Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! ePUB ¶ Face, Anthony

Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! ePUB ¶ Face, Anthony

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  1. Tanu Gill Tanu Gill says:

    Wow This book I can't think of any words to be honest what with all the snot in my nose and tear tracks on my face but I want to write my review while I am feeling all raw so Here goes And there might be spoilers In fact there are So bewareWhen I looked at the cover and the title I thought this would be a fun book written to take our mind off things so that the reader can relax and enjoy with maybe a glass of soda I don't drink alcohol so don't mind me and relish that glass of wine you had imagined for yourself and I didn't have any sort of warning for the journey ahead because I haven't read many books by the authors just a handful So I was in no way prepared for the gut wrenching tears and heart breaking feeling that was constantly there throughout the reading Well there were good times when I only laughed and didn't feel anything sinking in my tummy and let me tell you I grabbed at those moments like the bloody lifeline they were because man the book gives you pain Lots of pain And I am a softie at heart I suirm away from any kind of pain I am not a crier But this book made me cry fat ugly tears And I am fine with it Because no one saw me and so I don't have to tell anyone why I was looking at my phone and crying PIt's been a while since I last read a book in which one character had autism or any other disorder And since I haven't researched these topics yet I had forgotten about all the things associated with it Hence I read this book with 'fresh' eyes and felt it even deeplyI'll confess something Don't laugh at me okay? I am very sensitive I thought it was Anthony Pace that had a mental disorder because you know he would keep his face hidden and I don't know The way Charlie told I actually thought that Anthony was the one who was the special different one So imagine my surprise when I read that Charlie's mom sic took him to get a diagnosis This light bulb went off over my head and it then started laughing at me saying Hahaha you are so stupid You didn't catch the signs? And then it faded out of sight or imaginationhallucination? and I was left muttering to itswhat do you call it? To the spot where it was seen a moment beforeButyea This book is priceless The insight I got into how Charlie's mind worked priceless I loved Anthony and Charlie I completely fell in love with their story And I would reread it right now too except for the fact that I would have swollen eyes on a Sunday when I could have to go anywhere or have to attend any guests which there are going to be I suddenly remember So I am going to be the grownup that I am supposed to be and leave it on my device for a later reread session maybe when I am feeling a bit down and close to my emotions which I keep on a shelf in my mind because they can be very bothersomeAn amazing book Justyea And I am ending on thiswhatever it is note Too much morose ness can act as a downer and all that ;

  2. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    45 A different planetOf weirdosLike us This book reminds me of rain on a sunny day or the last bit of a really good dessert It’s joy dimmed But not defeated When Anthony Pace refuses to share the red car Charlie’s mum says “You should tell him ‘shut your face Anthony Pace’” But Anthony Pace becomes a friend and learns to share Anthony is everything Charlie isn’t artsy laidback the yin to Charlie’s yang Charlie’s uncomfortable looking people in the eye Charlie is brilliant but he doesn’t like change; change makes him anxious The boys go off to university together Charlie to study science Anthony to study literature Everyday Anthony waits for Charlie All his life Anthony has waited for Charlie Charlie’s desire to keep his mum safe is heartbreaking He tries so hard to keep it together but he’s slowly being crushed by dust and bills His beautiful supportive mum is slipping into darkness She burns the roast and she rages And sometimes she doesn't know who Charlie is But even when Charlie shuts the door Anthony refuses to leave They make a leap then from friendship to Charlie and Anthony’s sexual exploration is at once tentative and frantic Heated kisses lead to adventurous touching and Charlie just wants to see Anthony naked Is that good?”“Oh God yeah” Anthony was arching his back humping Charlie’s hand “I didn’t know people talked when they had sex I didn’t realise”Anthony laughed “Course we can talk you prune Just because my cock is in your hand doesn’t mean we’re different people” Claire Davis and Al Stewart write uniue stories unapologetically British uirky humorous with a thread of sadness Shut Your Face Anthony Pace is a tale of discovery and loss It’s a tale of family ties and love that binds The ending isn’t a pot of gold but there’s poetry and laughter And there’s a mermaid And a fierce Chihuahua waiting for her diamond collar Charlie stopped to get the words right “How come you like me though? It was a big something he had to ask “Because you’re funny and kind and don’t care that I wear perfume You’re part of me Charlie And you have curly hair and wrists and that look when I’m talking bullshit You listen to my poems and the way you look at me—it makes me feel all special” And if that doesn't call for a cat cuddle pic I don't know what does

  3. Shile Shile says:

    425 stars Cute Sweet A little Heartbreaking Overall it was a feel good read

  4. ☆ Todd ☆ Todd says:

    I absolutely adore this latest new adult novella by Al Stewart and Claire Davis It is sweet funny and clever with just the right mix of obstacles for the boys to overcome and cavity inducing feelsAt around 19 years old Charlie is an odd duck with a penchant for science just starting university with his best friend Anthony At 5 years old Anthony was Charlie's first enemy but uickly becomes his best and only real friend He's also a poet with some interesting wordsmithing skills The story not only covers the boys becoming a couple but also the difficult issue of caring for older parents and the gut wrenching choices that often must be madeI really enjoyed how the story unfolds with each step of their journey feeling fluid and necessary Even though this is a new adult read with younger MC's there is no drama for drama's sake hereI'm not normally the biggest fan of poetry but there were two poems in the book that I found very moving Shoelaces is about feeling like an unwanted loser by your peers and is very elouent in expressing how even something as simple as being picked for a game can make kids feel bad about themselves Very sad but trueBut my favorite is I’m in love with Charlie Woods showing just how interwoven Anthony's very existence is tied to all things Charlie And has been for nearly his entire young life Honestly I found it to be sublime Also if you're looking for swoon worthy scenes we get a few of those as well Like when Charlie asks Anthony why Anthony likes him “You showed me space with your telescope when I was six years old remember? Once a boy shows you the stars they’re a hard act to follow” I initially wanted to compare this book pre read to Nash Summers' Maps series but post read don't feel that comparison to be very accurate This book is less in your face humorous but introspective and thoughtful In my opinion that is as Maps isn't generally a ' deep introspective feelings' kind of characterPlus Al and Claire actually throw us a teeny bit of a ' sexy times bone ' if you will I snorted at ten inches heh Overall I'd rate this one around 425 stars and highly recommend the book for any fans of MM NA or YA romance My ARC copy of the story was provided by the authors in exchange for a fair unbiased review

  5. * A Reader Obsessed * * A Reader Obsessed * says:

    45 Wonderful StarsHeart achingly feel good devastating in life’s unfairness sweet funny sexy in all the right places earnest in really the best ways possibleDon’t shy away from this gem like I first did because this is YA This won’t titillate but it will make you swoon In all its simple glory this is a story about evolving from best friends to the bestest of lovers an inevitable path for Charlie and Anthony and really the only one possible They fit perfectly together at 5 years old accepting of warts and all and understanding each other only as a soulmate could It’s that connection that is not necessarily tested but only further solidifiedSeriously affecting I’m one happy reader

  6. Ele Ele says:

    Yesterday it had seemed there was a choice to be made but today there were no choices only a destiny that was set long ago You guysI just loved this book so much I think it's my favorite from the authors which speaks volumes because I have love all their workThis is a coming of age story It's about friendship family love and falling in love with your best friend Or just realising that this tingling on your skin means you 've always been in love with him “You showed me space with your telescope when I was six years old remember?”“Once a boy shows you the stars they’re a hard act to follow” Anthony Pace aka local sex god or defender of lemon curd or upholder of standards etc is special He writes poems he is a red haired freckled force of nature and never gives up He lives and breathes Charlie even if Charlie doesn't see it He gets CharlieCharlie Woods is special He's somewhere in the autism spectrum He's brilliant and about to become a scientist and defeat all the bacteries He takes care of his mom who has dementia and he loves Anthony PaceIt made me feel all kinds of feelings this story I smiled I laughed I cheered for Charlie and Anthony and I teared up And I ugly cried at 90% Because reasonsThe story is told from Charlie's POV but we sort of get Anthony's POV too through his poems Some poems are funny some others are thoughtful I'm in love with Charlie Woods is a punch to the gutCharlie's voice about the way he experiences his mother's disease floored me and it was heartbreaking Alice was a truly magnificent characterThe flashbacks are EVERYTHING There is just the right amount of steam and the whole story is deliciously British What does this world need?” “Me Me and Anthony This world needs Charlie Woods and Anthony Pace” Yes it does This world definitely needs Charlies and AnthonysVery highly recommended Review cross posted on Gay Book Reviews

  7. Kaje Harper Kaje Harper says:

    45 stars rounded up This YANA story is one of the better coming of age romances written in the POV of a main character who is clearly somewhere on the Autism spectrum Charlie loves science and has always been a bit at a loss about people School was always fraught with conflicts between his uirks and teacher expectations But ever since he was young he had two people in his life who were there for him to encourage him and care about him One was his elderly mum The other his best friend Anthony PaceNow his mum isn't well and he's not sure how best to look after her This was supposed to be the beginning of the rest of Charlie's life the year he finally left high school with its rigidity rules and limits and bullies and went off every day to spread his wings at college with Anthony But he's not able to relax into his days on campus worrying about homeHis relationship with Anthony is changing too They're still best friends He still calms Anthony's anxiety and listens to his poetry Anthony is still the guy who invites him over just to hang out and who can touch him without making him want to get away But there's a new layer a new flavor in being together as adults There are things they're not saying to each other both deliberately and because they don't have words The future's not what Charlie thought it might be but he's trying to cope one day at a timeThis story felt plausible and respectful of people and relationships There were moments of humor moments of pain moments of ordinary life moments of grace I wasn't enormously taken by the interwoven Anthony poems and I wanted a bit detail at the end on page time and emotion But it fit the style of the story and narrator as it was presented This amusing poignant and human drama is well worth a read Recommended for teens too with the caveat of a little borderline on page sex content

  8. .Lili. .Lili. says:

    I knew within the first few pages I was reading something special I went in not knowing what to expect Claire Davis and Al Stewart are new to me authors I've seen their books pop up on my GoodReads feed from time to time was always curious but never took the plunge Until this book After a horrendous reading week this book stood out like a beacon of light Seriously It was screamingRead me Read meI couldn't refuse The book gods were sending me a sign and who was I to ignore them I'm so glad I listened I was profoundly moved by the characters and their story The writing was uirky but touching Some moments made my heart ache like put the iPad down take a deep breath before continuing to read kind of pain But it was so worth itMy highlights The plot and the writing style Something about it just felt different and new I read a lot of romance books and I've been reading them for over 20 years and to feel as if I was experiencing something new was refreshing The protagonists and supporting cast Funny and loving It's impossible not to care for them The pace of the book It flows uickly I felt like I was swimming against the tide because it was moving so effortlessly and I didn't want it to end It had I'm grinning like a loon humor The poetry Just you wait future readers you're in for a treat The romance there are some instances where my heart pitter pattered I highly recommend this one My reading experience felt like I was a part of something truly uniue It was beautiful 5 StarsPS Claire Davis Al Stewart I must now go through your backlist ARC kindly provided by Beaten Track Publishing to Gay Book Reviews for an honest review

  9. Jewel Jewel says:

    ​Raise your hand if writing mostly awful poetry helped get you through your awkward​ teenage yearswhat's that? Just me? Surely there are one or two of you out there? Ok then No worries I have no plans to turn this review into a poetry slam or anything ; Shut Your Face Anthony Pace is exactly the kind of story I've come to expect from Claire Davis and Al Stewart It's multifaceted being a best friends to lovers story but also about having to face the very difficult choices and challenges that come with caring for a parent with dementia This story is about growing up and falling in love and family It's gorgeous inside and outCharlie Woods and Anthony Pace have been best friends since they were children and we get flashback snapshots of them meeting becoming enemies and then friends and best friends And all the while Anthony writes poetry Mostly awful but there are a couple pieces that are actually pretty good and I could identify with And so much of it is about Charlie Anthony is shy and a bit awkward and as far as Anthony is concerned Charlie hung the moon in the skyBut what Charlie never realized was that Anthony felt than friendship towards him Anthony obviously knows Charlie better than Charlie knows himself and Anthony is a patient boy Watching them go from best friends to boyfriends was one of the sweetest things I have read in a while and I dare you to read this story and not smile Review copy of Shut Your Face Anthony Pace was generously provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review

  10. Amy Spector Amy Spector says:

    This book has what is uite possibly the most awesome title EVER The cover? I want a freakin' poster And the story? Not surprisingly it packs a punch This one is up there with my favorites of the DavisStewart books Maybe even my favorite I adore Charlie and how can you not love Anthony Pace And Charlie's mom? I loved her for a whole lot of very personal reasonsA beautiful and completely uniue story of acceptance and loveThe highest of recommendations

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Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! [PDF / Epub] ☉ Shut Your Face, Anthony Pace! Author Claire Davis – First love coming of age family acceptanceWhen Charlie was eight years old his mum bought him a microscope for his birthday Since then he's known how he wants to spend his life There have been trials First love coming of age family Face, Anthony PDF È acceptanceWhen Charlie was eight years old his mum bought him a microscope for his birthday Since then he's known how he wants to spend his life There have been trials and challenges but now finally the day is here for him to start college with his lifelong friend Anthony PaceAnthony is a red haired force of nature He writes poetry about their enemies and eagerly participates in all Charlie's science experiments without understanding a word Every morning he waits Shut Your PDF/EPUB ² at the end of their street so they can get the bus togetherBut things are changingFamilies are important and complex Charlie's mum hasn't been well and his relationship with Anthony begins to shine like a different star in the skyCan everything come together in this explosion of physics and chemicals that Charlie calls life Will Anthony Pace ever share his poems with the world and can the Chihuahua Princess Arabella ever learn to stop lickingWARNING includes moderately explicit scenes of intimacy between consenting young adult males.