Paperback ✓ Reaper's Fall eBook Ú

Paperback ✓ Reaper's Fall eBook Ú

Reaper's Fall [KINDLE] ❁ Reaper's Fall By Joanna Wylde – Nunca uiso hacerle dañoLevi «Painter» Brooks no era nada antes de entrar en los Reapers El día ue consiguió su parche se convirtieron en sus hermanos y en su vida Todo lo ue le pedían a cambio e Nunca uiso hacerle dañoLevi «Painter» Brooks no era nada antes de entrar en los Reapers El día ue consiguió su parche se convirtieron en sus hermanos y en su vida Todo lo ue le pedían a cambio era un brazo fuerte y su lealtad incondicional Y esa lealtad se pone a prueba cuando le atrapan y le condenan a pena de cárcel por un crimen cometido en nombre del clubLa vida de Melanie ha empezado siendo muy dura y con el tiempo ha aprendido ue debe luchar por su futuro Por suerte ha escapado del infierno y ahora puede empezar de nuevo Sin embargo es incapaz de dejar de soñar con las caricias de un motero al ue no puede olvidar Todo empieza de una manera tan inocente un tipo solitario en la cárcel unas cuentas cartas Amables Inofensivas InocentesPero cuando Painter salga de la cárcel Melanie tendrá ue hacerse a la idea de ue entre los Reapers no hay nada de inocente.

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  1. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    3 ish StarsSo I'm short on time and PRETTY FUCKING PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW to be honest as I accidentally deleted the long ass fucking review I wrote for this shit; however I want to get this done because I know I am going to fucking forget everything about this book shortly Because let's be honest I can't remember what I had for breakfast yesterday Or if I even HAD breakfast So all bullshit aside this is going to be short crude blunt and heavy on the profanity #sorrynotsorryOr in my caseshorter cruder and blunter ER and profane er ERSo off we go I didn't love thisAnd here's why 1 Melanie and PainterYup that's right the two main fucking charactersThese two jackasses fiddle fucked around so much I was getting annoyedFor real though I don't think these two idiots could find their way out of a cardboard box with a flashlight and an exact o knife Their constant back and forth and Painter's I want you but I can't have you bullshit was like watching a cat trying to slow crawl in tap shoes on a hardwood floor I mean Jaysus fucking Crisco Figure It Out for fuck's sake 2 Just Melanie By HerselfGood GOD this woman fucking annoyed me And don't even get me started on Painter Actually fuck it 3 Just PainterI haven't liked Painter since well EVER He came across as a fucking douche canoe in Em's book and grossed me out to boot And he sure as shit didn't redeem himself here But you know what they say You can't fix stupid Or jackass apparently I mean they way he kept jacking Melanie around?His reactions tocertain things? And his attitude of You and me and OUR child are TOTALLY meant to be a familybut until you come back to me let me just keep fucking around with dem club skanksI'm sorry that's just gross to me I know it SAID he fought for her and tried to get her backbut NONE of that ACTUALLY took place on pageWhich brings me to my biggest pet peeve of them all4 FLASHBACK HELL This story started off my least favorite wayThe big dramatic prologue that grabs your attention and holds you captivebut then ends on a cliffhanger with a Five Years Earlier right after that Holy shit I can't even describe it I fucking hate this so much Now I already knew this author starts her books like this Because I've read the whole series so duh no surprise there; I never love it but at least I know to expect it And I'm basically agreeing by default to suck it up and overlook my own pet peeve by recognizing that and yet still choosing to read a book I know will most likely go that route HoweverHOWEVER THIS time?Holy fuck people this one was the worst I've ever seen Because usually it starts with a moment that no matter how crazy we WANT to get back to Even if we have to spend the whole book doing exactly that for something that is usually a let down mind you but still we WANT to get there In this book though I didn't even WANT to get back to where we started Because the first thing we learn is that they have a kid together have been broken up for years AND he doesn't care whose dick Melanie sucks as long as it isn't a biker's?Gee that sounds just swell Sign Me Up Can't fucking WAIT to get back there I mean really Hold Me Back From Mr Incredible NEGATIVE Ghostrider I don't love reading an entire book overwhelmed with a sense of depressing dread and impending doom It's just not what homie would call a good time And on top of that this story had such massive time jumps with important at least to me things happening off page that I felt cheated And I felt like I just couldn't connect with Painter and Melanie individually or as a couple In fact Painter and Melanie are separated both physically as well as emotionally for the bulk majority of this book Overall this was a decent read for me; but uite frankly I didn't love where it started and it just didn't meet my expectations And with that

  2. Eda** Eda** says:

    45 5 “I’m sorry Mel”STARS I’d fallen in love with Melanie TuckerNot some little boy bullsht needy “love” like I’d felt for Emmy Hayes –this was NOTHING like that This was DEEP almost PAINFUL in its unholy intensity It was like she’d sent tendrils burrowing deep inside binding us together so tightly I’d die if I ever tried to pull them outI was truly deeply and utterly fcked because I fcking LOVED this girland she wasn’t for me PAINTER Levi “Painter” Brooks will be out of this hellhole of a prison in two weeks He will get back his freedom and go back to Coeur d’Alene to his bike to his club his brothers andMelanie Tucker The girl that writes him letters every week The girl Painter imagines at night while trying torelieve himself Sweet Melanie Sweet innocent little Melanie who would only be ruined if Painter ever got his hands on herThat’s why Painter will stay away from her She’s nothing to him anyway right? They must have spent maybe 8 hours together in total and nothing earth shattering ever happened Painter probably just imagined how beautiful and sexy she was Prison does that to a man you know?Painter will leave Melanie alone when he gets out He will let her have a normal life find herself a normal boyfriend and just be happy He doesn’t want her Or need her Or crave her No she’s just another btch Right? Yeah right I’m coming home soon You should run away while you still can Mel I’ll make you dirty so dirty you’ll never be clean again I’ll make you pay me back the hard way You think you’re all grown up but you’re not There’s so much I could teach youDO TO YOU Jesus if you only knew you’d NEVER write to me againYou should move to AlaskaChange your nameGood luck though because I’ll find you and take you and– PAINTER OVERALL Painter was a hot mess and Melanie could hold a grudge that's for sure but this book was everything I've expected and Beautiful Just beautiful ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    45 Forgiven StarsSome spoilers“What I want is to fuck you” he said his voice a harsh intense whisper “I want to fuck your pussy I want to fuck your face and I’ve given some serious thought to fucking your ass too I want to lock you up and play with you Sometimes I think about owning you and what I’d do if you tried to get away Christ you have no idea” Painter “You have no right to an opinion This is my life and I’m gonna do what I have to do for my club Just ’cause I love you doesn’t mean you have a vote Me and my brothers vote Old ladies listen and do what they’re told” PainterOMG Holy shit I loved it I'm so shocked I was totally prepared to not like this book I was only reading it because of OCD and I can't skip around in a series I knew I needed to read it and just get it out of the way so I would be ready for the next book to come out I didn't like Painter in other books and I figured he would be a douche in this book too And from the reviews I skimmed I figured I would hate Melanie too I was wrong so damn wrong I so freaking loved this book“Is it mine?” I blinked “Excuse me?” “It’s a fair uestion—is it mine?” “Yes it’s yours” I said feeling my heart sink I knew he didn’t want kids so I hadn’t exactly expected him to be all happy about this Still it never occurred to me that he’d react like this “You sure?” This wasn’t going well Shit Shit “Seeing as you’re the only guy I’ve been with in the last year yeah I’m sure And fuck you very much for thinking I’d cheat” Painter and Melanie “I fucked up I know I fucked up I’ve apologized for it and I’ve done my best to make up for it I’ll never get that time with her back and I’ll regret that for the rest of my fucking life But no goddamned way I’ll let you or anyone else get between me and my girl Mel I appreciate all you’ve been through and I’m thankful that you’re Izzy’s mom but don’t think you’ll get rid of me You’ll never be rid of me Melanie For the rest of your fucking life I’ll be here because we share a kid So stop being so nasty all the time” PainterPainter redeemed himself for me in this book Big time Don't get me wrong he says some stupid shit and fucks up but he learns his lesson Because of his mistakes he loses Melanie and The first year of his daughter's life but he does his best to get her to forgive him Not only that he changes grows up a lot Becomes a great dad and is good to Melanie even though they aren't together and she is kinda a bitch to him The thing that worried me the most going into this book was that I read he sleeps around with tons of other women But that wasn't a problem for me because he never cheated on Melanie When they are together he is totally faithful to her He slept with others women the five years they are broke up but he tells her if they get back together that he would stop that And it's not detailed so you don't have to live through it which helps They both sleep with other people while apart She is the one that pushes him away After a while I didn't blame him for trying to move on Melanie made it clear there was no hope for them I have to say I am so surprised at how much I loved Painter in this book I found him playful sweet at times still biker rough and raw but sexy “You left me alone” I shouted glaring at him “Izzy was so sick Painter They weren’t sure she was going to make it You don’t have a fucking clue what it was like sitting there waiting for her to take her next breath hoping it wouldn’t be her last We needed you I needed you Am I just supposed to pretend all that didn’t happen? That you didn’t choose prison over us when we needed you the most?” Melanie “No I’ve loved you for a long time I tried to move on but I can’t Still kind of pisses me off because there’s all kinds of things I don’t like about you but it is what it is” “Some guys would be offended by a declaration like that” Painter said “But I think I’m gonna count this as a win” Melanie and PainterI liked Melanie a lot too I could understand where she was coming from I loved her for most of the book but after awhile I got a little annoyed that she was still holding on to that old hurt She is a serious grudge holder Like I said I could sympathize with her pain and could see that she was trying to protect herself but damn after a while it's like just get the fuck over it already Mostly I thought Melanie was strong sweet and a great mom “You had options” he said his voice intense than I’d ever heard it “Just like I did I already admitted it—I chose prison You chose our child You could’ve aborted her but you didn’t You took the hard road and you raised a hell of a child along the way I will never ever forgive myself for leaving you alone but I give thanks every fucking day that you were the strong one Melanie I can’t imagine life without Izzy She’s the best thing that ever happened to me Thank you for that” Painter “Nope I’m just a nurse But remember tonight the next time we have a fight okay? Because I know about a hundred different ways to kill you in your sleep bring you back and then do it all over again” MelaniePainter and Melanie's relationship was a rocky one but I felt it They had major heat I adored their little family although I felt it took too long for them to get back together Jessica was awesome in this book She was a great best friend to Melanie I really hope Jessica gets a book Oh and Taz I want Taz from Hunters MC to get a book so bad Taz was sexy as hell I noticed towards the end of the book it said Gage's old lady What Gage has a old lady??? When did that happen? I felt a little lost there but hopeful it will be laid out in the next book Lord Izzy was adorable She had her daddy wrapped around her finger I think my favorite part of the whole book was the sexy paint fight too cute I loved the ending that sweet little epilogue I am so glad I read this book I can't wait for the next one“You’re a mystery to me—you play with our daughter you paint her pink motorcycles You even let her dress you up like a fairy that one time and had a tea party with her” He groaned “How did you find out about that?” “She told me” I said biting back a smile “And she drew a picture I took it to work and showed everyone But I think you should be thanking me because I seriously considered giving it to Reese” Melanie and Painter

  4. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    FIVE STARSARC Generously Provided by Author in Exchange for an Honest ReviewBR with Mel You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen I managed to say and I meant every word I have no idea how I'm lucky enough to be here with you right now but please know you have my eternal appreciation Christ did I just grow a pussy? I completely LOVED this one It was well worth the wait to get Painter's storyEver since Reaper's Stand I've been dying to get to Painter's story The whole attraction between Painter and Melanie was eluded to but I felt it was a HUGE TEASE I finished this one yesterday and I ABSOFREAKINGLUTELY LOVED ITBoy I never thought that Painter could make me uestion who could be my #1 Reaper Horse and Picnic have always been my top faves but DAMN Painter is definitely a top contender as well There's something about a man who is an artist I just never knew that he had so much depth to himEveryone thinks Painter is this manwhore who is incapable of committing to one woman but all of that changes when he meets Melanie Tucker Mel is London's niece Jessica's best friend London had taken Mel in after her mother had abandoned her During all of the crazy drama that ensued during Reaper's Stand Painter and Mel formed a friendship that definitely had deep undertones of attraction They became pen pals while Painter was in prison for several yearsOnce he's back home there is no stopping him from going after the girl of his dreams Even though at first he tries to fight his feelings it becomes apparent that it's a losing battle for him Mel is also incredibly hung up on Painter Things get seriously hot and heavy between them which leads to an unplanned pregnancyThere's major drama that develops which causes the two to go their separate ways for a while But Painter does go through a bit of an awakening and is hell bent on making things right between he and MelI had the best time reading this book Never did I feel like it dragged Oftentimes I felt the need for a cold shower The action is nail biting intense just as you would expect from a Reaper's storyWe get an extra epilogue at the end for Gage and Tinker I am seriously hoping that they get their own book Ms Wylde do you hear me?????Go on and one click this bad boy You seriously WILL NOT be disappointed you can head over to our Facebook page for a chance to win an ebook The Giveaway ends tonight

  5. Amy | Foxy Blogs Amy | Foxy Blogs says:

    LOVE ME SOME REAPER MEN Yay I’ve been waiting for Painter’s story ever since we first got a glimpse of him If you’ve read this series Painter is no stranger to you because we first learn about him when he sort of has a relationship with the club president’s daughter Em I was losing hope that Painter was ever going to man up and claim a woman for himself It was looking like bachelorhood was his future The Grudge Throughout the other books we’ve learned little pieces about Painter We know he’s been to prisonjail 3 times But we weren’t ever sure why they weren’t together after his stint in prison This is the story about THE GRUDGE that caused a line to be drawn in the sand for this feuding couple One condition Painter gives Melanie No Fucking Bikers Since they weren’t getting back together Painter gives Melanie one condition To stay out of his world She wasn’t allowed to date any bikers EVER Basically his world no longer exised for her Sounds like easy proposition until it isn’t Sometimes it feels like you hate me out of habit The issues between these two had their friends frustrated Basically their friends wanted them to fish or cut bait Unfortunately for their friends Mel and Painter weren't out to please others and were doing things their own way If that meant that everyone was agitated at them then so be it This was their life to live I love Ms Wylde's MC romance books Reaper's Fall is a second chance romance that takes us back to the beginning of Mel Painter's story The readers are shown what they never got from the other books about their story I really love how this story was laid out ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦RELEASE DATE November 10 2015 Pre order | order Book 1 Horse | Book 2 Ruger | Book 3 Hunter | Book 4 Picnic | Book 5 PainterComplimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

  6. Christy Christy says:

    4 stars Joanna Wylde has a fantastic thing going with her Reaper’s series They are some of my favorite biker books They are always a great and balanced mix of raw steamy and sweet Painter’s book had less of the sweet and of the rough and raw but I still enjoyed this second chance romance very much Reaper’s Fall starts with our boy Painter in jail He’s given up his freedom for his club but he’s close to getting released While in jail he’s had Melanie’s letters to get him through Never stopped thinking about her though Not once She’d become my anchor When Painter returns home he doesn’t know how to act around her So he tries shutting her out Melanie doesn’t stand for that So Painter decides he can give her friendship but that’s all Even though it’s so very obvious they both want so much Melanie and Painter can’t stay just friends for very long It’s impossible to fight the attraction and chemistry that has been brewing between them Friendship turns to sex and sex turns into even For the first time ever Painter is willing to try a relationship with someone I loved seeing Painter fight his feelings then say screw it and go get his girl get what he’s always wanted Things for Mel and Painter are perfect for a short while Then something changes between them And Painter makes a choice that costs him a lot The last two books have eluded to Painter and Melanie I was ecstatic to get them together to get their own story And there was so much I loved about their story Painter is an artist I loved that spin And Melanie was a nurse being a nurse myself I love reading stories where the main character is one as well Those times in the beginning when they were together and making it work they left me with the biggest smile on my face There were so many great parts but the big conflict in the story lasted far too long for my tastes This ‘grudge’ lasted entirely too long and turned a character I genuinely loved Mel into a character that ended up annoying me for the longest time That is the only reason this isn’t a 5 star read for me Everything else the writing the characters the other parts of the story line they were all spot on If you’re looking for a great biker’s series the Reaper’s is where it’s at If you’re looking for a second chance romance with a damaged character an unplanned pregnancy angst romance steam and the cutest kid ever pick this one up “I’d do it again you know All of it I’d do it all over again UsIt was worth it”

  7. Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ Lana ❇✾DG Romance❇✾ says:

    4 Stars She wanted to play games? Perfect because I loved to play and she knew damned well I liked to play rough I want to tell you that I have been waiting for Painter's book for forever but that'd be a lie Truth be told he was pretty much on my shit list after Devil's Game and everything that went down with Em But then Picnic's book happened and I was intrigued Then I read Silver Bastard and I was practically salivating for his story What I'm trying to get to here is that while you can easily enjoy this as a standalone I think you'd enjoy it best read in order That way you can truly grasp the full history and backstory of these characters The author does a fantastic job recapping the main details but the connection would be better if read in order At least in my opinion This was deep almost painful in its unholy intensity It was like she'd sent tendrils burrowing deep inside binding us together so tightly I'd die if I ever tried to pull them out I was truly deeply and Utterly fucked because I fucking LOVED this girland she wasn't for me Know what I love better than a redemption story? An asshole redemption story And Picnic has certainly not been a well behaved boy throughout the series He thought he once had a connection with Em Picnic's daughter but know he sees it for what it wasand what it wasn't This all thanks to Melanie the woman that tempts him beyond reason while also driving him out of his ever loving mindMelanie was taken under the wing by London Picnic's old lady so she's no newbie to MC life A product of a violent father and a mother that up and left her she hasn't exactly had things easy Painter has always been a man that drew her even when she knew he's nothing that she needs He infatuated her but then he got sent away to prison Writing him letters while he served his sentence she hoped for a different reunion than the one she received when he came outPainter has always been reckless and wild He's never had an easy life and the Reapers are the only family he has His brothers have his unconditional loyalty so what's a two year prison sentence to protect them? Melanie is too innocent for the likes of him Besides he's not exactly relationship material His interest in women usually spans no longer than a week before he gets bored But there's just something different about Mel Then the woman he thought was a meek kitten begins to show her claws and temps his self control to hell and back What I want is to fuck you he said his voice a hard intense whisper I want to fuck your pussy I want to fuck your face and I've given some serious thought to fucking your ass too I want to lock you up and play with youSometimes I think about owning you and what I'd do if you tried to get away Christ you have no idea I love me some good sexual tension in a romance and Reaper's Fall certainly had that in spades I was afraid after first meeting Mel in Reaper's Stand that she may be too meek for my tastes but the girl had a backbone to her She gave just as good as she got As a matter of fact sometimes she almost gave too much But she was exactly the woman to finally bring Painter to his knees But it wasn't all sexy banter and fights there was so much too There's this one particular scene in this book that involved some body painting and holy ovary overload batmanThe relationship between Mel and Painter is filled with lots of bumps and spans five years in the book This could be a good thing or a bad thing to some depending on your tastes Luckily for me it mostly worked Of course it can't all be smooth sailing and when Painter does screw up he does it royally I have to say that the events after that particular set up were a trial of patience for me I wanted to throttle both him and Mel at one point for some of their decisionsHaving said that we are reading an MC romance after all so it can't all be smooth sailing What it is however is hot as hell This wasn't sexIt was a fight for dominance a fight I knew I couldn't win but I was dammed if I wouldn't try I love that this series keeps getting grittier with each new book and we're starting to get a whole lot of the MC life and action It's definitely grown uite a bit from the first book addictingly so Reapers MC is probably one of my favorite MC romances to date and Joanna's writing only continues to get better The characters aren't always perfect but who would expect them to be I knew what I was getting into with Painter and he didn't let me down When these men fall they fall hardNow let's talk about the bonus epilogue for a hot second here mkay? Because I swear to god Joanna Wylde is a freaking sadist with these They're the worst teases ever and this one had to have been the biggest tease yet I WANT THE NEXT BOOK NOW Oh my god I can't even with that ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on

  8. Bgurl (don& Bgurl (don& says:

    REAPER’S FALL by Joanna Wylde 2 WTF STARS I’m a big fan of Joanna Wylde’s Reapers MC and Silver Valley biker books I enjoyed Horse and Marie fell in love with Hunter and Em laughed at Puck and Becca; and from the moment sweet little Melanie Tucker first laid eyes on bad boy biker Levi “Painter” Brooks; I couldn’t wait to read their story ME 1% INTO REAPER’S FALLPainter Brooks has a criminal record serious commitment issues an unconscious MadonnaWhore complex and deeply rooted feelings of unworthiness Melanie Tucker has martyr tendencies serious abandonment issues an unhealthy fascination with bad boys and a slight self esteem problem Together these two are all kinds of wrong But when they touch it’s all kinds of hot 'What I want is to fuck you' he said his voice a harsh intense whisper 'I want to fuck your pussy I want to fuck your face and I’ve given some serious thought to fucking your ass too I want to lock you up and play with you Sometimes I think about owning you and what I’d do if you tried to get away Christ you have no idea'His hand slipped off mine coming up to catch the back of my head forcing me to meet his gaze 'Here’s the ugly truth though' he whispered 'I’ll want all of that—all of you—for about a week Then I’ll get busy or bored or whatever and I’ll stop calling you That’s how I am Mel I’m the guy who doesn’t call and I don’t even regret it because I truly don’t give a shit who I hurt Except for some fucked up reason I care about you If some guy treated you the way I dream about every night I’d kill him I’m not into suicide so that means we can’t go there Got it?'Melanie Painter Given all that heat and baggage I expected Painter and Melanie’s road to HEA to be a crazy roller coaster ride full of hot sex angsty emotions and teary dramaBut what I got wasEH NOT SO MUCHME 35% INTO REAPER’S FALLPAINTER I want you Melanie but I don’t want youMELANIE Okay PainterPAINTER I don’t want you Melanie but I don’t want anyone else to have youMELANIE Okay PainterPAINTER I want you Melanie but let’s just be friendsMELANIE Okay PainterPAINTER Fuck friendship I love you Melanie Let’s fuckMELANIE Okay PainterPAINTER I didn’t always wear a condom Melanie but are you sure it’s mine? MELANIE Fuck you PainterAND SO BEGAN THE ENDLESS CYCLE OF BOREDOM STUPIDITYME 65% INTO REAPER’S FALLMELANIE I still pine for Painter but damn can I ever hold a grudgePAINTER I’m still in love with Melanie but damn if I’ll ever do anything to win her backWELL NOTHING YOU’LL ACTUALLY READ ABOUT ANYWAYME 80% INTO REAPER’S FALLAfter enduring several pages of insufferable whining petty fighting and boring club business that ended with a fizzle rather than a bang; I finally learned that Painter may have committed SEVERAL YEARS worth of sweet helpful acts of contrition that should have than made up for his complete abandonment of a pregnant MelanieBut I wouldn’t know anything about that BecauseJoanna Wylde NEVER actually SHOWED Painter actually DOING anything REMOTELY endearing or swoon worthy Not for ANYONE But most especially NOT FOR MELANIE WHICH IS WHY I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY MELANIE SUDDENLY FORGAVE PAINTER THEY BOTH DECIDED TO LIVE HEA?ME 100% DONE WITH REAPERS FALLHence my giving REAPER’S FALL by Joanna Wylde 2 WTF STARS

  9. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ says:

    LIVE 4 STARS I'm a big fan of Joanna and generally of these series There isn't a book that I haven't read I love the characters and the world Joanna creates When I read the prologue I was super excited to finally read Painter and Melanie's story I knew these two would be perfect for each other I loved Painter and Taz so much they made the story funnyPainter is a manwhore who doesn't stick with the same woman and because he didn't want to lose Melanie he tried to keep her as a friend But this didn't last very long Because when these two are together they are simply hot and passionate But now their relationship is over And after he gone to prison things changedNow he wants to win her backBut she is tough and things won't be easyI like the story but unfortunately I had some issues with Melanie who pissed me off the entire time She annoyed me but sometimes I tried to understand her because she was young Painter is a complicated character and there were moments he pissed off me too but most times I liked him ARC provided via netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  10. Brandi Brandi says:

    Reaper's Fall follows the tumultuous relationship of Painter and Melanie Through the early years of series interactions between Painter and Melanie have been limited but they share a spark So during Painter's incarceration they begin write letters to one another Once Painter is released he struggles with his feelings for Melanie he wants her but he doesn't think he is worthy of her I still wanted better for her Someone nice who'd work a steady job maybe take her to Hawaii every other year Wash her car on Saturday mornings Unfortunately every time I tried to picture that guy he was dead at my feet Things get messy with all the push and pull and while Melanie wants Painter his indecisiveness is constantly giving her whiplash One night changes everything for these two and Painter's loyalty and obligations to the club will cost him dearly Their complicated dance has begun and the years that follow are not easy on either of them Are you ever going to forgive me?” he asked softly catching my chin forcing me to look at him “Sometimes it feels like you hate me out of habit These two drove me crazy and towards the end Melanie's stubbornness really started to annoy me I felt she held on to her grudge against Painter for far too long That said there were some really wonderful moments between these two my favorite by far being the face painting lesson Overall this installment of The Reapers MC Series made for a fast paced read with a fair amount of humor biker grittiness and sweetsexy times but it wasn't my favorite ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

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