• Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • GUTS
  • Sam Bracken
  • 13 November 2015
  • 9781633534759

10 thoughts on “GUTS

  1. katyjanereads katyjanereads says:

    1 uotes I found usefulliked“There was something in me something very deep down telling me that life had purpose and meaning beyond anything I could imagine”“Two people can go through exactly the same situation or circumstance and one will learn from it gain empathy from it make course corrections because of it and become better; while the other lets it fester constantly dwells on their disappointments gets angry and holds on to their victim status like a priceless artifact”“I have heard it said that we become a reflection of our life’s experiences”“when your work and your play are the same thing you start making a life instead of just making a living”“There’s a kind of happiness that comes from doing what your gut tells you is right for you and you are even happier when you do it well”“It’s about loving who you really are and doing what you really love It’s about loving the people who love you and lift you and who you lift in return It’s about loving your life”“When you really start to listen to that deep inner voice when you find what you really love you’ll find that love is greater than fear In the words of the poet Shel SilversteinThere is a voice inside of youThat whispers all day long“I feel this is right for meI know that this is wrong’No teacher preacher parent friendOr wise man can decideWhat’s right for you just listen toThe voice that speaks inside”“you have been leading a safe life instead of an exciting life You have been paying a high price for security and that price is having to live out a charade of a life every day”Oprah describes the gut feeling as “a whispery sensation that pulsates just beneath the surface of your being”“If you think about tomorrow and it gives you a stomachache could it be that your gut is trying to tell you something?” “If I’m happy with the way the coin toss came out I go with that If I’m disappointed with the way the coin toss came out I ignore its outcome and choose the other alternative”“Because you think you’ve got to show grit you’ve got to show you can stand it you tolerate a boring life of tedious meetings dreary commutes mind numbing projects tiresome people uninspiring repetitive useless tasks that sap the life out of you Grit is slowly killing you”“Why do human beings resist change?”“I guess it comes down to a simple choice really Get busy living or get busy dying” The Shawshank Redemption“Living a life ignoring your innate purpose and meaning is just grinding through your days getting lost on your journey You spend your days working hard giving effort but for what? Why? To pay your bills? To eke out some extra money to indulge in trendy pleasures? Or because you feel like you have to?”“What can we do today to show our customers we love them?”“What bad stuff are you carrying around that is weighing you down? What can you get rid of that is keeping you from taking off?”2 Why did GUTS have to be capitalized EVERY SINGLE TIME That got on my nerves 3 The author talked about life coaching I’m called the way unofficial life coach at my school I’m an English teacher who goes to the sporting events to give the kids pep talks 4 “I get off on coaching people” “The woodcutter gets off on splitting wood perfectly” Please never say get off again Sam Bracken5 The book talked about an underground newspaper at school Maybe my writing club can start that 6 “What possesses you obsesses you and loves you? What is your gut telling you?7 Why your life is hard•stuck mindset•overwhelm•efficiency•loneliness •sheer fear8 In what ways are you stuck? What one or two things could you start doing right now to free yourself?9 “Doctors now tell us that the neural pathways involved in romantic rejection and stomach pain actually overlap” This makes so much sense from my last relationship 10 I found these uestions helpful and shared them with others•What kind of person am I really?•What have I always wanted to be?•What do I love?•What excites me than anything?•When has my heart ever been really into something?•What would I do all day long if I was free to do it?•What should my contribution be to my loved ones to the world?•What do I want people to say about me when I’m gone?•What do I want to do with my life?11 I thought the sex uiz was a little random for a book about going with your gut 12 When you have an important choice to make ask the head heart and gut what they say13 Make goals for mind body heart and soul14 Gutsy leaders have good character have gutsy goals grow the team

  2. Jerry Jerry says:

    I found the book enjoyable and easy to read Each chapter ends with reflective uestions that as I answered helped me to come to certain realizations about my own life and what I needed to change Overall it's a good book if you want to discover yourself and set some real goals The only thing I didn't enjoy was the emphasis always put on GUTs It seemed like he was almost making up uotes and putting words in others' mouths

  3. Audrey Falck Audrey Falck says:

    I found his personal stories genuine and engaging However I am not a huge fan of the book except for some of the uestions written at the end of each chapter and a few uotes I think the author stays on the surface of things and repeats himself a lot The book could have been better structured and topics researched

  4. Svarog Svarog says:

    It was somehow really annoying that every Single Word Guts was typed in capital letters I get it book is about guts But is it necessary to point it out in such an aggressive way?

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GUTS[Download] ➽ GUTS By Sam Bracken – When we say something takes guts we usually mean it takes courage to do it It takes guts to go skydiving or to run a marathon or to try out for the school play Look back at the great personalities who When we say something takes GUTS we usually mean it takes courage to do it It takes GUTS to go skydiving or to run a marathon or to try out for the school play Look back at the great personalities who made a difference in the pages of history What did they all have in common Determination and tenacity in short GUTS You too can achieve your life s mission You can fulfill your purpose In GUTS Sam Bracken inspirational speaker and author of The Orange Duffel Bag shows readers how to actually get there Bracken coaches readers to use their heads hearts and GUTS in pursuing their dreams while sharing his own experiences as someone who started in one of the worst places imaginable and fought to make it to one of the best Bracken shows that anyone can succeed in attaining their goals But it s going to take GUTS.