Madam President Kindle Ú Hardcover

Madam President Kindle Ú Hardcover

Madam President ➶ [Reading] ➸ Madam President By Lane Smith ➫ – A little girl imagines what her day would be like if she were Madam President There would be executive orders to give babies to kiss tuna casseroles to veto or VETOand so much Not to mention that rece A little girl imagines what her day would be like if she were Madam President There would be executive orders to give babies to kiss tuna casseroles to veto or VETOand so much Not to mention that recess would definitely reuire securityWith deadpan wit and hilarious illustrations best selling picture book creator Lane Smith introduces readers to an unforgettable new character.

10 thoughts on “Madam President

  1. Candace Robinson Candace Robinson says:

    Super cute

  2. paula paula says:

    Here's a good idea pretend you are the president and see how that makes you act In Madam President Lane Smith who must be the hardest working most civic minded dude in children's literature lays out all the ualities the president needs to exhibit Wisdom Diplomacy Friendliness sympathy humility toughness calmHis noble little girl in her tailored flared pantsuit demonstrates how each of these exemplary traits plays out during an action packed day that starts at 7am with an executive order politely delivered More waffles please and ends at 8pm when she delegates a visit from the cat to her vice president a friendly looking rag dollIt's fun It's informative It has tons of little jokey details Katie keeps a copy of Profiles in Courage under her bed And it teaches about integrity without being preachy

  3. Krista the Krazy Kataloguer Krista the Krazy Kataloguer says:

    If you read the text alone on this one it could pass as an informational book on what the President of the United States does But if you look at the pictures it becomes a story about a girl who imagines herself as President The difference between the text and the pictures creates the appealing humor of the story I'm not fond of Lane Smith's artwork which is why I'm only giving it 3 stars I do like her Secret Service Agent cat however and the bust of Eleanor Roosevelt that she stands on in front of her school Ironically Eleanor may have been one of the only women who actually came close to doing all the things a President does A nice book for Women's History Month and one that could kick off a great discussion on Presidential responsibilities and women in politics

  4. Janice Coney Janice Coney says:

    Text to Teaching Connection Social StudiesThe main character of this book speaks life into the meaning of being a president Even though this book would be a reading assignment it could easily also be a Social Studies project I would suggest once the class is in government section or if it is an election year this book would come in handy to spark ideas into the minds of the students Some of the newly found interest could be redirected to get the students to talk with their parents about the offices held by government officials Teachers could also hit on another point in the book about holding yourself accountable As an activity I would have the students explain why they would want to be president and what would they change if they were president Then I would have them create a bill to be passed Then we could split the class up to have members of Congress and go through the process of getting the bill approved Allowing all students a chance to be the president and congress members

  5. Maria Maria says:

    When a little girl imagines her life as a President she starts with the here and nowWhy I started this book Selected for our Presidential Story TimeWhy I finished it Charming with lots of sly humor that the adults loved than the kids

  6. Chrisanne Chrisanne says:

    Lane Smith is so uirky and fun

  7. Mathew Mathew says:

    Although it is based in America its subtle message that anyone regardless of gender should dream big in life in order to aspire to be anything that they want to be is done is a witty and light hearted way Lane Smith has a real talent for throwing traditional stories and socio cultural norms on their heads and he does this so well here Not only is there wit in abundance but I thought that the play between what the words were saying against what the illustrations were show Lane at his very best This joke between the roles of responsibilities of the president are mainly played through the illustrations whilst the narrative reels off an freuently formal tone about the responsibilities 'There are executive orders to give' is illustrated by a young girl shouting at the breakfast table for 'More waffles please' the lovely double page spread of the president's cabinet only shows slight allusions to the imaginary world of the girl that we are party to with the Secretary of the Interior joined by the Secretary of Fantasy a lovely pegasusunicorn figure These then are the dreams and aspirations of a little girl Through her eyes we see her live the role of president and by the end of it when she is in the very place she started her day we are left feeling that she could easily handle the role when she's older I think that many other girls and boys will feel the same about their own dreams too

  8. karrie& karrie& says:

    This is a brilliant book Katy uses her executive power to make things happen in her world and goes about her day as if she is the President of the United States With hilarious pictures and sharp intelligent prose Lane Smith has created a very informative and funny book The illustrations are wonderful and the look on Katy's face as she appoints her Cabinet deals with the Secret Service out on the playground and tries to repair the disaster area that is her bedroom is priceless I love the fact that this is a book about a woman president and that she is a strong character who clearly knows herself It's timely especially since we inaugurated the first African American President yesterday Why shouldn't little girls dream of being of the first woman President? The strength of this book is the use of government terms to tell the story and the plays on words that go along with those terms When the book is all said and done Katy is just like any other little girl at the end of the day tired

  9. Marissa Elera Marissa Elera says:

    The saucy young girl starring in this amusing Lane Smith work is uite comfortable with the many responsibilities of the presidency Marching importantly across the pages she declares many accurate facts about what a president must do and we see her interpretation in Smith's humorous illustrations From negotiating treaties between dogs and cats deciding on a capable cabinet consisting of Secretaries of Pizza Fantasy Naps and Pets Who Should Be In Their Cages to using the president's veto power to veto tuna casserole and a musical version of Little House On The Prairie this girl's imagination takes flight With its accurate details and amusing illustrations this work would be a nice break from the regular textbook approach in teaching early introduction to the American government systemA president must be a diplomat which is why l'm not commenting on that hat

  10. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for Kids TeensReadToocomOne little girl imagines her day if she were President Katy uses an executive order to refill her waffle plate Recess includes secret service agents hiding behind the trees She vetoes tuna salad for lunch Katy even has to deal with a Disaster Area her room Lane Smith creates a story that will make readers giggle The adorable pictures reinforce the humorous tale While the presidential subject is timely this book will be enjoyed for years to come

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