Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Volume 1 Risen Kindle

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Volume 1 Risen Kindle

Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Volume 1 Risen [Download] ✤ Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Volume 1 Risen Author Robert Venditti – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk New York Times best selling writer Robert Venditti BOOK OF DEATH X O MANOWAR and visionary artist Raúl Allén NINJAK Hawkeye forge a new legend for Valiant’s master of war For five millennia the Et New York Times best selling writer Robert Venditti the Eternal eBook ↠ BOOK OF DEATH X O MANOWAR and Wrath of ePUB Ò visionary artist Raúl Allén NINJAK Hawkeye forge a new legend for Valiant’s master of war For of the Eternal Kindle Ô five millennia the Eternal Warrior has shaped history at the end of his sword He’s razed of the Eternal Warrior Volume ePUB Ò empires toppled civilizations and broken armies as an immortal soldier in service to the Earth But now the Eternal Warrior has been torn from the world he once protected and finds himself stranded in a hostile alien landscape unlike any he’s faced before Separated from his earthly environs can history’s deadliest soldier survive a realm far older far deadlier and far ruinous than anything he’s ever encountered Beyond Earth lies eternityCollecting WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR –.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 154 pages
  • Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Volume 1 Risen
  • Robert Venditti
  • English
  • 15 February 2015

About the Author: Robert Venditti

Robert Venditti is a New York Times best the Eternal eBook ↠ selling author whose characters and concepts have Wrath of ePUB Ò been adapted to film and television He has written the monthly comic book series Justice League of the Eternal Kindle Ô Green Lantern and The Flash for DC Comics X O Manowar and Wrath of the Eternal of the Eternal Warrior Volume ePUB Ò Warrior for Valiant Entertainment and the children's novel series Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape for Simon Schuster His nonf.

10 thoughts on “Wrath of the Eternal Warrior Volume 1 Risen

  1. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    Spoilers ahead if you haven’t read Book of Death and are planning to If you’re not this one has a truncated version of that story anyway so you can get all caught up without suffering through that nonsenseGilad the Eternal Warrior bit the dust at the end of Book of Death and at the start of this book he’s awoken in Hell He must battle demonic hordes to the safety of his family in the afterlife but will his sacred duty as the Earth’s protector pull him once back to the land of the living? Robert Venditti really isn’t doing well these days He used to be one of my favourite superhero comic writers and now he’s consistently writing Valiant’s worst books I have no idea what happened but Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is no better than Book of Death or Valiant’s flagship and flagging XO Manowar series This is one poorly explained afterlife So did Gilad lose his wife and kids at the ages they are now and so they’re stuck at those ages forever? His kids don’t look like they all came from his wife either they all have different skin colours and he sired them in different eras So what happened to the mothers of these other kids? Also does this happen every time he dies he has to battle through Hell to HeavenPurgatory then back through Hell again to the gateportal to Earth? It seems a bit laborious If the Earth made him eternal seems like it’d be easier to give him a healing factor like Wolverine rather than make him go through such Herculean labors And his wife and kids don’t want him to go but he decides to anyway because he’s got to protect the world Which I could understand in the past when there weren’t superheroes around it was just him but nowadays the Valiant universe is brimming with new heroes couldn’t he take a well earned death and let them take over? Anyways the story in this volume isn’t that great It feels like a long drawn out prologue whose conclusion is inevitable Gilad’s familial bliss is as mundane to read as his demon slaying and the arbitrary boss fight at the end is unimaginative at best “Humongous” yes that’s really the big bad’s name is essentially a D list Diablo character there to pose as a threat and go down before the end Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is another unmemorable workmanlike effort from Robert Venditti though I enjoyed his early Valiant comics a good way of knowing which recent Valiant books to pick up would be to avoid the ones with this guy’s name on

  2. L. McCoy L. McCoy says:

    My second one star review in a row What the fuck?What’s it about?Gillad the Eternal Warrior has settled down and has a family but the woods are calling for him to fight monsters and shit thereWhy it gets 1 starThe story is mediocre at best It’s basically someone took a generic fantasy warrior plot except with poor execution than usualThe art is not good Usually Valiant makes sure their art is some high uality stuff but here it’s a bit ugly I recognized the artist’s name so I looked him up he’s usually a decent artist but seems to have phoned it in for this one I think a lot of it has to do with the coloring it seems offThe characters are weak Eternal Warrior who seemed kinda cool in other comics I’ve read that he’s in is a bit bland in this Like someone took Guts from Berserk and said “yeah let’s make him a traditional superhero with a less interesting story” His family didn’t care Villains generic and weak The dog could have been cool but was barely in the bookThe action scenes are almost always underwhelming andor anti climactic There was one good action scene in this whole action comic book but it was ONE SCENE that was shortThe dialogue is so cringey and bad right from the startDespite not being a horror comic there is an attempt at adding some horror elements and it doesn’t work The attempts are very weak displays of PG 13 levels of blood spatter and cheesy looking andor generic monstersMost of this book is super predictable I could tell what was going to happen in 90% of the book before opening it There was one twist I didn’t expect but it led toA terrible ending This book has one of those shitty view spoiler it wasn’t even real hide spoiler

  3. Chris Lemmerman Chris Lemmerman says:

    What happens when the Eternal Warrior dies? We all know he comes back to protect the Earth and guard the Geomancers but is there to the story? You bet there isBuilding off of the end of Book Of Death Gilad finds himself in his own personal heaven; but he knows he cannot stay He has to return to Earth and to do so he needs to fight through a horde of demons The family drama in this volume is offset by the super violence that Gilad visits on his foes It's a crazy juxtaposition that works really well The new characters introduced here are instantly familiar and feel like they really have shaped Gilad's life even though we've only met them hereUltimately this is mostly just prelude because the next volume looks like the real story that Robert Venditti wants to tell but humanizing Gilad is a nice move; he's played a big role in a lot of Valiant books so far but we don't get much of a glimpse behind the curtain regarding himThe art is the true winner here though when I saw Raul Allen's name on the front of the book I was instantly excited His few issues here and there of other books his issue of Bloodshot Reborn springs to mind have been exceptional and to get four issues in a row of his is amazing He has great panel arrangements and is a brilliant storyteller that elevates even the most straight forward scenes interestingGreat art and a surprisingly emotional story give Gilad's first story arc a lot of punch

  4. Brian Poole Brian Poole says:

    Wrath of the Eternal Warrior provides a very different perspective on the Valiant mainstay Wrath of the Eternal Warrior picks up where Book of Death left off Having sacrificed himself once again in service to the Geomancer Gilad Anni Pada enjoys a sojourn in the afterlife where he’s reunited with loved ones But his sense of duty compels him to return to the world of the living So he endures a hellish gamut and showdown with a powerful demon to return from the afterlife Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is a rather fascinating character sketch of Gilad Writer Robert Venditti dreams up a rather ingenious explanation for Gilad’s long life including the terrible choices and torments he endures to fulfill his vows to protect the Earth It’s a uniue perspective on the character one that peels back the reserved layer so often associated with him Venditti delves into what motivates Gilad and what his choices cost him The journey back from the other side is an imaginative device that infuses some high stakes action into the story Venditti may craft an iconic Eternal Warrior story with Risen It’s textured creative work from one of Valiant’s core writersThe art team of Raul Allen and Patricia Martin brings strong visuals to Wrath of the Eternal Warrior The “paradise” scenes featuring Gilad with his family have a soft warm glow to them effectively depicting the reward that could await the hero were he willing to embrace it Those scenes make for a powerful contrast with the dark twisted hellscapes the artists craft for Gilad’s gauntlet back to the living world They wrap shadows and muted colors around challenging perspectives creative design work and powerful compositions Some of the imagery is rather shocking especially a two page spread of Gilad that deliberately evokes crucifixion but it all enhances the storytelling It’s striking work that really sells the fantasy elements and emotional power of the bookFor existing Valiant fans Wrath of the Eternal Warrior is almost mandatory But even for newer readers Risen provides an intriguing point of entryA version of this review originally appeared on wwwthunderalleybcpcom

  5. Zare Zare says:

    Gilad Eternal Warrior seems to have finally found peace He is placed in a place that would be not out of place of Warhammer or Moorcock's universes personal piece of Heaven where he is surrounded by those most dear to him And first neighbor is another realm that hosts rather hostile entities that are crossed with our hero And unfortunately road to work leads right through that neighborhoodI liked the concept of what is for all means and purposes eternal prisontorture cycle where every Gilad's rebirth and death is constant struggle Gilad has a gift but that gift comes with the very costly price up to the point that even in after life Gilad has no peace What is exactly that drives Gilad on to grapple with same dangers over and over again? When does the one's duty and honor approach to life end? I am tempted to go into details but don't want to spoil anything to new readers Let me just say that being fan of Warhammer universe concepts both medieval settings one and 40k this story made for a very very interesting readArt was solid but again after reading Blacksad and latest Elric comics my expectations are set lil' bit too high but story was very interesting And ending oh yes the ending will just make you want to move on and read the vol 2 Highly recommended to all fans of adventure and of course Eternal Warrior

  6. 47Time 47Time says:

    Gilad dies after the battle with Master Darue and he gets sent to the afterlife where his family is eagerly awaiting him He wants to stay but is determined to help the living while they still need it He must face the army of creatures led by Humongous to be able to escape through the Iron Door view spoilerThe battle with Humongous himself itself? is particularly spectacular as his foe resolts to psychological anguish to weaken Gilad but the battle still goes in Gilad's favor He wakes up in an installation where he is locked up The Sovereign has plans for Gilad's life and death hide spoiler

  7. Shannon Appelcline Shannon Appelcline says:

    Risen #1 4 The Eternal Warrior is dead So Robert Venditti decides to tell the very intriguing story of what occurs between his lives We get to see Gilad's heaven and the battle he must eternally fight to return to life It's a great addition to the VH E universe and also a great look at Gilad's character humanizing him immensely Though there's not a lot going on in this arc the mythology and characterization makes it a strong read 45

  8. Joshua Joshua says:

    If a man falls why does he bother picking himself back up? I'm not sure I can offer a universal answer but I can at least find my own answerRobert Venditti sets up a fascinating and sheerly epic character in this first volume and I can't wait to see where the Eternal Warrior goes from here dying over and over again at the hands of demons and monsters is a fascinating premise but the reason the man stands up and continues through the pain is why I can't wait for the second volume

  9. C. Varn C. Varn says:

    Action packed Venditti's take on the Eternal Warrior almost seems to ignore the Greg Pak run although it is very rooted in the events of The Valiant and The Book of Death Action packed and a uick read with somewhat compelling characters

  10. Scott Schmidt Scott Schmidt says:

    My first time reading Valiant's Eternal Warrior I liked it definitely going to pick up of the character when I find it I really really dug the art though Raul Allen's style is just awesome

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