Batgirl at Super Hero High PDF ☆ Super Hero Kindle

Batgirl at Super Hero High PDF ☆ Super Hero Kindle

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  1. Robjr73 Robjr73 says:

    Read this with my daughter and she said to give it five stars So there ya go

  2. Brittany Brittany says:

    Barbara Gordon begins her career at Super Hero High as the part time tech representative She works in the tech department and helps fix any glitches After helping the school defeat Granny Goodness and the furies Amanda 'The Wall' Waller extends an invite for her alter ego Batgirl to attend Super Hero HighThis book is not only about the adventures of fitting into Super Hero High as the only student without super powers but also about earning the acceptance from her dad Commissioner Gordon that she wants to live a life combatting criminals You follow Batgirl through this book as she learns to balance her many classes and duties at Super Hero High while also trying to convince her dad that she is than capable of kicking the butts of criminals and of course destroying the plans of criminals intent on destroying the worldThis is a cute book and fits with the entire DC Super Hero High world that DC has created It is a book about friendship and learning to work as a team that also expands on how important technology can be I think it is a very empowering book for young girls and boys I will definitely have to read some of the other books from this series

  3. Stephen Stephen says:

    Another solid entry into the series Now when I tell my daughter she's too young for something or that something is too dangerous she grumbles that I'm just like Commissioner Gordon Little does she know I take that as a compliment

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    In this continuous of the SuperHero Girls series Batgirl Barbara Gordon finally manages to persuade her father to let her attend and then board at Super Hero High But as talented smart heroic and determined as she is the work is hard and keeps her busy all the time While she makes many friends among her classmates and even befriends a small bat she also makes at least one enemy who tries to thwart her at every step and make her look like the villain she is not Readers in intermediate grades will enjoy all the challenges Batgirl has to overcome including her father's fears that she will be hurt or die and some of the unrealistic demands her classmates place on her for help While the book isn't for everyone it does have its charms for a certain audience After all who doesn't like a kick ass heroine?

  5. Robert Kent Robert Kent says:

    First Paragraphs Oh sure there were injuries Lumps and bruises were an occupational hazard Sometimes it was because a muscle bound metahuman was momentarily careless when working out in Wildcat’s phys ed class Or because a flyer took a turn a tad too sharply and slammed into a wall or a fellow student or the cafeteria at full speed Or because of something like what had just happened an invading interstellar alien army had targeted the student population for total enslavement to the powers of evilwhich was all part of the daily routine at Super Hero High School And most of the super heroes in training loved it Now as the young heroes flew ran stretched strolled and teleported into the auditorium they laughed and congratulated each other They admired their new casts and bandages and bruises Never had so many been so sore—and so happy about itLisa Yee is a middle grade author I've wanted to feature here since I read her wonderful Millicent Min Girl Genius and she'll be here on Thursday so look forward to that When I saw she was writing the Super Hero High series I wanted to read it at once and so will you when I tell you Batgirl and Supergirl are two of my favorite characters and Lisa Yee is an author I admire so I knew I was in for a treat And this was the perfect book for me to read in preparation for my own projectWhat a fun series this is It's clever and hit all the right notes for a middle grade book for girls about girls that can also amuse a grown man who still likes his comics Super Hero High is like Hogwarts if Hogwarts had way cooler students based on DC characters Personally I would never want to go back to high school unless it was Super Hero High and then I might consider it because I'd love to take these classesIn PE instead of running laps around a track they were often asked to run laps around the city And in Weaponomics they were learning about devices that could cause mass destruction—or save the world As the school’s part time tech wizard Batgirl had seen it allAs Principal Amanda Waller warns Barbara Gordon AKA BatgirlThis isn’t like your old high school Here we train students to save lives make the world a better place and lead by example There are villains who will aim to bring you and the world down We have to be prepared for that”Obviously as Amanda Waller is principal of a high school Super Hero High is set in its own continuity separate from any other DC story Although I can't say for certain as Harley uinn's Super Hero High book doesn't come out until January I'm guessing she didn't fall in love with the Joker after obtaining her doctorate in kindergarten I'm also betting money that Batgirl won't be shot in the spine and paralyzed before the end of the series though Yee does endow her with all the technical know how she'll need if she ever does become Oracle In this version of the DC Universe Dr Arkham is a school counselor which strikes me as rather ominous More fun Crazy uilt is teaching costume making and Red Tornado and Comissioner James Gordon are on the faculty as well on him in a moment Steve Trevor is working at the local Capes and Cowls Cafe and wouldn't you know it Batgirl's classmate Wonder Woman the girl has a crush on him The reader is running into other characters from the DC universe every other chapter sometimes literally“Barbara reporting to Supergirl Supergirl do you read me?” Her wafer thin com bracelet crackled before she heard “Oops ouch Sorry Sorry” There was a moment of silence followed by a loud thud and then Supergirl’s voice came in “Hey there BFF I flew too fast and The Flash was running too fast and we had a major collision But we’re both okay At least I think we are He looks sort of wobbly What’s up?”Sorry fellas but the focus of this series is on the female characters of the DCU most of them as teenagers Aside from the Flash and Cyborg I didn't spot a teenage Auuaman or even Robin But I think I would've enjoyed this series even as a teenage boy as superheroes of both sexes make for the most fun adventuresThere are plenty of stories focusing on teenage Superman but that's for another seriesYee is careful to maintain the essential essence of every character in the DCU without being a slave to the source material Yes Harley's a bit crazy but mostly about media and her own fame and one gets the sense that in this version of the DCU she might grow up to be not good exactly but not bad bad either As for Barbara Gordon who mostly goes by the name Batgirl in school Yee has lots of fun along the way with an oh so slight rearranging of her mythologyBatgirl was relieved that she got to keep her annex or as she referred to it her Barbara Assisted Technology Bunker This was also called the Bat BunkerOf all the characters present I felt that Batgirl was the most true to her comic book self When Red Tornado insists the teen super heroes learn to drive non super people vehicles so they can blend in as necessary half of them will grow up to have secret identities after all Barbara naturally chooses the motorcycle because it is her destinyYee wisely shifts the novel's focus from the superhero aspects of our teen superheroes' lives to the universal situations faced even by regular human teenagers without superpowers At the end of the day this is primarily a story about a girl and her father readers know from Batman comics which is what most Batgirl stories have always been about Commissioner Gordon wants his little girl to be safe and needs to learn to back off Barbara Gordon wants to be a super hero but needs to remember her father cares about her and has her best interest at heart Though I did find it uite funny that Gordon who is on the faculty at Super Hero High wants his daughter to go to Gotham City High School where she'll be safe It's like Bro do you even read Batman comics?What makes Yee's version of Batgirl all the interesting is that she employs an intellectual response to her problems the same as her young readers can This is how she handles her father's objections to her attending a school for superheroesBarbara knew she couldn’t argue with her dad’s feelings She also knew he couldn’t argue with facts Employing complex computer graphs and charts featuring a matrix of statistics to support her argument and supplemented by state of the art videos she worked deep into the night The next day was Saturday That afternoon Barbara invited her father into the living room Her presentation took over an hour and as Commissioner Gordon sat in his favorite chair nodding neither smiling nor frowning Barbara piled fact upon fact and reason upon reason as to why she should be allowed to go to Super Hero HighIt's good that Barbara is ready to use her brain as she's at a school where most of the students outmatch her in the brawn department Most of her fellow students were born with powers or developed special skills at a young age Her peers had been nurtured at super hero preschools then super hero elementary and middle schools Conversely Batgirl was a latecomer and had to make up for a lot of lost time In doing everything she can to fit in with superheroes not to mention running most of the school's IT needs and taking care of a sick bat and also competing in a reality show Batgirl runs herself down and has to learn how to manage her time and her life which is a lesson needed by most teens and their parents and everyone“People think I’m stressed” she told him “But really I’m not Okay okay maybe a little Sometimes But not all the time Not when I’m asleep” She let out a too loud laugh Batgirl kept dreaming about all the things she was supposed to get done and would wake up exhaustedBatgirl at Super Hero High is a fun story filled with beloved characters used in new and interesting ways It's chock full of humor and charm and soars high look at me I'm Gene Shalit Although even in the fantastical world of the DCU one still runs across the occasional troll“NO” he yelled The sides of his mouth curled downward and there was insult in his eyes “Not you” Batgirl stopped “In my day super heroes could fly and move buildings and were all men NOT GIRLS” Mr Morris grumbled Batgirl continued to remove the shoes then lent a hand to help him up “Next time” he grumbled “I want a real super hero not a girl”Me I just say that adds a degree of realism to a story that while unrealistic is absolutely accessible to younger readers You should absolutely add this series to your reading list and for sure check back here on Thursday to see Lisa Yee face the 7 uestions As always I'll leave you with some of my favorite passages from Batgirl at Super Hero HighNo one dared move and Miss Martian couldn’t because Killer Frost had just frozen her “as a joke” The only sound in the cavernous auditorium was a tiny ping coming from Cyborg’s internal circuitry Batgirl felt an icy chill go through her entire body “Ice to meet you” Captain Cold saidWhen you meet new people you should always hit them hard and if that doesn’t work hit them harder Remember to always lead with a punch BOOM” “When I meet someone new I prefer to lead with a smile” Batgirl said offering her one Barda looked at her with suspicionEveryone applauded and Cyborg smiled He had a nice smile Cyborg lifted his arm to wave and wave and wave It wasn’t until a minute had passed that Batgirl realized he was malfunctioning and couldn’t stop wavingThe library installation had gone well Now students were able to access books and resource material from their dorm rooms space vehicles anywhere—though many still congregated at the heavy wooden tables in the library that were lit with old fashioned green banker’s lamps “It feels so awesomely retro and academic to study in here” Hawkgirl whispered “I know” Batgirl agreed “I knowbut this is where all the knowledge is I love the smell of information in this room” Just as she was about to sniff an old leather bound copy of Ra’s al Ghul’s The Decline of the Ancient World someone cried “THERE YOU ARE”

  6. Michelle_1404 Michelle_1404 says:

    I loved this book it is great for leisure reading It was exciting and intriguing 5 stars

  7. says:

    at Super Hero HighDC Super Hero Girls Book #3By Lisa YeeISBN 9781101940655Author Website to you by OBS reviewer CaroSynopsis Batgirl has always hidden in the shadows but does she have what it takes to stand in the spotlight at Super Hero High?Barbara Gordon has always been an off the charts just forget about the test super genius and tech whiz and then she gets the offer of a lifetime when Supergirl recognizes that Barbara s talents make her an ideal candidate for Super Hero High Donning the cape and cowl Barbara Gordon becomes Batgirl ready to train at the most elite school on the planet next to some of the most powerful teenagers in the galaxy She s always had the heart of a hero but now she ll have to prove that she can be one Good thing she loves a challengeAward winning author Lisa Yee brings mystery thrills and laughs to this groundbreaking series that follows DC Comics most iconic female Super Heroes and Super Villains Move over Batman and Superman the DC Super Hero Girls are ready to save the day and have fun doing it GoodreadsReviewSuperheroes I just love them Especially the superhero girls of Super Hero High and Batgirl at Super Hero High is by far my favorite in the seriesIn this third book of the DC Super Hero Girls it is Batgirl’s turn in the spotlight In the previous books the reader caught glimpses of Barbara here and there while she helped Super Hero High and its students with tech stuff and also saw how she was an asset in defeating Granny Goodness Now Barbara Gordon is adjusting to her new life as a student at Super Hero High and a new superhero Although Barbara is smart and good with technology she has a lot to catch up to compared to the supers with supernatural abilities Afterwards Barbara starts training with the help of Supergirl Katana Bumblebee Wonder Woman and all her superhero friendsBarbara is determined to become a superhero and for this to happen she takes a step further into achieving her dreams which means moving out of her house to the school dorms Commissioner Gordon isn’t so happy at the beginning with this change but slowly comes to terms with the fact that Barbara is now a superhero and her new identity is Batgirl“Dad has finally agreed to let me attend Super Hero High Now that this is really happening I realize that in a roundabout way it is something I have dreamed about all my life”Barbara now Batgirl begins to experience life as a student a superhero and a tech genius which leads her to get into some trouble But no worries Batgirl knows how to handle the situation and make things betterI really liked Batgirl at Super Hero High Batgirl has always been one of my favorite DC girls and she finally got her own story Lisa Yee has presented us with wonderful coming of age stories for the DC girls each one different and special in their way which shows that even supers go through tough times to become the amazing superheroes we are used to seeingOBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review

  8. Nicole M. Hewitt Nicole M. Hewitt says:

    This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionThese books are so incredibly adorable and fun My daughter loves the high school take on superheroes and I have to admit that I kind of love them tooWhat Fed My AddictionGirl genius Unlike most of the other super heroes Batgirl is just an ordinary girl—with extraordinary smarts Her tech savvy makes her special and it gives her an edge that the other supers don’t haveA sense of belonging Batgirl has doubts about her ability to fit in at Super Hero High even though she has friends there She doesn’t know if she can be a “real” super hero since she doesn’t have any innate abilities She can’t keep up with the other students in a lot of areas especially gym where there are some pretty high expectations of super heroes She has to learn to rely on and trust her strengths and not worry so much about her weaknesses It’s a tough lesson that’s not easily learnedFamily troubles Batgirl isn’t the only person who’s afraid that she might not be cut out for Super Hero High She has a bit of an uphill battle because she has to convince her dad that she belongs there too He just wants to keep her safe because he’s afraid to lose her but she wants to follow in his footsteps and fight crime I loved the close relationship between Barbara Batgirl and her dadWhat Left Me Hungry for MoreCompetition My least favorite part of the book was the competition and how it all played out Batgirl’s logic when it came to her feelings about the results didn’t make a lot of sense to me I won’t say what it was since that would be a spoiler But the competition and the results became central to the rest of the book so it all ended up being necessary for the plot There were a couple of other minor inconsistencies but I often give those a little leeway in MG books My daughter didn’t seem to see any lapses in logicOverall I thought this was another fun installment of a fantastic series for MG girls My daughter and I will definitely be keeping up with itI give this one 45 stars Disclosure I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review No other compensation was given and all opinions are my own

  9. Aeicha Aeicha says:

    The adventures at Super Hero High continue with its newest student Batgirlaka Barbara Gordon super genius tech whiz and daughter of Commissioner Gordon With her high tech gadgets intelligence and best friend Supergirl Barbara becomes Batgirl and adjusts to life at Super Hero High But she finds that life among Supers without super powers isn’t easy Plus her dad isn’t fully on board with her being a superhero and she finds herself stretched a bit too thin trying to please everyone When a mastermind with a tech whiz mind that rivals hers makes big trouble will Batgirl have the right super stuff to save the day?Lisa Yee’s latest installment in her high flying action packed super fun middle grade series does not disappoint Batgirl at Super Hero High is jam packed with all the heart humor and excitement I’ve come to expect from this girl power fueled seriesThough a series with recurring characters I like that each book can be read as a standalone No matter which book readers dive into the world of Super Hero High and its many characters plots histories etc is well developed explored and laid out Making the many well known superheroes and villains high school students or teachers and placing them in the Super Hero High setting allows these characters and stories to feel relatable refreshing and accessible to young readers The various classes at Super Hero High will amuse intrigue and thrill readers and I love that because of Batgirl’s tech whiz expertise this installment really focuses on all the cool superhero technology science and mechanicsAll the fun engaging and entertaining characters from books one and two are back Wonder Woman Supergirl Katana Harley uinn Poison Ivy Bumblebee Cyborg The Flash and much and of course Batgirl is really given the chance to shine Young readers will love that Batgirl wasn’t born with or hasn’t acuired super powers but must rely on her own human strength intelligence and heart Like its predecessors Batgirl at Super Hero High is bursting with awesome girl power and an empowering feminist attitude that will inspire and encourage both girls and boys to be super

  10. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Copy provided by the publisherBarbara Gordon has finally convinced her father the Commissioner to let her leave Gotham High and attend Super Hero High where she had a joke as tech support She's worried that the students with powers won't like her but she has a strong ally in Super Girl Her biggest problem is balancing everything her father insists she live at home she is still doing some tech things she adopts a baby bat and gets picked to be on a teen tech challenge She is partnered with nerdy Noah Kuttler and works well with him but ultimately wins the entire competition Returning to school she still struggles with classwork and also is approached by Harley uinn to do a tech innovation for her blog With Noah's help she puts a hologram on Harley's web site but things uickly go wrong and instead of Harley Grams there are Harley Whams a virus that slowly takes over the whole country Having tricked her father into letting her live at school Batgirl now moves home doesn't answer her phone and is about to give up on her super hero goals when her classmates help her pin point where everything went wrong and use their own powers to help her solve it Strengths It's great to see books with some comic book girl power and there are some of my students who really love these Yee has clearly done her research into the DC canon of characters and has included a huge number of them Readers who haven't read the comics might be motivated to try them after these frenetically action packed stories Weaknesses I didn't like how Barbara pulled one over on her father to get him to let her live at school it didn't seem like a super hero move to me A small uibble My bigger one is that these are so packed with adventures and information about random characters that they are a bit hard to follow What I really think These fill a need but aren't my personal favorite I'd rather see Yee turning her impressive writing skills to novels like Warp Speed or Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time which have a bit staying power

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