BatmanThe Flash The Button ePUB ´ BatmanThe Flash

BatmanThe Flash The Button ePUB ´ BatmanThe Flash

BatmanThe Flash The Button ❰Epub❯ ➚ BatmanThe Flash The Button Author Joshua Williamson – The road to DOOMSDAY CLOCK begins here with the invasion of the Watchmen into the DC Universe BATMANTHE FLASH THE BUTTON DELUXE EDITION is the prelude to this epic storyDuring the unforgettable events The road to DOOMSDAY CLOCK begins here with the invasion of the Watchmen into the DC Universe BatmanThe Flash The Button DELUXE EDITION is the prelude to this epic storyDuring the unforgettable events of DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH Batman found a mystery he can even begin to BatmanThe Flash ePUB Ò solve a strange bloodstained smiley face button embedded in the Batcave wall All analysis suggests the button is not of this universeso where did it come from And who left it here These are uestions only the Flash can help answer When the button is stolen by Reverse Flash Batman and Flash follow his trail to a parallel world a twisted alternate timeline that should exist Someone is sending the heroes on a bizarre trip through reality showing them glimpses of fallen loved ones and forgotten friends but who Wally West warned the Flash of an unseen force influencing our world distorting histories pulling the strings watching all—and the strange yellow button could be the key to finding it Featuring the all star creative team of writers Joshua Williamson and Tom King alongside top tier artists Jason Fabok and Howard Porter COLLECTING BATMAN and THE FLASH .

  • Hardcover
  • 104 pages
  • BatmanThe Flash The Button
  • Joshua Williamson
  • English
  • 06 September 2016
  • 9781401276447

10 thoughts on “BatmanThe Flash The Button

  1. Anne Anne says:

    The Button Deluxe Edition isn't very deluxe in my opinion I thought this was going to finally be the story that Flashpoint Rebirth have been building towardsbut noIt's a story about Batman Flash investigating of the Button stuff and chasing Reverse Flash through timelines And in the end they basically know exactly the same things they knew about the Button as they did when they started Awesome I'm not saying it's badly written just that I was disappointed with the lack of any sort of resolution On the upside there's a cool but spoilery team up with an Earth 2 character that was sort of fun to read about view spoiler hide spoiler

  2. Alejandro Alejandro says:

    Justice League’s greatest detectives together This TPB is the Deluxe edition Hardcover Lenticular cover large format of “BatmanThe Flash” event known as “The Button”Creative TeamWriters Joshua Williamson Tom KingIllustrators Jason Fabok Howard Porter WHO WATCHES THE DETECTIVES? This could seem as an unlikely team up but actually is uite the contrary since Batman Bruce Wayne is obviously the greatest detective of DC universe and The Flash Barry Allen works as a CSI police investigator even way way WAY before that being a CSI would became a hot topic therefore pairing them in a single case maybe the biggest mystery that they have ever encountered is in reality a dream team upThe Flash wanted to save his mother from being murdered when he was still a kid so he used his metahuman speeding powers to travel back in time to stop his mother’s deathhowever that unleashed a nightmarish timeline known asFLASHPOINTputting the Earth at the brink of total destructionThe Flash along with the help of the Batman Thomas Wayne of that altered reality changed back the timelinebut time is a fragile thing and once broken it never can be fixed to what wasenter the New52 timelineand everything while it wasn’t the same it seemed to be good enoughhowever Wally West Kid Flash the original one caucasian one reappeared causing aREBIRTHand at the Bat Cave a button appearedone with the image of a Smiley Face with a drop of blood on itto Batman and The Flash don’t mean anythingbut to us Those who we read Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbonscertainly means lots and LOTSHowever Batman and The Flash were still clueless about this odd finding on the Bat cave months passed and they weren’t any closer to get a solution to the mystery untilEobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash attacks the Bat cave to get The ButtonBut the Reverse Flash is the least of Batman and The Flash’s worries since he is just a pawn in an insidious gameThe DC Universe is under attack and it seems that it has been since its very beginningand it seems that this time the heroes of DC won’t be able to stop this crisisThis is the prologue to theDOOMSDAY CLOCK

  3. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    BatmanThe Flash The Button follows on from the end of last year’s DC Universe Rebirth #1 when Batman picked up The Comedian’s smiley face badge in the Batcave Here Batman and Flash continue to investigate what the button means though it’s obvious that it’s teasing the Watchmen’s imminent appearance in the DC Universe The thinking behind all this is that some of the Watchmen got up to shenanigans that haven’t been revealed yet and FlashpointThe New 52 was the result Rebirth is a separate universe in line with classic DC continuity but keeping some elements of The New 52 whose characters will explore this mystery as well as introduce the Watchmen into the DC Universe proper So The Button reminds us of that overarching storyline by touching on it all once again Flash dusts off the Cosmic Treadmill and he and Batman revisit the Flashpoint Universe for a scene with Thomas Wayne the Flashpoint Batman Reverse Flash “sees God” and the Watchmen are teased much concretely now again That’s it? That’s it One big nothingThe predictable ending reveals who “God” is and it’s who you’d expect there’s only one Watchman with this kind of power What surprised me though was who else is involved and it’s not one of the Watchmen The Button is a wafer thin non story that’s readable but completely pointless The opening Tom KingJason Fabok issue was decent with sharp writing and great art but it’s a bit shallow with just Batman and Reverse Flash fighting The rest of this short four issue book is poorly written by Joshua Williamson who can’t write as concisely or skilfully as King with fugly art by Howard Porter It doesn’t help that the focus is mostly on Flash a boring outdated character I’ve never liked much I’m interested to read the forthcoming DCWatchmen event Doomsday Clock but you really don’t need to read this entirely superfluous prelude as basically nothing of note happens

  4. Chad Chad says:

    I liked that they put the lead in to DC's next big event Doomsday Clock in the normal Batman and Flash comics You want to make sure you've read Flashpoint and DC's Rebirth one shot first This is all leading in to who was behind the creation of the new 52 which any comic fan knows who it is once that button showed up and if you still had doubts you see his hand at the end of thisOK the Reverse Flash shows up knocks the snot out of Batman and steals the button The Flash and Batman crack out the cosmic treadmill to follow along and return to Flashpoint A couple of JSA members pop up at points in the book Yay The JSA is one of the things I miss most since the new 52 started Without them you don't have the legacy of characters passing on the torch that was uniue to DC So Batman and Flash make it back to our world and then we get a little teaser for Doomsday ClockJason Fabok's art is exuisite DC better keep him happy Howard Porter's art has gotten anime influenced lately He draws such ugly faces now There's also something about the color palettes with his art that is off putting as well Received an advanced copy from DC and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  5. Calista Calista says:

    For some reason I saw this and thought it looked like a stand a lone story Silly me This is part of the whole DC Rebirth I'm still in the New 52 era so I'm not exactly here yet So I hate storylines that mess with timelines I feel they are way overdone and I hate how things change It's like the story is throw away and doesn't matter somehow to me Anyway I did like the Batman story in this but I didn't like the whole his dad is now Batman deal That is ridiculous Just stupid The flash was pretty cool in this story too despite going back in time I wish they could just stick to running fast It's an interesting story and now I need to go back and read the first in this Rebirth series It would be good to read I think

  6. James DeSantis James DeSantis says:

    This was a fun little crossover event First off we get Batman and The Flash teaming up Second off I didn't like Watchmen the graphic novel when I read it back in high School I might try again but I dunno too dark for me Yet I'm actually excited to see them crossover into DC Universe It's exciting and fun IMO What I liked The art Well some of it felt odd yet some of it looked great The coloring especially was really nice I also loved seeing banter between flash and bruce since they're so smart I liked the opening gets you right in to it A beat down from reverse flash to get things started and then the events right after sure starts with a bang Also loved seeing some of the flashpoint characters return even for a moment The ending leaves us open for a big cliffhanger and I'm pretty pumped What I didn't like The art sometimes felt static Like placed in it wrong Also the last issue felt kind of okayish except for the last panel It didn't have the excitement of the other issues I overall had a good time reading this short little crossover It hit the marks of fun and I hope for small events like this A solid 45

  7. Logan Logan says:

    Very good crossover So first things first if you haven't you need to read Flashpoint then The DC Universe Rebirth One Shot as this continues on from those with what I guess is a series now? Either way I like how DC is tying everything together and this is a fun crossover regardless of what it affects So the story is Batman finds a mysterious button in the batcave not knowing where it came from Although we as readers know exactly where it came from and now Him and Flash go on a trip to find out where it came from Without going into spoilers this crossover has a really fun story is it perfect? No but its fun and I think any Batman or Flash Fan will enjoy it Artwork by Jason FabokWho does the Batman issues is amazing and very nice too look at but I wasn't the biggest fan of Howard Porter's art Flash artist the art suits the flash comic but since this is a crossover it doesn't work for me I particularly wasn't a fan of how Batman was drawn But overall this is a really good crossover Highly recommend it

  8. Donovan Donovan says:

    So this is a prelude to an event Doomsday Clock This can’t stand on its own because it’s derivative of Flashpoint and Rebirth And frankly there’s little suspense because anyone who’s read Watchmen will know who’s behind everything That being said it’s action packed fast paced with tender moments and two great detectives working together It’s fantastically illustrated I’m glad Joshua Williamson has helped Tom King finally write something decent for Batman And I’m excited to see where this is going

  9. Steve Steve says:

    I received this from Edelweiss and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review I also received a copy from NetgalleyAlmost half the pages were blank with a dashed red line around the outer edge of the pages The pages that were complete were okay but I couldn't follow the plot at all So 3 incomplete stars

  10. Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote) Lashaan Balasingam (Bookidote) says:

    You can find my review on my blog by clicking hereThe crossover events are back with Batman and The Flash teaming up to pursue one of the greatest mystery to hit the DC Universe in the Rebirth era With BatmanThe Flash The Button fans are presented with a highly anticipated story that continues things right where DC Universe Rebirth #1 by Geoff Johns left off This four part crossover collecting Batman #21 22 and Flash #21 22 presents us with a couple of fantastic cameos of classic DC characters as well as a thorough recapitulation of one of the most important event that took place in the DC Universe Flashpoint by Geoff Johns With the hunting yellow smile button and its little smudge of blood both the World’s Greatest Detective and the World’s Fastest Man look to decipher its eerie origin and meaning This storyarc kicks things off with the arrival of another character who sees something devastating in this enigmatic button and propels our favourite heroes on an adventure through time that will surely leave lasting scars both physically and mentally Similar to Batman Night of the Monster Men by Steve Orlando the creative teams who’ve worked on each issue doesn’t remain the same throughout this short event While Tom King remains the main writer for both Batman issues and Joshua Williamson remains the main writer for both The Flash issues the artists on each series rotate between talented artists Jason Fabok and Howard Porter The alternating artwork from one issue to another continues to be a sad reality in these DC Comics crossover events as the style never truly matches and demands visual readjustment as you progress through the event However besides this issue the artwork is solid throughout the story and is far from being a repulsive element to this fantastic adventure The artwork by Howard Porter genuinely ended up being a nice little change of style and offered us a different visual take on our heroes Even the alternating writers was pretty interesting as it really brings forth a clear contrast between both King’s the less wordy and repetitive Batman and Williamson’s wordy and much true to character; especially with a detective oriented Batman and forensic oriented Flash writing styles One of the biggest problem that should however be pointed out is the aberrant short length of this event With only four issues this story felt a lot like a prelude to bigger things to come similar to what Geoff Johns’ DC Universe Rebirth #1 felt like than a seuel that would go down as a turning point for the DC UniverseThere isn’t a lot that happens in The Button as the mystery behind the button continues to torture our DC heroes In fact upon completing all four issues I felt like there was a lot of panels and pages that were dedicated to simply refresh the memories of fans on past events and their pertinence in the current problematic that clouds the DC Universe Even if these recaps especially regarding Flashpoint and the sudden temporal loss of the past 10 years constituted a huge portion of this storyarc the entertainment value stayed high and happened to be uite exciting What I loved most of the storyarc are the cameos of view spoiler Flashpoint Batman who isn’t Bruce Wayne but actually his father and a “new” Flash Jay Garrick hide spoiler

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