A Spirit of Charity Kindle ê A Spirit PDF/EPUB ²

A Spirit of Charity Kindle ê A Spirit PDF/EPUB ²

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  1. Anna Anna says:

    A spirit of Charity Restoring the Bond between America and Its Public Hospitals by Mike King and published last June by Secant Publishing treat for sure a warm warm theme in the American society and policy public healthWhat a wonderful book this one You feel it you participate you see injustices and you would want to change the world You suffer while reading this bookNot only this book treats of public structures in particular the born progression and story of the Grady Memorial Hospital of Atlanta Georgia but also of the progression of the medicine during the various decades and centuries Before and after the Secession War there were many changes in terms of important discoveries in medicineSome public structures in the USA are real excellence like Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta where no one apart poor are cured apart some exceptionsAt the Grady Memorial Hospital HIVAIDS patients are cured with success but also cancer patients where also a wealthy patient could start a treatment with chemotherapy The hospital is great also for minor problems and the list of excellence of this place pretty inexpensive and for people that can't afford any kind of health insurance manyWhen these hospitals were born and whyWell in the past centuries of course poorest people could count just and still exist for black people and they're called charity hospitals in charity places where they were curedPlus black people It was unthinkable to create structures where black and white people could co exist centuries and decades agoAt some point in 1800 a sister arrived from Ireland Mary Cecilia her name from the order of The Sister of Mercy Order founded in Ireland and she created in New Orleans one of the best hospital for poor people that only Katrina in 2005 was able to ruin forever The Charity Hospital later not any re builtIn this hospital thanks as it happens also in other part of the USA a pact with the government people were cured pretty freely This one a hospital for the poorest part of the cityOnce the hospital became a strong name sister Mary Cecilia founded another reality at Atlanta calling this new hospital for poor Saint JosephThe main illness in 1800 Infections like yellow fever malaria dysentery In some places dead people were transported away and buried in various cemeteries only during the night for not scaring people because of the massive numbers of departuresIt was thought that maybe yellow fever could be contracted also thanks to corpsesAt Atlanta a journalist who became the editor of The Constitution Henry Grady started his battle for the creation of another hospital for poor people with free sanitary system He died abruptly in 1888 so without to seeing the realization of this dream that would have been entitled at his memorySure it hasn't been simple to going on for Grady Memorial Hospital The pact established with the government not always brought the necessary money every year and the hospital divided in White Wing and Black Wing The Black Wing didn't have a nursery and so black women constricted to have their children at homeOnce the Grady had problems with ambulances They wanted to buy a real ambulance and not just a horse ambulance but when found money and bought it they couldn't cover the ambulance with the proper insurance and so once in an incident they lost the ambulance A Funeral Home helped them for a brief periodAt the same time new changes were going on in medicine One of the main problem in case of operation was how to keep the patient calm How can it be possible to kill the pain while a doctor operated Alcohol Whiskey The discovery of ether used also as a drug for giving euphoria the best answer of it Long and Morton discovered ether and it was maybe one of the best success of medicine Long from the South used it for various operations from child birth to massive important operations as the removal of tumors in patients Morton from Boston a dentist tried it for pulling out tooth It was a successStethoscope arrived in the new world known in Europe only in 1868 1869 as mentioned in various Boston's articlesAnother important discovery the hygiene factor If in the past no one would have taken in consideration hygiene now it became fundamentalDoctors understood that maybe most of the germs and virus transmitted thanks to bad hygienic conditionsThe first blood bank in 1930 at the Cook County HospitalIt will be a long long process the one that will bring the Grady Memorial Hospital all unified without the divisions between Black and White wanted by the local black and white administratorsYou will discover in this book a myriad of great informations including the complete story till at recent years of the Grady Memorial Hospital and also the story of health insurances from the first ones in 1910 just for covering injuries passing later to a complete sanitary coverageThe author doesn't forget Lindon Johnson with the introduction of MedicareMedicare helped the elderly part of the population but not the poorest ones who can't afford any kind of health insurance Also Bill Clinton was back with a new reform in this senseKing treats also the chapter ObamaCare the extension of the Medicare and the possibility still a dream the President tried to fight for it for an extension of free health system to all the poorest of the country for giving dignity to everyoneIt still is a dream but let's hope for not too longOther part of the books will also treat HIVAIDS and other thematic I am sure will interest youIt's a book able to touch the heart this one and while I was reading it I was thinking at the doctors nurses working everyday in these hospitals for poor and I keep them all in my heartI am italian and I can tell you in our public structures we are all cured And at the hospital or in our doc studio we wait in line with great tranuility sat in companion with black Moroccan and their children and other people of our community and no one care if the skin of the person close to us is white or yellow or brown or black We haven't never separated our hospitals because of the skin but it is true that our history is very different from the one of the USA and our best hospitals are surely public structures I just hope that if there are still problems like these ones in the USA they can be sorted out It would be timeI strongly suggest this book for understanding the story of the public American hospital but also the American sanitary system and the continuous fight for keeping this voice eual for everyone during the centuriesImpressively importantIt can be a great gift for ChristmasI thank NetGalley for this book

  2. Melissa Dee Melissa Dee says:

    If you don’t set this book down with a great feeling of fury you are not paying attention The health care system in the United States is a nightmare of acronyms agencies and politicians I would venture to say that most affluent educated citizens have no idea what the health insurance options are for an uneducated poor individual are despite all of the press about Obamacare and the other health care initiatives of the last fifty yearsYou can’t walk away from “Charity” claiming ignorance With great clarity and precision King details the history of health care in the US with an emphasis on the role of public hospitals His indictment of the role state governments particularly in the South is passionate and compellingI found this must read book deeply disturbing and one I could not put down until I was done

  3. Kristine Kristine says:

    A Spirit of Charity Restoring the Bond Between America and its Public Hospitals by Mike King is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in early JuneSpeaking at an appropriately empathic and nurturing level King outlines the past present and futures of Grady Memorial Bellevue Jackson Memorial and Cook County public hospitals without overwhelming us with stats sob stories protocol or oversensitivity; instead all topics are addressed evenly from all sides in a very civic and curative way

  4. Woolfhead Woolfhead says:

    Grim and enlightening King lays out a clear picture of the past present and future of public hospitals like Grady Memorial in Atlanta hospitals that turn away no one but are denied funding through the ACA because of the limited vision compassion and intelligence of state elected officials

  5. Rhonda Lomazow Rhonda Lomazow says:

    A fascinating look at public hospitals the people they treat the reality of their survivalA very difficult situation told in a very interesting book

  6. Susan Clingman Susan Clingman says:

    Tough subject but not sure what the answer is

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A Spirit of Charity ❰Reading❯ ➿ A Spirit of Charity Author Mike King – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Most Americans have historically viewed the nation's great public hospitals as refuges of last resort for poor and uninsured people But these iconic institutions some recently closed some renamed othe Most Americans have historically viewed the nation's great public hospitals as refuges of last resort for poor and uninsured people But these iconic institutions some recently closed some renamed others rebuilt have also served as a safety valve for the nation's highly profitable medical industrial complex They are a key A Spirit PDF/EPUB ² to understanding the evolution of America's trillion health care system not just for the poor but the affluent as well argues veteran journalist Mike King Through an examination of their uniue history and an incisive analysis of policy successes and failures A Spirit of Charity reveals the remarkable story of why public hospitals matter and why they should play a prominent role in our public policy discussions.