Lady Liberty PDF Ú Hardcover

Lady Liberty PDF Ú Hardcover

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  1. Calista Calista says:

    Lady Liberty should be made into a movie It would be totally fascinating and there could be some great drama in it right now This is a well done history of how we got the Statue of Liberty The French people are an amazing people A group of them wanted to give a gift to our country They raised the money to build this statue for us They felt this much toward our ideal of liberty It’s amazing They wanted us to raise the money for the pedestal and Americans balked at this People made fun of the French I don’t understand what was happening Luckily Pultizer began a campaign in the newspaper where he shamed the wealthy class that would donate no money and he got normal people who gave nickels and dimes to build the base It is the everyday American who understood the importance of this monument It was interesting to see all the planning and how they built the statue over 20 years that it took to make her She has meant so much to so many It is interesting to read this book while all the immigration horrors are taking place at the moment Our country is in a moment of forgetting that we do stand for liberty I think we will remember who we are eventually at least I hope we will I love the poem on the statue
“ Give me your tired your poor Your huddled masses yearning to breathe freeThe wretched refuse of your teeming shoreSend these the homeless tempest tost to meI lift my lamp beside the golden door”That is powerful and not easy to really do It’s a nice sentiment but we know the immigrant story is a hard one They came and they had to work The worked so hard and lived in slums but their children and grandchildren had the promise of this land That is the story heard most oftenThis was a long book for the nephew He thought it was a slow story but it was interesting The niece enjoys a fact book and she has seen the statue so she wanted to read this book with us too She thought it was pretty fascinating She gave this story 4 stars The nephew gave this book 2 stars He said the statue sort of looks like a monster because it’s so big so it’s ok

  2. Trish Trish says:

    I found this book on one of our weekly trips to the library When I saw the cover I vaguely thought a book like this might blow on the fire of my five year old's patriotism She was so proud when she could say the entire Pledge of Allegiance on her own last year Little did I know that I would find such a gem of a book that I would want everyone no matter their age to pick it up It took ten minutes out of my life to read it but it touched me in such a way that it felt like scripture This is a history book that feels like a first person account I feel like I was there and I am amazed that it took 20 years from conception to installation for The Lady to be a reality The idea that our country could inspire a life long dream for one man reminds me that this is the promised land I'm ashamed that I don't think of our country that way now not to the point of building a large homage to her Indeed most of the world loves America but we get a lot of flack for the kind of stupidity and baseness we are capable of It's like we don't even know where we came from any This book reminds us to remember the sacrifices of others that made our country great Like the illustrator I never much thought about the history of the Statue of Liberty but I'm grateful to learn about this part of our history The Lady is truly remarkable

  3. Stacy Ford Stacy Ford says:

    A stunning historical overview of the Statue of Liberty and her path to creation Told from different point of views the reader can see how the statue was first thought of the process of building her from the first clay models to the statuesue beacon of freedom that she is today Dazzling illustrations engage the reader and add to the book immenselyIllustrator Matt Tavares says This story is told from several different points of view and the characters all share a common bond to them liberty was not some abstract concept America had just made it through the Civil War Slavery had just been abolished France was ruled by an emperor They knew what it was to live without liberty To them liberty was very real and it was something worth fighting for and something worth celebratingIncluded in the book a timeline bibliography and further resourcesI was spouting Statue of Liberty facts with enthusiasm all day

  4. Marfita Marfita says:

    Good ole Pulitzer dragging the millionaires who wouldn't contribute to the statue's erection through the cocoa and enlisting the readers to help with their small change I'm not the rah rah patriotic sort but stories like this are moving and show how much liberty meant to people coming to this country to us who take it for granted having been born under it The process is seen also through the eyes of the visionaries and people closely involved such as Eduard de Laboulaye and sculptor's assistant There's even a piece through the eyes of José Martí I didn't know he was there OMG There's a statue of him in Central Park The illustrations were beautifully composed and executed as well as dignified

  5. Brenda Wharton Brenda Wharton says:

    Short story that tells about how the Statue of Liberty came to be a gift from France to the United States

  6. Shiloah Shiloah says:

    This was an excellent book Young and old can learn from this wonderful book Beautiful illustrations I highly recommend this one to all

  7. Laura Laura says:

    Rappaport Doreen 2008 Lady Liberty A Biography Cambridge Massachusetts Candlewick Press ISBN 978 0 7636 2539 6In this collection of poems Rappaport chronologically tells the story of the creation of Lady Liberty from the idea’s conception to the final unveiling in New York City Using the comments and experiences of the people involved in the making of Lady Liberty as an inspiration and starting point Rappaport not only conveys the factual information about the history of Lady Liberty but also the emotional aspect of people who valued the liberty she symbolizes Each poem is titled with a person’s name a person who somehow influenced the making of the Statue of Liberty ranging from Charles P Stone the construction supervisor to Florence De Foreest a ten year old girl in New Jersey who mailed her roosters to support the construction efforts Underneath the title the location and the date of the particular part of Lady Liberty’s story is listed These added details support the idea that Lady Liberty and her symbolism spans time and place Told in free verse poetry the poems are not fancy or risky Instead of using the style or rhythm to make an impact the author simply uses the words and the feelings liberty invokes to make a point with readers Sometimes simple is better and powerful The pictures are a wonderful addition to the book Most moving is the illustration for the poem “Jose Marti” which is dark and gray with the blue and the red of the American flag the only bright colors shining throughAlthough the critics recommend this book for grades 3 8 it can be used in older grades as well With revolutions happening in Egypt and Libya the idea of liberty and its worth is current and relevant The last poem of the book which tells the story of the unveiling of the statue embodies the idea of freedom This poem could be used in a high school history class or even government class to spark a discussion about the current events in the world A United States history class can use the poems in the book when learning about the American Revolution Although the statue was made much later it is a symbol of what the colonists were willing to risk their lives for Sometimes students focus on the facts they need to learn for the test and forget the emotions and feelings of the people who lived during those events “Liberty The most important word in the world I know that all too well I was deported from my country Cuba for fighting to free my people from Spanish rule” Rappaport 26 This section of a poem is a great warm up uestion to get students thinking about exactly what Lady Liberty means not only to Americans but to people around the world wwwlaurathebookwormblogspotcom

  8. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Told from multiple viewpoints in free verse this slim volume covers a lot of little known and interesting facts about the design and implementation of the Statue of Liberty Starting with Eduoard de Laboulaye a Frenchman who wanted to thank the US on the occasion of our 100th birthday for setting France on their own road to independence this book considers the points of view of workers people who donated money and people who saw the statue upon their arrival to the US Accompanied with illustrations this brings to life the importance of this national landmarkStrengths This is a topic that is good for students to know about and this is a good length and reading level for a wide range of younger studentsWeaknesses Like One Beetle Too Many The Extraordinary Adventures of Charles Darwin this suffers from horrible formatting The words are crammed on one side of a two page spread in maybe an 8 point font The pictures are okay but not fantastic enough to crowd out the text This would have benefitted significantly from being a larger format book with larger type or even from giving an entire page to the text It may sound ridiculous but students base a lot of their choices on the size of the text I have not been able to get anyone to check out the Charles Darwin book which is a shame Good text should not have to suffer from bad formatting choices

  9. Robert Davis Robert Davis says:

    The story of not only the Statue of Liberty but of those people involved with her creation as well as the millions of immigrants whose first vision of America was Lady Liberty greeting them upon their arrival in New York Harbor The book is told from the perspective of many From Edouard De Laboulaye who first proposed the erection of a statue as a gift from the people of France to the citizens of The United States in celebration of the centennial of the founding of the country to Joseph Pulitzer who organized successful fundraising for the erection of the statue's base and pedestal The illustrations are superbly rendered and show in great detail the birth of the statue in Auguste Bartholdi's Paris workshop the erection of the statue on Bedloe's Island and all of the pageantry and spectacle of Liberty's dedication in October of 1886The book as a whole is extremely well done and a pleasure to look at

  10. Taylor Lane Taylor Lane says:

    This children's picture book is filled with real information about the Statue of Liberty and how it came to be I would share this book in a history until as well since it talks about America and how it became a place for freedom for others coming into the United States looking for freedom Since this book is based on real things that people did and said throughout history I think that this would help grab the students attention and want to continue to read to see how other things in history persuaded other historical landmarks to be made Even though this book is rather lengthy and filled with a lot of information that would be hard for a younger grade to comprehend I think it would be a great read aloud for a class that could be discussed as a group This book has some amazing illustrations that make it a lot easier to understand exactly what is going on

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Lady Liberty [Ebook] ➠ Lady Liberty Author Doreen Rappaport – A powerfully moving authentic portrait of the Statue of Liberty told through the eyes of those who created her and illustrated in glorious detailSoon America will be one hundred years old I share my d A powerfully moving authentic portrait of the Statue of Liberty told through the eyes of those who created her and illustrated in glorious detailSoon America will be one hundred years old I share my dream of a birthday giftIt begins in as a romantic idea but ten years later Edouard Laboulaye's dream catches fire and takes shape Sculptor Auguste Bartholdi gives the dream the form of a lady holding a torch to enlighten the world Engineers plasterers carpenters coppersmiths many of them immigrants work together to turn the lady into a monument over feet tall Joseph Pulitzer calls on readers to help fund a pedestal and hundreds send in nickels dimes and even roosters for the cause Doreen Rappaport's historically accurate poetic vignettes and Matt Tavares's magnificent images remind us of the true origins of a national symbol and show that it took a lot of people to make the LadyBack matter includes statue dimensions a time line an author note an illustrator note sources and suggestions for further reading.

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Lady Liberty
  • Doreen Rappaport
  • English
  • 13 December 2014
  • 9780763625306

About the Author: Doreen Rappaport

Doreen Rappaport has written many books of fiction and nonfiction for young readers specializing in thoroughly researched multicultural history historical fiction retellings of folktales and myths and stories of those she calls the not yet celebrated Among her recent books is Martin's Big Words The Life of Dr Martin Luther King Jr illustrated by Bryan Collier which received a Caldecot.