Paperback ´ Outback Kiss MOBI Ú

Paperback ´ Outback Kiss MOBI Ú

Outback Kiss [BOOKS] ⚡ Outback Kiss ✯ Sasha Wasley – Love is random Accidental You just live your life and then one day it’ll hit you with the right personWandering soul Freya ‘Free’ Paterson has finally come back home Idealistic and trusting she Love is random Accidental You just live your life and then one day it’ll hit you with the right personWandering soul Freya ‘Free’ Paterson has finally come back home Idealistic and trusting she’s landed the job of her dreams working on an art project with the local school but she hadn’t planned on meeting the man of her dreams as wellWith his irresistible Irish accent Constable Finn Kelly is everything Free wants – genuine kind and handsome as hell He’s also everything Free isn’t – stable and dependable Yet despite the passion simmering between them he just wants to be friends What is he trying to hideAs Free throws herself into the challenges of her new job fending off the unwelcome advances of a colleague and helping to save her beloved Herne River Finn won’t stay out of her way or out of her heartBut just when she needs him the most will Finn reveal his true colours.

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  1. Brenda Brenda says:

    When Freya Free Paterson was stopped on the way to the hen’s night by the local police she wasn’t sure what she’d done wrong – as it turned out it was nothing; but she met Constable Finn Kelly for the first time and she liked what she saw Free was an artist and landing a job at the local high school in Mount Clair teaching the year eleven students art was a dream come true The only unwelcome intrusion at her new workplace was a colleague who gave Free the creeps Ignoring him was easy Her students were a wonderful group of dedicated upcoming artistsFree and her family had lived on the Paterson property for decades – farming was in her blood Her two sisters Beth and Willow along with her father loved the land and the Herne River which bordered their property The recent decision to dam the river was something no one wanted – it would cause heartache and havoc for the farms along the river’s edgeMeanwhile Free couldn’t get the new constable out of her mind Finn was a kind and gentle Irishman but the negative vibes he sent toward Free were confusing Why did he only want to be friends? Second in the Paterson Sisters trilogy True Blue by Aussie author Sasha Wasley tells the second sister’s story The first in the trilogy Dear Banjo featured Willow and the third when published will feature Beth Set in the beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia the vast and rugged landscape comes to life under Wasley’s pen Towards the end of the novel there was a section which made me laugh; made me cry and felt wonderful I’m not a romanceromance reader – I like some suspense and intrigue mixed in and True Blue fits the bill while being an excellent novel; I’m very much looking forward to Beth’s story Highly recommendedWith thanks to Penguin Random House for my ARC to read and review

  2. Amanda - Mrs B& Amanda - Mrs B& says:

    starsLike a breath of fresh air Sasha Wasley a much loved Australian rural romance author returns to the scene with her second book and the next chapter in her Paterson Sisters series titled True Blue This time around Wasley brings us the effervescent character of Free a young woman who learns that it is just as important to remain loyal to yourself when finding the true love of your lifeIn True Blue free spirit Freya ‘Free’ Paterson makes the triumphant return home to the Kimberley after living life in the city A posting involving an ambitious art project at a local school has drawn Free back home This dream job is all Free could have wished for and life takes another positive turn for this deserving young lady when Finn a local constable walks into her life Free experiences an immediate physical and emotional connection to Finn he is uite literally her perfect man The tall and handsome Irishman is on the secretive side and is much stable than flighty Free The attraction and tension between the two is undeniable but Finn is the one holding back he makes it clear he only wants to be friends which only serves to confuse Free Free thinks it is best to distract herself from the deep feelings she has for Finn by delving headfirst into her school based art project But the project becomes something much Free is compelled to play an active role in the protection of the local Herne River a place that holds much value to Free Free’s activism soon gets her in trouble along with her heart which is full of love for a man who is proving hard to getIt is hard to believe that this is Sasha Wasley’s second rural romance novel and only a year has passed since her first novel was released Wasley’s writing is both mature and assured The experience of reading True Blue reminded me of what an asset Sasha Wasley is to the West Australian writing community and what a great new voice she represents for the rural romance genre As you can glean from these introductory comments True Blue is a novel that I rate very highlySasha Wasley changes tack a little in her latest novel Whilst this novel gave me comfort and a warm embrace through revisiting the Paterson family the setting is less rural It is good to see Sasha spread her wings and settle in on a small town approach in her latest novel It definitely works Readers still get the city come country girl feel but True Blue takes this aspect of the story off the beaten track so to speak True Blue is about a young woman reconnecting with her roots and sharing her passion for the country landscape with a man she wants to share her life withFree is a character who I grew to love and as the book progressed I admired her optimism her ability to see the good in others her wholesome nature and her positivity which seems to rub off onto those she comes into contact with At times I did notice how much younger Free was to myself She was a little naive but her heart seemed to always be in the right place When she is betrayed in the novel it is interesting to see her reaction I also thought she was a little forward and brave in approaching Finn to begin with I sure wouldn’t have the nerve to make the moves Free does It is hard not to find a little love in your heart for FreeWasley pairs Free up against a worthy hero in Finn Finn and Free have vastly different personalities but their attraction sizzles off the pages of the novel I liked Finn as a person what he stood for and his approach to all facets of his life I also appreciated how Wasley chose to give Finn a rather secretive side and when we finally learn why Finn acts as he does it all falls into place like a love puzzle Wasley ensures this is no smooth love story she gives this couple a few roadblocks to contend with which adds interest to the unfolding narrativeTrue Blue should not be cast as a simple rural romance it offers so much There is a an outstanding sub plot on environmental awareness and the protection of land through the town’s battles to save the local Herne River from construction projects Wasley puts the spotlight on the use of dams and how this directly impacts rural properties This segment of the novel allows Wasley to demonstrate her extensive research in environmentalism This dedication to research and the authenticity of the storyline is also witnessed in the artist craft scenes in her novel It is obvious that Wasley has taken the time and care to thoroughly learn the art side of her novel The end result was very pleasing to this readerFor me the highlight of True Blue was the core prose and bountiful descriptions of the landscape as well as people seen through Free’s artistic eyes If only I could see the world with the creative and artistic mind as Free her awareness of colour and structure blew me away What a gift to have such a creative lensTrue Blue is a tender and soulful novel it epitomizes feel good fiction It is a book that would be perfect for those times when you are feeling down and need the warm embrace of infectious characters and a hopeful love story Put this one to the top of your list if you love Australian rural fictionI wish to thank Penguin Books Australia for providing me with a free copy of this book for review purposesTrue Blue is book #60 of the Australian Women Writers Challenge

  3. Theresa Smith Theresa Smith says:

    True Blue is the follow up to the very lovely Dear Banjo which I reviewed last year I uite enjoyed this story and while it failed to reach the heights of its predecessor for me there were many moments of great connection between the characters and a swag of relevant issues knitting the story together It was also lovely to see Willow and Tom get their happy ever afterTrue Blue is Free’s story Willow’s youngest sister I wasn’t able to really connect with Free and I think this was my ‘blocker’ with this story that ‘thing’ that bothers you so much it almost affects your overall enjoyment Her airy fairy artsy manner was irritating than endearing but I will absolutely accept full responsibility for that I have little patience for sketchy people and boy was Free sketchy Driving around with her handbag on her car roof never having any food in her house unable to keep track of her own affairs not shutting her garage door because she was too tired I was glad there was a conseuence for that; she seemed like a child to be honest incompetent at life and so naive She said whatever was on her mind whether it was appropriate or not and there were often times when her attention would wander mid conversation in the most bizarre manner Yes she was a lovely person no denying that but I was so grateful to Beth for the wakeup call she sent Free’s way because in the lead up to that I was well and truly over her entirelyHowever and there is a really big however I still thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would recommend it in a heartbeat It’s a great story with so much warmth and community spirit infused throughout Every part of the novel to do with art was wonderful and at these times I could really see where Sasha was taking Free as a character and I could appreciate that journey There are a myraid of other issues explored throughout the narrative all of them relevant to small town Australia and all of them articulated with finesse There was so much personality injected into this story it was very Australian in the very best of ways And that cat What a cheeky double agent I can’t go past an animal character who holds their own in a sceneIt’s testimony to Sasha’s talent as a writer that I can enjoy a story without really liking the main character – that takes skill I’m looking forward to Beth’s story out next year as I have a bit of a soft spot for her True Blue moves along at a nice pace with plenty of romance madness and mayhem as well as insightful observations on remote small community issues I did like how Sasha set Free up as such a positive role model for teens and likewise I appreciated how Sasha crafted her teenagers as intelligent and creative young adults as opposed to troubled delinuents True Blue pulsed with positivity and hopeful highlights It’s a warmheated and uintessentially Australian story with a powerful message about love and acceptance at its coreThanks is extended to Penguin Random House Australia for providing me with a copy of True Blue for review

  4. Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling says:

    Just what the doctor ordered a book to revive the soul to fill you with joyMy ViewI received my copy of True Blue at a time when life was a little traumatic and emotional For those who know me or follow my blog you will be aware that in FebruaryMarch we dealt a number of deaths in our family; concentrating on reading my normal diet of crime fiction was not possible But True Blue came along and gave me a little glimpse of happiness fun and optimism And the anecdote regarding art – the uantity versus uality story – really resonated You will be pleased to know I have opted for the uantity experienceexperiment and I am really enjoying and learning a lot my foray into acrylic abstract paintingThanks you so much for providing a narrative that sheds light into the sometimes gloomy world; this read is cheerful inspiring and full of optimism

  5. Nicole Nicole says:

    True Blue is the second book in a trilogy based on the three Paterson sisters by beloved Aussie rural romance writer Sasha Wasley The first book Dear Banjo is the story of Willow 'Banjo' True Blue is based on Freya 'Free' and the last book yet to be released on Beth While I haven't read Dear Banjo True Blue works well as a stand alone novel because I didn't feel like I was missing a piece of the puzzle as can be the case in some series Sasha provided just enough details about Banjo for me to want to go back and get to know her in greater depth I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Free for a few reasons The first is that she is a total contrast to myself and as a result Free is someone I could become friends with The protagonist is an extrovert who wears her on her sleeve passionate about her job as an art teacher and the desire to save the environment Free is am open book when it comes to love especially when she sets her sights on the local policeman Irish newcomer Finn Kelly At times a combination of these traits showed that at 27 years of age Free is very naive in some aspects I couldn't uite believe that Free though Finn wouldn't do his job if it clashed with his own personal morals and ethics I thought Free was old enough to know that Finn has a job to do that comes with it's positive and negative aspects The next reason I loved going along for a ride with Free was that the book is set in a country town in the Kimberley region of Western Australia While I'm not a big fan of rural romance I enjoyed reading about the city girl who comes back to the country to be an art teacher Free is not a farm girl which is a nice twist on the usual tale Most importantly she still appreciates the beauty of rural life which really shone through with Sasha's description of the Herne River Sasha also highlights the negative impacts damming can have on farming life with her facts interspersed through out the novel As a city chic myself this was an easy way to enjoy the uieter life The last reason is the man himself Finn Kelly Finn is a tall gorgeous man who clearly has feelings for Free just as she does for him Finn isn't like Free as he doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve This lead to some great tension between the two characters as they shared some smoldering looks which I was impatiently waiting to get somewhere lol Finn also doesn't reveal a lot about himself either leading him to be uite a secretive man I was left wandering just what his back story as Free herself was When Finn does reveal his past it is simple and explains the man he is todayWith themes of environmentalism and staying true to yourself Sasha's trilogy is one to put on the TBR pile if you like your rural romance a little different from the rest#AWWC#

  6. Nadia King Nadia King says:

    Sasha Wesley’s love of the land and country living comes shining through in her latest book True BlueReaders were introduced to the Paterson Family in Dear Banjo the first book of the Paterson Sister’s series True Blue is the story of the youngest Paterson sister Freya Freya ‘Free’ returns to the Kimberley for a teaching residency With the chance to be close to her family and to help local high school students produce a lasting piece of public art for Mount Clair Free feels as if she has finally landed on her feetWhen she meets a hunky policeman who conveniently lives next door and she makes a stand to save her beloved Herne River from government sanctioned corporate sabotage what could possibly go wrong?Wasley has given readers a compelling love story with plenty of hiccups along the way True Blue is a story of discovery Free discovers she isn’t a flaky ditzy twenty something flitting around aimlessly but an artist passionate about life love and the landFamily home creativity and integrity have starring roles in this novel that is filled with heartTrue Blue is a gorgeous love story It’s tender hearted and passionate just like Free and will charm and delight lovers of rural romance A guaranteed feel good read

  7. Jenni Jenni says:

    When her widowed father suffered a heart attack artist Freya Free Paterson put aside her wanderlust and returned to her family home on a cattle station in the rugged and beautiful Kimberley region of Western Australia Now that he's on the mend Free accepts a contract as artist in residence at the local High School and moves into townAs disorganised as she is Free is nevertheless good at her job the students love her and there's even a cute neighbour who seems to be interested in her Problem is they're very different can it work?The Kimberley region does not play uite as big a role as it did in Dear Banjo but it still obvious just how much it shapes the lives of those who live there This book is well researched and entertaining throughoutI loved the first book in this series and I think that True Blue is even better

  8. Stacey Houllis Stacey Houllis says:

    This is my first Sasha Wasley book i have read of hers and I uite like it It is about Freya Patterson who returns home to take up teaching year 11 students art at the local high school Finn Kelly a police officer moved

  9. Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) says:

    Thank you to Penguin Randomhouse Australia for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewFind this review and on my blog The Rest Is Still UnwrittenTrue Blue is the second novel in Sasha Walsey’s Paterson Sisters series is another passionate and riveting rural fiction tale brimming with romance and personal developmentFreya “Free” Paterson is known for her wandering heart and her flighty nature but after all her travelling she has finally returned to her home town of Mount Clair after landing a job working on an art project for the local high school Working with the kids is easier than Free thought and as she finds herself inspired by their passion and desire to learn Free begins flourishing in her new job It also doesn’t hurt that she seems to have met the man of her dreams in Irish expat Constable Finn Kelly If only he would give into the desire that simmers between them instead of holding her at arm’s length As Free throws herself into work and the recent redevelopment plans for the local dam fighting against her feelings for Finn becomes near impossible Sometimes love finds you where you least expect and when it’s real overcoming your differences can have the power to make or break your relationship Will Free convince Finn to take a chance on them? Or will the level headed but kind policeman decide Free’s spirit too much to handle?After falling in love with Willow and Paterson Downs in the first novel Dear Banjo I was so excited to visit the characters once Introducing readers to Free Paterson the younger sister of previous main character Willow True Blue is perfect for those wanting to get to know Willow’s sister but can also be easily read as a stand lone novel Sasha Wasley once again draws readers into a lush country town and fills it with vibrant personalities full of colour and kindnessAs expected there’s a lot to love within True Blue Encompassing so much beauty about the Australian outback and Aussie spirit True Blue is captivating with its poise and integrity Through Free Wasley explores important themes including the effects of land development on agriculture and finding ones own version of happiness and mixes them with romance friendship and humour against a uintessential Australian backdropFree is very much the passionate individual and her way of seeing the world is unlike many others Though she has travelled abroad uite a bit Free is still somewhat naive about the nature of man and tends to see the best in things Her kindness and inability to understand peoples motives gets her in trouble throughout True Blue as does her flighty and harebrained often forgetful nature There are moments whilst reading you will find yourself shaking your head at Free but she honestly is just a good person and she expects everyone to be the sameIn True Blue Free finds a friend and then lover in the form of Finn Admittedly Finn was less “Irish” than I expected after reading the books description but I enjoyed the genuine down to earth individual he was Free and Finn’s relationship begins with a series of funny misunderstandings that make for a laugh and I especially enjoyed seeing how they ended up “sharing” Max—that made me laughFun light but beautifully written and instilled with just enough Australian heritage and heart True Blue is another authentic tasting rural fiction story and leaves me highly excited to see what Sasha Wasley has up her sleeve where the final Paterson Sister Beth is concerned I have no doubt it will be as bewitching as its predecessors

  10. Sam Still Reading Sam Still Reading says:

    Sasha Wasley is fast becoming one of my go to authors for stories that I’ll love Last year I loved Dear Banjo a story of loss land and ultimately love True Blue continues on with the same setting the fictional town of Mount Clair in the Kimberley region far north of Western Australia This time the main character is the sister of Willow Paterson Freya Free To be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of Free in Dear Banjo She came across as flighty and superficial in contrast to her sisters who were a lot practical and grounded Sasha Wasley has taken Free and made her into a thoughtful sensitive heroine who has her own morals and beliefs If they just happen to be a bit different to the other Paterson girls so be it I was really proud as a reader to see Free grow in this novel to someone inspiring who gains confidence in herself The story is set as Free gets a job as a resident artist at the local high school to help the students design and build a public artwork in town Free is nervous and eager to do her best in contrast to the other artist Aidan He’s cocky and not particularly interested perhaps due to the rumour that his mother a business magnate whose company is building a diversion dam on the local river pulled strings to get him the job Free is innocent willing to believe the best in Aidan But when she rebuffs his advances he’s out to be as snide as possible Free is a sensitive soul and this causes her a lot of grief But on the plus side she lives next door to Finn Kelly a local policeman who she is very interested in Finn is trying to keep her at a safe friend’s distance and Free is confused as to why Is it their different ideologies as she tries to save the local river? Or is it something simpler?The I read the endearing Free became to me I’m not sure what it is about her but she invites confidence and positivity into all her interactions It’s not Pollyanna like but a genuine interest in other people I found Free’s passion to help her students really lovely to read especially in encouraging uiet student Tia to come out of her shell I think this also helped with Free’s self confidence too On reading this book I found that I had misjudged Free previously She feels inferior to her sisters as she knows she is different to them and the odd one out in the family Once I understood that it was easy to love her as a character She’s different sure but that isn’t a bad thing Being able to write all the layers of these characters and show them to the reader is a great skill of Sasha Wasley’s The I think about her characters the impressed I am with their complexity and that they are memorable Not an easy thing to achieve especially with rapid and rabid readers like myselfThe other part of Sasha Wasley’s writing that stands out are the feelings She conveys emotion so well that the reader experiences part of what the character is I grinned along with Free when she was offered work by Olly and shared in her delight when her home studio was crafted This kind of writing puts a sparkle in your day Thank you Sasha I also liked that Finn was than eye candy and a policeman Revealing his interests outside of work and sharing his family situation brought him out as a highly developed characterI’m eagerly awaiting the story of Beth now – the oldest sister who appears a bit bossy and overbearing I bet I’ll be eating my words once I read her storyThank you to Penguin for the copy of this book My review is honesthttpsamstillreadingwordpresscom

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