Let It Go Kindle ↠ Let It ePUB Ò

Let It Go Kindle ↠ Let It ePUB Ò

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • Let It Go
  • Peter Walsh
  • 09 June 2016
  • 9781623367794

10 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. Miss Kate Miss Kate says:

    This book offered concrete practical advice on dealing with clutter He tackles some of the emotional issues like guilt in dealing with excess things and his advice helped me to let go of some items It's also inspired me to display some treasures and I'm working on shadow boxes and other ways to display treasured items in my home

  2. Regina Regina says:

    I dunno I don't think I learned anything new from this My husband and I are downsizing our current household so I listened to the audiobook as encouragement while purging useless items My grievance with the last Peter Walsh book I read was that he just said to throw things away whereas here he goes into a little detail in regards to steps to take before reaching that point But ultimately I already know that I can donate items or sell them on Craigslist Also I don't really appreciate that he's riding the Let it Go wave and even mentions the song at one point He also uotes the amazing Get busy living or get busy dying line from Shawshank Redemption Come on come up with your own hooks man Meh

  3. Stacia Stacia says:

    Ok so this reading actually dovetails nicely with the new ish trend in decluttering Swedish Death Cleaning as this particular book focuses mainly on people who are downsizing their own possessions house size or having to downsize for their parents who may have moved into assisted living or similar circumstances or who are dealing with uickly having to downsize after a parent or parents pass awayI like Peter Walsh I've read at least one of his other books maybe than one have flipped through at least one or two I used to like his tv show on HGTV that was on eons agoHe has some helpful things in there some exercises to dothink about that will help you define what legacy you want to leave Even though this is a short book I think it could have been written organized presented in a better cleaner streamlined format He mainly focuses on defining your treasures things that are truly valued by you that show your values to those who will be dealing with your stuff after you die defining your worthy items daily or needed items such as clothing dishes etc He naturally also emphasizes as he does in every book or tv program he's on that you have a finite amount of space you can't physically fit stuff into a set amount of spaceEh overall ok I would have liked a better design layout along w better editing to really emphasize his core points Sadly I think his message is diluted because it gets lost among the other filler like stuffPeter I'll be your editor for your next book Just contact me here we can coordinate a work plan

  4. Jerry Jerry says:

    Let it go let it go can't hold it back any Let it go let it go; turn my back and slam the door Oopswrong Let It GoSeriously did anyone not think of Elsa when they saw this book's title?This book had some great advice for hoarderswhich I hate to admit I am one

  5. Bethany Bethany says:

    I have been wanting to read a Peter Walsh book for awhile because I’ve heard good things from friends and am in major purge mode right now This was available without a wait at my library so it was sort of chosen by default from the books he has written I’m not sure if it was exactly what I am looking for right now but it was packed with super useful information if you are helping a loved one downsize or downsizing after a loved one passes away something I hope not to worry about for a long time It did motivate me to go through all of the mementos from elementary high schoolcollege and beyond that I’ve been keeping and decide what’s really important I ended up taking his advice and taking pictures of a lot of it not letters but things like plaues I’m never going to hang and trophies that won’t be displayed in my home and I’m creating a uick chatbook from those Zak and I eliminated 3 plastic storage containers of stuff and consolidated to just one

  6. Heidi Thorsen Heidi Thorsen says:

    This book is specifically for people who need to downsize either their own home or their parents' home I don't have to downsize but I read it anyway since I want to get rid of a significant amount of stuff in my current home We downsized from two homes to one years ago when I had an infant and I could not deal with sorting through everything at that time so my current house is not only cluttered with the extras from that consolidation but also all the new stuff that comes with having kids I found this book very usefulThere are exercises in the beginning designed to help you sort out your emotions around downsizing and some specific techniues presented to help overcome some typical excuses for not d0ing it Also cautionary tales about how people can make mistakes and keep the wrong items and discard things they'll later regret having lost if you don't take the time to be thoughtful about the processThe biggest revelation for me was that objects you own can either reflect the image you want to present to the world andor your closest family and friends or they can reflect something opposite to your intent This had not occurred to me before I had while reading other books gone through the visualization exercises about how you aspire to live your life but those always ended with thinking of how to make your actions and behavior align with your goals This one forces you to examine how your possessions aligndetract from your goalsAlso the author suggests limiting downsizing to two hours a day if you feel up to it I think Marie Kondo's method left me cold since she advocated doing everything in one huge undertaking and that was just too overwhelming for me Also I wasn't really buying the joy determination for things with purely utilitarian value This book with its focus on defining a few treasures they should definitely spark joy and then moving on to the other utilitarian category of worthy items that you can keep not for their big emotional impact but because you need to use them Towels A toaster But you do have to consider if something once worthy is still worthy I'll need to examine all the things I used to use a lot before I had kids and see if they currently make sense in my current life I've already sold my rollerblades and snowboard but I'm sure I'll find other stuff I just don't have the time or interest to use anyHe also has an entire chapter about how to manage the situation when you and your siblings have to go through a parent's estate and some ways to reduce the stress and conflict involved in that I'm happy to recommend this book for anyone who has to go through the process of getting rid of a lot of possessions and is having a hard time with it

  7. Kristi Kristi says:

    A book that everyone needs to readAt some point in our lives we all need to downsize This book gives you the tools to get through this process efficiently and as painlessly as possiblePeter divides downsizing into two categories downsizing your own possessions and downsizing someone else's possessions My favorite aspect of the book is that it explains the psychology associated with letting go of material possessions I have always been reluctant to let go because I have been afraid that I will need those items later After reading this book I understand that this is a form of anxiety I love that Peter advocates downsizing your own possessions while you still have the capacity to do so As he stated in the book that is really gift to your survivors I have already had to participate in cleaning and distributing one relative's household It was a stressful and draining process I wish that I had read this book prior to that process Peter lays out how to navigate the personalities that can be involvedOur lives are than the stuff that we have accumulated along the way This book is a good step toward realizing this and focusing on what truly matters

  8. Linda Hartlaub Linda Hartlaub says:

    There comes a time when you know you need to downsize to make life simpler Then you look at all your stuff and realize that the simple idea of moving it all is overwhelming Enter Peter Walsh with a plan Peter Walsh always has a plan This time he looks directly at all the baby boomers and tells us It's time It's time to clean out the closets the basement and all those boxes that you haven't looked through in years maybe decades It's time to do this so that you can move into that house that doesn't take all your time and resources to do the maintenance and upkeep It's time to do this to move into a retirement community if that's your preference It's time to do this so that your kids won't have to do it And for those kids whose parents didn't clear out the home he has a plan for you too to deal with what was left behind It's hard to think that when we leave this earth that all that is left behind is basically the detritus of our lives but on the other hand if we clear it out we leave time for memories to be made Isn't that the better of the two options?

  9. Rachel Rachel says:

    Full disclosure I have not read this book but my mother has and it has SAVED what would have been a disastrous move After almost 30 years in the same house my parents are moving across country and Peter Walsh is the reason I still have my sanity Throughout the book he offers practical wisdom that tackles a lot of the big pitfalls of downsizing #1 emotionally charged items Through several different angles he really helps move you from being totally attached to being able to let go and keep the things that really matter It was a huge thing for my mom to throw out a treasure that she had kept for 60 years that held a deeply traumatic memory The treasure map was really helpful in helping my parents sort out what a treasure really is and what's just junk with vague memories attached Highly recommend if you are considering a move or downsizing or even if you're in the middle of one Makes such a difference

  10. Donna Donna says:

    This book was a kind of “default choice” because of the fact that the audio version was available when I needed another book It focuses mostly on downsizing or cleaning out a loved one’s home It was interesting with many good tips on dealing with the clutter deciding what to keep and how to get rid of the rest There was also a lengthy section on working peacefully with family members involved in the process with youI would recommend this book if I knew someone who was struggling with the personal dynamics of siblings cleaning out the parents’ home If that is not your situation and you only wish to declutter there may be other books better suited to your needs If you enjoy a nice Scottish accent then I recommend this book I’d listen to it again just for the accent

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Let It Go[Ebook] ➧ Let It Go Author Peter Walsh – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Sorting through a lifetime’s worth of accumulated possessions can be a daunting and stressful process that millions of Americans confront every year The need to downsize often arises at a momentous Sorting through a lifetime’s worth of accumulated possessions can be a daunting and stressful process that millions of Americans confront every year The need to downsize often arises at a momentous life change whether you’re an empty nester or retiree selling your family home a newlywed blending your households or you’re cleaning out your parents’ property after they’ve moved into assisted living or passed awayDecluttering guru Peter Walsh knows the difficulty of downsizing firsthand Along Let It ePUB Ò with six of his siblings he went through the process of downsizing his family home and dividing his late parents’ possessions He realized that making these decisions about mementos and heirlooms creates strong emotions and sometimes sibling rivalries After this experience he downsized his own home Peter doesn’t see downsizing as a difficult chore – rather it’s a freeing rejuvenating process Now in Let It Go you’ll access Peter’s many tips and practical takeaways such as how to· Understand the emotional challenges that accompany downsizing· Create strategies for working with your spouse adult kids or siblings without drama· Calculate the amount of stuff you can bring into your new life· Identify the objects that will bring you real happiness – and the rest that you should let goPeter will walk you through every step of the process and show you how to use downsizing as a positive experience that sets you up to better enjoy the opportunities that the next phase in your life will offer.

About the Author: Peter Walsh

Born and raised in Australia Peter moved to Los Angeles in to launch a corporation to help organizations improve employee’s job satisfaction and effectiveness He considers himself to be part contractor part therapist in his approach to helping individuals attain their goalsWhen not wading through clutter and large scale disorganization Peter divides his time between his work in Los Angel.