Hardcover ↠ Wonder Bear Epub Ú

Hardcover ↠ Wonder Bear Epub Ú

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  1. Hilary Hilary says:

    A wonderful adventure of two children who meet a bear with a magic hat All sorts of things appear from the hat which take the children on a wonderful adventure until bedtime The illustrations are nice interesting choice of colours and style This book would make an imaginative and reassuring bedtime read

  2. Betsy Betsy says:

    As far as I know there are no hard and fast rules that govern an illustrator’s debut picture book No guidelines on what to do or what to avoid are written down for easy reference If an illustrator were to ask me however I would probably advise against going wordless your first time out The general buying public is comfortable with certain wordless books all right Anno's Journey and The Red Book and The Snowman for example But these are award winners or literary classics By and large the general purchasing public isn’t entirely certain what to do with the wordless How on earth does one “read” when there is nothing to be “read” in the traditional sense of the word? But you know who didn’t ask for my advice on the matter? Tao Nyeu Ms Nyeu just went out there and created the biggest brightest most imaginative wordless picture book I’ve seen in all of 2008 She did it without taking a drop of advice from me and I’m bloody well glad she did So artists everywhere I implore you Never listen to a single syllable that falls out of that gaping hole I dare to call a mouth Whether the marketplace is ready for it or not Wonder Bear is a remarkable debut appearance by a special creator adept at tuning into that portion of the brain directly connected to childhood A boy and a girl plant a garden Not a particularly extraordinary event in and of itself but as they lie dreaming that night a beanstalk as thick and lush as any Jack ever climbed shoots out of the ground to flower the next morning Emerging from one such blossom is a white bear with a blue top hat From this hat the bear pulls out a troop of high spirited monkeys bubbles that take the shape of wild animals flying creatures that normally are relegated to the deep blue sea and After a day of adventures the boy and the girl fall deeply asleep and tucked into bed by the bear and the monkeys before they themselves take off for parts unknown I found the color palette itself mildly fascinating I've decided that deep green just doesn’t get the attention it deserves Nyeu gives the hue its due alongside other colors I might not instinctively reach for myself Deep blues I see a lot of but oranges and yelloworanges? That stands not within the prospect of belief Much of the action including the cover is set against a pure white sky the bear only distinguishing himself through his own outline This could come off as dull and uninformative as a Eyewitness book but fortunately Nyeu shakes things up enough by shifting backgrounds angles distant shots and close ups so that the read never comes off as stagnant Really these changes in perspective give the reader a sense of flying with the characters Speaking of which the characters in the book are fun though it is clear that the monkeys steal the show Nyeu is not averse to slipping in a little monkey related detail here or there check the back endpapers and kids will have fun following the orange critters’ adventures throughout the story Sharp eyed readers will also spot a blue top hat on the seeds the boy plants and the watermelons on the girl's side are full grown by the tale's end A uick word on the size of the book Librarians will often groan when a publisher decides to put out a picture book of unusual dimensions Yes yes we understand the artistic inclinations at work here Fellow artist Mo Willems can explain at length why Leonardo the Terrible Monster is tall and thin while Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed is long and wide That said a library’s shelves are not eternally malleable things We like our books to fit you see The oddly shaped or incredibly tall are too often doomed to the “OVERSIZED” section of the children’s room where no one ever sees them and where they are bound to lay forgotten maligned and alone Wonder Bear is eye catching and tall with a creamy whiteness and selectively shiny cover that is dazzling to the eye This will serve it well in bookstores where catching the eye is the whole point of the game and where shelves are flexible objects In children’s rooms in libraries however do not be surprised if it is difficult to find this book right off the bat This is definitely an example of when art comes in conflict with use Artistic considerations aside no small task the easiest way to describe this book to parents would be to call it The Cat in the Hat meets The Snowman Consider it You have your top hatted animal character that pulls wild things from its headwear and takes two children a boy and a girl through remarkable adventures That’s a credit to Seuss Then on the other side of the euation you have a large white friendly polar entity coming to life and flying about through a dark night sky Tip of the hat to Mr Briggs However Nyeu eschews the near calamity and anarchy of The Cat while also not getting near Briggs’ surprisingly sad ending The result is a picture book as light and fluffy as a soap bubble without an emotional core It’s a comfort book not a story with a greater purpose Not all tales for children need this unsettling undercurrent but maybe a little jolt or hint of conflict would not have been out of place here Maybe My knowledge of the children’s literary marketplace outside of America wouldn’t fill half a flea’s eardrum y’know Still the international possibilities of this book cause one’s jaw to drop slowly to the floor I mean the title itself already has the feel of a wordless import It reads like The Adventures of Polo than Jeannie Baker’s Window Some may not care for the title’s systematic stream of consciousness while others wish it packed of an emotional or narrative punch I like it uite a bit though I acknowledge that it does feel like a first book But Ms Nyeu is clearly a name to watch as her books grow and change over the years Her sense of wide eyed wonder is something no one will ever be able to copy or steal A beautiful object and a very fun book A visual winner through and throughAges 4 8

  3. Kathryn Kathryn says:

    A very interesting wordless story following the imaginative adventures of Wonder Bear and a boy and girl Some of the scenes are absolutely beautiful and charming I loved the sea creatures soaring through the night sky but some were just a bit too odd for my taste The monkeys were a bit too much like evil sock monkeys for my taste Still this is a creative story and I think one that some people will absolutely love

  4. David Schaafsma David Schaafsma says:

    A polar bear becomes magical when it wears a top hat blows bubbles into flying animals and pulls things out of the hat for sheer joy and wonder most notably these surreal gummy monkey creatures that remind me of the kind of invention in some alternative comic creatures such as in the work of Clowes Woodring and DeForge Maybe even weirder It's a similar point here being made about the joy of invention but without let's say all the drugs and madness The color is a high point here too This was Nyeu's MFA project done in 2008 I recommend your checking it out especially with kids maybe

  5. Abigail Abigail says:

    A young boy and girl plant their seeds one day in this gorgeously illustrated book and awaken to discover that something magical has occurred Wonder Bear takes them on a series of fantastic voyages in this wordless picture book only to return them safe and sound to their bedsTao Nyeu's lovely illustrations which must carry the entire story are reminiscent of Wanda Gag's work in style although they utilize a far subtle array of colors I sometimes find wordless picture books rather off putting but the charming visual landscape of Wonder Bear was sufficient to compensate for the lack of text

  6. Kate Hastings Kate Hastings says:

    Wordless picture book a trippy less destructive cat in the hat story of a white gummy bear and his magic hat that works magic that the Grateful Dead would rejoice in Not my bag but exactly the sort of book that wins Caldecott

  7. Christina Reid Christina Reid says:

    Visually impactful wordless picture book that could lead to hours of discussion and enjoyment I really enjoyed the distinctive colour palette and style as well as the celebration of imagination and the slightly zany creatures reminded me a little of Dr Seuss One to enjoy for whimsy and fun but I would look for of a story for it to be a new favourite

  8. Fjóla Fjóla says:

    I was really predisposed to love this book but I didn't I'll admit though that there's a lot of creativity in both the content and the imagery I usually like wordless stories but this time I wasn't touched The illustration style is very bold and I'm sure many will be drawn to it but I neither cared for the drawings nor the color palette It's strange because individually I fancy the colors used it just didn't work for me The story could have had drama or depth but it's geared towards really young kids so we're not the target audience My five year old was however both amused and delighted but he won't pick it up again I could compare the style of this book to some of Kevin Henkes' stuff he sometimes makes these odd choices with colors such as in My Garden A Good Day Old Bear Little White Rabbit Yet I tend to think his books are brilliant whereas in this one I didn't uite understand the choices made Also I'm not at all opposed to the pictures being or less graphic for instance I'm really fond of Along a Long Road and A Trip to the Bottom of the World with Mouse Anyway I'm using a lot of words to attempt to describe where this book went wrong with me Why would I care? Because I was so longing to like it This said I will be glad to read books by this author to try to change my mind So happily moving on to Bunny Days and Suid and Octopus Friends for Always

  9. Tasha Tasha says:

    This wordless fantasy book will carry children away into a dream like world filled with luscious foliage and flowers silly monkeys huge bubbles and flying dolphins From the very first pages where the two children are planting watermelon seeds and hat seeds children will know that something special and even strange is about to happen The story has no real foundation drifting along from one lovely notion to the next lingering and then moving on again Unlike some dreamlike story books there is no point at which there is any sense of danger in the story at all Readers are held in a magical space guided by a huge white bear from one fascination to the next Nyeu's illustrations are very strong and bold with bright colors and beautiful ideas One of my favorite sections is where the bear blows leaves into the air and they become sea creatures Dolphins octopus seals schools of small fish float through the air and eventually up into outer space Her illustrations exude a childlike simplicity heightened by a real sense of styleRecommended for a cuddle with a child who has a great imagination and can read this wordless book in their own way It will not work well with a group because of both its intimate nature and lack of text Appropriate for ages 3 6

  10. Debbie Reiber Debbie Reiber says:

    Wonder Bear by Tao Nyeu is a picture book The age group this book is intended for is nursery The book is about a bear that came from a plant grown by two children The bear brought many great things to the children from his hatThis book had no words and had many styles of shapes throughout the illustrations There were realistic geometric and abstract shapes throughout the book The colors were vibrant and the images showed action emotions and possibilities The children in the book enjoyed the day and the fun continued until they fell asleep and the bear collected all the animals and other things back into his hat and fly off in the hat in the night I think this book would be appealing to children because the images show many things coming together that realistically never would and it shows endless possibilities to what the day can hold The colors and the images can illuminate the creativity of the child’s own imagination With no words the child can add to the story or even draw what they think can happen the next day This book leaves endless possibilities for children to create and enjoy

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Wonder Bear ➶ Wonder Bear Free ➬ Author Tao Nyeu – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Two kids plant mysterious seeds and up grows a remarkable flowering vine out of which emerges an even remarkable big white bear On his head is a top hat a hat that allows him to work all kinds of magi Two kids plant mysterious seeds and up grows a remarkable flowering vine out of which emerges an even remarkable big white bear On his head is a top hat a hat that allows him to work all kinds of magic that day He pulls monkey after monkey from the hat blows bubbles in amazing shapes and transforms flowers into spectacular floating sea creatures This is a wordless book with bright bold illustrations.