Street Fighter X GI Joe Kindle ↠ Fighter X GI ePUB

Street Fighter X GI Joe Kindle ↠ Fighter X GI ePUB

  • Paperback
  • 140 pages
  • Street Fighter X GI Joe
  • Aubrey Sitterson
  • English
  • 13 August 2016
  • 9781631407444

10 thoughts on “Street Fighter X GI Joe

  1. Chad Chad says:

    I felt like this book started with the first issue missing The tournament is already starting There's no explanation of why this tournament is happening or why both Street Fighter and GI Joe characters are there There's zero plot here It's just five issues of matchups with a nonsensical finale against Rufus It's completely awful in every way Received an advance copy from NetGalley and IDW in exchange for an honest review

  2. David Dalton David Dalton says:

    Okay far from a classic but it was fun to read A Comixology Unlimited selection Heroes and villains from both sets of characters Enjoyed reading this title Meet several new ones and enjoyed reading the older ones as well

  3. Wayne McCoy Wayne McCoy says:

    'Street Fighter X GI Joe' by Aubrey Sitterson and Emilio Laiso is a graphic novel version of a video game fight and it's fun in it's own wayM Bison and Destro seem to be running things on a secret island and the only way to defeat them will be for some of the GI Joe team and fighters from Street Fighter to compete in a series of fights The fights start at eight fights and bracket down to one big fight but who will emerge victoriousThere are good guys and bad guys fighting on each team so you have to just set that aside and approach this like you would a player selection screen in a video game but in this case the combatants have been chosen for you So you have ridiculous Rufus fighting The Baroness If you ask me there was way too much Rufus in this book fro my taste Roadbloack fights Hakan etc You get the picture Then the winners of those fights fight each other There is enough dialogue and plot to keep it interesting and it should please people who like what if scenarios The art is decent but there wasn't enough here to keep me all that interestedI received a review copy of this graphic novel from IDW Publishing Diamond Book Distributors and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this graphic novel

  4. Jim Jim says:

    I guess my expectations were too high for this book But to be honest they weren't that high There wasn't much of a story here to be expected it really didn't make much sense Like even compared to those 80s JCVD movies like Bloodsport and Kickboxer But I was hoping there would me variety of the well known Street Fighter characters Ok who am I kidding I just wanted to see Blanka kick some butt But he barely appeared They did attempt a cool way to present the Street Fighter 2 video game format But with all the other problems it kinda fell flat So even my not very high expectations weren't even met Thanks to NetGalley Diamond Distributors and IDW Publishing for a copy in return for an honest review

  5. Ron Ron says:

    Cobra's Baroness Destro and Storm Shadow along with a rash of GIJoes and assorted others are involved in a series of personal combats in the fashion of the video game Street Fighter all for the pleasure of M Bison and the powering of his prototype psycho power suit Of course things do not go according to anyone's plan but the suit gets destroyed Bison is betrayed and the Cobra Joe conflict continues

  6. Oliver Bateman Oliver Bateman says:

    sitterson excels at scaled down big fight stories and that's what this is a big fight story plot is secondary

  7. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    25 StarsThis was just way too literal of a crossover By that I mean the entire series was setup like a Street Fighter Video Game with a GI Joe Character fighting a Street Fighter Character I thought this would be a cohesive story using the SF characters in a storyline Instead its just fight after fight There's a very loose plot tying everything together but it's not enough to overcome the silly fights The Street Fighter characters have some cool backstories so I was hoping to see them interact with GI Joe and Cobra on a different level but noThe art is good but once again its just page after page of mostly one on one fight scenes And I mean a tournament format fight in front of everyone video game style fight In comic book formThis may sound interesting to some readers but I like a little substance even if it is a video gametoy line comic series

  8. James Bowman James Bowman says:

    Most of this is a series of short and not particularly memorable fights between characters from each franchise with a thin plot tying things together It would have worked fine as an actual video game but as a comic it comes off as cheesy and kind of shallow But I was surprised a few times especially with the final big bad and I was never bored so that's something B

  9. Nate Balcom Nate Balcom says:

    This story is everything you could imagine it would be Almost no narrative and lots of fightingaction I enjoyed the video game like structure A fun uick read for fans of either franchise It was good to see some childhood favorites duke it out though Duke was missing

  10. Ian Ian says:

    Aubrey Sitterson plays with action figures

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Street Fighter X GI Joe[Read] ➪ Street Fighter X GI Joe Author Aubrey Sitterson – On a hidden island in international waters 16 combatants enter a secret tournament one that pits Street Fighter vs GI JOE M Bison and Destro have joined forces and taking them down will reuire the wor On a hidden island in international X GI PDF/EPUB ✓ waters combatants enter a secret tournament one that pits Street Fighter vs GI JOE M Bison and Destro have joined forces and taking them down will reuire the world's finest warriors Ryu Snake Eyes Guile Scarlett Chun Li and Duke.

About the Author: Aubrey Sitterson

Aubrey Sitterson is a freelance writer X GI PDF/EPUB ✓ whose most recent work No One Left to Fight is currently available in local comic shops digitally on Comixology and through special collector’s packages He’s also the writer of The Comic Book Story of Professional Wrestling which is available everywhere including local bookstores comic shops and online retailers like Aubrey has written comics.