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The Secret of the Golden Flower PDF The Secret Of The Golden Flower By L Dongbin Jwdfitness.co.uk This Is A Translation Of T Ai I Chin Hua Tsung Chih, A Late 18th Century Chinese Meditation Text Falsely Attributed To The Shadowy 9th Century Figure L Yen A Late Expression Of Chin Tan Golden Elixir Taoism, It Teaches Manipulation Of Internal Forces Light To Achieve Revitalization And Spiritual Rebirth The Work Became Famous In The West When Richard Wilhelm Translated It In 1929, And Published It With A Commentary By Psychologist Carl Jung In An Afterword, Cleary Confesses The Importance That The Wilhelm Jung Version Had For His Own Personal Development Yet He Misses Few Opportunities To Disparage Both Wilhelm And Jung, Charging That Their Version Contains Dangerous And Misleading Contaminations P 5 It Is, At Best, Ironic That Cleary, Never Obsessed By Historical Or Textual Niceties, Accuses Wilhelm Of Publishing A Garbled Translation Of A Truncated Version Of A Corrupted Rescension P 3 Cleary S Familiarity With Chin Tan Texts Does Exceed Wilhelm S, But On The Whole His Translation Is Not Much Better Extensive Notes Do Illumine Some Passages, Largely Through Use Of A Commentary By The 19th Century Taoist Liu I Ming But As Usual, Cleary S Renderings Are Often Unblushing Paraphrases, And Specific Readings Are Sometimes Simply Arbitrary Assignations Of Meaning Based On His Own Transcultural, Transdogmatic Appreciation Of The Mental Dynamic Of Religion P 133 Both The Scholar And The General Reader Should Approach This, Like Most Of His Earlier Offerings, With Due Circumspection Thomas Cleary Is The Preeminent Translator Of Classic Eastern Texts, Including The Essential Tao, The Essential Confucius, The Secret Of The Golden Flower, And The Bestselling The Art Of War.