Blood for Blood eBook ☆ Blood for ePUB Ò

Blood for Blood eBook ☆ Blood for ePUB Ò

Blood for Blood ❰BOOKS❯ ✬ Blood for Blood Author Victoria Selman – Ziba Mackenzie profiles killers Now one is profiling her.Rush hour, London A packed commuter train is torn apart in a collision Picking through the carnage, ex special forces profiler Ziba MacKenzie h Ziba Mackenzie profiles killers Now one is profiling herRush hour, London A packed commuter train is torn apart in a collision Picking through the carnage, ex special forces profiler Ziba MacKenzie helps a dying woman who passes on a cryptic message He did it You have to tell someoneWhen a corpse is found bearing the gruesome signature of a serial killer dormant for twenty five years, Ziba is pulled into the hunt for the perpetrator As the body count rises Blood for ePUB Ò it becomes clear he s on a new spree But what s brought the London Lacerator back after such a long hiatus And does his sudden return have anything to do with the woman on the train Ziba scrambles to profile the killer in the hope of predicting his next move But time is running out And the closer she gets to uncovering his identity, the closer he gets to destroying hers.

About the Author: Victoria Selman

After graduating from Oxford University, Victoria Selman studied Creative Writing at the City Lit and wrote for the Ham High and Daily Express newspapersIn she won the Full Stop Short Story Prize and her first novel, Blood for Blood, was shortlisted for the Debut Dagger AwardVictoria lives in London with her husband and two sons.

10 thoughts on “Blood for Blood

  1. Joey R. Joey R. says:

    1.5 Stars Blood for Blood by Victoria Selman was a Kindle first selection that I put off reading for months because I was unsure from the reviews whether it was worth reading After reading it I can tell you it is not Selman is a first time, Oxford educated author whose work does not measure up to the works of other English authors profiled on .com for a variety of reasons First, the author tries too hard to make her protagonist, Ziba Mackenzie, a criminal profiler for Scotland Yard, witty If calling all of the other people in the book crude, ridiculous nicknames is witty count me out The plot is also very bad with a contrived plot that is implausible to say the least I kept wanting the red herrings the author continuously threw at the reader to be true because otherwise the story would be ridiculous unfortunately ridiculous won Finally the subplots like the Honda stalker the widow s budding romance with deceased s best friend and the sleazy but lovable boss are not just cliches, they are boring Hopefully, Ms Selman s next book will better address some of these problems because if this is the first in a series of books, Ziba might not make it to book 3.

  2. Christopher Christopher says:

    It s rare that a single side character causes me to cut a book rating in half, but here we are One of these days I m going to read a book with a strong, independent female lead 2018 wasn t a good year for me and such a book, but I entered 2019 ever hopeful One might be fooled into thinking that this is one But no What we have instead is a woman still broken from the death of her husband Which is fine Could be great, even It s a great opportunity to show her inner strength as she comes to grips with his death and learns to live her life without him But nope Screw that Romance sub plot Instead we get a woman who never learns to stand on her own Never learns to come to grips with her pain But does come to grips with Jack Because someone thought a serial killer mystery involving pedophilia needed some sexual tension in it Of course they did Ham fisted romance is all the rage these days.

  3. Misty Misty says:

    Blood for Blood was both a page turner and a disappointment What began as an edge of your seat read quickly deteriorated into a muddled pool of feints and missteps The book starts on a commuter train where Ziba MacKenzie is engaged in people watching It s clear that she is keenly observant as she relates the minute details of her fellow passengers and silently passes judgement on each The reader learns that MacKenzie is a successful independent profiler , in the process of emerging from her grief over her husband s murder When the train then crashes, the results are grisly MacKenzie springs into action, drawing strength and knowledge from her time in the special forces, helping where she can in spite of her own injuries As one woman lay dying, her final words draw MacKenzie into a quest for truth that eventually becomes intertwined in a serial killer case upon which she is called to work with Scotland Yard Author Victoria Selman does a great job setting the tone and breathing life into Ziba MacKenzie It is in that character, however, that the first cracks in the armor appear Selman is so intent on sharing her own vast store of knowledge regarding serial killers that every time MacKenzie speaks, she shares another fact that adds nothing to the read Almost every mass murderer in history is given a moment in the spotlight I found myself gritting my teeth whilst at the same time wanting to pen a note to the author that said, OK, we get it You ve done your research Move along The second downfall is in the author s attempts to resolve the red herrings she has introduced I understand the need to tie up loose ends, but here they come off as extremely contrived Every minor character suddenly reveals secrets about which I couldn t have cared less There was never any courted investment in those people to garner interest in the explanations for their behavior The final issue is one that involves a spoiler view spoiler The murderer is a man who was intentionally misidentified by his mother as the victim of a grisly murder 25 years prior He is said to have then spent two decades in a facility for his schizophrenia, subsequently released into a day care program Under what identity Would a John Doe have been treated for that long then sent out in society without any idea of who he was How was he supporting himself and affording the coke that kept disappearing up his nose Selman tells us that his mother was surprised to see him, so clearly she wasn t the one providing him support, and there were just no other explanations offered hide spoiler

  4. Darcia Helle Darcia Helle says:

    This was my First Read pick for January It s not a book I d recommend, and it s not a series I ll follow Some things that bothered me include Ziba is an annoying character who tries too hard to be a badass She has a habit of calling people ridiculous derogatory names, constantly, such as moon chicken and DI Dipstick She also uses her personal lingo for common things, such as lifer juice instead of coffee And a man s hands are dick grabbers I swear, she never just talks like a normal person All this makes her unsympathetic and unlikable.Ziba lectures about serial killers at every turn We re besieged with textbook recitations of infamous serial killers behavior, as if in doing so Ziba proves her brilliance as a profiler She also provides a litany of observations about people she sees, again to prove her profiling ability, when in reality most anyone would pick up on the things she points out with a flourish There is a constant, obvious attempt to throw readers off with red herrings It s as if the author shouts for us to look over here at this person, because it must be him, and then, no, look over here, because it s really this guy instead It all feels too contrived.Clearly, this book was not for me I couldn t find anything to like here at all But that s just my opinion.

  5. Mackey Mackey says:

    Blood for Blood was an First Read selection for January and I m thrilled that I chose this one I have a new favorite series as well as a tough, new female protagonist to follow Zina MacKenizie is former special ops, a widow who watched as her undercover cop husband was shot by a pro in front of her eyes She now is working as a freelance profiler for the MET and is one of the best in field Selman, the author, writes a gritty, dark, fast paced thriller that will keep you guessing throughout the story Admittedly, because of Ziba s mixed heritage background, she uses a lot of ethnic words primarily Yiddish with which I m familiar but others may not be She also throws in a lot, okay too much, military slang That s actually very normal for former military members but it really did get to be too much after a while Those are my only complaints I have read critiques about spelling and various uses of words American vs English that I think is just silly The author attended school and lives in London I read books by British authors who write about American locations who use British spellings and I simply don t pay attention and I would hope that international reviewers could be mature enough to do the same There are different vernaculars and different variations of spellings all across the globe and eras That should not be what makes or breaks a book for a reviewer That said, I ve already requested and read the second book in this series and I loved it too

  6. Darinda Darinda says:

    The first book in a new crime series by debut author Victoria Selman Ziba MacKenzie is a profiler, and her latest case involves a serial killer who is back after a long hiatus.A fast paced crime mystery with a strong female lead I usually enjoy books with strong female protagonists, but Ziba was kind of annoying She seemed a bit of a know it all, and the weird phrases she uses threw me off Additionally, I would have liked backstory about Ziba I m guessing that as the series continues, about Ziba will be revealed.The mystery was interesting though The story switched between two points of view Ziba and the killer The writing was solid and there were enough twists to keep it interesting.I enjoy fast paced mysteries and thrillers, so I ll probably continue with this series Hopefully, I start to like Ziba This book was my pick for s First Reads in January 2019.

  7. Krystin Rachel Krystin Rachel says:

    Book Blog BookstagramOpening Hook It s a blasty blastMain Character If Sherlock Holmes lacked a personalityPlot Twisty ness Technically good, missing the feeling shakes fist at sky I just want to read a legitimately strong female character Just one Okay, so I liked this and it s also a disappointment in some big ways so fart noises Here goes my ranty review I ll try to highlight the positive stuff, but we all know that s not my strong suit.I could give some line about my expectations being too high when it comes to female led crime fiction, or it s not the book, it s me But I won t because I refuse to apologize for wanting to find a female character who isn t desperately crippled by a man in some way which then doesn t allow for robust characterization to occur within the pages outside of what revolves around that man It s fucking annoying me at this point.Ziba MacKenzie is former special forces and an expert criminal profiler SPECIAL FUCKING FORCES She has a huge brain stuffed with lots of knowledge that is both practical and theoretical Like, she can recite facts about serial killers but can also save lives in dire situations.When the novel opens, Ziba is on a commuter train telling the reader things about every passenger like she s the next Sherlock Holmes That woman is holding her stomach, she pregnant That man is jostling his leg and has yellow tipped fingers, so he s just quit smoking and is having a hard time with it Etc, etc Then there s an explosion and people are fucking dying on this train and Ziba is quick to act to stop bleeding and hold someone s hand while they die.It was a pretty intense way to open a book It showcased both parts of Ziba s skill set and also set up a major part of the serial killer crime to follow Me likey.BUT THEN.After the explosion, a Scotland Yard task force is hunting The Lacerator the worst serial killer in UK history who has been dormant for 25 years and the lead copper asks for Ziba s help She s reluctant to do it because she s still grieving the death of her husband, the love of her life.I want to preface this complaint by saying being a wife in any form and having feeling towards that relationship does not inherently make a character weak or disappointing In this situation, being a grieving wife could have been a really interesting addition to Ziba s character how she deals with it, how she s moving on, what her grieving process looks like while she s in the midst of trying to catch an evil killer The grieving process is an excellent setup to introduce a character s defining inner qualities strength, mental fortitude, and resilience Or even the lack thereof She could be a goddamn mess, that would be something worth exploring as well.Alas, the treatment this is given is that Ziba can only start to move on from the death of her husband through a romance sub plot This flirty, uncomfortable, forced romance is what gives Ziba a push back into the real world Another man.Me no likey.I would have really loved to watch a special forces badass bitch learn to stand on her own again to honour her deceased husband by carrying on with her life, coming to grips with her pain and her loss and finding a way to keep going But instead, we get the male saviour.Fucking shoot me.When it comes to the mystery, it s heavily based around religion, schizophrenia and themes of pedophilia Which, let s be honest, all go pretty hand in hand with each other and always lend themselves well the crime fiction.The mystery aspect of the story was well done, in my opinion It wasn t necessarily anything exceptional that will blow your socks off, but it was interesting and layered and contained plenty of clues and information for the reader to sort through and digest In terms of a procedural, it was what you would want, save for the very obvious red herrings that just felt like the author was literally saying hey, look over here at this shiny thing There was a lack of finesse on display in that aspect of the writing And the writing style, despite themes of grief and death, was missing an emotional element to stir up feelings of any kind of this reader.The only other drawback would be that the author seemed to have an uncontrollable habit of forcing serial killer facts down the reader s throat Maybe someone picking up a crime fiction novel for the first time would have no idea what profiling is or how serial killers function, but I d say the vast majority of us get it and don t need the information spoon fed to us so obviously.Sometimes it felt like I was reading a research paper, or textbook, instead of a natural conversation between cops I didn t need the author to teach me about this broad subject so blatantly, and I m sure most readers would feel this way What I needed to be taught was about the specific killer in this book and what his motivations were that was done well Everything else was just show offy filler that really isn t that special to show off It s 2019, you can t turn around without being hit in the head with another true crime documentary or podcast Even my dog could recite a fact or two about killers WE FUCKING GET IT.The cops who Ziba works with behave as if they ve never heard of a profiler before And while that leaves the door open for Ziba to make use of her Sherlockian powers of observation for a ohhh burn scene, it was also ridiculous to think that professional, present day law enforcement who are hunting the worst serial killer in UK history would have no idea what Ziba s job description is or why she s been brought in to help.This aspect of the story felt like an excuse for Ziba to make striking comments, show off her skills and have badass moments that proved she was useful and important to the task force But it was kind of contrived and cheesy, like some CSI Miami shit.Instead of imbuing Ziba with a tangible personality that could have allowed for dialogue and interaction to flow naturally, we are instead offered a shell of a character who spews factoids every time she opens her mouth and blushes whenever she s around her crush, while simultaneously being unable to function whenever her dead husband invades her thoughts And those badass moments are required in order to show some part of her that isn t tied up in those three things And this didn t really add any depth or meaningful character development to exist.Selman is clearly a stickler for details, and in the end, I felt this worked to the detriment of the story Small plot points and red herrings were over explained throughout the ending of the book, which killed the pacing and again felt a little like being spoon fed the micro aspects.But the larger, macro plot holes like how a John Doe with zero identity information, and a severe mental health issue, would ever be able to leave a psych hospital on his own recognizance, or where he got the money for his heavy drug habit were left unanswered.This wasn t terrible, but it s definitely not what it could have been Mainly because the character of Ziba was not executed in a way that agreed with me But there was promise and intrigue to the procedural elements I ll give book number 2 a try, but if it s of the same I ll have to call it quits 3 stars

  8. Janet Newport Janet Newport says:

    Thank you NetGalley and Publishing Thomas Mercer for this arc.I must say I m baffled by all the good reviews this has received I found it to be the usual serial killer hunt trap read with rather erratic pacing and very little tension Maybe it s because there were too many suspects dead ends But it was the dichotomous mess of Ziba Mac that just kept hitting the sour note for me She turns from the wobbly, weepy widow woman into the EMT trained heroine performing triage in the middle of a massive train wreck and explosive fire in the blink of an eye She s this super trained ex Special Forces operative knowledgeable of tracking hunting and psychological profiling and body language expert, yet lacks basic empathy in dealing with her colleagues and friends The author has certainly done her research into serial killers and has Ziba citing the odd details whenever she can, as further proof of her expertise That dissonance along with Ziba s precocious arrogance and cockiness just took the book from an okay read to a poor to bad one for me.

  9. Adah Udechukwu Adah Udechukwu says:

    Blood for Blood is a three star novel It started well but it was unnecessarily long and the novel was not as compelling as I would have liked.

  10. Liz Barnsley Liz Barnsley says:

    A proper serial killer thriller with a great main protagonist and a twisty page turner with some great writing Part of my First Monday Crime reading so will review properly at a later date Looking forward to the next in the series

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