely similar Both are survival stories after a transportation accident on an alien planetThe Abduction of Europa by E Catherine Tobler has a surviving crewwoman trying to get injured survivor back to the home base Observation Europan looks way too much like European for easy reading This didn't do much to make me care about the characters 12In Rich Larson's Extraction Reuest a military unit gets forced down in the team starts getting picked off by some alien life form one by one Sort of like the movie Predator but without SchwarzeneggerDoes better at character engagement The English translation of Bao Shu's Everybody Loves Charles takes us to a future where technology is available to let people ride along in celebrities' minds and Charles is king of the livecasts letting his cyber followers track him 24 hours a day including his numerous infamous sexual trysts The story considers the effect of this on Charles and the people he knows and the effect on those who choose to live life vicariously through him rather than living their own lives Robert Silverberg's The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale was originally published in Tales of the Dying Earth an homage to Vance's classic The sun is slowly going out in a world of magic; a board insouciant drunken poet awaits the end in his mansion where he's visited by three strangers Seemed a little overly long perhaps as a rather simple yet uite readable tale The reprint of Megan Lindholm's Old Paint is the future of smart self driving cars where a single mom inherits her father's classic 2020 woodie Mom loves that car Cute captivating and largely sentimental novelette

  6. Andreas Andreas says:

    The complete opposite to Christine set some 30 years in the future Main protagonist is the family of a single mom who had a uite wild youth She inherits an old station car from the 2020s old from the point of view of her children but uite futuristic from mine with its artificial intelligence The story involves some action with nano viruses turning cars aggressive and the old car has its moments This SF part philosophizes on AI reliability with safety relevant themes Maybe it is also related to Pixar Cars But at the core of the story is the relationship of the family members the deceased grandpa and the car Technology and social relations without horror loving it

  7. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    For my first go round with Clarkesworld magazine I thought that I came out the other side no worse for wear Of all the stories Old Paint was definitely my favorite A light science fiction story about what happens to old cars in the world of future vehicles and written by Megan Lindholm aka Robin Hobb no less this story did such a wonderful job personifying the car that I found myself in tears by the end Not many but still there were tears I really didn't care for the other re print which was a commentary on art and forgery and value but got lost in the lack of uick world building that I feel helps stories like this one so so much in short format In terms of the newly published fiction I think my two favorites were Algorithms of Value which looked at AI intelligence contribution and how we truly define when or whether a life has 'value'; and Everybody Loves Charles the story of a lonely Korean boy who spends his day live casting into the mind and consciousness of another person Charles who just happens to be a famous spaceship racer This entire universe is one in which the lifestyle vlogging of today's YouTube has blended with VR technology to the point where not only can you watch your favorite celebrities you can actually nerologically experience their life The story was sad on the one hand but also largely empowering and a really really sharp commentary on today's celebrity culture And as per usual the non fiction articles that Clarkesworld included were short little think piece bits this time about AI and the developments of AI and VR technology After this my first ever Clarkesworld experience and I'm really really happy with my subscription

  8. Cat Cat says:

    15 oct În engleza online aici Old Paint dec restulFICTION“The Algorithms of Value” by Robert Reed kind of boring“The Abduction of Europa” by E Catherine Tobler 😐 some drama and no real discovery“Extraction Reuest” by Rich Larson this one seemed to have some structure and direction“Everybody Loves Charles” by Bao Shu translated by Ken Liu a good depiction of hov humans can Be enslaved by their own will“The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale” by Robert Silverberg IT was funny“Old Paint” by Megan Lindholm the only one I actually likedNON FICTION“Our Future is Artificial” by Sofia Siren ok ish“Painterly Cyborgs and Distant Horizons A Conversation with Julie Dillon” by Chris Urie can't remember If I read it completelyremenbered It's an artist interview It was cool“Another Word Let's Write a Story Together MacBook” by Ken Liu same as above“Editor's Desk The 2015 Reader's Poll and Contest” by Neil Clarke

  9. Kinsey_m Kinsey_m says:

    I found The Algorithms of Value to be a highly disturbing story which I'm not sure if it was meant to be I didn't think the characters were special or uniue rather I thought the two men were sociopaths and the protagonist a provable co dependant Also I'm not clear on how the society or the algorythms worked or which was the place of sentient AI in it Were they the ones doing all the work? I mean someone must be assembling those rooms providing the nutrients and energy doing repair work etc? 25 stars The Abduction of Europa was an interesting and atmospheric tale of a rescue mission on the Jupiter's moon from three different POV Some things were unclear in particular with repect to time and the lost station It makes me wonder if sometimes writers are needlessly complicating things trying to make them deeper and arty and only to the detriment of the story 35 stars

  10. Lata Lata says:

    Lovely story about AI and growing up

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Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 112➾ [Download] ➻ Clarkesworld Magazine, Issue 112 By Neil Clarke ➷ – FICTION“The Algorithms of Value” by Robert Reed“The Abduction of Europa” by E Catherine Tobler“Extraction Reuest” by Rich Larson“Everybody Loves Charles” by Bao Shu translated by Ken L FICTION“The Algorithms of Value” by Robert Reed“The Abduction of Europa” by E Catherine Tobler“Extraction Reuest” by Rich Larson“Everybody Loves Charles” by Bao Shu translated by Ken Liu“The True Vintage of Erzuine Thale” by Robert Silverberg“Old Paint” by Megan Clarkesworld Magazine, PDF or LindholmNON FICTION“Our Future is Artificial” by Sofia Siren“Painterly Cyborgs and Distant Horizons A Conversation with Julie Dillon” by Chris Urie“Another Word Let's Write a Story Together MacBook” by Ken Liu“Editor's Desk The Reader's Poll and Contest” by Neil Clarke.

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