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Deep Down Dead eBook Ü Deep Down Epub /

Deep Down Dead (Lori Anderson, #1) [Ebook] ➢ Deep Down Dead (Lori Anderson, #1) Author Steph Broadribb – Lori Anderson is as tough as they come managing to keep her career as a fearless Florida bounty hunter separate from her role as single mother to nine year old Dakota who suffers from leukaemia But wh Lori Anderson is as tough as they come managing to keep her career as Deep Down Epub / a fearless Florida bounty hunter separate from her role as single mother to nine year old Dakota who suffers from leukaemia But when the hospital bills start to rack up she has no choice but to take her daughter along on a job that will make her a fast buck And that’s when things start to go wrong The fugitive she’s assigned to haul back to court is none other than JT Lori’s former mentor – the man who taught her everything she knows the man who also knows the secrets of her murky pastNot only is JT fighting a child exploitation racket operating out of one of Florida’s biggest theme parks Winter Wonderland a place where ‘bad things never happen’ but he’s also mixed up with the powerful Miami Mob With two fearsome foes on their tails just three days to get JT back to Florida and her daughter to protect Lori has her work cut out for her When they’re ambushed at a gas station the stakes go from high to stratospheric and things become personalBreathtakingly fast paced both hard boiled and heart breaking Deep Down Dead is a simply stunning debut from one of the most exciting new voices in crime fiction.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 350 pages
  • Deep Down Dead (Lori Anderson, #1)
  • Steph Broadribb
  • English
  • 09 May 2016

About the Author: Steph Broadribb

wwwcrimethrillergirlcom where she interviews authors and reviews the latest releasesSteph is an alumna of Deep Down Epub / the MA in Creative Writing Crime Fiction at City University London and she trained as a bounty hunter in California She lives in Buckinghamshire surrounded by horses cows and chickensDEEP DOWN DEAD is her debut novel.

10 thoughts on “Deep Down Dead (Lori Anderson, #1)

  1. Always Pouting Always Pouting says:

    Lori is a bounty hunter who desperately needs a job to help pay for her daughter's cancer treatment She gets a case tracking down her old mentor JT but gets dragged into a deeper web of crime than she had bargained for I don't even like thrillers that much honestly like I'll read them but most of the time they are disappointing but wow this one was legitimately perfect The plot line was exciting and the pacing was good I even enjoyed the action scenes very much I have a physics test tomorrow but I don't even care I spent the last few hours finishing the book because I couldn't put it down The writing was so great I loved the voice and I adore Lori There were so many things in this story that have been done before but the execution is so good that it just all works really well The backstory fit into the story arc and now I'm anxious because I need to know what's going to happen next but the book just came out so it'll probably be a while before there's a seuel that is if there is one

  2. Miriam Smith Miriam Smith says:

    OH MY Where do I begin? Deep Down Dead is an outstanding high octane thriller that I wholeheartedly enjoyed from the tense start to the fantastic finish The first incredible chapter was so gripping and unputdownable I just knew I wasn't going to be able to stop reading anytime soon I was instantly attracted to the main protagonist Lori Anderson strong tough fearless exceptional at her job and definitely not someone to be overlooked The descriptions of her could go on and on and onTrying to keep her Florida bounty hunting role separate to being a mother of nine year old Dakota who suffers from Leukaemia she unfortunately has no choice but to take her daughter with her on her next bounty hunt Needing to make a fast buck to pay medical fees and rent due former stripper Lori doesn't anticipate the serious danger she puts herself and Dakota in The fugitive she's being paid to bring in is none other than her former mentor 'JT' the man who made her the woman she is today and who now appears to be mixed up in the powerful Miami Mob With just three days to get JT back to Florida fearsome and deadly foes on their tail her daughter to protect and along with fighting her feelings for JT Lori has her work cut out Can she bring JT back in time to collect her fee and what danger has she exposed Dakota to?There's action galore throughout the book and it really does race along at breakneck speed Pace perfect it pulls you in and doesn't let you go until the nail biting endThe author Steph Broadribb is an outstanding writer and for a debut book this is one of the very best I have EVER read This could easily have been written by any of the big name American writers it was so professional polished and perfect I'm not too sure who I love the most Lori or JT as both were adorable badass characters you can't fail to enjoy reading about and I really can't wait to meet them again in the next in this exhilarating series Deep Blue Trouble also published by Orenda Books This is another book I'd happily award six stars to if I could it really begs to be read and its a story I can't recommend highly enough to crime readers young and old alike you will NOT be disappointed5 stars

  3. Amy Amy says:

    All of my reviews can be found on wwwnovelgossipcomFrom the minute this book begins so does the action and it never lets up until the final page My blood was pumping my heart was racing I seriously had an adrenaline rush the entire time Lori Anderson is a female bounty hunter who takes no prisoners she’s a real ass kicking firecracker She’s always plotting and planning in order to be two steps ahead of everyone and I admired her smarts and savvy I LOVED her she’s a fierce bad ass but she’s also a mom and it was that side of her that really endeared her to me She loves her baby girl Dakota and will do anything in her power to keep her safe As tough as she is she sure knows how to turn on the charm when it suits her and she had me under her spell Since the plot is so fast paced and exciting I won’t even really get into it but I will say that it had incessant action which made for a very engaging and exhilarating read The setting traveled all around the Southern part of the US and was as true to life as the character of Lori Broadribb completely nailed her mannerisms and dialogue and created a character full of depth and intrigue If you’re a fan of high octane thrillers you won’t want to miss this electrifying debut

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    Popsugar Challenge 2020 A Book with a three word title First book in a series but this does work well as a standalone Lori is a bounty hunter and I really liked the premise of this but her character didn't work for me  i just couldn't get into her head space or understand her thought process Something was off about her and because she's the main character and everything is from her perspective i just felt weird and uncomfortable in her shoes and not in a good way I also felt like in the rush to pull all the threads together at the conclusion some threads got totally forgotten and they are not something that could be addressed in later books The kids explosive jacket is something that is going to bug me every time I think about this book This was just OK i didn't love it nor hate it The pacing was a bit off in the middle and because of the lag my mind drifted and it was a struggle to hold my attention I'll won't be finishing the series things wrapped up ok for me at the end and I don't like the characters enough to care what happens to them next Two stars

  5. Crime by the Book Crime by the Book says:

    Find my full review at stars for DEEP DOWN DEAD This is a totally addictive and entertaining action thriller Full disclosure I'm not usually one for action books but I found this book to be the perfect introduction to the genre DEEP DOWN DEAD is fast paced action packed and has totally endearing characters I absolutely recommend this one if you're looking to transition into the action thriller genre

  6. BookwormDH BookwormDH says:

    SYNOPSISLori Anderson is as tough as they come managing to keep her career as a fearless Florida bounty hunter separate from her role as single mother to nine year old Dakota who suffers from leukaemia But when the hospital bills start to rack up she has no choice but to take her daughter along on a job that will make her a fast buck And that's when things start to go wrong The fugitive she's assigned to haul back to court is none other than JT Lori's former mentor the man who taught her everything she knows the man who also knows the secrets of her murky past Not only is JT fighting a child exploitation racket operating out of one of Florida's biggest theme parks Winter Wonderland a place where 'bad things never happen' but he's also mixed up with the powerful Miami Mob With two fearsome foes on their tails just three days to get JT back to Florida and her daughter to protect Lori has her work cut out for her When they're ambushed at a gas station the stakes go from high to stratospheric and things become personal  MY THOUGHTSThis is a cracking little read A tremendously fast paced action thriller from the debut author Steph Broadribb To know this is a debut is uite remarkable The writer is very engaging with the reader and the author succeeds in drawing you into the story almost immediately The protagonist Lori Anderson is uite uniue but it works extremely well It's not every day we read about a female bounty hunter that's tough as they come Lori is a great character and I warmed to her very uickly She's hard on the outside but she's soft and caring on the inside Lori has a big challenge ahead and she uses her skills uite wildly throughout the storyThe book is a true page turner It's full of excitement tension energy romance and to be honest the book is loaded with all type of emotions For me I found this book fun to read It's packed full of action and adrenaline and the plot is tremendous It's delivered with confidence pace and assurance If you like Lee Child and Jack Reacher you'll love this book very much in his styleI really hope this continues as a series it's a fantastic read and Lori Anderson is a great new character This would also make a great filmSolid 45 stars from me and highly recommended

  7. Josh Josh says:

    Former stripper turned bounty hunter Lori takes her 9yr old daughter Dakota with her to track down and bring in JT a wanted criminal who happens to be Lori’s former mentor in the bounty hunter business Naturally Dakota is kidnapped I mean Lori taking her along on a case was bound to result in this and JT turns out to be a knight in shining armor as to two rekindle their former relationship with romance this time round while trying to rescue Dakota Deep Down Dead is a formulaic crime thriller which reads like it was written for TV The book lacked character depth and where an attempt was made the backstory felt like an afterthought to add context which didn’t really work There’s was too much repetition cat and mouse chasing back and forth and diluted storytelling to make it engaging in any meaningful way My rating 25 stars I had high hopes for this one I know I’m with the minority here on Goodreads with my thoughts on Deep Down Dead but the book just didn’t work for me If you’re after a thriller with filler content which you can skim read then this is for you

  8. Jen Jen says:

    All of my reviews can be found in full at My Word From the opening scene you can tell there is something very different and something very right about this book Lori is a woman with an attitude an edge Straight talking focused wary she is one tough woman Someone who has been through the ringer over the course of her life and come out the other side stronger and in control Stripper turned bounty hunter she is focused only on her daughter and her honest talking no nonsense attitude is refreshing to say the least I’m not normally one for brashy female characters but there is just something about Lori She won’t take messing from anyone and she uses her wits to out gun any man out there I really like her styleAfter an intrigue laden opening the first few chapters of this book may lull you into a false sense of security They ease you in setting the scene for what will become a high octane high stakes hellishly gripping and turbulent ride alongside Lori and her target fugitive JT Make the most of them because once from there on in you’re going to need your strength After Lori sets off to collect JT you’ll barely get a chance to catch your breath It is pow after pow of action the plot twisting as surely as a mountain road and as JT slowly reveals the truth behind his arrest and the reason for him going on the run you will be left speechless And maybe a little creeped out It definitely depicts the darker side of the Sunshine State Kind of makes me think twice about heading back to the Magic Kingdom tooThere are no overly gratuitous moments of violence in the book as such but you can rest assured that both JT and Lori are kick ass bounty hunters who know how to take care of themselves Even in the uieter moments the threat is ever present as the people trying to find and stop JT continue to pursue them constantly punctuating their intent with bullets and murder Nobody is safe; these people have no conscience whatsoever happy to use anyone or anything as a pawn to get what they want There’s even a bit of an eww moment involving some unsuspecting ‘gators too although that scene also made me smile a little Call it my perverse sense of humour if you likeThe language and style of the writing is truly authentic totally in keeping with Lori’s brash nature and her background Told from her point of view you get an occasionally skewed view of the action Unable to forgive herself for what happened in her past and trying desperately to hide an obvious truth from JT Lori forces herself to keep a distance between them despite the very obvious chemistry between the pair He is older stronger and in some sense wiser than Lori with a very definite edge to him so I can see a lot of JT related book crushes blossoming over time but it is Lori’s common sense and skills honed over the years they were apart which will ultimately help them out of the hole they are in The training the author did as a Bounty Hunter and the various ‘euipment’ they use shines through in the writing Remind me never to upset Miss Broadribb my review is in no way influenced by my fear of her ‘skills’As I said before I really like Lori Her style her attitude her persistence and her resilience You cannot fault her dedication to her daughter Dakota but ultimately she is loyal to JT too The beauty of the ending of this book and the reality of her job as a bounty hunter means that this series could run on for years and I for one cannot wait to see what happens to our sharp tongued uick witted kick ass heroine nextA hard hitting brash talking taser toting 5 stars from me

  9. Eva Eva says:

    Whew I'm exhausted Fast paced and action packed A real page turner I can totally see this being a movie

  10. Book Addict Shaun Book Addict Shaun says:

    Earlier this year Orenda Books announced that they would be publishing Deep Down Dead the debut novel of Steph Broadribb aka one of my all time favourite bloggers Crime Thriller Girl and my Twitter timeline blew up Everyone was talking about this book and everyone wanted to read it A torturous wait then ensued until the tireless and brilliant Karen Sullivan made my weekend by sending me an early copy to read with no deadline for a review or a need for one at all But once I began reading Deep Down Dead I knew I was reading something special a debut that if there's any justice in the book world will be huge and be the start of a long and book filled career for Steph Deep Down Dead might just be my favourite debut novel ever When they start off this good you know nothing but greatness is destined to follow When I finished reading Deep Down Dead there was simply no uestion of me not reviewing it as loudly as possible It has been a number of months since a book made my Hall of Fame and so hopefully that gives some indication of what a special book this isLori Anderson I really don't know where to start except to say that I loved her She is a bounty hunter and mother to nine year old Dakota who has leukaemia Desperate for cash to pay for her daughter's treatment she takes on an extremely risky case and has no choice but to take Dakota along for the ride The only problem actually the first of many problems is that the person she is hunting is her former mentor JT the man who taught her everything she knows and the man who knows all her secrets I went into this book knowing nothing other than what I've just relayed about the plot and I advise anybody planning on reading this book to do the same More often than not I have to read the blurb to have some idea of what's to come but I wanted to know as little about the plot as possible and that paid off as it resulted in an extremely tense and addictive read that contained a whole multitude of shocks and surprises though one kind of major plot twist I did work out very early and had I been hooked up to a heart rate monitor reading this book the chart would have been all over the place Believe me when I say that thrillers don't come much thrilling than Deep Down DeadDeep Down Dead might be a fast paced adrenaline fueled read but Steph Broadribb does not sacrifice character development to achieve that Instead we are treated to three characters who will live on in my memory not least because Steph finishes this debut novel leaving the reader absolutely desperate for as some of my favourites At first I was thinking why oh why would you take a young child on such a dangerous case but then because I was so invested in the story and these characters something happened and I actually shouted out loud 'No' Yes really I think that was the point I knew it was going to be a late night of reading I began to get a real understanding of Lori's fears for her daughter's health and how her thinking the logical part at least was hugely affected by that A mother desperate to save her child from something like this will do absolutely everything to achieve that and Lori might doubt herself throughout the story but it was clear to me just how much she loved Dakota and they both became real characters in my mind characters who I truly believed in and I can't tell you how much I was hoping for the best whilst reading this book I can't say too much about JT without stepping into spoiler territory but he was also a character I very much enjoyed reading about and his history with Lori is what really makes these characters feel so real The scenes between them are so highly charged that at times I felt almost like an intruder an intruder who refused to look away I'm not too sure how I would describe Lori to somebody because she is a woman with many layers but as a bounty hunter she is strong fearless ballsy and than a match for any man I can see someone calling her the female Jack Reacher but I'll jump in and say she has heart but in terms of a thriller character certain similarities can be drawn I wouldn't want to mess with her put it that way I imagined her as some kind of cross between Doris Day's Calamity Jane a modern version mixed with the looks of Sookie Stackhouse uite the combinationJust in case it isn't clear yet how much I loved this book I wanted to mention something else that really made me enjoy it even and that's setting For someone who has written hundreds of reviews I don't really call them that just my thoughts about a book I am often really bad at describing how something came across to me and what I'm trying to say is that this whole book had that 'American' feel that I have always loved when I watch American thriller movies or TV shows like Breaking Bad even the dialogue between the characters had that feeling I'm not sure Lori would appreciate her speech being called cute but at times that's almost what it was like It wouldn't be clear to a reader unaware of who the author was that she wasn't American herself and it's clearly research I believe Steph knows her way around a taser and knowledge that has allowed her to write a novel with this amount of authenticity when it comes to the setting And mentioning film Deep Down Dead is just crying out to be made into a film Just look at that cover it's movie poster ready and probably one of my favourite covers of the year It's just fantastic and so suited to the book Carrying on with setting and some of the scenes in this book take place in a theme park and despite the danger the characters were in at the time it was such a fantastic setting for a book to take place and some of the scenes taking place here were my favourite of the whole book and certainly the ones that had my heart racing the most Steph's writing is incredibly immersive and creates some uite vivid imagery in the mind of the reader it was very easy to picture these scenes in my mind and the action barely lets up the whole way through and it's a thoroughly exciting read but also with a lot of danger throughout for our main characters and it's never clear just where that danger is coming from or whether our characters will be able to get away from itI was at the 95% mark on my Kindle and the action still showed no signs of slowing down Deep Down Dead is all action from start to finish Then sadly the story did end and I was left desperate for This is one of those books that I wish I had the confidence to do something like climb up on the roof of a Waterstones with a megaphone and scream at passers by to buy it but I don't think that'd achieve much other than to get me arrested So as a blogger all I can do is hope that people read my review which is surely just going to be one of hundreds and take away from it that this really is a very special and rare kind of debut a thriller that won't be forgotten and with characters that won't be forgotten and not just the good ones the villains in this book are rotten to the core and that my rambling about how much I loved it can make even just a few people take a chance on the book as I just know that anybody who does will love it as much as I did Luckily for Steph Broadribb she already has a megaphone wielding super publicist behind her in Karen Sullivan and if one of the hardest working and most passionate people in publishing can't make this book a roaring success nobody can I cannot recommend Deep Down Dead enough it is easily one of the best books I have read this year and it's my favourite release from Orenda Books I simply cannot wait for the seuel

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