Doctor Who PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Doctor Who PDF Ú Kindle Edition

Doctor Who (The Forgotten: 5) [PDF / Epub] ☉ Doctor Who (The Forgotten: 5) By Tony Lee – It's the end of the Tenth Doctor's amnesia but now he remembers his past what about his future Is Martha really who she claims to be And why does she hold a Chameloeon Arch The mysterious and familiar It's the end of the Tenth Doctor's amnesia but now he remembers his past what about his future Is Martha really who she claims to be And why does she hold a Chameloeon Arch The mysterious and familiar nemesis finally makes his appearance and the Doctor finds out where he really is all in this penultimate issue.

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  1. Andy Hickman Andy Hickman says:

    Tony Lee Pia Guerra “Doctor Who The Forgotten” 2009Chapter Five “REVELATION” Revelation was the fifth issue of The Forgotten comic seriesPlotAfter the Cloister Bell rings the Doctor begins to uestion who or what Martha Jones really is They are attacked by a Clockwork Droid and a Voc Robot The Doctor and Martha escape Martha hands the Doctor a cravat from his eighth incarnation and the Doctor begins to tell Martha about that life The Doctor was alone in a prison cell on a planet wondering whether the Last Great Time War was still being waged when the cell door opened and the guards threw a new prisoner into the cell Sixteen days later the Doctor and his new cellmate Chantir saw through the cell window a spaceship land The Doctor said it was time to escape The Doctor slowed his heartbeats to almost nothing and Chantir called in the guards The Doctor and Chantir overpowered them and stole their laser weapons The Doctor opened all the other cells to allow the other prisoners to escape They travelled to the end of the hall and blasted open the door Inside the Great Key stood on a pillar in the centre of the room The Doctor picked it up and told Chantir he planned to use it to recreate the De mat Gun and possibly even modify the original to increase its lethality to remove millions from time and space at once The Doctor and Chantir escaped from the prison by sliding down a power cable on the outside wall of the prison Chantir left the Doctor to find his crewmates and the Doctor walked a few miles to recover his TARDIS Martha asks if the Doctor was always alone in that regeneration The Doctor explains to Martha that his eighth incarnation started and ended alone because the Last Great Time War happened He remembers how he saw Arcadia destroyed laughed in the face of the Nightmare Child Gallifrey sacrificed which burned when the Cruciform fell and how he ended the Time War with the Great Key that turned the lock and doomed everyone Martha has the Doctor acknowledge that the victims knew the cost of what the Doctor did saving everything else She makes the Doctor focus his thoughts on what happened immediately after the war such as meeting Rose and gives him the psychic paper The paper displays the message Everything is not as it seems The Doctor ponders that he spent much time in cells and brigs than saving the universe before he had this utility and he remembers his ninth incarnation The Doctor and Rose arrived in a World War I trench on Christmas Day and the Doctor showed the British occupants documents identifying him as Brigadier Bambera with the psychic paper A football landed in the trench and the Germans asked the British to hand them back their football The Doctor challenged the Germans to a football match for their ball As the British played football with them the Doctor refereed After the match the Doctor and Rose left in the TARDIS Martha hands the Doctor the Chameleon Arch and the Doctor regains the last of his memories At that very moment an individual resembling the Meta Crisis Tenth Doctor but calling himself the Valeyard arrives with the Clockwork Droid and the Voc Robot and threatens to steal the Doctor's regenerations so he can regenerate himself CharactersTenth Doctor Martha Jones Eighth Doctor Chantir Prison guard Ninth Doctor Rose Tyler Last Great Time WarDuring the flashback featuring the Eighth Doctor he is shown being held prisoner on a planet at some point during the Last Great Time War He manages to escape and steal the Great Key The Doctor intends to use this key to create a device similar to a De mat Gun that will seal the Medusa Cascade and somehow end the war The Tenth Doctor refers to Romana's involvement in the war and claims that it didn't turn out well for her The Tenth Doctor states that he succeeded in ending the Last Great Time War using the Great Key It is implied that this key was used to create the time lock which closed off the war from the rest of the universe and repelled any time travellers from entering by normal means During the Eighth Doctor flashback the Doctor claims he created the fiction of being half human using a chameleon arch in order to deceive an enemy A Sea Devil is seen as a prisoner during the Eighth Doctor flashback ContinuityThe Advocate later claims that the modified De mat Gun becomes the Moment COMIC Don't Step on the Grass Statements made by the Time Lords suggest otherwise indicating it was created by the ancients of Gallifrey TV The Day of the Doctor The Doctor tells the fake Martha that he was all alone when his eighth incarnation died This was shown in TV The Night of the Doctor where he was indeed alone and companionless when dying losing his life after travelling by himself avoiding the Time War After dying in a spaceship crash the Doctor was briefly resurrected by the Sisterhood of Karn and was given the chance to choose the nature of his next incarnation before he truly perished Opting to become a warrior he demanded to be alone before he began to regenerate The Tenth Doctor indicates his plan to use the Great Key ended the Time War however other sources show that the War Doctor eventually chose to prime the Moment for detonation as a last resort after he had exhausted all other alternatives PROSE Engines of War TV The End of Time The Day of the Doctor In the Ninth Doctor tale Captain Jack Harkness is mentioned A soldier mentions a Captain Harkness being shot in the head and surviving with not a scratch to be seen suggesting this is the version of Jack who is already immortal According to Jack's backstory in TV Small Worlds Fragments and Immortal Sins Jack left Torchwood Three to fight in both World Wars At this point in their timeline the Doctor and Rose have not met Jack yet TV The Empty Child Also during the Ninth Doctor tale the Doctor uses the name of Bambera to pass in World War I During the Eighth Doctor's flashback it is suggested that his statement of being half human in TV Doctor Who was a ruse

  2. Steven Shinder Steven Shinder says:

    I got really annoyed with the Eighth Doctor's companion Chantir Or should I say Chan has to say something between the two syllables tir? The Ninth Doctor story was a touching World War I Christmas story Having the words Schlechte Wolf written on a ball was a nice little detail that reminds readers of the running thread throughout series 1 Having The Doctor hear about Captain Harkness before meeting him is weird and feels out of place continuity wise but it's also funny knowing that this is the now immortal Jack Harkness post series 1 who is in a hospital for surviving a bullet to the head As for the reveal at the end I'd approve of the Tenth Doctor's copy going bad since I hated the fact that he got a copy instead of regenerating in Journey's End I don't like Rose much and it brings The Valeyard to mind But I feel like there may be to this twist that'll have me shaking my head

  3. Andy Hickman Andy Hickman says:

    Tony Lee Pia Guerra “Doctor Who The Forgotten” 2009Interesting and nostalgic illustrated comicChapter Five “REVELATION”

  4. Mars Mars says:

    Note view spoilerI usually have no problems with written worksmedia tie ins in the Doctor Who universe as their characterizations are spot on It's often the plot andor art which makes or breaks it So I will be commenting on thoseI'm picky about consistent art meaning the art style and uality is consistent throughout the story and not the anthology Different art styles for different stories are fine hide spoiler

  5. Charlie Kirchoff Charlie Kirchoff says:

    I colored this so I may be a bit biased

  6. Lauren Lauren says:

    WHAT???? No What about Rose??

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