Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing MOBI Ê Jesper Jinx PDF \

Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing MOBI Ê Jesper Jinx PDF \

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  1. Namrata Ganti Namrata Ganti says:

    Jesper is back in yet another adventure and with loads of mischief up his sleeve In this fourth installment of the book we follow Jesper as he learns how to fish for the very first time and plays at being a detective aka Detective Jinx Being afraid of worms he has a difficult time baiting the hook However Jesper always manages to find ways to accomplish whatever he wants I assume that those of us who are acuainted with him through the books are aware of the fact In the midst of all this Jesper manages to lose all the fish that his best friend's grandfather his best friend Oliver and him have managed to catch and later all his clumsiness and mischief results in him helping to catch the thiefIn this book however we see a twist in the plot line when Jesper's dad goes to meet the scribbler with a copy of the book The entire story is written in the usual humorous style making us chuckle at Jeper's antics and his innate ability to get into trouble Jesper's mischievous ways and his relationship with his older sister are given a little importance in this story though I guess his sister and him will always end up fighting As is usual with all Jesper's stories Marko aka the scribbler as he is referred to in the stories gives us a bit of insight into the thinking of one of the animals in the story In this it happens to be the ferret who is being taken care of by Jesper's sister at the moment From the ferret's point of view we gain an insight into his opinion about Jesper's sister and his reason for trying to escapeOverall this is yet another treat for all fans of Jesper and like the scribbler warns at the beginning of the book Jesper is not aware that his stories have been published and by extension he does not know about my reviews Please promise not to bring these reviews to his attention

  2. Little Little says:

    Book 4 This wickedly stinky children's book has lots of fish stains on it Perhaps not surprising as the main story is about Jesper Jinx going fishing Oh I still remembered to sign the special 'secrecy agreement' in order to read this book just like the other onesOnce again Jesper continues to be the unluckiest person in Puffington Hill In this latest story Jesper is convinced his sister Melinda has a secret and to make things even worse he believes that his best friend Oliver Oliverson is involved Anyway Jesper takes on a 'private detective' role in order to find out if his suspicious are right As usual not all goes to plan However I can assure you it's a lot of fun and you will enjoy finding out what really happened I certainly didYou'll love reading the story 'My Great Escape from the beach' explained by Fernando the Spanish speaking ferret it's really funnyOh yeah There's an interesting twist in this book and it involves Jesper's Dad Jesper's been led to believe his dad's away for the weekend at a soap conference so boring Jesper's thoughts not mine but maybe that's not really the case? Yes who's 'The Man with the Black Fedora'?Oh Guess who goes fishing and ends up being uestioned by a police officer? Great it's so funnyLook out for a special bonus 'Melinda's Stinky Nighty Night Tale' I promise you will be rolling all over the floor in tears of laughterI recommend this humorous and well written book It's another gem for Jesper Jinx fans I'm wondering if Jesper will ever get on with his exuberant Sister Melinda? Somehow I suspect notAnyway I have a message for the scribbler I'm really hoping that we will soon have some news about Jesper's future girlfriend Chloe in a future adventure hint hint Anyway good news I understand that Book 5 in this entertaining series is coming soon Hooray It's called 'Jesper Jinx and the Scrumptious Snacks' Will I need to watch my weight? But nevertheless I can hardly wait

  3. Angie Angie says:

    Synopsis Jesper Jinx is eleven and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster Hence his nickname 'Jinx'The fourth book of Jesper's wonderfully wicked adventures is chock a block full of all kinds of fishing tales There are mackerels to be sure but also a creature a little bit furrier than a fish running loose on the beach And it's up to Jesper aka Detective J Jinx to save the day before it turns into a fishy nightmareALLERGY WARNING This book contains fishMy Review This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Jesper Jinx is back with all of his antics many of which go wrong I have been following these books all along and really enjoy each book on its own and as part of the whole series While this book can be read on its own there are hints to events in previous books I really love how Kitti brings the book into the story yes you read that right the books you are reading are also part of the story This book is full of short and funny tales that happen to Jesper throughout the day there is never a dull moment and even reluctant middle grade readers will be entertained

  4. Nadine Nadine says:

    An eight year old beginner fisherman loved this book who read this book as a standalone He said to give it four out of five stars as he wanted fishing adventures Still he enjoyed it and said he was glad he could read a book without drawings on almost every page as he reads the Captain Underpants and Wimpy Kids series I received a copy for review from Goodreads first reads giveaway in exchange for a review

  5. Sarah Jackson Sarah Jackson says:

    Jesper Jinx Gone Fishing Book 4 Jesper is back and is learning how to fish a difficult task for a young man who is afraid of worms Other stories feature the experiences of the ferret his sister is minding and a visit to the author from Jesper's dad Entertaining and full of laughs as usual

  6. Rosie Rosie says:

    After eavesdropping on a telephone call through his almost teenage sister’s bedroom door eleven year old Jesper assumes that his best friend Oliver is dating her Horrified he follows Melinda’s movements carefully only to discover that she has landed a new job Meanwhile while spending time on the beach Jesper runs into Oliver and his grandfather and decides to enjoy some down time and relaxation while fishing only to wind up being the victim of a heartless prank or two An interview with a ferret named Fernando however clears up uite a bit of the confusion and mayhem which ensuesOnce again Marko Kitti has entertained and delighted his audiences with a new and insanely funny chapter from the life of Jesper Jinx It seems that no matter how good Jesper’s intentions are he always finds a way to land himself in a whole lot of hot water Nothing at all is what it seems in Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing with a young boy eagerly taking on the role of investigator only to misconstrue everything he sees and hears The assumptions which come from one half of a telephone call most of which go unheard through a bedroom door are what set off an incredible chain of events which keep the reader gripped to the very last page of the book I found myself just as curious as Jesper in many parts determined to solve each and every puzzle my brain seemed to snag on I very much enjoyed Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing just as I have enjoyed others which I have read and look forward to reading what’s to come in the life of this innocently mischievous lad who seems to have the knack for finding trouble at every turn I recommend Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing to all fans of the Jesper Jinx series whether you are five or 500 years of age as a whole lot of hijinx awaits Private Review

  7. Ooha Biddala Ooha Biddala says:

    I’d already reviewed Jesper Jinx 1 and 2 However when I started reading again I started from book 1 and couldn’t stop reading until there wasn’t anything to read anyJesper Jinx is just so much funMarko Kitti’s 11 yr old creation has many tricks and treats up his sleeves for the young and old unsuspecting reader My favorite parts of the books are always the ones where the author is pulling you into the story making you a part of it involving you as an integral character through his secrecy agreements and promises and side note chaptersJesper Jinx comes alive off the page because of such ingenious techniues Over the course of the 4 books there is also a clear improvement of narration and by the time the 4th book ends you just wish you had the fifth one in your hands alreadySo Mr Kitti my humble reuest to you is please keep writing and please keep making me laugh And don’t worry I’ll never ever break the secrecy agreementBOTTOMLINE Buy this set of books for your naughty niece and your good boy nephew Then buy a set for their parents and remind them to count their lucky stars And then buy a set for yourself and keep it on your shelf for that inevitable bad day when all you want at the end of it is a glass of wine a cozy bed and a funny book to make you smileFor reviews like this check out

  8. Maciej D Maciej D says:

    Jak i przy poprzednich częściach książki tak i tutaj się nie zawieliśmy ja i syn Myślę że najlepiej książkę opisze nasza rozmowaJa To już czwarta część skończona została nam tylko jeszcze jedna część do przeczytaniaSyn Będzie ciężkie wyzwanie jak już ją przeczytamy Co daje?Książka lekka i przyjemna uwielbiamy śledzić przygody Leszka oraz jego potyczki z siostrą Melindą

  9. David Savage David Savage says:

    Jesper Jinx has had some amazing adventures in his previous three books; Jesper Jinx Jesper Jinx and the Snezing Season and Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper and they continue in this fourth instalment; Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing11 year old Jesper lives with his stay at home Mum travelling soap salesman Dad 12 year old sister Melinda his arch enemy and Snowy the cat in Puffington Hill on the South Coast of England His best friend is Oliver He loves playing pranks on people especially at his sister’s expense Jesper gets bored easily but relieves boredom with his Boredom Breakers the only problem is that if it can go wrong it will go wrong for Jesper and others around him He is the unluckiest boy in the world when it comes to his pranksThe Silly Old Scribbler still hasn’t told Jesper that he has already published the stories that Jesper told him Marko had agreed to write the stories for Jesper alone but they were too good not to be shared with us the reader So as in the previous books you need to sign the Secrecy Agreement to continue to read this book But remember DON’T TELL JESPER He cannot know of existence of these books under any circumstances Not only could he sue the author but we would have no stories involving Jesper and his adventuresIn the fourth outing of the Jesper Jinx series Jesper goes fishing in 3 tales – and in ways than one In this volume Jesper becomes a detective He goes fishing for information when his sister and Melinda and Oliver are keeping something big a secret from him He then continues his investigations with fishing for something furry that isn’t a fish and finally actually goes fishing for fish but catches something much much largerWe also have Fernando Ferret telling his own story and a bonus story about Melinda’s Stinky Night night where Jesper gets his own back on Melinda after being pranked by her earlier in the dayOverall Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing is another excellent well written uirky and funny collection of Jesper’s adventures It is written as if the author is just talking to the reader and involving them in something special especially as by signing the Secrecy Agreement you become complicate in naughty Mr Kitti’s crimeIf you haven’t read any of the Jesper Jinx series you are in for a treat whether you are 7 or 107 they are fun and enjoyable

  10. Tonja Drecker Tonja Drecker says:

    This is another lovely tale in the Jesper Jinx series which is definitely as humorous as the others Jesper's fishing adventures are simply hilarious and had me smiling and giggling the entire way through This exactly the type of story boys will truly enjoy and one I especially can recommend for reluctant readers

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Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing (Jesper Jinx, #4) ❮EPUB❯ ✾ Jesper Jinx Goes Fishing (Jesper Jinx, #4) ✹ Author Marko Kitti – Jesper Jinx is eleven and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster Hence his nickname 'Jinx'The fourth book of Jesper's wonderfu Jesper Jinx is eleven and probably the unluckiest person in all of Puffington Hill Everything he touches seems to end up in sweet disaster Hence his nickname Jesper Jinx PDF \ 'Jinx'The fourth book of Jesper's wonderfully wicked adventures is chock a block full of all kinds of fishing tales There are mackerels to be sure but also a creature a little bit furrier than a fish running loose on the beach And it's up to Jesper aka Detective J Jinx to save the day before it turns into a fishy nightmareALLERGY WARNING This book contains fish.