Beyond The uest ePUB ¶ Beyond The PDF/EPUB ²

Beyond The uest ePUB ¶ Beyond The PDF/EPUB ²

10 thoughts on “Beyond The uest

  1. CLo CLo says:

    45 StarsI have enjoyed the majority of Natalie Debrabamdere's book and this one is defintiely one of them It's a longer book than most books out there now and filled with great description and a good amount of excitment Think Uncharted 1 and Indiana Jones with a bit of a Tomb Raider feel You really get a good feel for the three main characters and though romance is not the focal point it is there and doesnt feel completely out of place though at times it was a bit odd I will say though I would have liked to have a bit insight into Helios and the ties of Atlantis but maybe that was of a background plotAnywaysIt's free with kindleUnlimited so give it a goit really does pick up once they get in the Jungle

  2. susan susan says:

    GreatI really liked this book I felt like I was right there in the jungle with Jane Melissa and Matt It was a beautiful adventure with twist and turns Like another viewer said I would have loved to seen of Helios and the Atlantis storyline But I would definitely recommend this book

  3. Heather Henkel Heather Henkel says:

    Great storyI really enjoyed the story I like the characters as well as the storyline with adventure and looking for the lost Temple

  4. Kim Kim says:

    Another good one from Natalie A great jungle adventure with lot s of excitement a bit of love mixed in I always like Natalie's stories this one won't disappoint

  5. DR DR says:

    Got me from the beginning Descriptive I saw the jungle in its beauty and danger THE SPIDERS Ok I don't like spiders but I saw them as real as anything I was viewing a film as I read the book AMAZING Crisp dialogue told the story; andI enjoyed not sloshing through descriptive sexual encounters I've enjoyed the author's other works Strong Unbroken Coastguard Rescue One and will definitely read of her workPlease this and other works by Ms Debrabandere

  6. monica.b.czuba monica.b.czuba says:

    Another brilliant storyThis one about a renal academic Dr Jane Grayson and a talented photographer Melissa Douglas who has been given a job with National Geographic to follow Dr Grayson to the whilst she looks for a lost Temple Natalie Debbrabandetre has done it again writing an excellent job with this storyA definitely just read book and highly recommendStars 5

  7. Beth Beth says:

    This book was both fun and exhilarating There wasn’t a moment where I felt pulled away from the story The pacing was great and it kept me on my toes I love when a book isn’t exceedingly predictable It reminded me a bit of an uncharted game

  8. Bobbrunn Bobbrunn says:

    A very enjoyable book Loved the jungle and the characters My only uibble was who the heck strolls through Central Park at night in the snow arm and armand stopping for kissing and hugging in the current crime of New York?

  9. Britteny Britteny says:

    One of the best books I've read in a LONG timeThere is really no other way to describe this book than to call it utterly amazing Beautifully written amazing author

  10. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Great story line Nice to read books with a real story and not all hot sex scenes

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Beyond The uest [Download] ➸ Beyond The uest Author Natalie Debrabandere – Newly appointed National Geographic photographer Melissa Douglas is travelling to the to cover the work of Dr Jane Grayson a rebel academic with a wildly dissident take on history A huge fan of Grayso Newly appointed National Geographic photographer Melissa Douglas is travelling to Beyond The PDF/EPUB ² the to cover the work of Dr Jane Grayson a rebel academic with a wildly dissident take on history A huge fan of Grayson’s books Melissa is beyond excited to accompany her on expedition Grayson herself has dedicated her life to the search for a lost civilisation that she believes may be Atlantean in origin Specifically she is on a uest to find a vanished temple which could hold tantalising clues She has neither the time nor the inclination to babysit a fledgling reporter Jane is all heat and brazenness Melissa uietly strong under her apparent shyness As they battle the jungle the heat deadly snakes and predators their mutual attraction to each other soon starts to grow But a sinister evil is lurking in the shadows and the search for archaeological remains uickly turns into something much darker a desperate race to stay alive.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 290 pages
  • Beyond The uest
  • Natalie Debrabandere
  • 28 March 2015