White Christmas-Bloody Christmas: Finally the True Story

White Christmas-Bloody Christmas: Finally the True Story

White Christmas-Bloody Christmas: Finally the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders of Christmas Day [Reading] ➿ White Christmas-Bloody Christmas: Finally the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders of Christmas Day Author M. Bruce Jones – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk A tragic story of mass murder on Christmas Day 1929 This book was the first book written by Trudy J Smith about the Charlie Lawson murders It was followed in 2006 by another book on the subject by Tru Christmas: Finally PDF Ë A tragic story of mass murder on Christmas Day This book was the first book written by Trudy J Smith about the Charlie Lawson murders It was followed in by another book on the subject by Trudy J Smith entitled The Meaning of Our Tears This first small paper back version Christmas-Bloody Christmas: Finally the True PDF/EPUB ² has remained sought after for years On the Anniversary of its first publication Trudy J Smith White Christmas-Bloody PDF/EPUB ² has agreed to allow this special th Anniversary Edition to be published due to popular demand This new edition of the famous book will come to you signed inside by the remaining living author Trudy J Smith And the book and its sleeve with come with a clear protective plastic covering It is a beautiful artistically redesigned version of the original cover with special gold foil accents but also has the Christmas-Bloody Christmas: Finally MOBI ò addition of a matching sleeve that shows the inscription on the tombstone of the mass family grave Not now but in the coming years It will be in another land We'll read the meaning of our tears And sometime we'll understand An original Reviews of White Christmas Bloody Christmas from From the decade of the 's its secret etched in stone the past has come alive through the efforts of Christmas-Bloody Christmas: Finally the True PDF/EPUB ² authors M Bruce Jones and Trudy J Smith straightforward dramatic realistic carefully researched interesting reading The Sanford Herald Sanford NC.

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  1. April April says:

    Let me tell you about this book This book is basically every library’s cryptid I work in a library about 15min from Walnut Cove NC where the murders happened and everyone and their grandma wants to read this book The only problem is the cheapest copy is 125 on as of May 2020 That means no library in their right mind is going to let you take this book from the building My library’s copy has been checked out since 1999 We’re never getting that backSo how did I get a copy of it? Well we’re closed to the public for COVID 19 which means there’s no public coming to visit our buildings to read our reference in library use only items And the library I live near in the same county system as the one I work in has a reference copy of this book So I called em up and said “pretty please can I borrow this I give you permission to storm my house if something happens” So after sending a couple of photos of my cats being cute the adult services librarian there let me take it homeNow I have to say I first heard of this murder on the My Favorite Murder podcast which I think did a better job of telling the story Honestly? It’s probably a good thing this book can’t be widely read because it’s very much a 1990s small press small town book The research isn’t detailed and the editorializing feels like a “stay safe kids” documentary made in the late 80s early 90s It’s not great But I had to find that out for myself so I’m writing this now to tell you don’t bother worrying if you’re interested in this story but can’t get a copy of the book It’s not worth 126Listen to Episode 142 Live at the Durham Performing Arts Center for all the info you need and you know what if you really want to read the book check your local library The book is super short and uick to read because it’s easy to skip all the detail about tobacco farming practices of the 1920s if the library has a copy in their collection they’d be happy to let you read it in the safety of their building in exchange for something you won’t leave behind

  2. Randy Randy says:

    A true crime story that opens with the authors father and daughter standing at the massive grave of the Lawson family where all the members were buried together along with their killer built around the grave of an earlier child that died youngWe know right away that it was the father Charlie Lawson 43 who murdered his family wife Fannie 37 daughters Marie 17 Carrie 12 Mae Bell 7 Mary Lou 4 12 months and sons James 4 and Raymond 2 The oldest son Arthur 19 was the only survivor gone to the store to buy ammunition for suirrel hunting later in the day All were either shotgunned andor bludgeoned to death with a piece of 2 by 4And it all happened on Christmas day 1929This book is an examination of theories of why Charlie murdered his family and it took sixty years for the truth to finally be revealedMeticulously planned murders it seems as Charlie bought them all new sets of clothes and posed them for a family portrait a few weeks before the Christmas surprise he promised themInteresting story that happened the next county over from my own here in North Carolina

  3. Ana Luna Ana Luna says:

    Such a sad story When I first started reading this book I was under the impression that it had never been solved but the authors end it with a confession As much as I hope the allegations are false there could be some truth to it and it might bring some closure to this horrific mystery RIP Lawson Family

  4. Becky - Pug and Books Becky - Pug and Books says:

    White Christmas Bloody Christmas Finally the True Story of the Lawson Family Murders of Christmas Day 1929 by M Bruce Jones and Trudy J SmithStar rating ★★★☆ ☆ 35 starsFormat  library hardcoverSummary This book examines a murder case from 1929 where a man murdered his family Review For how expensive this book was on I had sort of expected something better But this book is what it is and I don't have to like it in fact I doing like it Right away in the introduction they let the reader know that for some of the bookthey will basically be writing their own dramatic reenactments Like it's a goddamn made for tv movie I wanted facts not some fictionalized ideas of what happened between the facts they haveA lot of their conclusions of the truth seem to be based off of rumors Some seem to be eyewitness accounts but they don't specify too often so I wasn't going to assume they were actual witnesses Most of the chapters were extremely short like one to two pages I felt a lot of these tiny chapters could have been combined into longer chapters It just made it feel like they had all these parts but we're unsure how to make it a cohesive narrative The ending conclusion was what really made me uestion the book's integrity The authors put forth this theory which they offer no real evidence for aside from hearsay It seems like they went with the most outrageous rumor and ran with it Recommendation This is an interesting case no doubt but the best part of this book was the fact the authors included the raisin cake that was left on the table after the murders There are far better written and researched true crime books out there

  5. Apothekari Peel Apothekari Peel says:

    A fairly well done book on the Lawson Family murders that took place almost 90 years ago near Walnut Cove NC Some of the surviving family members have complained about the main revelation of the book But after reading I feel compelled to believe Jones conclusions The old Lawson farm is gone now torn down in the 70's to end the decades long lookie loo's who would inevitably drive by for a gander The graves remain still and many whispered conversations can still be heard about the tragedy to this day in the area A documentary has been made on this case as well and can be found here

  6. Karen Rose Karen Rose says:

    A true crime story that really kept my interest as it happened in my “neck of the woods” in North Carolina Very sad

  7. Christie Fain Christie Fain says:

    This is really a good book Very CREEPY and SAD but interesting because it talks about the emotional state of the killer

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