The Legend of the White Peacock MOBI ✓ The Legend

The Legend of the White Peacock MOBI ✓ The Legend

The Legend of the White Peacock [Reading] ➯ The Legend of the White Peacock ➷ Kristen Iten – Enter the jungle with a young Indian girl as she braves the night in search of a magical bird of legend It will take all of her courage to break with tradition and realize her secret wish Sometimes th Enter the jungle with a of the PDF Å young Indian girl as she braves the night in search of a magical bird of legend It will take all of her courage to break with tradition and realize her secret wish Sometimes the best things in life are not free but who will pay the price Find out in this story of compassion and sacrifice If you are a fan of Disney style artistry you will The Legend PDF or fall in love with the illustrations in this book Inspired by traditional Indian art the illustrations in “The Legend of the White Peacock” will take your breath away This book is sure to be enjoyed by your intermediate reader as well as the entire family Story Themes Compassion Sacrifice the Importance of Literacy.

10 thoughts on “The Legend of the White Peacock

  1. Celesta Thiessen Celesta Thiessen says:

    Exuisitely beautiful tale of courage and sacrifice Very Touching

  2. Patrick Hodges Patrick Hodges says:

    Having read and enjoyed Kristen Iten's previous picture books for small children I was excited to learn that she had spread her wings heh and produced another book for slightly older children one that was longer deeper and yet still complete with illustrations to accompany its storyAn unnamed girl from a small village in I assume India based on the illustrations has grown up learning about the legend of the White Peacock and how obtaining one single plume from its tail will grant a person's fondest wish But there's only one thing this girl wishes for the ability to read an ability girls in her village are denied because tradition dictates that girls are not allowed to attend school So she goes out one night in search of the White Peacock hoping against hope that her wish is fulfilledThis book promotes several things and does it very well friendship self sacrifice and the importance of literacy The illustrations while not as colorful or vibrant as they were in Ms Iten's other picture books are still very well realized and beautiful I'm not sure at what age most kids forego having bedtime stories read to them in favor of reading them to themselves but for kids between five and eight this would be a marvelous choice I look forward to the next book in this series

  3. SheReads SheReads says:

    This book is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen and that's not me exaggerating You don't see a lot of illustrated books for this age group mainly because these kids have moved on to chapter books but The Legend of the White Peacock is done in such a way that it doesn't feel like it's only for young kids It feels like it should be an old legend passed down from generation to generation to teach kids important life lessons It feels very Disney and there's something so special about that type of artistry I can't say enough good things about this story and the pictures that accompany it

  4. Liwen Liwen says:

    Wow This story and its illustrations including the cover are so beautiful I appreciate the author's ability to present a story from a different culture with such clarity creativity and grace This is a book that will touch both adults and children and give young girls the courage to stand up for themselves It offers so many good nuggets of wisdom and addresses the important topics of euality bravery respect and hope In addition the intricate and realistic drawings make it one magical story

  5. Book Book says:

    This is than just a fantasy story it truly shows the bounds of generosity and bravery as a young girl goes in search of the magical white peacock to seek her only wish to be granted The peacock who is at first cautious understands that there is no self serving in the wish and sacrifices everything to grant itA wonderful message that children will engage and learn in Parents will enjoy reading this and kids will enjoy the magic within the messageThe illustrations were well suited to the ambiance of this read too

  6. Michael Wilton Michael Wilton says:

    A Touching StoryIt was impossible not to be touched by this heart rending story of self sacrifice From the moment the little girl goes into the jungle in search of a magic wish that would transform her life and the life of all the other girls in her village we remain spellbound as the enchanting story unfolds This simple tale highlights a profound social message about the privilege of education and is brought to life by the excellent illustrations Mike

  7. Pumpkin Pumpkin says:

    The layout and illustrations seemed to take priority and the text was fitted around them This broke up the flow of reading and made the story seem less important than everything else that was on the pageA nice idea that didn’t uite work for me

  8. Gabriela Arellano Gabriela Arellano says:

    Kristen's command of English is astonishingThe beauty of the English language shines at the tip of Kristen's pen The melody the rhythm is just mesmerizing Definitely new fav

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