DC Comics Epub Ú Paperback

DC Comics Epub Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • DC Comics
  • Marguerite Bennett
  • English
  • 08 October 2014
  • 9781401274078

10 thoughts on “DC Comics

  1. Corrie Corrie says:

    Volume #4 our kick ass heroines are back and the fight continues Great art work Technology and terror form an unholy alliance in a world at war and only the heroines known as the Bombshells can shut it downThemes DC Comics batgirls female super heroes kicking ass in WWII alternate universe super powerszombies evil robots feminists37 stars

  2. Sesana Sesana says:

    My least favorite in the series so far I just never really got into the main story The Batgirls story was great and the scene where Diana attempts to console Supergirl is really well done though

  3. L. McCoy L. McCoy says:

    Holy fuck this series went downhillWhat’s it about?Some bombshells are in Africa fighting animal power Nazis yeah it’s weirdProsThe artists all do a great job There’s a mix of art styles and it works in this volumeThere is a lot of great action throughout There’s at least one action scene in each issue usually involving villains robots and the stunning powerful ladies of DC What’s not to love about that?The comic relief is very well done in this volume More than the previous volumes included in fact and most of the jokes workThis series is still uite a bit suspenseful than most DC superhero comicsThere’s a pupper I love puppersConsThe story is cheesy Not in a fun kinda way but in a “that’s the best plot you could come up with in this volume really?” kinda wayThe commentary is not well written It opens with a fairly annoying “orange man bad” scene Unlike the previous volumes this volume kinda beats the feminism messages to death though fortunately didn’t cross the line into sexist street There were a few other things it was annoying It’s the kinda thing that makes me think “this is why comicsgate is a thing huh?” note I am not pro or anti comicsgate I can understand both POVs but at the same time disagree with bothThe romance isn’t interesting in this volume My main problem is with the love suare? Basically Batwoman has to choose between 3 different women and it’s sorta dumbMixed thoughtsThe characters On one hand most of them are pretty interesting and have the elements that make for most of my personal favorite female superheroes adorable and sweet yet bad ass and powerful On the other hand there are so many characters that I need a fucking character guide or something to avoid being confused almost seems like Bennett is trying to cram in every female DC character and a few don’t interest me at all looking at you HawkgirlOverallI don’t want to make it sound like this book is bad it has some things going for it but it’s disappointing nonetheless It’s like the series jumped from surprise DC masterpiece to standard superhero comic Not bad as I like superheroes but I’d prefer masterpiece over what at this point feels like a mature slightly sexy Power Rangers seriesI’d still recommend this series as it’s good but will be taking a break from this title As far as just this volume goes not good or bad some things about it are great but other things about it suck 35

  4. Megan Megan says:

    Everything is so beautiful ueer I'm in love

  5. Devann Devann says:

    This probably could have easily been a 4 star read but unfortunately due to some incorrect GoodReads descriptions I actually ended up reading half of this volume's issues with the previous volume so I can't actually remember what happened all that well and the second 3 issues here were just kind of okay Still a fun series though although I'm thinking that they're going to have to all meet up fairly soon because this jumping back and forth is getting a bit tiring and it makes it difficult to make any significant progress with the story

  6. Hannah Hannah says:

    In this disappointing volume the story moves away from the WWII battlefront to focus on a fight to control and defeat supernatural mechanical animals I didn't find this plot or the new characters very compelling I also struggled with deciphering who was who in the scenes where the superheroines were out of their costume since most of the female characters have the same body type and face shape

  7. Brandt Brandt says:

    In my review for DC Comics Bombshells Vol 3 Uprising and I lauded Marguerite Bennett and company for taking Ant Lucia's DC heroines as 40s and 50s cheesecake pin ups and co opting whatever Lucia's original motivations were for these designs I think it was probably something sexual given the obvious cosplay opportunities these nostalgic designs and turning it into something that is a feminist statement from Bennett et al However in the interim of me reading Bombshells vol 3 and Bombshells vol 4 I've also had the pleasure of reading Trina Robbins and Kurt Busiek's lost classic The Legend of Wonder Woman and I can help but wondering if Bennett doesn't take a lot of her cues in Bombshells from the example that the Robbins Busiek team put forthOne thing that is immediately obvious in both Legend and Bombshells is that men are always relegated to secondary status in the stories While this might offend some MRA idiot who still lives with his parents this is a bold choice Perhaps the choice was bold for Robbins in 1986 but someone had to break the fertile ground that Bennett has been able to till for four volumes of Bombshells In addition most of the villains are also women in Legend the villain was an obscure Golden Age Wonder Woman villain called Atomia One of the villains in ueens is also a Golden Age Wonder Woman villain The Cheetah However unlike Legend while Bombshells is set when the actual Golden Age of comics occurred it is written with a contemporary aesthetic While Robbins may have been an outlier for female creators in comics in 1986 Bennett is part of a growing wave of female comic creators who are producing innovative uality work often times outdoing their established male counterpartsWhile the style of Bombshells is dead sexy don't be fooled There's a ton of substance here too Considering all of the successful comic artists out there I think it's easy to draw a pin upbut to write a compelling story about those pin ups? That's the hard part and Bennett pulls it off creating a fitting tribute to trailblazers like Robbins and women in general

  8. ElphaReads ElphaReads says:

    Admittedly this isn't as strong as the previous works but it's still pretty damn strong There were a lot of things to like about this collection We meet Vixen and Hawkgirl who are not only founders of the Bombshells but Vixen is the ueen of Zambesi Hawkgirl is tech savvy as hell and they are a loving and kick butt couple Vixen stole Hitler's dog Blondie and took himher? on as her own pet We get backstory as to the relationship between Kate Kane Batwoman and Renee Montoya I'm a little worried in that KAte doesn't seem to even remember that Maggie back home waiting for her but the backstory was valuable and heartbreaking THe Batgirls group is given than just a one off plot as they protect the homefront and Lois Lane is here to stay it seems Along with that Harvey Dent is on the road to redemption and is a friend of the group Along with THAT Two Face appears ANd I want to talk about this because I have a lot of feelings So SPOILERS y'all Harvey is injured in this and gets his usual half face scar but since he's been working with the Batgirls as opposed to say oh BatMAN they rally around him and show him compassion and empathy So while he's clearly at the beginning of his trauma and who knows he may not come out of it clean you really get the sense that because he's shown love and care and support that he ISN'T going to be driven insane because of it I LOVED that and what it said about the power of stereotypically 'feminine' responses to such a thing LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this I was a bit frustrated with the mechanical animals from another world plotline and that Wonder Woman showed up late to the game with Supergirl only being in it for a few pages but overall I'm still SO into DC BOMBSHELLS and UEENS was another good storyline to follow More Vixen in future issues please and thank you

  9. Chris Lemmerman Chris Lemmerman says:

    More of a 35 rounded up This volume takes place away from the rest of the main conflict instead centering on Zambesi and new characters Vixen and Hawkgirl as Paula Von Gunther and the Cheetah also make their appearances This feels like a calm before the storm kind of story as the threat of the mechanical gods never really feels that big compared to what the Bombshells have faced already It's still good fun but after the giant battles in the previous volume it's all a bit muted The character work especially with Vixen and Hawkgirl and Kate Kane and Renée Montoya is very good as alwaysAnd the artists on parade here are as always rock solid I especially like Marguerite Sauvage Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga's contributions but there isn't a bad artist in the bunchOne arc to go I think?

  10. Joana Veríssimo Joana Veríssimo says:

    So far this was probably my least favorite of this collection so 5 or 4 because it's farther away from the center of the war and I really like the historical fiction aspect of this series but this one is magical and supernaturalI really LOVE the Batgirls scenario and I really like seeing Dent But I also missed Harley and Pamela so much in this oneBut I would still definitely recommend the series Read for the 2017 BookTube A Thon and this doesn't fill any new challenges

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