So the Heart Can Dance Hidden Beauty #2 eBook ↠

So the Heart Can Dance Hidden Beauty #2 eBook ↠

So the Heart Can Dance Hidden Beauty #2 ❮KINDLE❯ ❆ So the Heart Can Dance Hidden Beauty #2 Author Mary Crawford – It was a lovely wedding Fortunately it wasn't Tara'sCan love survive through decades of being apartAidan O'Brien has made it his mission to find out after reconnecting with Tara IsamuAlthough Aidan wa It was a lovely wedding Heart Can PDF/EPUB Ä Fortunately it wasn't Tara'sCan love survive through decades of being apartAidan O'Brien has made it his mission to find So the ePUB Ò out after reconnecting with Tara IsamuAlthough Aidan wants to pick up where they left off things have changed radically — for both of themCan a the Heart Can PDF ✓ childhood crush mature into full blown love which will make their hearts dance.

  • So the Heart Can Dance Hidden Beauty #2
  • Mary Crawford
  • 06 July 2016

About the Author: Mary Crawford

Mary Crawford has been lucky Heart Can PDF/EPUB Ä enough to live her own version of a romance novel She’s married to the guy who kissed her at So the ePUB Ò summer camp He told her on the night they met that he was going to marry her and be the father of their children Eventually the Heart Can PDF ✓ she stopped giggling when he said it and he had the last laugh as they celebrate three decades of marriage They have two children The the Heart Can Dance Hidden PDF or oldest is a D.

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  1. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  2. Sandra Griffin Sandra Griffin says:

    I recently read So The Heart Can Dance and I honestly could not put it down Although there were some editing issues with my e copy spelling etc that did not deter from my enjoyment of the storyline and characters Ms Crawford handled a difficult topic rape and PTSD tastefully and I believe gives others an understanding of the after effects of such an event I loved the characters Aiden is a true Prince Charming and would definitely recommend this book again and again

  3. Mary Crawford Mary Crawford says:

    Romance Author Announces New Novel ReleaseAPRIL 24 2015 Author Mary Crawford has announced the release of the second bookin her series of novels The second book in the A Hidden Beauty Novel series So the Heart Can Dance debuts during its official release today April 24 2015 The first book in the series Until the Stars Fall from the Sky was recently republished In the first book two characters unexpectedly meet when Kiera saves a boy from drowning in front of lifeguard Jeff Kiera and Jeff fall in love but hidden parts of their lives surface to test their relationship In her latest book So the Heart Can Dance Crawford tells the tale of a young woman whose life is marked by a tragic date rape incident She finds a long lost love who struggles with his own disability and personal battle and he reminds her that she was once a talented joyous dancer and that she can release herself from her past so that her heart can be free The release of So the Heart Can Dance coordinates with Sexual Assault Awareness Month SAAM which occurs in April in the United States During this month various organizations and individuals work to encourage conversations about sexual violence prevention and education As the book launched in April 2015 Crawford will be donating a portion of her proceeds to RAINN RAINN or Rape Abuse Incest National Network is America’s largest anti sexual assault organization and dedicates itself to improve services and treatment of sexual crime victims while enhancing education and prevention strategies Crawford will donate 15% of the proceeds from So the Heart Can Dance to RAINN in April 2015 and one of the organization’s sponsors will match Crawford’s donations to create a total 30% donation to RAINN Crawford whose tag line is “Love matters differences don’t” is excited about the release of So the Heart Can Dance and the opportunity to donate to RAINN for the prevention and elimination of sexual crimes She creates authentic and memorable characters from parts of the population that are often marginalized in popular fiction The A Hidden Beauty Novel series offers a fateful twist of romance when female leads who have suffered dark times realize their strength and are able to persevere to find love and enjoylife So the Heart Can Dance gives an emotional plea for the main character to live beyond her past so that she can be enjoy happiness fulfillment and true love More information is available at Mary CrawfordMary Crawford is a happily married mother of two who has several novels in the worksShe has served as a Civil Rights Attorney diversity advocate and volunteer for variouscauses ContactMary CrawfordE mail marymarycrawfordauthorcomWebsite wwwMaryCrawfordAuthorcomFacebook

  4. Deana Dick Deana Dick says:

    So the Heart Can Dance is a story of a young woman named Tara She has become an accomplished dancer and her life is great One day her life is forever changed by an act of violence that will spin her out of control Tara finds herself becoming a shell of herself with no desire to ever dance again Soon she has heartache to go thru After losing both parents she becomes almost a recluse as she tries to deal with the after affects of being raped and losing everyone special in her life She leaves her old life behind knowing that the night when violence took her innocence away she can never trust open her heart to love or even dance againAs Tara is at a wedding one evening she notices a young man playing the piano He seems to know her and signs something to her She knows exactly what he said because she is a student of sign language When recognition settles in she can't believe it is her childhood friend Aidan She is shocked to see him after all these years This book is a love story of Tara and Aidan Aidan has loved Tara since they were younger and never forgot her He finds out why Tara is so scared to have a man touch her and his heart grieves for the Tara he use to watch dance with grace and elegance He tries to assure her over and over that he will never leave her and he is there to help her get thru her deepest hurt I can't see the scars on your soul he tells her But he knows it is there by her reluctance to share her hurt and pain with him The author writes with such compassion and tells a story of love hope and over coming a night of violence She takes the reader to the depths of her pain and helps her see that there is help out there for women who have been raped Thank you Mary for a book about a subject that women deal with and showing readers that A Heart Can Dance again with help love hope and strength

  5. Dennis Larsen Dennis Larsen says:

    I was recently introduced to Mary Crawford’s work and her unending loyalty to ventures that support women who have been abused or harmed through acts of violence I admire anyone that goes out of their way to bring awareness to such causes and was happy to purchase a book that would be doing just thatLove stories are not my typical genre of choice so I purchased this one anticipating I would skim through it and be pleased that I had supported a worthy endeavor if only in a small way However two chapters in I was so involved with the main characters Tara and Aidan that I had to carefully read the entire book I had originally anticipated a rather sappy romance and there is an element of that but there is so much The book is written in a uniue style first person but taken from the viewpoint of both Tara and Aidan I enjoyed being able to see circumstance from each of their perspectives and know what they were thinking It added depth to the story and its surroundings that brought a flare of warmth and realism to this reader The storyline itself is far than just a romance The backstories for the main characters were articulate with enough detail to make a connection with each and that extended to the support players as well Aidan’s story had a bold impact on me personally as I have a brother who survived a bout of meningitis that began as an ear infection We nearly lost him so emotionally; Mary Crawford’s story touched my heart and lifted my soulI thoroughly enjoyed this book It’s not uite as long as it looks the last 100 pages are an introduction into Book #3 of her series I appreciated the links she included at the back and the author’s urgency to shed light on stories like Tara’s Recommended for men and women there’s plenty of story here for anyone with a heart to dance

  6. Melissa Mendoza Melissa Mendoza says:

    “I’ve forgotten how strikingly beautiful she is Her eyes are light gray with a band of brown around the outside and naturally occurring tear in one pupil”Could not put this book down This book handled difficult topics but it was handled with such grace and taste The characters were very well developed and the story flowed nicelyThis book was so beautifully written and the characters were so well developed it’s not hard to be sucked in from page one We meet Tara a very accomplished dancer whose life changes after a horrific incident occurs Afterwards Tara doesn’t feel like herself any and no longer wishes to dance And just when she thinks her life can’t get any worse she loses both of her parents One night while at a wedding her sees a gentleman that she swears she doesn’t know but he claims she does When she finally remembers who he is and it’s an old childhood friend she’s completely shocked Aiden has always loved Tara since they were kids He finds out what happened to Tara and helps her try to become who she used to be This story was written with such heart and love you can tell how much the author loves to write and believes in the characters in the story This book is the second in the series it can be read as a standalone

  7. Colleen Colleen says:

    Another great book by Crawford I love the characters in this series The Girlfriend Posse reminds me of my close girlfriends when we get together to work out life's problems We do lots of things together just like the GP That made it so much easier to feel a common bond with Kiera Heather and Tara I like that there are bits and pieces from her first book Until the Stars Fall from the Sky but not too much This is really focused on Tara and Aj's journey The ups and downs and twists and turns keep you wanting and It is so hard to put the book down Just like meeting up with old friends and not wanting the night to end I highly recommend this book as well as the series to friends and anyone that asks I think that Ms Crawford's warmth in her writing is very similar to the writing style of Maeve Binchy

  8. Heather Truett Heather Truett says:

    A touching story that deals with a very real problem in our society The author manages to weave her love story into a wonderful empowering novel shedding light on the disabilities that date rape can leave a victim with It should also be noted the author is donating 15% of her proceeds to Rainn for this novel which for the month of April will have corporate sponsorship matching dollar for dollar

  9. Kari Gorman Kari Gorman says:

    StunningThe perfect balanceif you're not reading books by Mary Crawford you missing some great talent

  10. Reader43 Reader43 says:

    A beautiful love storyAn ugly rape changes the way Tara views herself and her value along with her ability to dance Aidun was born with an extraordinary gift of song and music changing when he contracted meningitis After losing his hearing he had to struggle to find a way back to his music Each overcome tremendous odds to find their own way back to their dreams A childhood love for each other help them as adults to learn to trust their love An uplifting story that made me laugh and cry and hope I am in the process of reading each book in this series this is number two

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