Shepherds Abiding / Esther's Gift / Mitford Snowmen

Shepherds Abiding / Esther's Gift / Mitford Snowmen

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10 thoughts on “Shepherds Abiding / Esther's Gift / Mitford Snowmen

  1. Charlsa Charlsa says:

    This is one of my two favorites from the Mitford series I read it listen to it every year around Christmas time

  2. Tamara Tamara says:

    Love this book to listen to in the holiday season One of my favorite soothing slowdown audiobooks

  3. Conchita Matson Conchita Matson says:

    I’ve read this before except for the Mitford Snowmen but these are perfect for Christmas The true love of Jesus shines through the character’s especially Father Tim One of my favorite series

  4. Maria Maria says:

    Since I have already read the 9th book in the series this will probably be the last one since I've heard a rumor that Ms Karon does not wish to write any Mitford books Sigh I will miss Father Tim's antics and even the inspiration I find in these books I'm pretty sure that Ms Karon and her Father Tim have changed my life and certainly my perspective on life I'm only sorry I didn't read these books years ago when my mother first recommended them to me This one is about the Christmas season and as we go into that season I hope to keep many of its sentiments with me Now I just have to decide if I want to try to make Esther's Orange Marmalade cake It doesn't sound easy but it does sound delicious

  5. Andrea Andrea says:

    This is the 8th of 9 Mitford books and each one has been a treasure to listen to John McDonnough continues to be a fabulous narrator varied voices singing and who truly brings this world and these characters to life When Father Tim finds an old beat up nativity set he thinks it is the perfect thing to surprise Cynthia with for Christmas But what has he gotten himself into? Will he be able to get it ready in time? And what is SHE working on as a surprise for him? I love the glimpses into all our other well known favorite Mitford characters as well narrated from their perspectives not just Father Tim's

  6. Pelican Rapids Pelican Rapids says:

    most enjoyable have enjoyed others of the series

  7. Michelle Marie Michelle Marie says:

    Really sweet I don't think I would have liked it half as much if I had read it instead of listened to it I pressed play on the cd player everytime I was cleaning the kitchen which was often or cooking also often The reader John Mconough has one of the sweetest old man voices I have ever heard he did the voices and everything Basically it is a great Christmas tale that follows several different old charactersAgain I recommend it as a holiday listen to ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE A THING ABOUT OLD PEOPLE

  8. Martha Meyers Martha Meyers says:

    We have really enjoyed the Mitford books by Jan Karon We listened to this as we traveled this week for spring breakThis series takes place in a fictional town in North Carolina called Mitford The main character is Father Tim Cavanaugh an Episcopal preacher in Mitford Mitford is a small town so you get to know pretty much everyone in Mitford This particular book is a Christmas book but a good read anytime of year

  9. Debbie Desgrange Debbie Desgrange says:

    I was looking for a book for the season and I found an interesting one This book is primarily about Father Tom a retired priest in the small town of Mitford He's working on a special Christmas gift for his wife While he works on it with the help of others we get snippets of stories about others in Mitford that touch his life It shows how interwoven our lives are with others something we often forget I would definitely recommend this book

  10. Jim B Jim B says:

    Audio book read by John McDonoughDelightful relaxing read This was my first Mitford book I loved how the characters struggled with their Christian values in a very mature way I also enjoyed the way the Church Year played a role for example the pastor relaxes on Christmas day glad to be done with the busyness of ADVENT instead of Christmas rush

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