House of Blues PDF ó House of MOBI :Ú

House of Blues PDF ó House of MOBI :Ú

House of Blues ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ House of Blues Author Julie Smith – ASIN B008NOY09W moved to the most recent editionThe Edgar winning series of New Orleans mysteries starring Skip Langdon continues After prominenet New Orleans restauranteur Arthur Hebert is murdered t ASIN BNOYW moved to the most recent editionThe Edgar winning series of New Orleans mysteries starring Skip Langdon continues After prominenet New Orleans restauranteur Arthur Hebert is murdered three family members suspiciously vanish Skip's hunt for a killer and the missing Hebert heirs embraces worlds within worlds HC Fawcett.

About the Author: Julie Smith

Author of mystery novels and a YA paranormal adventure called BAD GIRL SCHOOL formerly CURSEBUSTERS Nine of the mysteries are about a female New Orleans cop Skip Langdon five about a San Francisco lawyer named Rebecca Schwartztwo about a struggling mystery writer named Paul Mcdonald whose fate no one should suffer and four teaming up Talba Wallis a private eye with many names a poetic.

10 thoughts on “House of Blues

  1. Joe Young Joe Young says:

    Skip Langdon is a different kind of detective a six foot tall tough but attractive intelligent cop in a different environment New Orleans a one of a kind type of city I was struck by the character of the city especially when compared to my only other exposure during the Katrina Hurricane crisis a couple of years ago The expectation of larceny being part of any encounter with government and crooks being scattered among the righteous in the police departments also was an awakening for me If you can handle or perhaps even enjoy shadowing a strong women with a well developed sense of what is right this is a chance for your passions to be whetted Julie Smith presents her characters as tough and invincible with a rough and tumble plot much like a Chamberlain detective story of old If that is the type of character and story you enjoy get your fix with one of the stories from the Skip Langdon Series Julie Smith knows her way around a good police procedural exercise The review to this point ignored the special food and drinks aspect of this deep south city just an additional reason to peruse this book to garner a cultural understanding of this area

  2. Kyle H Kyle H says:

    This was my first Skip Langdon mystery I only bought it because I got a good deal on it thanks BookBub and only read it because I was in a New Orleans mood I'm glad I did Very engaging and entertaining book The author occasionally wrote from other not main characters' perspectives and it was very effective and believable Bottom line Good deep characters; nice twists; well done evolving plot line; thorough knowledge of the city definitely not my last Skip Langdon book

  3. Paganalexandria Paganalexandria says:

    012819 currently free in Badass Broads

  4. LJ LJ says:

    HOUSE OF BLUES GoodSmith Julie 5th in Skip Langdon seriesFinding local pressures rising when a crime wave peaks with the murder of a prominent restaurateur New Orleans homicide detective Skip Langdon begins a detailed search for the killer as well as for the victim's missing heirsI love books set in New Orleans It wasn't great but it was good

  5. Laurie Hanan Laurie Hanan says:

    I absolutely love this author and especially this series Over the years I'd read most of them but not in order Now I've decided to go back and read them in order and I'm so glad I did Even though each novel stands alone each builds on the one before and things make so much sense I adore the New Orleans backdrop a city I've never had the fortune to visit but love reading aboutThe characters are so complex they feel like real people to me This book held me riveted from beginning to end

  6. Louise Pass Louise Pass says:

    Intrepid detective solves the next mysteryThis series just gets better and better Kindle provides the opportunity to read thru an entire series starting with the first book even if it is out of print and allows you to continue to the end When you really enjoy the work of an author it is wonderful to be able to do that These books are worth reading

  7. Lonnie Lonnie says:

    MehThis book was just okay for me I've read enjoyed the Skip Langdon series but not so much with this one I skimmed through a lot of mediocre pages to get to the end Hopefully the next book will be better

  8. Linda Linda says:

    House of BluesI thoroughly enjoyed reading this book The characters were interesting and believable The plot was intense and complex I look forward to reading the next book in the series

  9. Alicecake Alicecake says:

    Engaging convoluded and unpredictable at least I didnt predict correctly I enjoyed the New Orleans history especially the background on the Kru organization I wish there had been character development up front but then that might have made it predictable

  10. Diane Diane says:

    This series is entertaining I like the main character because she faces her own personal issues as well as working out the crimes This one has a cast of interesting characters and possibilities; never a dull moment

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