Serpents Bite The Last Serpent #4 eBook ↠ Bite The

Serpents Bite The Last Serpent #4 eBook ↠ Bite The

Serpents Bite The Last Serpent #4 ➲ Serpents Bite The Last Serpent #4 Read ➺ Author Tansey Morgan – There are dangerous people hiding in the shadows of London; I'm going to drag them kicking and screaming into the light Ever since I became what I am there have been wolves snapping at my heels harryi There are dangerous The Last PDF É people hiding in the shadows of London; I'm going to drag them kicking and screaming into the light Ever since I became what I am there have been wolves snapping at my heels harrying me trying to weaken me I hate to admit it but they've been winning Recently I fled to London to try and get away from one set of problems only to land right in the middle of another and at this point I'm not sure which Serpents Bite ePUB Ò is worse Two mentors are still missing someone is synthesizing a drug made from the raw energy all supernatural creatures possess and selling it to others for a cheap thrill and I haven't heard a peep from the group of fanatics looking to kill every single female supernatural on the planet which worries me But if I thought I was in trouble before things are about to get a whole lot worse and there's no way in hell I'm ready none of us are Bite The Last Kindle Ï With the help of Dante Leo the Keeper and the four gorgeous men who see me as some kind of ueen I'm going to start pulling at the threads that keep these mysteries hidden and see what falls out It's time for this serpent to draw her fangs and bite back Serpent's Bite is the fourth book in a brand new paranormal REVERSE HAREM series by Tansey Morgan If you love the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres and want to read something that not only straddles the line between both but introduces not one but five love interests possibly then this is the book for you Disclaimer this book is part of a continuing series of novels all which will follow the same arc over many books but each which will tease into the next expect to be left with uestions at the end As a reverse harem urban fantasy you can expect there to be action magic intrigue and multiple primary love interests Sexual content will also form a part of this series as will swearing and violence If you're happy with all of this then Scroll up hit buy now and dive deeper into Lilith's story.

10 thoughts on “Serpents Bite The Last Serpent #4

  1. Dena Dena says:

    Hot damnAww we were just getting to the good stuff This book was awesome with all of the intrigue and betrayal I hope the next installment is as good

  2. Seraphia Seraphia says:

    Serpent’s Bite by Tansey Morgan is book four in her The Last Serpent series In this book we are reunited with Lilith and her men as they continue their stay in London While they have managed to free a few supernaturals from a warehouse that were being drained of their blood and energy they have failed to find out who is behind it The ones hunting down female supernaturals have been uiet but the danger has not passed Lilith is enjoying time with her men but trouble is of course nipping at her heels When Lilith attempts to make friends with another female supernatural Laura while out with her men things turn less than pleasant when Lilith reveals that all of the men are with her Laura uickly turns less than pleasant and jealousy rears its ugly head Back at Alexandria Lilith meets some of the others how live there – Tom a warlock and Kyle a summoner Something seems up when suddenly the Keeper is sending all of her men away Two are sent out on a task that they cannot tell her about while two others are sent back to Germany Lilith is now almost completely alone She should be safe at Alexandria but is she truly safe? Or has she now been isolated so that she can be strategically targeted without the aid of those who care to protect her?Serpent’s Bite picks up where book three ends and does not disappoint It’s good to see other female supernaturals even though Laura is the one the story gives time to It is amusing to see the jealousy rear up between Laura and Lilith Laura seems to come off as one to have an issue with certain lifestyles I like how Lilith is able to make a friend and that for the most part she is keeping her wits about her When dealing with Tom she notices that he deflects and redirects the uestions and conversations back to her each time Kyle is a lot of fun and I hope to see of him in the future books The author is creating uniue characters that keep engaging me again and again I’m delighted that we get to see another side to Leo in this book as well In previous books I have honestly disliked him the most but to see another side and that he can bedifferent per se is refreshing and gives me hope that maybe I’ll come around to liking him There really isn’t much that I don’t like about this book The author does a good job at keeping me engaged all the way to the end The story mostly stays focused on Lilith and the goings on inside Alexandria and I’m thrilled that even get uite a few answers to several uestions that have been brooding since the first book I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars I am looking forward to the next book in this series as these characters continue to grow and develop I’m eager to see Lilith’s men’s reactions when they come back and learn all that has been going on in their absence If you’ve read this far in Tansey Morgan’s series then I recommend you pick this book up and come dive in

  3. Janet Janet says:

    It seems like ages since the last book and I have been waiting impatiently for this I wasn't disappointed Lilith has free time than she would like because her four men have other tasks occupying them but that gives her the opportunity to get acuainted with some of the other inhabitants of the Alexandria I loved Kyle immediately but wasn't uite so sure about some of the others I liked Leo as soon as we met him in Serpent's Desire even though he did act like a total arse and I was vindicated in this episode He and Lilith come to a better understanding and I love that he doesn't want anyone else to see the side of him that Lilith sees in this bookLilith is smart feisty loyal uick to understand and act when necessary growing in confidence with her new found abilities I love the way she interacts with her men caring about all of them thinking of their feelings treating them eually all the while coming to terms with her new nature Tansey has written a wonderful strong heroine and I am enjoying getting to know Lilith as her story progresses and the mystery continues to deepenThe ending oh the ending Finally That's all I have to say about that no spoilers just read it Go on NOW

  4. Kristen Lewendon Kristen Lewendon says:

    I should know by now to expect an ending that leaves me shouting “what?” at the screen of my reader and this installment of Lilith’s story continued that tradition As much as I love her “suad” I really enjoyed watching Lilith handle what’s thrown at her with some new allies As horribly cliché as it’s going to sound every girl needs a GBF It was enlightening to see a side of Leo that wasn’t 100% jerk It tipped my world a little off its axis because it’s so different than what we’re used to And that closing scene was the scene I’ve been impatiently waiting four books to see For every answer she’s able to dig up Lilith also turns up uestions to investigate I want the next book NOW so we can answer some of those new uestionsI received a complimentary advanced copy of this book

  5. Richard Goodrum Richard Goodrum says:

    Great characters Riveting page turner Unpredictable Easy to read Steamy Action packedLilith has the chance to make new friends and enemies Most of the gang from Germany is is still in London with her Dante Raphael Aiden Liam Vikrim Leo and the Keeper The issues at the end of all three of the preceding stories still exist New harrowing situations arise The story continues to unravel in a masterful manner But this individual book contains enough detail that you do not need to read the other stories to have an enjoyable experienceI was provided this book as an ARC by the author; however the review is my honest opinion

  6. Anna Anna says:

    So now that all the relationship stuff between the guys is pretty much hushed out the only thing left is to bring Dante into the fold I'm not exactly sure how that's gonna work seeing as how Dante also needs to take energy through sex to power up and he and Lilith cannot take from each other That might be a problem Also Lilith needs to come to terms with fact that people are assholes and they're always gonna judge and you just need to get over itOh and yeah there's also a war going on or whatever We are still no closer to dealing with that shitThe ending was again way too abrupt for me But aside from that I liked what I've read

  7. Ann Ann says:

    This series gets better with each book Lilith is finally in a good place with her harem and finds out that they are all staying at the Alexandria house for their safety Of course nothing around lilith is very safe I'm glad we got to meet Kyle because like he says it's nice to have a guy that doesn't want anything sexual from her I hope he stays here I even started to like Leo it's nice to see him not be a total douchebag It's going to be very hard to wait for the next book especially since the ending was so awesome

  8. Ashtyn Ashtyn says:

    Great seriesLove the books stories good keeps on your toes kind of a little bit of it is obvious character is kind of a MarySue but I guess since she is a succubus it makes sense I like the plot and characters are good there isn't much character development and but it's a shirt time period I'd suggest it to read Wish the stories were long I give it 38 it made me laugh a lot it gets you hot and bothered Just couldn't uite reach a 4 for me but each book brings the rating up in my mind

  9. Beth C. Beth C. says:

    Best Last Serpent book yetI love this series This book in particular was fantastic Tansey just does a fabulous job of keeping the story interesting and fast paced while staying true to the relationship building and sharing of the true RH genre So many books now rush the relationships but the intimacy between Lilith and her guys has been much realistic for a supernaturalfantasy story The story she's telling is just so uniue and entertaining too And oh the ending of this bookso good Yay Can't wait for the next one

  10. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    I love love love this series In this 4th installment we get some progress on who is behind the drugs that are circulating around the supernatural world We also get some progress on Lilith's Harem eeeep and she makes a new friend who is awesome We also get to meet a few other female supernaturals which I am looking forward to learn about them I can't wait to see what happens next

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