The October Faction Vol. 2 PDF ↠ The October PDF or

The October Faction Vol. 2 PDF ↠ The October PDF or

The October Faction Vol. 2 ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The October Faction Vol. 2 By Steve Niles ✸ – The Allan family has inducted Dante aka Robot Face into the fold and Geoff and Vivian have begun their training in the family business; monster hunting All looks well for the Allans but Sheriff Chambe The Allan family has Faction Vol. eBook ✓ inducted Dante aka Robot Face into the fold and Geoff and Vivian have begun their training in the family business; monster hunting All looks well for the Allans but Sheriff Chambers is slowly catching on to their occult activities Collects issues –.

About the Author: Steve Niles

STEVE NILES is one Faction Vol. eBook ✓ of the writers responsible for bringing horror comics back to prominence and was recently named by Fangoria magazine as one of it's rising talents who promise to keep us terrified for the next yearsNiles is currently working for the four top American comic publishers Marvel DC Image and Dark Horse He got his start in the industry when he formed his own publishing.

10 thoughts on “The October Faction Vol. 2

  1. Chad Chad says:

    The kids train to be monster hunters while the old friend who returned in volume 1 puts his plan in motion I want to like this than I actually do It's a great premise but the writing is very haphazard So far there's lots of illusions to things that never pay off they just end I do like the dark humor and macabre setting of the book though

  2. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    The Allan kids Geoff and Vivian are learning the family trade monster hunting Elsewhere one of Frederick Allan’s enemies has returned for revenge and the kids discover a dark secret about their pa What the hell happened to this series? The first volume was so good the second one’s garbage And why’s it taken nearly a year to come out? Oy Almost nothing of conseuence happens here I thought the series was about this family of monster hunters but we have to go through this charade of whether or not the kids are going to be hunters themselves only for the parents to grudgingly agree It’s been a year since I read it but I thought that’s where the first book ended? So pointless and time wasting to just settle on the premise There’s a big secret revealed about Geoff and Vivian’s parents that rocks their world until it doesn’t and they forget about it by the end And the enemy from the past who returns to fight Frederick felt forced and uninteresting The October Faction is an extremely dark comic visually with Damien Worm using a ton of black ink throughout but I kinda liked the stylized look It gets a bit much at times but it’s unusual and different to anything else out there at the moment The first book was really entertaining and showed the series had a lot of potential but the second volume doesn’t realise it boring the reader with trifling nothings instead The October Faction Volume 2 is a disappointing follow up to one of last year’s most compelling new debuts

  3. Barb (Boxermommyreads) Barb (Boxermommyreads) says:

    I am loving this series so much that I almost hate to read the last volume I have I know it will take forever for my library to get Volume 4 This installment continues the Allen family saga The children are still trying to convince their parents to start ghost hunting again and Lucas the werewolf family friend seems to be hanging around waiting for a decision Dante the monster who was adopted in the first volume remains my favorite He is like a 10 year old in an adult body and he is enjoying having a family for probably the first time in his life The only reason this got 45 instead of 55 like the first is because something happens to Mr Allen in this volume which I think isn't explained very well and which is wrapped up too uickly As always though the artwork remains as some of my favorite amongst all of the graphic novels I read If you love horror you have to give this series a try

  4. Cale Cale says:

    This volume ends some of the threads started in the first volume especially around Cope and the zombie issue and starts the training of the 'children' in earnest which gives them a chance to show off their skills It's a uick read and the art is impactful than the writing although I did warm to the characters a bit here Still this is a pretty run of the mill monster hunting series with a few nice nods to modern sensibilities

  5. Brendan Brendan says:

    I really enjoyed this volume the art the colours and the humour Niles injects into the characters is incredible This is one of those books I read with zero expectations the first book was okay but I think the shaky beginning was setup I hope this series can continue down this track and build the family dynamic along the way This book is about the bond and it leaves the characters in an interesting place for the next book

  6. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    35 StarsThis volume features the progression of the children as they move into the monster hunting profession I still think this series feels like we were dropped in the middle but I suppose that still works as a storytelling device The art is great and fits the story well I guess this series is still ongoing so I'm curious to see where things go

  7. Chris Chris says:

    This begins the training of the kids which amounts to being attacked by monsters and their own mother who also turns into a menacing monster The father's arch nemesis also makes an appearance The writing isn't great The art still stands up but it's so stylized I could see a lot of people not liking it

  8. Lauren Canaday Lauren Canaday says:

    Obsessed Creepily beautiful artwork monster slaying relatable characters sold Now to get my hands on volumes that aren't in my library's consortium hmm

  9. Dylan Dylan says:

    A solid follow up to the first volume It does everything the first does right and keeps on going on Some light story development and character development

  10. MerryMeerkat MerryMeerkat says:

    5 Stars Buy itThis volume is a partial reread But mostly I’ve forgotten everything so it’s pretty much like new In any case this volume is just as good as the first if not better The art is great the story even better I can’t wait to see where it goes in Volume 3

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