The Olive Tree Epub ↠ The Olive eBook ô

The Olive Tree Epub ↠ The Olive eBook ô

The Olive Tree [KINDLE] ❅ The Olive Tree ❥ Lucinda Riley – It is said that anyone who comes to stay at Pandora for the first time will fall in love It has been 24 years since a young Helena spent a magical holiday in Cyprus where she fell in love for the firs It is said that anyone who comes to stay at The Olive eBook ô Pandora for the first time will fall in love It has been years since a young Helena spent a magical holiday in Cyprus where she fell in love for the first time When the now crumbling house Pandora is left to her by her godfather she returns to spend the summer there with her family Yet as soon as Helena arrives at Pandora she knows that its idyllic beauty masks a web of secrets that she has kept from William her husband and Alex her son At the difficult age of Alex is torn between protecting his beloved mother and growing up And eually desperate to learn the truth about his real father When by chance Helena meets her childhood sweetheart a chain of events is set in motion that threatens to make her past and present collide Both Helena and Alex know that life will never be the same once Pandora's secrets have been revealed.

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  1. Zoe Zoe says:

    Lighthearted mesmerizing and genuinely heartfeltThe Olive Tree is an engrossing tale that reminds us that life is often a messy journey complete with smiles tears happiness and heartbreakIt is set on the idyllic island of Cyprus and takes us into the lives of two main families who on the surface seem to have it all great relationships beautiful houses and good kids but over the course of one hot summer marriages will be tested secrets will be revealed love will be found love will be lost and lives will be changed foreverThe prose is expressive sincere and smooth The characters are charming multi layered and alluring And the plot is a wonderful contemporary mix of life love coming of age humour family dynamics deception and mystery that starts in the present takes you back 10 years in the past and finishes when the past and present collidesThere are only a few authors that no matter the theme or size of the book their stories are always filled with magical characters I can't get enough of and stories that are so atmospheric and vivid I'm entertained enthralled and swept away and Lucinda Riley is one of them She has the incredible ability to take her innate knowledge of all the psychological and emotional entanglements found in nuclear families and weave them into a story you can't put down I absolutely loved this book and will now try my hardest to patiently await her next releaseThank you to PGC Books for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest reviewAll my reviews can be found on my blog at better than books

  2. Emma Crowley Emma Crowley says:

    Lucinda Riley is my absolute favourite author alongside Lesley Pearse I have loved everything she has written since her first book Hothouse Flower and each subseuent book has been brilliant and has showcased the incredible writing talents that Lucinda has I've never reviewed a book by Lucinda before I don't know why but given the opportunity to do so I jumped at the chance with this new book The Olive Tree Lucinda is in the middle of writing her Seven Sisters series so for a second book within a year to be published is a real treat for her legions of fans and keeps us going while we await publication of The Shadow Sister in November This is the first time that Lucinda has stepped away from books with a big sweeping historical background or one hundred year time span I adore these kind of books even so when they are written by Lucinda and instead focuses on a family holiday over one ho long summer in Cyprus staying in a house our main female protagonist Helena has inherited from her godfather Angus Lucinda mentions in the acknowledgements that this was a book that she first started writing 10 years ago while on a family holiday and then she left it but last year discovered a draft in her desk and decided to rework it This was a brave step for the author to do as she has become synonymous for her historical fiction and the current series she is working on When I pick up a book by Lucinda Riley I normally know what to expect and get swept away in the world and the cast of characters she has created I'll be honest I was apprehensive that I wouldn't enjoy this book as much simply because it didn't have the historical element and I wasn't sure how she would approach a modern story Admittedly it took me a while to settle into the story as I kept looking for the flashbacks to the past entwined with solving the mystery in the present but then I began to ease into the story and really this is just as good as anything Lucinda has written beforeThe Olive Tree is uite hefty at nearly 600 pages but I did read it in two sittings so absorbed did I become in the story For once I really did feel as if I was transported from windswept Ireland to the warm humid languid restless days on the island of Cyprus in the house called Pandora clearly named after the Greek legend As Helena and her family arrive for their extended summer holiday will Pandora's box open and spill forth secrets that Helena has kept to herself for so many years for fear of causing so much upset and upheaval or will the box remain closed? Well it wouldn't have been much of a story if the lies and secrets didn't come to the surface but it is the manner in which they do so that makes this book a deeply satisfying read Tantalising hints are dropped throughout nothing is ever rushed as Lucinda gives her readers an overall view of the holiday and background to the characters and thoughts and actions There are numerous characters to introduce and initially I felt there were too many for the reader to focus on but really they soon all become important players with something to add no matter how major or minor The book opens in the present day as Alex returns to the Pandora after last visiting over ten years ago for what proved to be an eventful life changing summer Alex is alone at the house but people are due to arrive The author sets up the story nicely describing the house itself and the surrounding countryside and gives us time to get to know Alex You feel another momentous event is about to happen but you have no idea as to what it could be As Alex spends the night alone he retreats to the broom cupboard sized room that he called his own during that fateful summer and here he discovers the diary he kept during that time The diary may have languished on a shelf for ten years but once Alex starts reading it is like the years slipped away and he is back there present in that fateful summer when revelations changed everything he believed to be trueLucinda then takes us back to the summer of 2006 as Helena and her family arrive on the island Helena had spent some time there with her godfather Angus but has not returned for many years She begins to wonder despite inheriting the house is there a reason why now at this point in time everyone is gathering? Will things she has kept to herself come to light things that will devastate those who hear what Helena has kept close to her chest for so many years? Helena was a likeable character and I thought she was a wonderful mother to Alex who is on the cusp of becoming a teenager as well as her two children by husband William – Immy 5 and Fred 3 She did everything for everybody else no didn't ever enter into her vocabulary and she welcomed the many visitors to the house maybe not with open arms but with some acceptance I wouldn't have wanted my husbands best friends family foisted on me when I am on my own personal family holiday Sacha Julie and their children Rupes and Viola weren't the nicest of people and I wondered were they token characters we were supposed to dislike from the outset but as I have mentioned every character needs to be kept an eye on Even though outside appearances suggest Helena is happy with her life there was something eating away at her on the inside and the reappearance of old flame Alexis sets her mind racing even I have to say that Immy simply stole every scene she was in and even though she was five she had a wise yet very funny side to her that had me chuckling away to myself throughout the book I couldn't wait to read what she would come out with next As for Alex he seemed mysterious and I wondered what he could be hiding?What really sets this book apart from anything else out there at the moment is Alex's diary Entries are slotted throughout almost after each chapter and my god the writing was just amazing I even got my phone out and took a picture of a few lines that really struck a chord with me Even though Alex is only just entering the teenage stage of his life he has been assessed as gifted and it comes across in the writing Everything he was witnessing observing feeling and partaking in was written down in such a sharp way We really got inside Alex's head and understood his views on everything that was unfolding and it gave a really different slant to the entire story One of the main uestions Alex has amongst all the confusion flashing through his brain not to mention having to deal with the intolerable Rupes or the fact that his step sister Chloe is making an appearance is the fact that he has never known who is biological dad is Alex feels he is inching ever closer to the truth and now is the time when Helena can't keep things secret any I thought this was going to be all run of the mill and turn into a bit of a cliché but Lucinda proved she is the master of suspense and twists and turns and not revealing things immediately as I thought I had it all sussed out early on I was afraid the reveal would come to soon and where could the book possibly go then but no I couldn't have been wrong and the truth left me open mouthed but then annoyed at the repercussions for others I have to say Alex was my favourite character and usually it's the female characters I identify easily with so it's testament to the fantastic skilful writing of the author that she made me feel every bit of Alex's pain and the unjustness of what he was discoveringI was worried The Olive Tree was simply going to be the usual story of what happens when a family goes on holiday similar to that of books I had read last year by Fanny Blake and Catherine Alliott They were only OK reads but Lucinda Riley wrote a book with such depth and substance tackling so many issues and dealing with them in a sensitive yet enthralling way so much so that towards the end I couldn't turn the pages uick enough in order to discover the final outcome This story goes beyond a family holiday merely it is the trigger which brings characters and situations together and presents them with no other option but to confront what they have been internally battling and somehow deal with the repercussions Past and present do collide but at some stage this needed to happen as keeping things locked away inside will just cause hurt and pain for all involved This book proved to be a real treasure and I took so much from it and I am glad that I did as I would have been bitterly disappointed if this didn't live up to the remarkable back catalogue of books that I have always loved and which made Lucinda a favourite author of mine Lucinda had already proven she can do historical fiction to an excellent standard but now she has shown contemporary novels are uite clearly her forte too I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Olive Tree to buy and read this summer Roll on November for the next installment in the Seven Sisters as I just can't get enough of the writing from Lucinda

  3. Clara Clara says:

    Bailing on page 462 of 575 in my edition I’m a big big big fan of Riley’s The Seven Sisters series so I’m extremely disappointed that this is my first experience with one of her standalones I've read mixed reviews and some note that this might be one of Riley's weakest so I do very hope that's the case I really could’ve done without another book full of toxic masculinity and stereotypical characters Apart from the fact that this story is predictable on every level and shouldn’t be almost 600 pages long I just couldn’t take the characters any I didn’t need a 40 something year old man being absurdly obsessed with and jealous about the relationship his current wife had when she was 15 making her feel obliged to justify herself to him in the process Every man in this book feels authorized to comment on the actions of women as if these only concern them I didn’t need the men in this book defining their wives’ worth first as wives then as mothers and last of all as women I also didn’t need female characters like Jules blaming themselves for not having been good enough wives after episodes of insanely immature and irresponsible behavior on behalf of their husbands I didn’t need an insufferable 13 year old narrator displaying misogynistic traits who felt compelled to imagine a future in which he fully controls his current love interest’s actions God forbid she look at another man A narrator who later by the way enters the very delicate territory of homophobia I also didn’t need so many men apologizing to each other for having stepped on their territory and by territory I mean their wives For the record this novel does not seem to intend to denounce these types of behaviors which are not OK at all The fact that all the men and all the women abide by these dynamics throughout the whole novel makes the characters feel flat and therefore extremely uninteresting A good story about past love and secrets can work just as well without the need to incorporate such toxic masculine discourses I just couldn’t finish getting through this one

  4. Moony MeowPoff Moony MeowPoff says:

    15 starsI don't know how to review this some places it catches me and some places it just felt likea long text of blah I did not feel as much as i did in those other Lucinda Riley books i have read and i got the vibe that i had read this before somewhere Somethings in the books was alike a book I've read before and it annoyed me to the bone It took time to finish this and well i'm glad i finished it but i hopes it was to the story thanwell what it showed me Sadly it was not much happening and i do like a real kind of book but it was boring when the story raised itself it came down too uickly and it didn't work to save itself for me

  5. Nonabgo Nonabgo says:

    I don't understand how this book has this rating on Goodreads I mean it's a soap opera One generation and we would have talked The Young and the Restless I'm not one to leave books aside once I've started them call it Aries persistency but this was one of the few books that made me cringe every step of the way My definition for this genre is frustrated housewife who never gets anyI don't even know where to start Was there anything I liked? I'm really struggling to find something I could have said the setting but no because Pandora and its location are barely described so I didn't even get to be immersed into the atmosphere And too bad because I love a good location book but this one was far from making me want to buy the first ticket to CyprusMoving on to the plot it's a very simple one No one knows who their real father is apparently and it takes a summer vacation by the sea to make them discover their genealogy Sprinkle a little drama because apparently people are not allowed to keep secrets plus a little pointless jealousy like in all good soap operas and you have a garbage book that's best fitted for middle aged divorcees who will never find love again and drown their sorrow in red wineThe characters are so stereotypical that I just wanted to burn them with the fire of a thousand suns Of course Helena is beautiful and amazing in each and every way but of course she gets condemned by everyone for keeping a secret that bears no relevance to her family Of course her son is an asshole who sounds 13 even in his 2os Of course the same mistakes are repeated over and over again because no one learns from their mistakes And in all that the most interesting characters are left aside to make room for the boring onesAnd above all this book is purely misogynistic Why did the author feel the need to give her male characters permission to treat their women like that? All the male characters are judgemental creeps including Alex It feels like the women don't have the right to have a life outside of their family Oh you had sex with another man before you were my wifemy mother? You depraved whoreI'm not even going to go into the writing style actually I will Endless dialog Pointless dialog Chats that have nothing to do with the story progression and don't help build up the characters There's absolutely no narrative depth it's like the writer didn't want to show her skills If she has them This feels like a book written by a 15 year old Ok now I'm done Initially I wanted to give this book 2 stars but nope Not even that It's bad Not even Nicholas Sparks bad Not even Sandra Brown bad Just bad

  6. Mareli Thalwitzer Mareli Thalwitzer says:

    35 Stars One reader described this book as fluff but decent fluff LOL That is exactly what The Olive Tree was I have a couple of friends who absolutely love Lucinda Riley I have never tried any of her books and at our last Book Club they convinced me to take one I picked this one Finished it in 3 days yes I do work and have a life it just reads sooooo easyNothing memorable here it was just another fluffy story But the characters were well developed especially Alex and I do love Lucinda Riley's writing style She's got a beautiful play with words Roughly everything can be summed up on page 570 Yes You can use this one as a doorstop as wellMy ten years' worth of diary is merely a snapshot of small lives lived in a vast universe But they are our lives and our problems are big to us And if they weren't then I doubt humanity would still be around because as my mother so wisely said to me we have been granted the innate gift of hope

  7. Monica Hills Monica Hills says:

    An excellent contemporary fiction novel set in Cyprus The setting was amazing and I felt like I could feel the heat and see the amazing views What was interesting was the book was told from two different view points One was from Helena the ex ballet dancer who has brought her family to her childhood vacation home in Cyprus that she has just inherited from her god father The other point of view is her son Alex who desperately wants to know who is biological dad is even though he has a step father and two step siblings To complicate matters their family friends are coming to stay with them and Alex can't stand their son who is only 4 months older than him An excellent heart touching novel

  8. Linda K. Melzer Linda K. Melzer says:

    A beautiful brilliant novelA very satisfying read Beautifully written with wonderful fully fleshed out characters There are several storylines love sadness deceit suspense All characters were woven into very satisfying conclusions No loose ends although I would have loved for the story to have gone on and on I highly recommend this novel

  9. Helena Wildsmith Helena Wildsmith says:

    This was a proper family saga and I really enjoyed it even though the plot took a few tangents that are arguably pointless The story kept me guessing and there were times especially at the end when I struggled to put it down A few of the characters seemed a bit too good to be true but overall I enjoyed it and will look for books by this author

  10. Liz Liz says:

    Lucinda Riley is such a good storyteller The plot of this stand alone novel was just complex enough to be intriguing without being over complicated I did have some issues with the novel for example the amount of freedom the parents gave to their teenage children but overall a really enjoyable story that wasn’t predictable

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