The Wishing Year PDF · The Wishing MOBI :Ú

The Wishing Year PDF · The Wishing MOBI :Ú

The Wishing Year [Download] ➵ The Wishing Year By Winifred E. Wise – Someday you'll look back at this and laugh That was what people said but nothing could make Cheryl believe it This was the most important event of her life her first sorority rushing tea At Hunterford Someday you'll look back at this and laugh That was what people said but nothing could make Cheryl believe it This was the most important event of her life her first sorority rushing tea At Hunterford High the select groups were supposedly banned but they continued to fourish underground These were the in groupsthey had fabulous parties drove big cars held school offices wore the nicest clothes and had the most popular friends And of all Cheryl's wishes this one the wish to belong was the closest to her heartOf course there were others She wanted The Wishing MOBI :Ú to be thin and interesting looking and to have Bill Meyers notice her But these would come surely when she joined a sorority.

  • Hardcover
  • 216 pages
  • The Wishing Year
  • Winifred E. Wise
  • English
  • 18 August 2016

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  1. Olivia Olivia says:

    BACKGROUNDIn the 1960's Whitman put out a number of stand alone books under the series name A Teen Novel and A Whitman Novel For Girls It's unclear why there was two different namesThis is one of the last ones I read when I was originally still buying books and I can't remember anything about it I vaguely recall a girl being at the beach and then going to a boys house but I really can't remember so this will be like reading a whole new bookSUMMARYCheryl Kramer opens a box of cereal one morning before school and inside finds a wishing ring; a plastic ring you're suppose to make a wish on Although Cheryl scoffs at all this junk you get in cereals she takes it with her to school and decides to make three wishes with it She wishes to be thinner to be noticed by her crush Bill Meyers and to join a sorority Like the main character in many books about high school girls in the 1960's Cheryl believes joining a sorority will change her whole life bring all her hopes and dreams to reality and cure all her problemsAfter school she walks to her grandmothers house for a visit Her grandmother is very old fashioned and religious She believes living frugally is important and disapproves of the modernization and continuous growth of their city Uncle Elmer lives with grandmother and Cheryl is happy to find that he is not home Cheryl looks down on her uncle because he is an alcoholic Her family has explained to her that her uncles drinking is his form of coping after surviving the Bataan Death March in WW2 but Cheryl coldly does not see that as a valid excuseShe heads home late to find neither of her parents there Dinner preparations have been started but left abandoned Cherly goes about setting the table and sits down to watch tv to wait but as it grows later and later neither of her parents arrive home and Cheryl finds herself growing extremely worried and scaredYou can read the rest of this summary on my blog post The Wishing YearREVIEW When Mr Kramer is described as being younger than most fathers it says Cheryl's friends practice flirting with him and that's just reallywrong When Cheryl accidentally speaks her thoughts out loud to herself she covers her embarrassment by pretending she was talking to a guy passing on the street That's a pretty confident move in my opinion Cheryl's father is taking her and her friends to the rushing tea but he completely has no regard for whether he gets them there on time and drops them off an hour late I thought that was incredibly rude Winifred E Wise was something of a feminist so I'm surprised to see that Cheryl losing weight through starving from depression is considered a good thing The teenage spring breakers are called Easter bunnies in this book and also in Wises other book Minnow Vail This makes me assume that's what Wises who lived on the California coast and the locals called them in real life You can read the rest of this review on my blog vintagegirlsbooksblogspotcom You can see all the art work for this book and many others at Pinterestcomnancydrewart You can support me at Ko ficomvintagegirlsbooksI'm not sure how I feel about this book I do like Wise's writing but I felt like a lot of nothing happens in the book there's chapters where Cheryl is just at school or at home keeping busy and doing nothing worth noting I actually liked that because its different than most books I felt like Peter could have been in it and Bill definitely could have He's the love interest but only appears 4 times and only speaks to Cheryl twice both times briefly Even Feeny Chase isn't mentioned enough Cheryl says she'll be seeing of her but then she's never mentioned again Although I enjoyed this book I would say it lacks substance Also the cover is not from a scene in the book which always irks me but worse than that it isn't of characters in the book either

  2. Erin Erin says:

    This is one of four forgotten Whitman books for teens from the early 1960s and it's easy to see why they were forgottendefinitely not as good as some of the othersRe read November 1 2009 Not as bad as I rememberedRe read June 2012 Weird ending

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