Join the Resistance Star Wars Join the Resistance #1 PDF

Join the Resistance Star Wars Join the Resistance #1 PDF

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  1. Trin Trin says:

    The listing here doesn't say it yet but this is written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker of The Thrilling Adventure Hour It would be an understatement to say that I was a huge fan of TAH I went every month for something like six years I absolutely loved it and Acker and Blacker's sense of humor And nowthey're doing a Star Wars book? omgBuuuuutI was a little disappointed by the result This book is very funny in places especially and unsurprisingly considering the authors' old time radio background with the dialogue but there are also a lot of muddled and confusing action seuences There are some great character moments I found Sari particularly touching but too much of the plot follows a this happened and then this happened and then THIS happened pattern Shenanigans flow into shenanigans right up until the very annoying possibly publisher dictated cliffhanger SighI love the idea of a book set in a training camp for Rebels sorry Resistance fighters This was classically great in the EU But it doesn't feel as fleshed out inwhatever we're calling the books set in the newalternate universe The way Mattis our protagonist is recruited is actually kind of creepy like he's being groomed to join a cult And before he joins the Resistance he doesn't even know the First Order exists So what is his investment in this fight? OH MY GOD THE FORCE AWAKENS MADE NO FUCKING SENSE AND I MISS THE EU SO MUCH GODDAAAAAAMNsorry Obviously none of that is Acker and Blacker's fault But for my sanity and yours dear reader I may need to cool it with the non EU whateverthefuck books from now on

  2. Jaime K Jaime K says:

    I've never done acid but this must be what an acid trip feels likeIf this is what Acker Blacker put out I can't imagine I'll like their short in the 40th anniversary anthology I'm feeling like this is on par with the Jedi Prince series utter crapMattis Banz is a 1415 year old who has been recruited to join the Reistance along with Lorica a Zeltron Dec and his brother droid the hell? Sari and the group's leader JoThere are enough new species Saurin Skup uaggian and planets Lund Berlo Durkteel ues Ganthel Core world Regor Mada Vodran in the Si'klaata Cluster Kergans that my head spins each time one of them is brought up There were also countless new animals that I didn't get down I have issues with this in adult novels; I can't imagine it being better for a children's one We don't need this new placespecies vomit in every book We get some uick back story on MattisHe's an orphan who grows up in an orphanage with a lot of other kids of different races The pilot who shuttles the children weekly to and from Lund Berlo where a Phirmist temple is is named Antha Mont She sees that Matthis shows character and talks to him about the Rebellion Luke Skywalker and Admiral Ackbar and commends him on even sticking up for the orphanage bully FikkIn my opinion Mattis tries TOO hard to be a hero He wants to be one and prides himself whenever he helps another person out I get that we first see him at 14 and a lot of his behavior is understandable but I still find myself frustrated with a lot of it Maybe because he seems so young and naive for what he goes through at the orphanageHe has an extensive imagination some of which I can let slide like thinking his parents will find him in a heroes parade with him as the hero but some of it makes no sense for a person his age to to have he thinks he has the Force and he can FEEL it in him and THROUGH him and he just can't DO anything with itBut Antha likes him and brings him to Snap Wexley's attention who brings Matthis a little up to speed with regards to the Resistance and First Order Lorica Demaris is famous for going against smugglers Dec Hansen's mother built AG 90 to be like a big brother for him I'm already tired of near sentient droids being cobbled together but AG seems to be a smidgen better than Mister Bones Still he and Dec are real trouble makers and I don't trust them with Mattis Dec is also insubordinate and I'm surprised he's not kicked out Sari Nadle is big and lurking The image on the cover doesn't match her image inside unless the blonde isn't her Jo Jerjerrod's cover image is also opposite of the written description His surname is telling and he's very by the book and a traditional military type But he also has secrets And he's wicked Who the hell just goes and wipes a droid simply to spite someone? Klimo is a Rodian who not only doesn't act like a teenager think of Greedo that's a typical teen but instead an excitable six year old HELLO BEST FRIEND I'M GOING TO ALWAYS BE LOUD HI FRIEND'S FRIEND NAMES DON'T MATTER BECAUSE I'M A RIDICULOUS CHILD Blacker and Acker show very little understanding of species and of teenagers in general Mattis the poor thing is so easy to manipulate that I feel like he's like a puppy an 8 year old in a big boy's camp It doesn't match the character Acker Blacker are trying to createAdmiral Ackbar is written uite out of character Even if he WAS talking to recruits he would NOT say things likeYou messed upIt's a bad startWe're smart It's why we get to be in chargeI have to concede with Dec when he says that Jo doesn't recognize and therefore doesn't use each of the the recruits' strengthsBut then instead of punishing the teens Ackbar sends them on a bloody mission to Vodran where there is a bloody sarlacc and dianoga And because a Hutt used to live there all of a sudden there are tauntauns and a nexu and rancorsNone of that was necessary It's like Acker and Blacker wanted to shove as much in as possible for no reason other than they couldRandom things that irritated me Pfassk as a curse word Again THE HELL? Mention of a turtle book CAN BOOKS STOP EXISTING EXCEPT AS RELICS sconesBy the end of the book I wanted Callista back Please anything but this

  3. Aeicha Aeicha says:

    Fifteen year old Mattis Banz dreams of being a hero like Luke Skywalker Admiral Ackbar and General Leia Organa and he just might get his chance when the Resistance recruits him Excited to become a pilot and help save the galaxy from the nefarious First Order Mattis is eager to start his training at the Resistance headuarters However once Mattis arrives things don’t go exactly as he imagined they wouldbut new friends new missions and new adventures await himBen Acker and Ben Blacker’s Star Wars Join the Resistance is a thrilling out of this world fun story set in the vast and complex Star Wars universe With non stop adventure humorous hijinks and an eclectic cast of characters Star Wars Join the Resistance is fast paced amusing and entertainingBoth young readers already completely absorbed in the Star Wars franchise and those just discovering it will be captivated by this tale Acker and Blacker clearly know this world inside and out and have done a great job of describing expanding and exploring its people planets cultures and politics The middle grade audience will love that the story focuses on characters their own ages and will appreciate the POVs these young characters provide Star Wars Join the Resistance is chock full of engaging endearing and likable characters from determined Mattis to mischievous and witty Dec and his brother AG good hearted Sari feisty Lorica adorkable Klimo and tough JoMattis and his friends find themselves in a spaceship size amount of adventure and misadventure and readers will get a kick out of every minute of it Star Wars Join the Resistance ends on an exciting cliffhanger that will leave readers eager for

  4. David Albee David Albee says:

    Kinda boring I guess I should’ve read the Poe comics?

  5. Shazzer Shazzer says:


  6. Marcin Kowalski Marcin Kowalski says:

    Soooo the resistance is recruiting 15 year olds Let this one sink in for a moment Besides that we get yet another pleasant read for the youngsters Level wise this is somewhere in the middle between Adventures in Wild Space which is clearly for the younglings and Servants of the Empire which seems for Padawans Reading this book I appreciated Bloodlines as it gave me some much needed political background but besides one short statement we do not learn of this as of yet ominous First OrderThe characters are likeable even though you get the usual group of misfits including the gentle giant the hot chik and the clumsy sidekickMy biggest uarrel with this one is the cliffhanger There is no real ending I am still looking foreward to the next entry

  7. Matt Hayes Matt Hayes says:

    I read this book in about two hours It started out fun but then became a chore Once I finished I read an interview with one of the authors where he stated that this was their first prose endeavor and their first book And unfortunately it shows Somewhere in the interview the author also stated that they had originally only outlined one book and that their editor insisted they chop it into four So essentially Join the Resistance is only the first act of a much larger story which is exactly what it feels like In fact it feels like a very detailed outline for a book that could have been There really is no payoff Most of the characters are pretty one dimensional most of the time and it isn't until about 10 pages from the end that we only start to get to know them Even the main character who kept me engaged for about 5 chapters the book is fairly short only comprising 16 chapters sort of just faded into the background about halfway through The story has a lot of potential so I'll give it points for that but ultimately it doesn't fulfill its own promises But as a die hard Star Wars fan who is determined to tear through every last piece of canon material I'm excited to see how it shapes up in the next three installments

  8. Judah-Ben Morales Judah-Ben Morales says:

    I know I shouldn't judge this book so harshly being written with junior readers in mind and I'm 38 but I've reviewed other JR books anyway; some have been excellent and others well like this oneThis is a rather mediocre attempt to tell a totally irrelevant story Although the characters are meant to be appealing to junior readers it is only logical to conclude that they should be at least palatable to not so young people like me Sadly I didn't even remember the characters' last names by the time I'd finished the book notwithstanding my poor memory but because of the shallow treatment that they are givenThe story itself is dumb and unrealistic I know it's a work of fiction but at least the authors should try to make it believable and the little expectation it offers is only fueled by the appearance at the end of almost every chapter of a creature of almost every Star Wars movie or TV show By the third or fourth time this happens it has totally degraded to an annoying cliche When I finished reading chapter 14 out of 16 I closed the book shut and refused to keep reading until two days later nauseated by it The ending was by the way very silly tooI can only hope that the second book of the series will save the day for these two authors who are no strangers to the Star Wars lore although I have never read any of their previous work and I am praying that the editing staff and the Lucasfilm Story Group will be wise enough to channel them towards the right directionIt only earns the second star because it's got drawings in it

  9. Johnny Johnny says:

    Well this one was bad Unlike other Star Wars young adult books this had absolutely nothing to offer adults I won't go scorched earth criticism here but the writing the plot the characters the ending all really really bad Should've known from the cover uick summary for future reference after I've forgotten this completely view spoiler Mattis a 15 year old that acts like he's 7 wants to join the resistance because it sounds cool He sticks up for himself against a bully on his home planet and that's his ticket in Yeah Once in he goes to D'ar with a bunch of other teens that act like they're 7 Don't get me started on Klimo the Rodian Mattis and his buddies get into trouble uncover a potential traitor in their midst get Ackbar to yell at them and then get SENT ON A MISSION TO THE DEADLIEST PLANET OF ALL TIME Come on Every SW beast you can think of is there waiting for the punished teens and then First Order stormtroopers find them THE END hide spoiler

  10. Kate Kate says:

    STAR WARS Full disclosure I don't read a ton of Star Wars books I'm completely unfamiliar with the Extended Universe for instance The ones I do read are typically about Leia Organa But I trust Ben Acker and Ben Blacker to built characters that I love to come up with situations that are fun and interesting The delivered here Annie Wu's illustrations were really dynamic and a fun addition I adored Mattis he's such a cute and earnest character and all the other characters were great I loved the scrapes that they got into and the ongoing adventure But one mission sustains them Help the Galaxy They get mixed results so far And of course Acker and Blacker end on a bloody cliffhanger I don't know why I expected anything else I can't believe I have to wait until October for a resolution But they'll probably end on a cliffhanger again Ultimately this is a super fun and charming adventure that's appropriate for a middle grade reader

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Join the Resistance Star Wars Join the Resistance #1 ❮Reading❯ ➽ Join the Resistance Star Wars Join the Resistance #1 ➶ Author Ben Acker – MATTIS BANZ knows that he's meant to be a hero of the galaxy like the legendary Luke Skywalker and when General Leia Organa's Resistance recruits him to join its efforts against the evil First Order h MATTIS BANZ knows that Resistance Star PDF/EPUB å he's meant to be a hero of the galaxy like the legendary Luke Skywalker and when General Leia Organa's Resistance recruits him to join its efforts against the evil First Order he finally has a chance to fulfill his destiny But the rest of his suadron doesn't seem very promising Sure there's the Zeltron girl Lorica famous for her exploits foiling evil smugglers but there's also the swamp boy named Dec who seems to enjoy causing trouble; Dec's brother a Join the Kindle - droid who thinks he's a pilot; Sari whose imposing size contradicts her sweet nature; and Jo the stuffy group leader with secrets How is Mattis supposed to be the next Poe Dameron when he and his suad mates spend time in trouble than flying X wings The team will have to learn how to work together when the going gets tough or they won't be going anywhere.

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • Join the Resistance Star Wars Join the Resistance #1
  • Ben Acker
  • English
  • 24 January 2016
  • 9781484704844

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