Faithful PDF Ú Hardcover

Faithful PDF Ú Hardcover

Faithful [PDF / Epub] ❤ Faithful ✅ Alice Hoffman – Growing up on Long Island Shelby Richmond is an ordinary girl until one night an extraordinary tragedy changes her fate Her best friend’s future is destroyed in an accident while Shelby walks away w Growing up on Long Island Shelby Richmond is an ordinary girl until one night an extraordinary tragedy changes her fate Her best friend’s future is destroyed in an accident while Shelby walks away with the burden of guiltWhat happens when a life is turned inside out When love is something so distant it may as well be a star in the sky Faithful is the story of a survivor filled with emotion—from dark suffering to true happiness—a moving portrait of a young woman finding her way in the modern world A fan of Chinese food dogs bookstores and men she should stay away from Shelby has to fight her way back to her own future In New York City she finds a circle of lost and found souls—including an angel who’s been watching over her ever since that fateful icy nightHere is a character you will fall in love with so believable and real and endearing that she captures both the ache of loneliness and the joy of finding yourself at last For anyone who’s ever been a hurt teenager for every mother of a daughter who has lost her way Faithful is a roadmap.

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  1. Angela M Angela M says:

    Alice Hoffman is a prolific writer having written at least thirty novels I have read just three of them and it is apparent to me what a great story teller she is Whether its historical fiction or a contemporary story like this one her characters are real and relatable and I admire her ability to write across genres While this felt YA at first it became clear that what happened to Shelby and Helene could happen to anyone and how Shelby deals with it or didn't actually could happen to anyone Some have referred to this as a coming of age story but I see it as a coming to grips story facing the emotional trauma and depression that came for Shelby after a horrific car accident It was a uick read I read it in a day and felt emotionally drained at times but couldn't stop reading I felt for Shelby right from the beginning hoping she could forgive herself care about herself as she deals with guilt depression and lack of self worth Shelby's relationships with her best friend Helene with her mother Sue I especially loved this connection in particular towards the end with Ben with Maravelle and her children and finally with James are central to her journey These are characters you'll care about And I can't forget about the dogs she saves or is it the other way around? There's a lot here what it means to love the depth of friendships surviving the bad things that life sometimes deals us Say something Be something Feel something See something Save somethingBelieve something Trust someoneI received an ARC of this book from Simon Schuster through NetGalley and I highly recommend this book

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    Never underestimate the power of rescued dogs anonymous postcards or lots and lots of Chinese foodWow talk about a punch to the gut An emotional journey from the first few pages to the final few words it was kind of draining but in the best way possible If that even makes sense Sometimes a sad and poignant read just hits the spot And much like life everything is an ebb and flow The tough times make the good times or in this case the ending that much sweeterIt’s so easy for anyone sitting on the outside of a situation to pass judgment To be definitive in what they would do or how they would live their lives differently The same was true for just about everyone in Shelby’s life After a horrific accident leaves her best friend in a comma this is a little bit of an odd situation and she’s able to walk away virtually unharmed Shelby has tremendous guilt Guilt that makes her jump into a pool of extreme self destruction and not come up for air for uite some time “I think I lost my soul” She lands in New York with a guy from high school but she’s just going through the motions She knows deep down she doesn't love him the way she should and it's impossible to escape the niggling feeling that she's destined for so much But does she deserve it? Everyone needs to figure things out at their own pace though and that's exactly what lent this story credibility Shelby made a ton of mistakes and pushed people away; until she couldn't ignore what was right in front of her face It was little things coming together at just the right moments that gave her the strength to find her way to the surface and let go To forgive herself Well and a combination of tough love angsty teenagers stolen dogs if you’re an animal lover you’re in for a treat anonymous postcards and a diet of chinese food sans the fortune cookies What is behind you is gone what is in front of you awaits My favorite part of the entire story was the postcards of course All with different messages urging her to do things like say something do something be something feel something want something save something believe something love something Those little cards gave this heartbreaking story a touch of mystery I was anxious to figure out who was behind the words I would be lying if I said the love story junkie within me wasn’t completely smitten I kind of thought things were headed in a different direction but it just goes to show that things come along where or when you least expect them to And might be even better than what you initially hoped for Love is a mystery It’s like an alien abduction You think you’re on earth and there you are among the stars With only two Alice Hoffman books under my belt she’s convinced me I have to find the time to read of her writing The only other book of hers I’ve read The Museum of Extraordinary Things had an entirely different feel but what they both have in common her beautiful words She strings together these meaningful thoughts and being the sentimental person I am I can't help but to eat it up Thank you to Simon Schuster and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review

  3. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Oh BoyHouston I have some issues I need to discussShelby Richmond was the driver There was a car accident Physically Shelby is not hurtHelene Shelby's best friend was the passenger Helene is left comatose The theme that reached into my heart immediately was the how in the hell was Shelby going to learn to forgive herself she was only 17 years old so that this very sad tragedy doesn't make 'her' comatose for the rest of her life I felt Alice Hoffman did an excellent job crafting this theme It was very good engaging well done with wise messages to boot exhausting at times draining but possibility realistic Truth is I'm not sure if Shelby's behavior was realistic or not I hope I never have to find outbut at least I felt the topic was fully developedHowever I thought there were side themes left hangingnot developed Honestly for one thing I don't understand why this story had Helene live at all?We certainly never get a chance to explore her living in her parents home as a brain injury daughter for eight years? The first thing I said to my husband after reading this book is don't ever leave me in a spare bedroom in this house in bed with no brain activity for eight years And I certainly would not want people coming over to receive a type of blessing I had an issue with Helene being in her parents home for those eight years Her parents seemed a little too perky accepting in my opinion too How do they know what Helene can hear as they tell the visitors? Oh and for the first two years after the accident kids from the school who did 'not' know Helene were crying? I just don't think that's how kids would be for two years And if they werewe should have heard a speech at a school Assembly It might have been valuable if Shelby would have had a chance to speak to the students There was a rape scene just went away faster than it was mentioned There was a time when Shelby ran into a neighbor who was just coming out of the house from seeing Helene when she tells Shelbyoh Helene is such a beautiful girlI'm thinking The accident is still somewhat newdoes she know who she is talking with? It just felt like the most odd thing to say As for the love interestsI felt the relationship with Ben was fully developedbut with Jamesnot at all The postcards too airy fairy for my personal taste they didn't really go anywhereThey were not 'enough' in our face to be 'satire'and as a 'message'well I didn't feel any emotion from them A favorite part of this story was 'closer' towards the end I felt real emotionswas between Shelby and her mother It was absolutely beautiful and touching Love that part So Overall The story had me turning pages I think it's a 'great' story for young women Some good dating messages Actually many wise messages For me There are flaws in this novelbut a book discussion will support 'reader concerns' and enhance the experience and completion There is no uestion Alice Hoffman opens our minds and hearts Some of the 'work' is left for us to unravel Thank You Simon Schuster Netgalley and Alice Hoffman 35

  4. Amalia Gavea Amalia Gavea says:

    In Februarywhen the snow comes down hard little globes of light are left along Route 110 on the side of the road that slopes off when a driver least expects it The lights are candles set inside paper bags surrounded by sand and they burn past midnight They shouldn't last for that amount of time but that's part of the miracle There's a heat wave all over Greece at the moment I'm writing this review I don't like summer and heat I want to live in a place of eternal winter Also bright sun changes my mood and character completely and in this review you'll probably see me obsessively describing my incoherent thoughts on how easily and readily I gave my heart to this book It is one of the rarest of cases when I couldn't stop myself from reading the last chapter when I reached about 80% mark I just wanted to know This is how deeply I feel in love with Hoffman's novelAfter a horrific car accident Shelby's life changes dramatically She gives up on her dreams she punishes herself in all ways imaginable and chooses to escape to New York Not to start anew She cannot do that yet because she doesn't believe she is able or even worthy of a good life She believes she's a nobody a nothing a monster She practically begs for other people to see her this way But they don't Because some of us have faithThe title is extremely poignant and well chosen Faithful to whom? To what? My answer is to everything This is the reply I got from the book To people to a higher power but most of all to ourselves It is the amount of faith in our abilities and value we gain through the children's love through the animals' trust Here Shelby starts finding her way out of the darkness the moment people start trusting her They have faith in her and she begins to look at herself under a different light After trust comes faith and then love follows closelyLove lies at the centre of the novel along with faith Love between a mother and a daughter Love between a couple beautifully depicted in Shelby and James Love between friends between animals and humans Love that is firmly rooted in the past or the kind of love that comes out of nowhere sweeps you off your feet and helps you find yourself a little sooner than you'd think possible As evening falls the wet street glows as if sprinkled with diamondsThere are bats in the tower of a church overlooking a small park There's a sprinkling of gold trigged stars in the sky What is it with stories and New York? What is it about this city that makes everything so poetic and special? Why does it turn me into a romantic? I don't knowI fell in love with Hoffman's descriptions of the city They're marvellous especially the ones about the evening streets You'll also find a few but extremely poetic images of the HudsonThere are certain well placed hints of magical realism with the postcards of an angel and Helena's supposed healing abilities I think they're there to remind us that sometimes magic sometimes and beauty lies within our daily routine within difficult choices within the past The narration is written in the present tense which is probably my favourite techniue and it fits the story perfectly And if by now you haven't been convinced that the writing is impeccable I don't think I can trust youI read that it took Hoffman ten years to write Faithful and this definitely shows in the way the story is tightly put together in the characters that are fully developed in the interactions that are realistic and vivid Dogs have a very prominent role in the action and Hoffman even manages to include references to Poe's Never and to Gaiman's Neverwhere I mean come onThis is perfectionShelby is one of the most beautiful most memorable characters out of all the books I've ever read in my life You'll support her get frustrated by her cheer for her to succeed cry and laugh You will embark on an exciting journey Call me superficial but James wasif he doesn't make your heart melt if you don't fall in love with him as soon as you meet him on the page then I believe you're heartless beyond repair Also if the book is ever made into a film I want Jonathan Tucker for the role I don't know why but I pictured him as I was reading Ben on the other hand is irritating a crying self absorbed infant competing with Shelby's father for the award of the most annoying character in the novel To be fair he has a few redeeming ualities but I don't want to be fair today I want to be emotional See what this book did to me?None of us wants to make even the tiniest mistakes but this is impossible We're human beings Even gods make mistakes and uite big ones We're made to make mistakes and to learn in the process Life isn't the silky cocoon our parents struggled to provide for us Whatever few ugly experiences I've had taught me to think differently taught me that there are people you need to discard without a second thought and people you need at all costs In those moments everyone need to have faith and trust in someone In my opinion this someone must be our self And the rest will follow Together they fight demons in New York City of which there is an endless supply Each time another one is defeated the Misfit comes closer to forgiveness a state of grace he never can uite reach

  5. Norma Norma says:

    I can hardly believe that I have never read a novel by ALICE HOFFMAN beforeWhat was I thinking and where have I been? Obviously not in the right section of the bookstoreFAITHFUL by ALICE HOFFMAN was a spellbinding and beautifully told coming of age story that I devoured in two sittings which rarely happens for me as I normally don't get that much time to read in a sittingAlthough I do find the embossed floral blue COVER of this book very attractive and pretty it isn't the reason I chose this book to read It was actually chosen for me to read by my thoughtful sister who bought this book and let me read it first She is so nice Thank you BrendaTo be totally honest while I was reading this novel I didn't really discover any clues or figure out the reasoning behind why the author chose this particular TITLE for her book  I looked up the definition of FAITHFUL and it means loyal constant and steadfast  So I am taking a guess here that this is directed to the anonymous postcards that Shelby received which had some motivational and inspirational sayings on them to help Shelby through her grief survivor guilt and recoveryI really enjoyed the main CHARACTER Shelby and the relationships that were formed as we followed along her journey to see if she was able to have closure and forgive herself  I was captivated by ALICE HOFFMAN’S writing style here as I was never bored and she had me wanting to turn those pages rather uicklyThe ENDING was heartwarming touching and satisfying for another enjoyable read Would recommendAll of Brenda and my reviews can be found on our sister blog

  6. Debbie Debbie says:

    Last century I read Hoffman’s Turtle Moon and loved it The next thing I knew Hoffman started writing woo woo stuff like Practical Magic and I ran the other way I might have made up the term “woo woo”—sounds like something I’d do—so let me explain By woo woo I mean all things magic psychic ghosty New Age y paranormal and supernatural Angels devils miracles—all woo woo Woo woo and I don’t get along very well with one notable exception the book Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear Even though I totally love saying woo woo I must get back to this reviewSo when I began Faithful and read that people were visiting a girl in a coma because she performed miracles I just about stopped reading Uh oh woo woo alert Try to sell me a miracle I’ll back off But since the miracle stuff wasn’t front and center it was like an aside I gambled and kept reading Good thing I did because I ended up liking this book a lot There was some talk of angels too but I found I could ignore it and keep my eye on the cool heroine Shelby who was not woo woo in the least The whole show is about Shelby a teen who transforms from a down and outer to a cool chick and in so doing inspired me to add two new bookshelves When a book makes me sit up and create lists you can bet it’s one that will grab 4 stars from me I will say that Shelby’s down and out gloomy days lasted a tad too long as in monotonous but then she entered cool chick land and I got way caught up in itI’m clapping for Hoffman’s ability to create a character I cared about so much It must be hard for a writer to get you to feel for a heroine and though I don’t call it a miracle I do call it magical but definitely not in a woo woo sort of way It feels so damn good to be that invested It happens in movies a lot for me but not so often in booksAs I said Shelby started as a down and outer edgy and dark I felt like a nosy but concerned aunt or even the at her wits end mother following Shelby’s every step rooting for her to rejoin the living I fretted endlessly about her Would she ever recover from the tragedy that consumed her that caused her to remain in fetal position so long and to withdraw from life so completely? Like the eternally worried mother I was relieved when she moved to the city and let someone take care of her even if she did so passively I was ecstatic when Shelby found friends I cringed when she hurt anyone’s heart I grimaced when she made stupid choices I gleamed when she rescued animals Actually the fact that she rescued animals earned the book extra points—I forgot how cozy and fun it is to have the hero be an animal lover Partly this book is about the power of friendship because Shelby started to come alive once she let herself have a friend and be a friend And it’s about how rescuing can be therapeutic Friends rescued her and she rescued animals I’d like to say that she was willing to dip her toes in the water that she bravely worked at getting better at fighting the depression and accompanying inertia the pain that made her lifeless and tortured But actually life happened to her—she wasn’t consciously working on it Watching her grow into a functional happy person was just so satisfying says this proud auntie See? I’m talking about her as if she were real Only a great storyteller can make that happenBut of course there is a Complaint Board The book is dangerously close to woo woo land as I’ve said Yay I got to say woo woo again The language is simplistic; sometimes I thought it bordered on chick lit I found a couple of instances where an editor failed Hoffman used the same phrase in one chapter just sloppy and mentioned a dog was starving but carried it around instead of feeding it sloppier No biggies but annoying nonetheless because they took me out of the story for a minute Not important but I don’t like the book title I can’t seem to make it fit with the content at all The ending is weak—sappy and pat But despite my whining when I finished the book I was left with a good feeling This is an uplifting coming of age story about a young tortured soul who very slowly rejoins the living Hoffman’s writing style though simple draws you in and it’s a fast and satisfying read Check it outThanks to NetGalley for the advance copy

  7. Cheri Cheri says:

    NOW AVAILABLE45 StarsIn High School Helene was a shining star Shelby her faithful sidekick But it was Helene that all the other girls wanted to be or be like and it was Helene who all the boys wanted But that was part of the life before never to be the same again Before she ever left the hospital she received a postcard with a sketch on one side and on the other the words “Say something” It’s two years before she receives a second card this with a picture of her house a shadow of herself infinitesimally small through the basement window on the other side the words “Do something” Shelby’s life changed overnight the night it happened Her life placed on pause Everything she thought everything she believed in is irrelevant Every thought every minute every hour is spent mentally trying to make amends to force time backwards tick by tick until that night would end as peacefully as all the nights before it She can’t escape the guilt even after years it’s with her like a ghostly companion escorting her through her days In penance she lets her appearance go the hair the makeup gone unimportant She lives in the shadowsBen was a bit of an outsider in school the boy who walked around with his head down a Vonnegut book under his arm Shelby’s a newly self appointed loser somehow Shelby and Ben manage to fall into a friendship then and later move to New York City Ben’s unfailingly nice gentle Tender Shelby sees this as a sign that they’re not right for each other The postcards continue through time via her mother now Never stamped always hand delivered Always with a messageEventually Shelby finds a job at a pet store where she meets Maravelle a very young mother to three kids Shelby finds she being drawn to down on their luck pets those needing rescue from their owners First two and then a third Maravelle suddenly needs her help with her children as a babysitter for a few days and suddenly she is needed She doesn’t have time to contemplate this or even recognize it for what it is she just does what she needs to do getting through each day Many orders of Chinese food later who knows how many bags of dog food later and several postcards later Shelby begins to see the light Part coming of age story this is so much It’s a story about families imperfect though they may be About loyalty and betrayal Overwhelming grief and redemption About finding and keeping real love after all Pub Date 1 November 2016Many thanks to Simon Schuster NetGalley and to the author Alice Hoffman for providing me with an advanced copy

  8. Debra Debra says:

    Received from the publishers and NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewSave SomethingSay SomethingWant SomethingThese are tidbits of advice that Shelby receives from her Angel after surviving a car crash that resulted in her friend being in a Coma Shelby is pulled out of the wreckage by her Angel but suffers from survivor’s uilt and depression She cannot find the way to forgive herself for the accident that injured her friend so badly She can't accept that she got to walk away while her friend will never walk again Forgiveness is not something she is willing to do for herself She is not to blame for the accident but she finds that she cannot move on with her life She is admitted to a psychiatric hospital where she is repeatedly sexually assaulted and then punishes herself for not being injured by shaving her head self medicating with marijuana and watching television in her parent’s basement most of the day Eventually her relationship with Ben her dealer becomes romantic and they both move together to NYC in attempts to better their lives He goes to school to become a pharmacist and she gets a job in a pet storeShe makes a new friend at the pet store which is a big step for her Shelby continues to grow as she saves animals and cares for her friend's children in her absence Along the way we witness Shelby make both good and bad decisions Throughout her ups and downs she continues to get words of advice from her angel She tends to take the advice and finds that by doing so she is helping herself to grow and move on Eventually she finds her calling and makes progress toward her goals She even gets to learn the identity of the person leaving her the notes Ssh I'm not tellingThis book initially read like a YA book for me I really liked the characters of Ben and Shelby's Mom I loved how her Mom was always supportive and always there for her even when Shelby could not see that This is not vintage Hoffman At times I longed for vintage Hoffman I enjoyed this book but not as much as some of her other works Perhaps she was reaching for a younger audience here Like I mentioned earlier the beginning felt like a YA book to me This book does have symbolism as do her other books This book is big on forgiveness acceptance love betrayal loss infidelity moving on and simply living I think fans of Hoffman as well as others will enjoy this book I found it to be a fast easy readSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

  9. Vivian Vivian says:

    DNF 40%There is no way I want to follow this character any Seriously if you know someone like this they need a mental health intervention I am disappointed that this was categorized as Women's Fiction This reads like Young Adult or New Adult at bestThe main character is late teens when we first meet and psychologically devastated by events her senior year of high school With the loss of her best friend she withers This first part has intense Judeo Christian ideology and symbolism which makes sense considering the title but unfortunately I parsed it as in fidelity to their friendship It's not the ideology I have issues with rather the simplistic symbolism vehicle miracles angels black and white beatification etcThis book is enad with symbolism allusions to Snow White and direct reference to Red Riding Hood The second part sees Shelby's view of herself through the ugly dogs she saves Perhaps there is some great transformative character via fairy tales or the abandonment here that will eventually play out but the character is so unlikeable I don't careThis book needs a content editor No one stays in the ER for a night you get treated or go to surgery and then Recovery and depending on how critical your injuries are ICU A Psych ward is not going to pass that postcard along Everything is vetted Where is she getting the money? How can you describe someone as wearing a hat and bald at the same time? Stepford wife? She's not even trying to be perfect; she's the anti Stepford wifeAll this combined with the hackneyed there's a boy behind all this trauma and stupidness and everyone not knowing what their angel was really like smells like Eau de After School Special No one sees or understands me So I shave my head and hide in my parents' basement I hate myself so much I'll make the outside of me look like the inside I'm too old for this I was too old for this when I was Shelby's ageARC provided by NetGalley

  10. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    35 There are two different Shelbys The before Shelby seventeen fun loving popular in school a good student and there is the after Shelby After the accident where Shelby was the driver and made it but her best friend would live paralyzed and in a comma How does one forgive herself after something like this? Go on and live a life knowing the other person can't? Survivor guilt This is her story and parts of it are not prettyA different read from the Hoffman of the last few years but her understanding of people and their imperfections traumas shine through I cheered with this character sympathized with her and at one point was heartbroken when she made a decision I didn't agree with I applauded her watching as she almost against her will tried to move forward and forgive herself A very poignant story and one that touched me that I found credible and with characters I loved ARC from Netgalley

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