American Hookup MOBI Ú Paperback

American Hookup MOBI Ú Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • American Hookup
  • Lisa Wade
  • English
  • 23 February 2015
  • 9780393355536

10 thoughts on “American Hookup

  1. Jenny (Reading Envy) Jenny (Reading Envy) says:

    About a year ago some of us who participate in Title IX investigations on my campus were passing around an episode of the Hidden Brain Podcast NPR on hookup culture on American campuses It featured the author Lisa Wade and felt like a true reflection of what occurs on our campus and elsewhere She came to speak on campus in April and although I couldn't go I decided to at least read the book Two months later I finally did This book is her research largely told through stories from interviews she conducted and journal entries Wade gleaned from students on her campus and many other campuses She explains hookup culture the cultural norm of emotionless encounters the role alcohol plays issues of consent and sexual assault what happens to students who don't want to play the hookup game how hookup culture effects relationships beyond college etc She also tries briefly at the end to suggest how to fix it and that chapter is definitely the weakest part This trend has come out of our new freedoms and s birth control less social stigma and new ways of connecting social media interaction online and anonymous than in person Wade is strongest when she just reflects what is An interesting discussion in the book is how hookup culture favors the men as in the men are gaining the most and receiving the most pleasureI feel it should be said that although there is some discussion of non heteronormative hookup culture by and large the focus is on heterosexual hookup culture and actually most often white heterosexual hookup culture because the privileged culture sets the rulesWade also shows how people can continue on in hookup mode beyond college thanks to Tinder and Grindr etc but that the majority of students seem to grow weary of it before they even graduate and start gravitating toward relationships over hookups but that they often find this a difficult transition to navigate

  2. Liza Wiemer Liza Wiemer says:

    Stunning Eye opening Heartbreaking Complex Painful Well researched As someone who mentors teaches and writes for young adults many things in this exceptionally researched book came as no surprise like how drinking alcohol and hooking up were often linked But some things did surprise me like how the research showed that this hookup culture is mostly embraced by white studentsMy heart broke many times for these young men and women who force themselves to shut out all emotion to have fun or meaningless hookups or hookups in the hope that they'll actually find a meaningful relationship only to be crushed when they're completely ignored It broke my heart to read how some girls felt obligated to do things they didn't want to do Pressured to say yes when they wanted to say no And the sexual assaults—we know this is an epidemic on college campuses 1 in 4 Yes that type of hookup experience wasn't the case for everyone and there was enjoyment to be had but it didn't seem to be so for the majority Especially because of the culture which lacks kindness and compassion There is no doubt that the hookup culture is a huge detriment to our societyWhat needs to be understood is the cause of students' unhappiness isn't because they're having sexual relationships than other generations—they're not—but it's because of the culture And that's what this book is about uote from page 15 On campuses across America students are sounding an alarm They are telling us that they are depressed anxious and overwhelmed Half of first year students express concern that they are not emotionally healthy and one in ten say that they freuently feel depressed Students are less happy and healthy than in previous generations less so even than just ten or twenty years ago A very important book

  3. Nadine Jones Nadine Jones says:

    I follow Lisa Wade on Facebook and I find her posts to be interesting so when I saw she had a book published i was interested I put it on hold at my library as soon as I could Excerpts she posted were great see link to a Guardian article below but I worried the full book would be dry I needn't have worried This is fascinating and enlightening and ultimately reassuringhttpwwwtheguardiancomus news20

  4. Jolynn Jolynn says:

    For parents of girls and guys heading to college or in college I would strongly recommend this book Forewarned is forearmed as they say I went with four stars for interest timeliness and relevance of material covered Up there with Girls Sex by Peggy Orenstein as a book with information good to know for young people trying to navigate college campuses successfully happily and safely Really I would give this book like a 35 but only because I am not a huge fan of the anecdotal approach The snippets of individuals' real lives are interspersed though with some fascinating history about dating sexual relationships gender dynamics and collegiate life While there are certainly ways around it understanding the apparently predominant hookup culture on campus and its behavioral norms seems like a good preparation for college life

  5. Tristan Bridges Tristan Bridges says:

    This book will shape debates surrounding hookup culture for many years to come Wade has garnered national and international attention as a public scholar for many years now She has a knack for clearly explaining insights from sociological research to public audiences in ways that do not detract from the level of sophistication of the science And her own work is no exception This book may be written to be read by anyone with an interest in the topic but it's also a brilliant research project carefully constructed to provide new information about a pressing social issue The book is historically grounded empirically rich and completely engaging throughout I'll use this book in courses I teach on sexualities but I'll be ordering copies for friends and family too

  6. Andrew Andrew says:

    35 starsA serious academic looks at hookup culture in the round terrifying anyone who wishes they could relive their undergrad days Believe me you won't There's an anthropological strain here which dispassionately looks at the culture its norms and its understood rules including an almost deep play Geertzian explanation of grindingThe obvious callouts are here but the main message is that hookup perpetuates white hetero gender stereotypes for both men and women And as a culture it's fairly entrapping

  7. Conor Conor says:

    Never has someone observed things so well but gotten the conclusions so wrong Wade fails to see that there is no making a healthy hookup culture The things she thinks can be eliminated from it are the very inner logic of that culture features not bugs This is a tough book to listen to or read but the sociological observation is fascinating A bit like watching a car crash

  8. Sezín Koehler Sezín Koehler says:

    Fascinating book Full review to come over at HuffPost

  9. Petty Lisbon Petty Lisbon says:

    This was a great book Lisa Wade covered a lot of different topics including who's not a part of the hook up culture what their social lives are like and what like is like for students after they leave college She speaks about how hook up culture is still aimed at men and how it can be improved for women Although I was a commuter I enjoyed learning about the secret world of campus after dark and learning about what I missed

  10. Rachel Rachel says:

    Fascinating and eye opening Completely make sense as to why my generation has a skewed view on dating Like the documentary The Hunting Ground everyone needs to read this book

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American Hookup[Reading] ➬ American Hookup ➳ Lisa Wade – Offering invaluable insights for students parents and educators Lisa Wade analyzes the mixed messages of hookup culture on today’s college campuses within the history of sexuality the evolution of h Offering invaluable insights for students parents and educators Lisa Wade analyzes the mixed messages of hookup culture on today’s college campuses within the history of sexuality the evolution of higher education and the unfinished feminist revolution She draws on broad original insightful research to explore a challenging emotional landscape full of opportunities for self definition but also the risks of isolation uneual pleasure competition for status and sexual violenceAccessible and open minded compassionate and honest American Hookup explains where we are and how we got here asking “Where do we go from here”.