The Beta Male Revolution PDF ☆ The Beta eBook

The Beta Male Revolution PDF ☆ The Beta eBook

The Beta Male Revolution [BOOKS] ✪ The Beta Male Revolution By Alan Roger Currie – If you are a man reading this what is the difference between your definition of a 'good girl' vs your definition of a 'kinky slut'If you are a woman reading this what is the difference between your de If you are a man reading this what is the difference between your definition of a 'good girl' vs your definition of a 'kinky slut'If you are a woman reading this what is the difference between your definition of a 'nice guy' vs your definition of a 'bad boy'There are some men who women The Beta eBook Ñ love engaging in multiple episodes of short term andor non monogamous 'casual' sex but they would publicly categorize those men as 'jerks' who would never be ualified to be a woman's husband or faithful boyfriendSimilarly there are some women who men love engaging in many episodes of casual sex but realistically they would never ever entertain the thought of having that woman become their next long term girlfriend or future wifeWhat about the men and women on the opposite endWhat about those men and women who seem to have a lot to offer members of the opposite sex when it comes to their very friendly accommodating and entertaining personalities but many of these same men and women are perceived as 'boring' and unsatisfying sexuallyIf any woman believes that men want to choose between the monogamy oriented 'good girl' type and the kinkier and promiscuous 'slut' type they are being naive Many men want BOTH types in their lifeSimilarly if any man believes that all women want to choose between the friendly personable and financially generous 'gentleman' or 'nice guy' type and the kinkier erotically dominant and seductive 'bad boy' type they are also being very naive A good number of women in society want BOTH types in their lifeIn the middle of the th Century it was the women who were primarily frustrated with the deceitful and sexually duplicitous ways of men and their response was The Second Wave of Feminism and the Sexual RevolutionNow in the first two decades of the New Millennium it is now men who are very angry and frustrated with the deceitful manipulative and sexually duplicitous ways of women and their response is what Author Alan Roger Currie refers to as The Beta Male RevolutionCurrie asserts that st Century dating rituals are vastly different than the dating rituals our ancestors engaged in during the th Century and the first half of the th CenturyThe appeal of entering into a strictly monogamous marriage has diminished significantly among both men and women and in today's society many single men and women have given in to their promiscuous andor polyamorous tendencies and avoid long term monogamous relationships and strictly monogamous marriages altogether Currie categorizes this book as somewhat of a 'preuel' to his other popular books which includes 'Mode One Let the Women Know What You're REALLY Thinking' and 'Oooooh Say it Again Mastering the Fine Art of Verbal Seduction and Aural Sex'Read this book and find out where we are as a society and where we seem to be headed regarding the institution of marriage and the concept of traditional monogamous relationshipsIn addition to being a book author Currie tours the country as a public speaker who discusses issues related to developing better interpersonal communication skills between men and women erotic dominance and submission and date rape and sexual assault prevention Currie has also spoken in Berlin Germany and London EnglandCurrie is an alumnus of Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana and has appeared on local regional and national television and has been interviewed numerous times on local regional and national talk radio programs.

About the Author: Alan Roger Currie

Alan Roger Currie is the author of four books that earned a Top Bestseller ranking on com in the categories of “dating” “human sexuality” “interpersonal relations” and “mate seeking” Currie’s most popular book Mode One Let the Women Know What You’re REALLY Thinking was published in March and has since become an The Beta eBook Ñ international fan favorite among single heterosexual men Currie.

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  1. Josalyn Cork Josalyn Cork says:

    In Author Alan Roger Currie's fourth paperback this one is billed as a preuel to his first three Currie makes the strong argument that one companion is not enough for either men nor womenCurrie states in this book that men want at least two women in their personal life one woman with monogamy oriented convictions the good girl and another woman with kinky and promiscuous leanings the harlotCurrie suggests that women want even men in their personal life as many as four One man for strictly sexual enjoyment and satisfaction Currie labels these men 'Total Alpha males' another man for both sex and long term male companionship Alpha males with Beta traits or primarily financial security and entertaining conversations Beta males with Alpha traits and the remaining men for just emotional empathy and support and platonic friendship Total Beta MalesThis might be the best book ever written to answer the uestion Why do men and women cheat on their spouses? Currie not a licensed psychologist offers great insight on the covert motivations of both men and women in today's dating sceneIn summary this book offers a lot of food for thought for men who are frustrated over the hypergamous nature of women This is an instant classic

  2. Mr.Bora Mr.Bora says:

    If you have yet to listen to any of Alan Roger Currie’s first three audiobooks make sure you put this one first on your list Even if you have already listened to his three previous audiobooks this new one is still worth a listen This latest audiobook is like a companion piece to his three previous audiobooks‘Mode One’ Alan’s first audiobook explains to men why verbally communicating with women in a straight to the point and direct way is far better than verbal communication with women that is indirect vague ambiguous or blatantly dishonest and misleading This audiobook also introduces Alan’s male listeners to the four categories women that all men will encounter in terms of their verbal communication style reciprocators rejecters wholesome pretenders and manipulative timewasters For this audiobook Alan also has pre printed journal notes that you can purchase separately‘The Possibility of Sex’ Alan’s second audiobook explains to men why verbally communicating with women in an indirect way or subjecting yourself to ‘funclubbing’ with women Alan’s uniue term for a man pretending to be interested in remaining just friends with a woman when he knows he wants sets a man up to be misled manipulated and toyed with by women on a consistent basis This audiobook concentrates on the category of women that Alan refers to as ‘manipulative timewasters’ which are women who pretend to be interested in having sex with a man but really these women just want to use men for their platonic friendship and occasional monetary favors‘Oooooh Say It Again’ Alan’s third audiobook teaches men how to make their voice smoother sounding and persuasive and seductive and also how to read explicit erotic novels written by heterosexual and bisexual women to learn how to develop a talent for talking dirty to women and tap into their already existing sexual fantasies that they keep hidden in their heads Alan makes listeners believe that they can get women sexually aroused in their very first conversation with a woman if they become really good at talking dirty to women by whispering in the woman’s left ear This audiobook concentrates on the category of women that Alan refers to as ‘wholesome pretenders’ which are women who pretend to be monogamy minded prudes in public but privately they are really very kinky sexually adventurous and experimental and even promiscuous‘The Beta Male Revolution’ this audiobook gives male and female listeners a brief but very intelligently explained history of dating and relationships between men and women in the USA and it explains how two decades the 1960s and 1970s pretty much changed everything between men and women forever Basically Alan says that US society and probably even other countries too has not really recovered from what happened between men and women in those two decades and that those two decades ultimately caused women to view men in four categories men who are good for satisfying sex and not much than that total alpha males men who are good for both sex and long term companionship alpha males with beta traits men who desperately want to help a woman raise children in a family unit and are willing to take care of a woman’s financial needs and obligations beta males with alpha traits and men who women either ignore completely or only contact to be flattered or to have those men provide them with emotional support and listen to them whine about their problems with alpha males total beta males I won’t give away much than that You have to listen to it for yourself Women I would assume will learn a few things about how men work too but this is a goldmine of information for men in terms of helping them fully understand what makes women tick I guarantee you that after listening to this audiobook you will understand just about everything there is to understand about why women do the things they do and why they act differently toward different types of men This is a must listen for all men

  3. Keith Keith says:

    I have to say this is one of the best books I have read about the manosphere and ladies you can keep on living in denial about sexual selection between alpha and beta guys You can go on denying about leading men on You can go on being in denial about the sexual marketplace Deny all of that and it will come back to bite you in the ass There are a lot of disingenuous in western society I dated some of them All of my ex girlfriends were disingenuous You can keep on living in denial and keep saying to yourself the manosphere is full with bitter men and whatever shaming tactic you can come up with The problem is not men It's women Until women realize this expect and men to walk away from the table This is an excellent book and also uotes for Rollo Tomassi books in there for The Rational Male series Definitely an excellent read

  4. Brock Books Brock Books says:

    While monogamy and traditional values have been touted as the norm this has never been the case for the overrated monkeys that humans are Time to look under the hood and see the observable biology underneathMy chief complaint is the misuse of alpha and beta split into four tags It's tedious and wrong How is Beta with Alpha traits different than Alpha with Beta traits again? Once you stumble through that a useful explanation of the various types of men and women and why none of them will ever be satisfied emerges A solid read I'd recommend it to anyone puzzled by the modern dating landscape

  5. Darnell Alamgir Darnell Alamgir says:

    All in all a good read I recommend any man to add to his library He's straight with no chaser

  6. UrbanSmash UrbanSmash says:

    The main thing I got from this book is that you don't have to subscribe to the normal straight boring vanilla life script of college career marriage children As women gain rights they are also gaining power which I've only ever seen as a good thing Black people have gained rights too As an ex Knight in shining armour type I was always at the defence of women happy to advocate feminist views I was the proverbial Captain Save a Howe rescuing women from patriarchal alpha males that had no respect for women However I was very naive in my beliefs about women and Alan Roger Currie ARC in this book sets the record straight and brings home some hard truths which unfortunately I had to learn the hard way through bitter sweet experience ARC predicts that there will be and men like us waking up from the delusion that being a family orientated and faithful provider being a loyal monogamous and dutiful husband putting his wife and children first and being the best man you could possibly be will end up in generous lavishing of gratitude and appreciation from our partners and spouses Not so I believed I was being good man but I realise now that this was in many ways perceived as weak Nice guys finish last while the strong confident no BS types of guys referred to as Alpha Males are the ones that are desired to fulfil most women's physical needs and fantasies Thus the Beta Male Revolution is born Men that have played by the rules of society attempting to be great men in their families and communities aiming to do right by their women and uphold the moral fabric of modern civilisation are in for a rude awakening The author warns that many beta males are angry but this can be directed in a good way Alpha Males are happy with the way things are as they will always be desired and in high demand by women Personally I realised that whenever I'm in the Caribbean I feel alpha I'm perceived as alpha and I live an envious lifestyle that the first world beta version of me can only dream of when I touch down back home By transitioning to alpha males in our own societies and communities many beta trait males no longer have to be angry bitter confused and frustrated With the support mentoring and coaching of alpha male leaders such as Alan Roger Currie all males with a strong desire for self improvement and mastery can transition graduate and upgrade to the type of authentic alpha males that satisfy women's psychological and physical desires as well as importantly their own

  7. Christina Christina says:

    Alan Roger Currie’s fourth paperback The Beta Male Revolution is a must read for both men and women This book highlights many of the major differences between contemporary romance and marriage and the attitudes toward romance and marriage in the previous three centuriesIn his new book Alan seems to criticize the nature of what he refers to as obligatory monogamy and only recommends monogamy that feels natural and organic to the man and woman involved The author points out that dating and relationships between men and women have never really been the same beginning with 1980 when he feels society became accepting of women indulging in premarital sex and what is now known to many millennials as the ‘hook up’ cultureAs a woman what I liked about Alan’s book is that he is not one sided in his criticisms He does not attack women’s behavior only or men’s behavior alone He has criticisms for members of both sexes who he feels are very dishonest insincere manipulative and sexually two facedYou may not agree with every point that Alan makes in The Beta Male Revolution particularly if you are of a traditional nature but I can guarantee everyone will take something valuable away from this book The book is eye opening and intriguing for men and women alike and it is very well written intelligent and will make you think for days after turning the last page I highly recommend this book and strongly urge everyone to purchase a copy

  8. Jamie King Jamie King says:

    Just a collection of over descriptive definitions no thesis is set forward or main theme followed Really all over the place

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