Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman ePUB ë of

Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman ePUB ë of

Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman ❰Read❯ ➮ Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman Author Marc Tyler Nobleman – JERRY SIEGEL AND Joe Shuster two misfit teens in Depression era Cleveland were like Clark Kent—meek mild and myopic—than his secret identity Superman Both boys escaped into the worlds of science f JERRY SIEGEL AND Joe Steel The ePUB ☆ Shuster two misfit teens in Depression era Cleveland were like Clark Kent—meek mild and myopic—than his secret identity Superman Both boys escaped into the worlds of science fiction and pulp magazine adventure tales Jerry wrote stories and Joe illustrated Boys of PDF/EPUB ² them In they created a superhero who was everything they were not It was four years before they convinced a publisher to take a chance on their Man of Steel in a new format—the comic book The author includes a provocative afterword about of Steel The PDF/EPUB ¶ Jerry and Joe’s long struggle with DC Comics when they realized they had made a mistake in selling all rights to Superman for a mere Marc Tyler Nobleman’s text captures the excitement of Jerry and Joe’s triumph and the energetic illustrations by Ross MacDonald of Steel The Creators of PDF/EPUB ² the author artist of Another Perfect Day are a perfect complement to the time the place and the two young visionaries.

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  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were teenagers when they created the world’s first – and greatest – superhero and then sold the rights to Superman to the company that would become DC Comics for a measly 130 Marc Tyler Nobleman and Ross MacDonald’s short picture book – at 26 oversize pages with a large paragraph or two per page it definitely feels aimed at educating younger readers – succinctly recounts Siegel and Shuster’s lives up to seeing their creation take off in popular culture in the 1940s while sadly realising they’d given away a fortune to get him there Superman was an ingenious and revolutionary character for many reasons While stories of Flash Gordon The Shadow and Buck Rogers were popular it was Jerry Siegel who imagined a man with incredible strength and the ability to jump so high it looked like he was flying and in so doing had created the world’s first superhero The timing was fortuitous as comic books were just then taking off and Superman’s inclusion in Action Comics #1 helped cement the popularity of the character while clearing the way for many superheroes to follow That Siegel and Shuster made Superman an alien and not a human was the other masterstroke – his disguise isn’t the superhero identity and costume it’s the mundane human clothing and ordinary identity as Clark Kent that is the disguise This totally original setup and the Superman origin story would become staples of the character’s canon being retold and explored numerous times over the years while still retaining its potency to enthral audiences And while DC would refuse to credit Siegel and Shuster as Superman’s creators for several years the two indelibly left their mark on the character The “S” symbol on his chest stood for “super” as well as Siegel and Shuster the chest symbol’s meaning would be retconned years later to stand for the Kryptonian symbol for peace while Superman’s Kryptonian name Kal El means “all that is God” in Hebrew both creators were Jewish Though brief Boys of Steel is informative for anyone who wants to know the basics behind Superman’s creators without wanting to spend too much time on the subject but while Nobleman includes an afterword that covers the numerous legal battles between the SiegelShuster estates and DC Comics if you’re looking for an in depth look at those stories this isn’t that book The infamous legal battles over the creators’ estates looking for compensation from DC for the millions – billions at this point surely – that the character has made them are why I don’t count myself as a DC Comics fan I’m a Superman fan; I’m a Batman fan; I don’t care for DC Comics the company at all The way they treat their creators but Siegel and Shuster especially has been appalling you could argue that culture persists at DC today with the many many creators who’ve worked and left DC in the last few years alone of which than a few have bitter words to say about the company It took decades of legal battles and years after the creators’ deaths for the Siegel and Shuster families to receive a meagre 20k per year from DC while the character continues to reap enormous profits for the company There was even a time in the late 50searly 60s when Siegel had to go hat in hand to DC to ask if they would employ him to write for them which they agreed to but refused to credit him even refusing to put his and Shuster’s names down as creators of Superman That’s an utter travesty Ross MacDonald draws the book in Joe Shuster’s style and looks absolutely fantastic while Marc Tyler Nobleman’s writing gives the reader everything they need to understand Superman’s creators It’s a fine tribute to the imagination and creative brilliance of these two artists and their remarkable legacy In the comics Superman’s two dads are Jor El and Jonathan Kent but his real two fathers were called Jerry and Joe – and their story is well worth reading

  2. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    Great introduction to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

  3. Betsy Betsy says:

    Time was when a comic book wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in Hades of getting into a library’s collection And while some library systems have grown open to the notion of comic book heroes leaping about their hallowed halls there’s still a great deal of resistance to the idea Now Marc Tyler Nobleman and Ross MacDonald have found another way to get a fella like Superman into a library and it’s definitely a slick idea Until now the story of Superman’s creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster has never been told in a format accessible to children Now in Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman Nobleman and MacDonald pay homage to the fellas that brought to life “the greatest superhero of all time” in such a way that no library in the world could object to the book’s style and panache And though I've a uibble with it here and there the next time you have a seven year old moaning about needing to read a biography make sure that this book is the ace up your sleeveDateline Cleveland Ohio The 1930s Jerry Siegel had many interests but what he really liked to do was escape from the world around him By reading the tales of Tarzan Buck Rogers and other fantastical heroes Jerry could find high adventure and this was an interest he shared with Joe Shuster Shy like Jerry Joe loved to draw and together the two came up with all kinds of interesting ideas But it wasn't until a hot night in 1934 that Jerry found his inspiration What if this hero looked like a normal dweeby guy a guy like Joe and Jerry but was really a superhero in disguise? That night Superman was born and in his own Action Comics he found his audience An Afterword to the book discusses how Jerry and Joe sold their Superman rights for a pittance and fought over the years to get them backThere were little details in Boys of Steel that did the old heart good to see For example it would have been the easiest thing in the world for Nobleman to say that Superman was meant to fly Yet anyone who has ever read the earliest Superman comics will note that he didn’t begin his existence flying Rather he had “a habit of leaping so high that it would look as though he were flying” Remember that line “Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound”? That’s where that came from The author walks the fine line between the original Superman and the one we all recognize today and does so while still remaining factually accurate No small task Anyone who has ever read Michael Chabon's The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay knows at least a little about the background of Siegel and Shuster So it was that I started noticing what Nobleman wouldn’t mention as opposed to what he would In the majority of the text no mention is made of the fact that the two men were Jewish though Nobleman takes pains to mention how similar they were or that they were the children of immigrants Superman’s an immigrant too but that doesn’t come up in the story Admittedly that element is a side issue that would probably constitute a long biography in and of itself And the ethnicity of our heroes is certainly brought up in the Afterword But how many kids are going to read through that? Even so much as a sentence mentioning that they were Jewish would work to place them within the context of their timesAs it currently stands Nobleman’s focus is less on Superman’s genesis as it related to his progenitors’ birthright and on how this creation was the right comic book hero for the right time “The other heroes Jerry and Joe read about were regular humans in strange places This hero would be a stranger in a regular place” An alien in a regular environment And in a scant 40 page picture book Nobleman even manages to draw ties to Superman’s rise alongside WWII Here was America in a strange war and “People wanted a hero they knew would always come home Jerry and Joe gave them that – the world’s first superhero” The amount of research necessary for a book of this scope would have to be hefty and I was pleased to see a small list of Selected Sources available on the publication page Much of this research ends up in the Afterword a three page encapsulation of Shuster and Siegel’s life after they sold away their creation’s rights It is fortuitous that this book will be released just as the March 26 2008 posthumous lawsuit entitles Siegel’s estate to share in Superman’s United States copyright I am reviewing Boys of Steel from an advanced readers copy so I cannot speak to whether or not the final copy will contain this additional information Yet even if it does not Nobleman has covered his tracks fairly well with the note that “Negotiations are ongoing” particularly since the suit is far from over and will undoubtedly be challenged As for the illustrations I’ve been a Ross MacDonald fan for years You simply cannot read his simpler picture book work including as Achoo Bang Crash The Noisy Alphabet and Bad Baby without falling just a little bit in love with the man’s comic influenced style Clearly MacDonald was a natural choice to illustrate Nobleman’s biography His love of the subject matter coupled with his ability to replicate Joe Shuster’s original style is to his advantage But MacDonald’s choice to render Siegel and Shuster virtually identical is perhaps a counterintuitive move I can understand why he would have gone in this direction Siegel and Shuster were similar fellows sure And by making them virtually indistinguishable Jerry’s a little plump than Joe and has lighter eyebrows he pits them as two guys together against the world And while it wouldn’t have been my choice to deny Jerry and Joe their individuality I can see why MacDonald chose to go the route that he hadCertainly the design of the book itself is pretty keen Comic book tropes pop up unexpectedly at the most interesting moments Some descriptions appear in white bubbles around the pages At another point Joe is seen tearing up his pages action lines emanating off his body The format doesn’t actually break down into panels until Jerry has his 1934 Superman brainstorm Then we get a uick fire rapid montage of thoughts images concepts and ideas It breaks down the elements of who Superman is and what he stands for and works brilliantly to tie in the elements of his existence to the boys' own lives For the most part MacDonald sticks to a palate of brown blue green and yellow Red appears only when it can heighten the scene and make a point; Once when Jerry has his brainstorm and once at the end when we see Superman at last in all his red caped gloryComic book characters rendered in the style of their original creators are uite the rage in picture book publishing right now With Ralph Cosentino’s Batman The Story of the Dark Night doing Bob Kane proud on the one hand and MacDonald polishing his Shuster skills on the other this is a good time to get kids into superheroes in all their myriad forms And with a great real life story to boot this is one biography that’s going to lure the kids like nothing else I haven’t read a bio this kid friendly since Siena Siegel’s To Dance Though I would have tweaked a detail here and there Marc Tyler Nobleman and Ross MacDonald do Superman’s creators proud More fun than any children’s biography has any right to beAges 7 12

  4. Leanne Leanne says:

    I tend to be confused by picture books that lots of text I guess they are meant for older readers but they are a weird mix to me This particular story is about the creators of Superman and while I found this true story interesting I was most intrigued by the two page afterward And there you have it too many details for a picture book but not enough details for mature readers I tried these type of books on reluctant 6th and 7th grade readers and they didn't seem too impressed with them eitherI do however find it fascinating that 130 was all that was originally paid for one of the most famous cartoon characters of all time Crazy

  5. Jtroby Jtroby says:

    Boys of Steel is a biography written about the creators of Superman Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster As teenagers growing up in Cleveland during the Great Depression they did not fit in with all the other kids who were into sports and girls Instead they spent most of their time writing and drawing science fiction stories After one attempt the boys got frustrated and thought they would never make it in the cartoon world Then laying in his bed one summer night Joe thought up one of the most recognizable super heroes of all Superman It took a few years but they finally got a magazine company who was getting ready to introduce comic books to buy it for 130 After a long legal battle Jerry and Joe finally got credit and royalties for creating the iconic figure The pictures in the book help illustrate what the boys went through during the creation of Superman As an avid comic book reader I am always interested in the creation of super heroes I someday would like to share that passion with my future students The best use for this book would be to read it to a group of older elementary school students and teach them that their writings or drawings could one day get published I would also have my future students write creative stories based on their personal interests to encourage writing insideoutside the classroom I wouldn't go into detail about how Jerry and Joe had a hard time obtaining the rights and royalties for selling Superman but focus on the idea that anything a person creates has the potential to be something special If you have a passion stick to it and you never know what could happen

  6. Earl Earl says:

    A fascinating look at the creators of a legendary character Two boys who were Clark Kent than Superman follow their passion of creating action packed stories While some weren't runaway hits they persevered until they hit the big time with their caped crusader And even then they suffered lots of struggles the biggest of which was ensuring they were credited and paid for their creation

  7. Cosette Cosette says:

    This is also very sad And frustrating I may be giving up on the jB section of the library

  8. Ben Truong Ben Truong says:

    Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman is part biography and part comic of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster – the co creators of Superman and written by Marc Tyler Nobleman and illustrated by Ross MacDonaldJerome Jerry Siegel was an American writer of superhero comics and is best known to be the co creator of Superman Joseph Joe Shuster was a Canadian American comic book artist best known for co creating The Man of SteelAs an aside I am thrilled to find out that Superman was created in part a Canadian As a Canadian I am thrilled to be a part of the Superman legacy and find it rather ironic that Superman is Americana as apple pie Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman is a wonderful biography of not just the creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster but also the birth of Superman It tells a story about two misfit teenagers during the depression that created a superhero diametrically opposite to themselves and the alter ego which were rather similar to themselves Unfortunately the sold the rights to Superman for a measly 130 – a travesty that still reverberate todaySuperman was an ingenious and revolutionary character – as he was probably the first true superhero with actual superpowers and was created just as comic book was getting popular and was the pro genesis to many superheroes to come It was also ingenious that they made Superman an alien making his true alter ego not Superman but Clark Kent – a mild manner reporterNobleman then describes in his afterward about the long struggle of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster with DC Comics when they realized they have made a terrible mistake in selling all rights to Superman for a mere 130 It is sobering how DC Comics profiting millions if not billions from their creation while treating their creators so terribly They were teenagers still wet behind their ears in the midst of the Depression and while 130 was tempting – it was far less than what they deserve and Nobleman brought this injustice to light Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman was written rather well albeit a tad brief It is rather informative for anyone who wants to know the basics behind Superman's creators While Nobleman includes in an afterward the numerous legal battles between the creators' estates and DC Comics it is not touch upon too much but introduces the conflict between the publisher and comic creators Ross MacDonald draws the book in a Shuster like manner and looks wonderful It is a great tribute to the imagination and creative brilliance of these two artists and their remarkable legacyAll in all Boys of Steel The Creators of Superman is a well written biography about the world's well known superhero which not only has two fathers Jor El and Jonathan Kent but his creators in Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

  9. Nate Nate says:

    Though brief this is an illuminating history of Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster the creators of Superman Nobleman uses dialogue excerpts from interviews as well as previously unearthed sources to show how and why these guys came up the Man of Steel Siegel was a loner who loved reading pulp heroes and wrote his own science fiction stories His classmate and lookalike Schuster shared a love of adventure pulps; together they dreamed up their own creations with the hopes of publishing a “science fiction story in cartoons” One day Siegel came up with a strongman hero who could do incredible things like jump over buildings and lift cars things that if Siegel could do he would surely be noticed He also added a uniue element this hero would be an alien a foreign man in a familiar place who protected all of us on Earth rather than adventuring in space or jungles What’s this hero would have a secret identity as a meek glasses wearing man like his creators Schuster produced some sketches added an S for “super” plus Siegel and Schuster brought the idea to a publisher who asked them to rearrange their story in the new comic book format and the rest is historyThough not all of it is happy history In his afterward Nobleman recounts the sad saga of how Siegel and Schuster were continuously screwed over by DC Comics in the ensuing years They sold Superman for 130 which was commonly done by creators back then and faced many legal battles in years following where DC barely gave them an inch and even fired them for speaking up It wasn’t until Superman The Movie came out when Siegel publicly crusaded against DC that the company gave Siegel and Schuster some sort of annual compensation as well as restoring their names as creators of SupermanDistressing history aside this a great little book about a hugely important chapter in comics history the first superhero Superman is own of my favorite fictional characters and his story starts with Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster Thanks fellasI highly recommend Nobleman’s Bill The Boy Wonder about Bill Finger creating Batman Another tragic but revealing story in comics history

  10. Nevin Nevin says:

    This story is about the creators of superman The failures that they went through just to get a publisher or editor As many of them rejected them one finally said yes after 3 years The first superhero was born by two high school boys with a filled imagination Even some teachers thought that it was bad as they worked in their classes Joe and Jerry were very determined to get this in the books I think it would be good for younger kids because it would be inspiring towards them My opinion on it was surprising because I never thought that's how superman was made I thought it was inspiring about how they had to go through many editors but most of them didn't want it but at least they found one So my rating would be a 4 out of 5 because it is a little book and I wish they would make it into a chapter book but the inspiration was what got me It would probably be good for people who like to know who famous things were created

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