Paperback Þ Delbert PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback Þ Delbert PDF/EPUB Ú

Delbert (Delbert, #1) [Reading] ➮ Delbert (Delbert, #1) ➶ Marko Kitti – Ten year old Delbert’s world is grey and glum since his grandfather died Everything is a dull routine and all Delbert wants to do is stay in his room What’s he has to cope with an annoying next do Ten year old Delbert’s world is grey and glum since his grandfather died Everything is a dull routine and all Delbert wants to do is stay in his room What’s he has to cope with an annoying next door neighbour Evie who has committed her life to being in love with himBut Delbert’s whole life is about to change when he is forced into a SUPER SECRET SPY MISSION to find a missing cat called Pandora What seems like a straightforward job suddenly escalates into the stuff of real spy storiesBursting with humour and thrilling surprises this fast paced action packed story takes Delbert and Evie on a wild ride with an UTTERLY SHOCKING SECRET at the end.

  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • Delbert (Delbert, #1)
  • Marko Kitti
  • English
  • 28 March 2016
  • 9781530477944

10 thoughts on “Delbert (Delbert, #1)

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    I've really enjoyed Marko's previous books so when Marko contacted me about his newest book I didn't hesitate in saying yesDelbert hasn't been himself since his Grandfather passed away no matter what his family do they can't seem to cheer him up In a last ditch effort Delbert's brother makes a few phone calls and before he knows it Delbert has been recruited to find a lost cat called PandoraDelbert The Reluctant Spy was a uick read and is ideal for younger readers The story was easy to follow and had a surprise or two I loved the lion onsie and the reason for it and if this can make me laugh then a younger child will find it hilarious Delbert was easy to like and relate to and although I could empathise with his feelings I did like how he was able to get over it slightly to help out a friendThe mission itself was not what I expected but I do like how it went especially the revelation The images that come along with the story only help visualise what is going on and I like how it's connected to Jesper Jinx Final Verdict Delbert The Reluctant Spy is a laugh out loud read that is perfect for children Its uick and easy to follow which is perfect for those who don't want to read long books After the ending I am looking forward to seeing what happens net for Delbert

  2. Rosie Rosie says:

    Feeling despondent at the recent loss of his beloved Grandpa ten year old Delbert spends his days and nights physically and emotionally numb But when he is suddenly approached by his brother Sam’s girlfriend Manisha who proposes utilizing Delbert’s special talents by enlisting him into the spy business Delbert reluctantly decides to play along after an incriminating photograph or three are used to entice his interest His first mission deals with rescuing a missing pet while fending off the unwelcome advances of his adoring neighbor Evie who is too interested in Delbert’s activities for her own good Boredom uickly turns into annoyance when Evie follows Delbert to a top secret location but he soon learns that he has signed up for a lot than somebody pulling a practical joke when Evie winds up in danger As for the outcome all I can say is the journey you take in reading this delightfully hilarious tale will leave you in stitches from the riotous laughter which ensuesBeing such a major fan of the Jesper Jinx series I was unsure of what I was getting myself into when I decided to read and review the first book in the tales of Jesper’s younger cousin Delbert What started out as a planned out ‘half hour of browsing’ uickly turned into an engrossed read of laugh out loud fun and excitement as Delbert’s misadventures seemed to take one unusual turn for the worse after another His ability to think uickly and take precise action kept me fully engrossed as I turned page after page and Marko Kitti’s talent shone through brightly while I constantly wiped the tears of amusement from my eyes Delbert is a smart kid going through a tough time but has the keen ability to sniff out danger rescuing the innocent from foreseeable harm Being ten years old is no disadvantage whatsoever to this kid whose highly suspicious nature tends to keep him coming out on top I can definitely say that I am now a major fan of young Delbert and cannot wait for my next fix of his remarkable adventures in the spy world I recommend Delbert The Reluctant Spy to children and adults alike as the imagination inside this book is remarkable in all respects taking a firm grip on the reader’s interest from the beginning right through until the startling and shocking end Private Review from Rosie Malezer Author and Literary Critic

  3. Josselyn Radillo Josselyn Radillo says:

    My ReviewMarko Kitti isn’t new author for me I remember getting an e mail from him asking me to review ‘The Jesper Jinx’ series which I loved Obviously Delbert’s losing and adventures wasn’t an exception I could even said I loved this one a bit I sat down last night and promptly started having the chills and being a bit curious of what was coming next As a teacher I assure you that this book is perfect for those reluctant readers you can’t get to pick up a thingDelbert is kid whose has been sulking so badly because his grandpa passed away He used to be so full of energy and wanted to do things and his pop was his biggest hero but his parents wanted to have the old Delbert back Though they didn’t understand it was hard for him to let go I really loved this view because parents most of the time think kids aren’t that affected from what’s happening around them But they do get affected and sometimes than we can seeEvie is Delbert’s neighborhood and she is totally in love of him but since they are too little he hates all the attention he gets from herSam’s girlfriend is who set the action here Giving him instructions and talking weird Though Delbert think its all plan to get him out of his grey days He goes to the ‘mission’ waiting to see his brother but every turn of the pages you notice that’s not happening and something is going on Of course all this adventures are coming with hilarious moments and smells LOLOh and the illustrations are a bonus to such a good story plus the Marko turns thing here and there and it’s amazingOverall Delbert is truly a character that all youngsters will love and even grownups will enjoy A book worth to readFollow My Book blog

  4. Tonja Drecker Tonja Drecker says:

    James Bond look out here comes Delbertor maybe not Delbert is an average kid who due to his grandfather's passing is in a bit of a slump His family wants to cheer him up but little does anyone know that this will explode into an entirely new direction The beginning already masterfully weaves humor into a caring family situation while still touching the heart as Delbert's love for his grandfather shines through Delbert is immediately sympathetic and carries all the characteristics a boy his age shouldThis isn't an average every day spy novel but rather takes a hysterical twist in an adventure very fitting for the age group Delbert finds himself in the oddest situations ones that he does his best to overcome His reactions are realistic even when the situations shoot out of control and it's exactly this which makes him so much fun Misunderstandings silliness and crazy predicaments guarantee chuckles and laughter the whole way throughFast paced action not necessarily the average spy kind fills the pages making it a read not to put down It's never clear what's going to happen next as the tension mounts Even toward the end when the mission should be wrapping up surprises await at every turn Despite all the nonsense and ridiculous twists and turns the entire mess manages to end in a fairly sensible light Summed up this is a hilarious read full of tension and action with a whole new twist on the idea of what it means to be an international spy It's perfect for reluctant readers especially boys and will have them hooked the entire way through In other words this is a series with tons of promise and one I can't wait to see ofI received a free copy in exchange for an honest review

  5. David Savage David Savage says:

    Delbert is a new series of children’s books by Finnish author Marko Kitti and in the first novel The Reluctant Spy we are introduced to Delbert who as much as he doesn’t want to is recruited to be an international spyDelbert is 10 years old and lives on the south coast of England and is still grieving for his beloved grandfather and prefers to block out the world by staying in his room When his older brother’s girlfriend reuests his help to take on a “mission” and rescue Pandora from an old house he reluctantly agrees He believes being recruited as an international spy is a prank his brother is pullingSo Delbert has 1 hour to complete his mission but will he succeed? Especially as everything is not as it seemsOverall The Reluctant Spy is a short children’s book that is written in an easy to understand way Children 8 years will love itDelbert is very reluctant to become a spy and it gets even worse when the girl next who has a big crush on him becomes his sidekick This fast paced short story follows how Delbert is dealing with the death of his grandfather and is humorous thrilling and even has a surprise twist to end the storyChildren will love Delbert he is a typical boy that children can relate to and will enjoy following Delbert on his mission and future missions in the series All the characters are great and each have their own uniueness He is no James Bond and really doesn’t want to be a spy He takes on his mission and interprets things he finds as only a child’s imagination can making it an exciting read for children I see this being a perfect light and humorous fun filled thrilling and exciting story for children I see this series being a big hit

  6. Nayuleska Nayuleska says:

    Since I greatly enjoy Marko's other work Jesper Jinx I expected to like Delbert's tale and I did I didn't expect to be crying on both the first and last page as well as several inbetween For once this wasn't tears of joy Bear with me for yes I am giving a book I cried over top marks Why? Well it turns out Marko has portrayed the emotions of losing a much loved grandfather so well that all my grief at my favourite grandfather who died last year came flooding back Given that I can struggle to put myself in a character's shoes if they are male Marko has really outdone himself I love authors who make me cry And who make me laugh which I did a lot of than crying There are classic elements which seem to be Marko's style; there's the unusual name Delbert which is like Jesper's who makes a brief cameo in this adventure; a crazy older girl who I adore in an I can't believe she just did that way; unbelievable situations which can only be real because they are too mental to be faked; lots of misconceptions and misunderstandings and lota of other stuff that you'll simply have to read to find out what they are The secret at the end made me cry as I wished my grandfather could be in the same situation ever so much There is sort of a crazy animal featuring in the book albeit a little different to the animals that appear in Jesper's tales All in all a brilliant new series which makes me laugh cry and be sad when I get to the end because I want to keep reading I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review on my blog Nayu's Reading Corner

  7. Angie Angie says:

    Synopsis Ten year old Delbert’s world is grey and glum since his grandfather died Everything is a dull routine and all Delbert wants to do is stay in his room What’s he has to cope with an annoying next door neighbour Evie who has committed her life to being in love with himBut Delbert’s whole life is about to change when he is forced into a SUPER SECRET SPY MISSION to find a missing cat called Pandora What seems like a straightforward job suddenly escalates into the stuff of real spy storiesBursting with humour and thrilling surprises this fast paced action packed story takes Delbert and Evie on a wild ride with an UTTERLY SHOCKING SECRET at the endMy Review This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review I have been an avid fan of Kitti's Jesper Jinx series and in the most recent book Jesper Jinx and the Scrumptious Snacks there is an nice introduction to this new branch off series Several of the characters from the Jesper Jinx series are mentioned in this book but it isn't necessary to read it before this book This is a silly and fun book that is targeted towards middle grade boy readers but can be enjoyed by all The action and crazy antics in this book will keep you reading and young readers turning pages even those reluctant readers

  8. Susan Day Susan Day says:

    Spies a love sick girl and a cat who could want ?This wonderful book will surely delight both parents and children alikeIt starts with poor ten year old Delbert shutting himself away in his room after the death of his grandfatherLike many of us facing such a great loss Delbert's life is grey and glum Nothing interests him any and he never wants to leave his roomAn unlikely saviour comes in the form of his next door neighbour Evie A tenacious young lady who had devoted her life to the long suffering DelbertAs you can imagine things begin to heat up and Delbert's whole life is changed when meets a cat called Pandora and he is forced into a Super Secret Spy MissionAnd that's just the beginning of the adventuresThe book just gets better and betterDespite its dark beginning this book is full of funny snippets It is action packed and a real page turnerThe Delbert series follows ten year old Delbert’s adventures as he trains to be an International Secret AgentTogether with his annoying sidekick Evie Delbert investigates some truly incredible mysteries all around the worldThe series comes with a bunch of whimsical illustrations and is perfect for both avid and reluctant readers boys and girls alike

  9. Namrata Ganti Namrata Ganti says:

    I have known Jesper Jinx for a long time now and was very excited to meet Delbert He is your normal average 10 year old kid The story goes on to show us how wrong Delbert and we were to think that The story starts off emphasizing on Delbert's relationship with his grandfather who has recently passed We are also introduced to his parents his wonderful elder brother his brother's weird girlfriend and his neighbor Evie By the end of the story the reader will come to love all the characters The story is filled with adventure and lots of humor as we follow Delbert on his journey towards becoming an international secret agent It is written in Marko's uniue style something you'd already recognize if you are like me a fan of the Jesper Jinx series and the language is simple and easy to follow Overall this is a new series from Marko that you wouldn't want to miss out on It is an easy and entertaining read even for those who are much older but have perhaps forgotten to grow up just like me P

  10. Carrie Westmoreland Kurtz Carrie Westmoreland Kurtz says:

    This book was hilarious We were all in the car me my husband my daughter my son and his friend and I was reading Delbert I was laughing so hard that I had to read parts of the book out loud for everyone to hear I definitely enjoyed this book and it made our 2 hour drive fly byI was certainly ready to read a cute little book that was filled with pure entertainment and that is exactly what Delbert the Reluctant Spy is Honestly I adored itThe end made me so happy It was totally unexpected Really people you need to read this book It is technically a children's book but it is really for all ages Or maybe I'm just a kid at heart I loved itNote I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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