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The Long Run PDF/EPUB ì The Long PDF/EPUB ²

10 thoughts on “The Long Run

  1. Ric Ric says:

    Even on well panned riverbeds, one can still find gold. And this is just what I found, via the Goodreads discussion groups, a golden book from the 80s. The Long Run is the 2nd book of the Continuing Time series by Daniel Keys Moran. It's primarily the story of Trent Castanaveras, 2nd generation genetically engineered human, who unlike Carl of the 1st book (Emerald Eyes, an amazing book in its own right) is not a telepath but instead is physically enhanced. Trent is a thief and a (cyber-)Player who is moved to payback the atrocities of the world-dominating military, the Peacekeeper Force, in particular, of the cyborg Vance Mohammed. The book covers the pursuit of Trent by Vance from subjugated earth to the Lagrangian stations and onto the moon. That pursuit in and of itself is engaging, although there are instances of fortunate coincidences to help Trent along. What is memorable is the inventive use of the back story and its science fictional elements that avoid the sensation of plucking things out of thin air that can be found in similar chase stories. Along the way, Moran presents a view of both the physical and cyber worlds of his future that is amazingly contemporary and, except for one aspect noted below, does not feel dated at all.Moran's prose has a schizo tendency to jump about in short bursts, particularly during action sequences, from one point of view or point in time to another. This may be a jarring style that takes time to get used to. Since I made through the first book, I was used to this by this second book. In fact, I think Moran is more linear in his approach here. Anyway, I view this technique as supplemntal to the coolness factor of the story-telling reminiscent of Neal Asher's Gridlinked or William Gibson's Sprawl series.Trent is an interesting character. The comparison to Case of Neuromancer comes up immediately because of the cyber skills, but ultimately Case is a victim of circumstances outside his control while Trent makes his own destiny. Another comparison is with Wade of Ready Player One, this time with the game Player dimension, and I think, with their relative youthfulness. Both reluctantly find themselves King of the Hill and give the powers-that-be a kick in the b. Trent survives the reading process better because of his intransigent nature that seems to say, you thought you knew me, but you actually don't weeks after the final page.For all the imaginative extrapolation of Moran's world-building, especially in relation to the development of the worldwide net and cyber culture, he did miss out on Moore's Law. While the book considers 700 TB of memory as a pinnacle of technical achievement, other authors have projected singularity based on the progressing speeds of digital computation. But this minor issue does not detract from the overall quality of the book. Take this as just a wise-ass comment from a lowly reviewer. Regardless, Moran has made a fan out of me, and I am adding him to my list of must-read authors.I am looking forward to reading the next two books in the series. For fans of the books mentioned above, this one is highly recommended.

  2. Shawn Holman Shawn Holman says:

    A friend of mine recommended this book to me and told me there's no need to read #1 or #3 of the trilogy because it stands on its own and it's the best of the trilogy. It does stand on its own. And it's a great book. I love Trent - no, I want to be Trent. Trent the Thief, Trent the Uncatchable. He's funny and sarcastic and brilliant and has morals and this is a great book. It's very sci-fi however, I'm not a huge sci-fi book fan and I really enjoyed this book.

  3. Joseph Joseph says:

    My absolute favorite book ever. I have read this at least a dozen times since I bought it in high school. That reminds me . . . it's been a while.

  4. Nicholas Nicholas says:

    So, point of honesty: this was my favorite book when I was 14. And it was 1990. And the internet was still shuffling towards a good idea.

    It's not the best prose in the world. It's not the tightest story ever written. It's not the best cyber-punk heist novel of all time.

    But it's damn good, and it tries hard, and it still kicks ass more than twenty years later.

    I've had three paperback copies. I know Moran had some really high quality hard-back versions printed, but I wasn't in time to pick one of those up. So dog-eared and aging paperbacks were all I had until I got the ebook a few months ago.

    I've re-read the whole series, and this one still stands out.

    The book is just a romp. It's a heist and a chase scene and a set-up, and it's all of those at the same time running flat out non-stop no-holds-bared from New York to the Moon.

    You might not love it, I really don't know what other combination of eclectic passions would lead someone to love this book...but for me it's damn near perfect even decades after I first read it.

  5. Lurple Lurple says:

    Daniel Keys Moran deserves more attention from sci-fi fans. My copies of his books are dog-eared and beat up, and this one is missing the cover, but I treasure them still. Moran has created an interesting sci-fi universe peopled with interesting characters. I encourage readers to check out his A Tale of the Continuing Time novels as well as his standalone work.

  6. Patrick Collins Patrick Collins says:

    Big Peter Abe with a surprising recommendation - forgotten Sci Fi from the late 80s, that reads with a contemporary feel - Brought me back to Red Mars with hints of the Bourne Identity.

  7. Will Sargent Will Sargent says:

    I thought this was the same Daniel Keys who did the staggeringly readable Flowers for Algernon (Masterworks series). I wonder if the publisher did a Kate Mosse, to copy the name and get it slipped on bookshelves next to the good stuff, to make you think it was actually somthing or someone else. Either way this was above average fare, coming across as a Neuromancer lite with fun references to Heinlein, Vance and other contemporaries, and I enjoyed yet another trip to the moon. The book fell to bits while reading as it was part of a box of musty '80s sci fi scooped up from a Maryport charity shop. The box should have been labelled 'Warning!: average sci-fi in this box'

  8. Gregory Brylski Gregory Brylski says:

    Creative, smart

    I liked this book, it made me smile - but, are all women such a soft touch? Of course, read book 1 in the series first.

  9. Technomonk Technomonk says:

    fun. light.

  10. Subject BGD Subject BGD says:

    Awesome sequel. Loved reading about Trent the Uncatchable, can't wait for the next.

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