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Ebook ✓ Gaz PDF/EPUB Ú

Gaz (and My Parsnip) ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ Gaz (and My Parsnip) By Gary Beadle ❄ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk In 2011 loveable ladies magnet Gary Beadle was jobless and down to his last GBP20 when he was randomly asked to be in a reality TV show called Geordie Shore He'd never heard of its American predecesso In loveable ladies magnet Gary Beadle was jobless and down to his last GBP when he was randomly asked to be in a reality TV show called Geordie Shore He'd never heard of its American predecessor Jersey Shore but with his only prospects being his next dole check and swayed by the offer of free booze he signed himself up for the challenge He could never have anticipated the insane new life he was about to lead From a shy youngster at school who was the captain of his football team Gary also never expected the effect he would have on the British public especially its women After leaving school at Gary fell into a variety of jobs even having a brief spell in the Royal Marines Unfortunately nothing stuck and by the time he reached he hadn't a clue what to do next until the night he was asked to join the cast of MTV's Geordie Shore Now for the first time Gary reveals what growing up in his native Newcastle was like explains his winning luck with the ladies and offers up his much sought after tips on how to bag a bird on a night out something he's proved he's pretty much an expert at From job hunting to making public appearances in front of thousands of screaming girls Gary is secretly amazed by the change in his fortunes He may be known for his crazy fun loving nature but there's much to Gary than girls booze and nights out And it's all packed into this his autobiography.

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  1. Book Addict Shaun Book Addict Shaun says:

    Originally posted on my blog I'm sure there's only a few people in the UK unaware of Geordie Shore and those that are aware of it probably have an opinion on it Personally I love the show and the people on it I recently read Vicky's autobiography and that was a complete eye opener After reading Gaz's I can only say the same what he has achieved from just appearing on a TV show drinking and having sex is incredible A clothing range a shop owns a Ferrari a nightclub in Zante fitness products the list goes on and this is all from appearing on Geordie Shore Crazy I loved reading about Gaz growing up especially when he was in school He was a right little tearaway but at the same time still got the results His teenage years were certainly eventful with the possibility of playing for Newcastle to joining the Marines his life could have went in so many different directions but it seems fate was only going to lead him to one point That is of course Geordie Shore and it was interesting to read about how the show came about and what went on after having read Vicky's book from someone else that had went through it too I can definitely relate to Gaz in not knowing what to do with my life or where it's going to go but unfortunately I don't think there's a producer waiting in the wings to come and change my life There is some behind the scenes gossip and some secrets revealed but nothing too shocking it's essentially just the seasons recapped from Gaz's POV which plenty of details about his conuests throughout He also speaks with honesty about Charlotte and how much he cares about her but anyone watching the show knows he never promised anything yet always comes out looking the bad guy He does after all play a character or a 'role' as each of the housemates do but underneath it all is a decent lad who has been brought up well but is living a life most of us can only dream aboutI thought the target audience for this book would be girls but the book contains at the end of each chapter Parsnip Pointers which gives lads tips on everything from pulling a girl on holiday to achieving the holy grail a threesome Gaz has literally given out all his best tips but to be honest I think girls love him too much to take any offence whilst reading it they do throw themselves at him after all For that reason the book does appeal to both males and females Ultimately it was a very enjoyable read and a good way for Gaz to get his side of the story across as and at the end of the day he gets the last laugh over the haters as he's loaded and only seems to get successful as the seasons go on

  2. Shevaun Shevaun says:

    So im not a Gaz beadle fan I used to watch geordie shore but now don't because all the OG's have left I never liked Gaz I only got this book beacuse It was one of the cheapest books i could find However this book suprised me Gaz isn't likeable on Geordie shore mainly because of the way he treated charlotte crosby He comes across as selfish disloyal arrogant and stone cold One of the positives is that you read that Gaz does have feelings and his view on the way things actually took place on Geordie shore He says in so many words that most of it was just an act etc but obviously not directly We can't expect miracles He also as had a few disapointments in his life that knocked him off the pedestal he likes to put himself on which probably did him good in the long run He discribes a very dull life that he had before the whole geordie shore thing began He says he was on the doll and spent hours playing online games wondering what to do with his life Then his life clearly changed for the best very fast The nagatives are the stupid title Gaz and my parsnip I have a feeling this book is an exagerated view of Gaz's life Do i believe Gaz was in top sets at school? No Do I believe Gaz was in the marines? No Do I believe Gaz started sleeping with girls at the age of 1314? No Do I believe Gaz actually pulled women before Geordie shore? No Do i believe Gaz is actaully a lovely loyal person? No However I still enjoyed it The silly pulling tips in the book that are highlighted in grey boxes need to go They won't work if a girl doesn't like you it doesn't matter what you say she will say no

  3. Shannon Valentine Shannon Valentine says:

    I am obsessed with Geordie Shore Especially Gary BeadleThis book was great because it wasn’t what I was expecting It wasn’t all sex and booze it was uite personal I would definitely recommend if you know who he is😌

  4. Katie Katie says:

    I found reading about Gaz's life before Geordie Shore really interesting and i learned things about him that i had not heard about before The book really showed a different side to Gaz and that he isn't this lad who is only interesting in drinking and girls and that before all of that he was the sensible boy who didn't drink and was dedicated to football and of the ambitions that he had to be in the Navy and go through that incredibly hard process to get in only to find out that it isn't the career that was for himThe other thing within the book that i found really interesting was hearing the whole 'Gaz and Charlotte' scenario from Gaz's side as he doesn't really talk about it within the show and we tend to see of Charlotte's side of the story and it was the chance for him to talk about his feelings which you get the idea isn't something that he does very often Also reading about the relationship that Gaz has with his mum and the ethics which she instilled in him and him sharing those feelings for how much she meant to him and also how he and his granddad had the shared house after he his mother moved out to live with her new husband and the kindness that was shown to Gaz from his family and showing the living family background that he grew up with showing that he had a normal upbringing like any other familyI really enjoyed this book and being able to get the perceptive of somebody who isn't like anybody else and getting the look into the workings of Geordie Shore and also the friendships which were forged through it and the behavior behind these people who are portrayed as being different to everybody else but through books like this which shows us that they aren't any different to anybody else and they are given this chance to share the journey that they have been on and give the chance to lay the plan for what is to come for them in the future

  5. Carly Dewdney Carly Dewdney says:

    I enjoyed the book as you see a different side to Gary which was good but I did find him big headed with some of the stuff he says and the pointers were good for the guys but for a girl I was a bit put off as some of the comments he makes made me feel like he was just a pig and not all girls are like that but that's just my point of view but to sum up as a big fan of the show I found it really interesting as you can find out other bits they didn't put in the show which I enjoyed reading and it explains Gary a lot so I'm glad I read it and it's worth the read

  6. Lisa-Jaine Lisa-Jaine says:

    If you've watched Geordie Shore you know what to expect Gaz in his glory telling about his exploits gossip from the house etc Has some sensitive moments but I suspect this book is aimed at young males as it gives a lot of pulling chatting up advice Enjoyable and uick to read nonetheless

  7. sara jackson sara jackson says:

    Its amazing book what i was exepting it to be and i would recommand the book to anyone I gave it 5 starsI loved it when Gary was telling who still loved Charlotte and how he explained what happened between him and Charlotte

  8. Zoe Kirkby Zoe Kirkby says:

    Fun and honest tale of Gary and his Parsnip

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