The Tyranny of the Politically Correct PDF/EPUB ✓

The Tyranny of the Politically Correct PDF/EPUB ✓

The Tyranny of the Politically Correct ➸ [Read] ➳ The Tyranny of the Politically Correct By Keith Preston ➽ – It is rare for anybody on the political Left to be critical of Political Correctness it is after all a doctrine of their making but in this book the anarchist Keith Preston is not only highly critical It is of the PDF Å rare for anybody on the political Left to be critical of Political Correctness it is after all a doctrine of their making but in this book the anarchist Keith Preston is not only highly critical of the PC mindset but he euates political correctness with the totalitarian regimes of Communist Russia and Nazi The Tyranny eBook ✓ Germany The banning of books the intolerance of dissenters and even show trial by the media have all become part of the totalitarian regime that now dominates Western society Our Political representatives can sleep soundly for endorsing financially motivated wars the creation of mass unemployment the cutting of welfare payments and even opposing tax increases on Tyranny of the eBook ✓ the rich but they fear being attacked in the media for the non pc aspects of their private lives Publishing houses who established their reputation publishing the works of libertarians such as Thomas Paine Murray Rothbard and Gustav Landauer now warn their contemporary authors to omit all references in their work that can be seen to suggest any endorsement of cultural or social ineuality for fear of offending the ever vigilant pc storm troopers In The Tyranny of the Politically Correct Totalitarianism in the Postmodern Age Keith Preston provides an analysis of how Political Correctness began and how it has been embraced by not only the political left but by global corporations in the furtherance of their mutual One World One people agenda.

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  1. Michael Shockley Michael Shockley says:

    I wrote a review of this once and even though I went back to revise things multiple times I was never satisfied with what I wrote as nothing I wrote really congealed or formed a unified whole So I'll just be listing some specific thoughts about the book in no particular order1 This book is partly about PC culture through Keith Preston's here on out referred to as KP view as a national anarchist if you don't know what that is google it He appears to lay the blame for this partly at the feet of the Frankfurt School especially Marcuse but his criticisms of the school are slightly less conspiratorial and forthrightly antisemitic than those found in places like pol 2 KP not Kim Possible believes that PC culture plays into therapeutic managerialism a term he takes directly from the Old Right think Pat Buchanan and Frank Chodorov; the government uses this stuff in order to trespass further and further into the lives of ordinary citizens be it through telling private companies who they can or can't discriminate against or through telling parents that they can't spank their children In addition he believes that all this talk about universal human rights is a tool used both by the state in order to justify creating new bureaucracies to protect those rights and by globalized neoliberal capitalism as justification to pursue military action abroad He partly borrows these ideas from Alan de Benoist whom he name drops in the text One wonders if KP and by extension de Benoist believes that the Frankfurt School and all of these supposedly new institutions were responsible for the North's eventual decision to pursue military action against the South and free the slaves? KP would have been against federal anti lynching legislation as well; just another excuse to expand the powers of Big Brother3 KP hates idpol but you already knew this He doesn't hate the gays and the transgender people he just thinks they need to shut up and uit providing the government with identities to protect and police Women too; all this talk about sexual harassment is just providing Big Brother with excuses to concern himself with the lives of the little people Blacks can also stuff it; black Americans are still own plenty of wealth compared to other people in the world and we have black politicians 4 In order to rectify any of the above problems KP suggests that people who don't like the arrangements of one society should split off and form another Secession is one of KP's favorite tactics against the merciless encroachment of neoliberal capitalism and statist oppression; rather than excoriating racists he seeks to ally himself with them and take a few notes from their playbook Blacks should break off and form their own societies if they're unhappy with whites liberals should break off from conservatives religious freaks from secularists and so forth He believes that this will result in the maximum amount of happiness and freedom for all involved but forgets that we have already had both secession and segregation in the United States to ill effect5 Suppose I'm a woman and I grow up in a very conservative village that has followed KP's advice and has seceded from the decadent secular world Everything is super patriarchal here and nobody has ever taught me to read drive or do anything save for look pretty so that I might one day be a concubine for a cult leader But I want out Without appealing to someone from outside how will I escape? And if I do escape how will I make it in the world without any skills? Can my original village demand my return if some other village takes me in as their own? What if the conservative village experiences this so often that they decide to declare war on the liberal one? KP has no answers But at least the federal government will be nonexistent6 KP's relationship with fascists and white nationalists is only tactical and should you ever call him out on any of it he'll remind you that he holds the freedom of association so dearly that he thinks that entire towns should be able to decide that some people shouldn't have the right to enter them He personally would not be down with this and would rather live in a city hopefully one like those in the once existent Catalan Republic but partnering with Nazis and religious fanatics is the most effective way to ensure the destruction of the overreaching American government and global capitalism We must further strain the relations between communities so that the government will be forced to break up into smaller units hopefully no larger than locally run kibbutzim Other than vague suggestions that these kibbutzim should arm themselves he has no real solution for preventing Francoists from seizing anarchist territories once 7 Just because KP gave talks at the National Policy Institute the Mencken Institute where Charles Murray John Derbyshire Peter Brimelow Pat Buchanan and Taki Theodoracopoulos have been known to congregate approvingly uotes people like Alain de Benoist and Erik von Kuehnelt Leddihn and hangs with Richard Spencer doesn't make him a fascist He was a very enthusiastic Wobbly once so there

  2. Ricky Ricky says:

    I appreciate most of Keith's critiues Especially in this book I understand him not being for everyone but usually have a hard time uestioning his knowledge of history and various philosophersI read it a few years back and thought a lot of it was right on That opinion has only been further confirmed in our current state of affairs

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