Obsidian Fire The Raven ueens Harem #4 PDF Ö Fire The

Obsidian Fire The Raven ueens Harem #4 PDF Ö Fire The

Obsidian Fire The Raven ueens Harem #4 [Epub] ➜ Obsidian Fire The Raven ueens Harem #4 By Angel Lawson – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk After surviving the spell that split Morgan from the Darkness she must figure out what's next in her life Refusing to choose one mate she's taken five and learning to balance their needs and her oblig The Raven PDF/EPUB ¾ After surviving the spell that split Morgan from the Darkness she must figure out what's next in her life Refusing to choose one mate she's taken five and learning to balance their needs and her obligations proves difficult What role does Morgan play now that she's not a puppet of the Morrigan and Fire The Raven ueens Harem ePUB Ò what other dangers are Obsidian Fire Kindle - out there.

10 thoughts on “Obsidian Fire The Raven ueens Harem #4

  1. Felicia Felicia says:

    Holy shit ballsThis is definitely my favorite of the series It finally FINALLY got going I really like the first and second books But the third book was just boring to me And then this book My gosh It definitely made it enjoyable for meview spoilerThe plot twist where her boys are taken I just can't even I was not expecting them to be taken I mean something had to happen to keep the readers wanting to read But that was NOT what I was expectingAnd Bun Just Gosh WHY My poor feels are just all over the placeI'm excited as to how Morgan is going to get them back Because she's obviously going to have to go to the otherside hide spoiler

  2. Jemimah Zafoune Jemimah Zafoune says:

    Wowzers I'm not uite sure how to carry on after reading this book I've been taken on a rollercoaster of emotions and I loved it but I did not see what happens in this book coming and it's left me needing book number 5 nowObsidian Fire was amazing and for me was the best book yet of the series Everything has been taken up another level and the excitement of what is happening just had me turning the pages until I couldn't turn no I don't want to give away any spoilers about what happens in this book so am wording this review very carefully I don't actually want to say anything about what happens in this book as I feel I might give something away so all I am going to say isRead This Book Now

  3. Andrea Heltsley Andrea Heltsley says:

    Fantastic installment I really enjoyed this book The series is awesome and reverse harem with mythology is a favorite for me I like all the action that happened in this one The characters are unpredictable and lots of twists to keep me intrigued Five glittery stars

  4. Alicen Scott Alicen Scott says:

    You had me until the betrayal and the reason behind it That’s where you lost me and this series went from great to pissing me off royally

  5. Jennifer G Jennifer G says:

    Obsidian Fire is the 4th installment of the Raven ueen's Harem It's been one month since Morgan was separated from the Morrigan She has taken all five of her guards as her mates she is struggling with writer's block wondering if she even has a story now and she is trying to gain her bearing once again after no longer being under the control of the Morrigan This is the best installment yetAt a time when it seems that life should be settling down it all spirals out of control Morgan is getting closer to some of her mates but something is not right Someone is keeping secrets She finally breaks down the walls with one mate only to be devasted by another So much happens in this book and it will leave you breathless devastated angry and fearful It's time for Morgan to take over The Morrigan is not finished with Morgan and her guards Morgan will have to fight harder than ever before to save them all I loved this book The ending left me wrecked I need the next one now Seriously I understand and appreciate serials but this was hard I don't see how I manage to wait for the next one

  6. Vicki Vicki says:

    I read this fourth installment of the Raven ueen's Harem paranormal reverse harem series in one sitting; I could not put it down Throughout the series I have felt a little bit stupid as I don't fully understand the fight the characters are in and they come to realizations about what is going on and what has to happen in their battle all of a sudden that I don't really follow but like I said I think it is all me and despite this I am still enthralled I love the characters the heroes especially and the romance is sweet and hot all at once I felt like this installment had a lot of action and my heart was hurting by the events toward the end with the actual ending being such a tortuously perfect place to stop and have us readers begging for part five

  7. Mr R.H.Murray Mr R.H.Murray says:

    fantasticit was hard to get to read this as the tablet would not agree to alow me in except for a glitch which finaly gave me entry but the wait was worth every second the guardians were very good at keeping track of morgans movements and morigans interferance program iwas for ever wondering nhow it would pan out my congratulation to the auther for being able to keep the story together thank you for the sory so far but i am still fightign to get to read the lasr booknever theless thank you

  8. Sherilyn Amy Sherilyn Amy says:

    I am so engrossed I almost one clicked the next book wo leaving a reviewThis story ks absolutely amazing You see the RH genre becoming bigger throughout the last year Amd some are ehokand some are just genius works of art And this is one of those stories It keeps getting better and better I'm so disappointed that Morrigan used Bunny He is the most loveable of them allbut with that much love comes so much insecurity which is why Bunny has foumd himself where he is now

  9. Margaux Espinosa Margaux Espinosa says:

    I hate to sound like I’m repeating myself in every review of this series but things are just getting better and better as this series progresses Morgan is free of The Morrigan’s spirit but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s gone altogether But by the time Morgan figures things out it’s too late now she is faced with bigger problems and yet again The Morrigan and her Darkness are at the root of it all I can’t wait to jump to the next book and see what happens next

  10. Brittany VanLanen Brittany VanLanen says:

    Betrayal Wow oh wow This is one of my top series this year and you honestly don’t even know what is going to happen in any book Just when they though that Morgan had gotten over the biggest hurdle we get this curve ball Such betrayal abut I have faith that Morgan will come through and go get her men

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