Murderous Tommies Kindle Ú Paperback

Murderous Tommies Kindle Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 504 pages
  • Murderous Tommies (Large Print 16pt)
  • Julian Putkowski
  • 06 November 2015
  • 9781459688117

6 thoughts on “Murderous Tommies (Large Print 16pt)

  1. Johns Johns says:

    A well research account of the facts surrounding the courts marshal proceedings of various British soldiers apprehended convicted and executed during WWI Most of the cases in this book reveal that the perpetrator was either drunk AWOL or enraged when he foolishly murdered another soldier or camp following civilian Yes all these unfortunate fellows were woefully under represented with legal counsel In some cases the soldier was only allowed to represent himself But as an indication of the times the British Army would not be denied in its stolid determination to maintain discipline in the ranks however roughly the rules of good representation were trampled

  2. Morag Gray Morag Gray says:

    Accounts of the court martials of British soldiers convicted of murder during World War I Most of the stories involved drunk soldiers shooting another One officer went AWOL and then shot the detective sent to arrest him; another soldier was shot for murdering a prostitute Overall the reading was rather dry and we could have done with fewer photos of the unfortunate Mme Tremerel Although the trials were not conducted in deal circumstances the author did not convince me of his argument that the officer class was prejudiced against non officer classes at least in these cases

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Murderous Tommies (Large Print 16pt)❰Read❯ ➵ Murderous Tommies (Large Print 16pt) Author Julian Putkowski – Much has been written about the soldiers executed during WW1 for military offences all of whom were conditionally pardoned in 2006 However until now very little attention has been paid to the cases of Much has been written about the soldiers executed during WW for military offences all of whom were conditionally pardoned in However until now very little attention has been paid to the cases of men who were tried under the Army Act and executed for murder The British Army has always been reticent about publicising courts martial and eighty years elapsed before the government was compelled to prematurely declassify the written proceedings of First World War capital courts martial Even then public attention tended to concentrate on cases involving soldiers who had been shot at dawn for offences other than homicide and virtually nobody was inclined to seek a posthumous pardon or judicial review for the murderous Tommies This meant neither the victims' nor the convicted men's families were able to discover details about the murder cases Though readily identifiable online via much visited war cemetery websites until now there has been no readily accessible historically reliable and balanced narrative about the activities and courts martial of all the murderous Tommies of the Western Front This book provides for a full account of the cases involving twelve soldiers and one officer whose homicidal misdeeds were committed in France and Flanders while hostilities were in progressDrawing on contemporary records this carefully researched work chronicles the circumstances in which each of these men either slaughtered one of their comrades or an unarmed civilian It examines the murderer's motives and presents a balanced analysis of each case including a detailed assessment of the extent to which each condemned man was granted a fair hearing by officers who sat in uneasy judgement as well as those involved in confirming the death sentences.