Trails and Trials Fauna Park Tales #4 PDF ô and

Trails and Trials Fauna Park Tales #4 PDF ô and

Trails and Trials Fauna Park Tales #4 [EPUB] ✰ Trails and Trials Fauna Park Tales #4 Author Maretha Botha – 'Trails and Trials An African Adventure' continues the story of Flame and his furry and feathered friends’ adventures written from four different viewpoints describing the characters in each of the 'Trails and Trials An African Adventure' Trials Fauna PDF/EPUB ´ continues the story of Flame and his furry and feathered friends’ adventures written from four different viewpoints describing the characters in Trails and MOBI :Ú each of the four little books in an individual way In effect you will be reading four smaller books kept in a larger onePlease remember that each little and Trials Fauna PDF/EPUB ã book has its own title and subtitles Book three with four sub titles is the longest All the characters arrive at their chosen destination at the same time and Trials Fauna Park Tales PDF/EPUB ² Their trails end with thrilling events and unforgettable moments To help you to get to know the characters don’t forget to look at their pictures and descriptions as they appear at the beginning of each little book Even though some characters might seem unimportant they support the whole story and help to reveal andor move the plot'Hope’s Memories' – chapter one is a backstory summary of events which happened in book three 'The Orphans’ Plight An African Adventure' and will remind you of the reasons why Flame and his friends are on this adventure in the first place These illustrated adventure stories will provide endless hours of reading pleasure to young and old including better readers who enjoy seeing some illustrations of their favourite characters increasing overall reading pleasure Book Three and Four should ideally and Trials Fauna Park Tales PDF/EPUB ² be read in seuence and are most suited to readers Middle Grade.

About the Author: Maretha Botha

Maretha Botha Children's authorillustrator and self Trials Fauna PDF/EPUB ´ confessed bookworm chocolate and black coffee addict animal and bird lover occasional gardener Her children's series of illustrated books Trails and MOBI :Ú called FAUNA PARK TALES is based on African Adventures of Flame Family Furry and Feathered Friends a September GOLD MEDAL WINNER on Authonomy a HarperCollins writers' website and Trials Fauna PDF/EPUB ã She has.

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  1. D.L. Finn D.L. Finn says:

    Trails and Trials is the fourth book in the Fauna Park Tales and so far my favorite It’s told through four different stories of animals and humans all headed in the same direction with three of the groups trying to save the orphans from book three I loved the themes of family loyalty bravery and hope Crossing a desert is dangerous but something all four groups set out to do despite the danger The little details brought this part to life and I could easily imagine crossing the hot sand with no water under the blaring sun This is intended for middle grade readers but adults can enjoy it too I can’t wait for book five to come out to see where the story takes the reader next All four Fauna Park Tales sit in my grandchildren’s bookcase and are highly recommended

  2. Jan Sikes Jan Sikes says:

    This book combines four smaller books into one with four different points of view When cattle are stolen from a free range cattle farm along with two small children Flame a working cattle dog and three of his furry friends embark on a journey to rescue the children from the thief Tall Leader That is the first segment of the story The following segments are told from different human points of view as well as the animals and the children I love how the author brought to life the rough terrains they had to travel and how they learned secrets to survival Each new adventure brought perils and challenges to overcome I also admired the bravery of the little girl Larita looked after her younger brother comforting him when she was terrified herself The story comes to a satisfying conclusion And even though this book targets middle school aged children adults will also enjoy it The book could use a thorough edit

  3. Gracie Bradford Gracie Bradford says:

    A fantastic short story But don’t take my word for it Grab you a copy and read for yourself You won’t be disappointed As the saying goes this is one of those books that you can't put down until you reach the end Highly recommended to add to school libraries The author uses the voices of the animals to tell the story about the furry animals of Fauna Park and the search to rescue their human friends from bad grown up humans The story contains various lessons for children about family relationships friendship and teamworkA great book that can be used by Kindergarten and Middle School Teachers in their science classes to teach about animals and human interactions It is also a book that maybe used in their language class to teach new words and terms associated with the African dialect

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