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2 thoughts on “O Unholy Nights

  1. Katie Harder-schauer Katie Harder-schauer says:

    I was hired to proofread this book The only aspects of the story that I influenced in any way were the spelling and grammar If you feel that my connection to the book makes my review untrustworthy so be it but this is my honest review While I love a good cheesy feel good Christmas story as much as the next person as long as the next person isn't my mother who is absolutely obsessed with cheesy Christmas stories I also really love a nice gory holiday tale There really aren't enough Christmas stories that focus on the twisted side of things Thankfully O Unholy Nights does Read the rest of my review on my blog

  2. Amanda Adkins Amanda Adkins says:

    I recieved an ARC copy of this book for an honest review This was a great set of short stories connected to the A Demon Within series I loved reading from Evan and Cadence's point of view Getting a little in between the other novels was awesome too It made me fall even in love with Evan and confirm that I wish Cadence was my best friend Awesome stories

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O Unholy Nights ❧ [KINDLE] ❀ O Unholy Nights By Ginna Moran ➠ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk This is a Christmas themed short story collection featuring the stories Deck the Halls with Demon Guts Demonic Wonderland and Angel Kisses and Christmas Wishes It is highly recommended to read the fir This is a Christmas themed short story collection featuring the stories Deck the Halls with Demon Guts Demonic Wonderland and Angel Kisses and Christmas Wishes It is highly recommended to read the first book in the Demon Within series before diving into this anthologyDeck the Halls with Demon GutsThe holidays are Hell for fifteen year old Cami Anders since she’s on the run from a demon out for her soul After moving to a California mountain town Cami’s holiday season turns from boring to terrifying when she stumbles upon a half dead O Unholy Kindle - boy on the side of the road with his own demonic problemsUnable to leave the boy to his fate Cami convinces her guardian and former demon hunter Alana O’Neil to help him What was supposed to be an uneventful peaceful night turns into one with danger demons and an unexpected visitor Can Cami manage to find Christmas cheer or will she discover there is no such thing as a Christmas miracleDemonic WonderlandFighting a demon on Christmas Eve instead of celebrating the holiday season is nothing new for seventeen year old Evan Whiteshaw After rescuing a human girl from a fate bound for Hell Evan and his partner David call upon an angelic friend to handle the situation With the arrival of Dylan comes news that they’d been hoping to hear for than a yearThere’s nothing in the world that Evan wants than to help his partner find his runaway wife who also happens to be protecting a demon hunted girl he could never get off his mind With no better way to spend Christmas Evan follows David on a wild goose chase in hopes of reuniting their family What he finds isn’t what he imagined and he discovers that he’s not the only one in need of a Christmas miracleAngel Kisses and Christmas WishesReturning home to her small desert town for the holidays wasn’t exactly how sixteen year old Cadence Dubois imagined spending her Christmas But when her father is called away on Hunter’s Alliance business she refuses to let her grandmother—the woman who raised her—spend the holidays alone When she arrives an unexpected visitor charms his way into Cadence’s world with the flash of ethereal wings and an irresistible smile—but Cadence knows better than to fall for a nephilim She doesn’t want anything to get in the way of her destiny of becoming a demon hunter and a night with a half angel could do just that Before Cadence gets wrapped up in angelic wings an unwelcome demon threatens to ruin Christmas When all her years of training suddenly seem useless amid a demon encounter Cadence must decide if demon hunting is really her destiny or if she has another calling.